Glazer: Impending Obama Victory Gaining Momentum as Clock Winds Down

Even CNBC‘s Squawk Box – which leans heavy toward Mitt Romney – was somber this morning…

They’re a sharp group that now is starting to feel an Obama victory is at hand. They had long interviews with guests talking about how the market would react if the president was re-elected. And the people asking the questions were not in a good mood.

Translation, Obama wins.

Everyone felt Ohio was lost to the president. Even the Republican guests agreed Obama had a slight lead in Ohio. No Republican has won the White House in recent years without Ohio.

In Las Vegas, as of six o’clock this morning, the odds on an Obama Victory climbed to 3 1/2 to 1. I think by tonight it will climb above 4 to 1.

Most telling were the news clips of yesterday’s speeches from both candidates.

Obama looked very confident, smiling big – his wife looked even better – maybe the best she’s ever looked. Mitt and his wife looked tired, a bit worn and almost with false smiles. They’re kept informed of course and know they’re trailing, know it looks bleak.

Mitt even said in Florida, “If the president should win,(the booing than began) I will support him…Of course I doubt that will happen.” There were some cheers but the crowd not happy he said it. It was a strong sign of weakness.

Obama has said nothing about his feelings on a Romney win.

USA TODAY, WASHINGTON POST, THE HUFFINGTON POST all have electoral boards up online. And all of them have the president ahead close to huge. No poll that matters has Mitt ahead in the electoral voting.

Romney could pull off a miracle win!

But he will need to get most of the nine swing states. The president has a big advantage going into this because he was locked into more states than Mitt to begin with, or least ones with more electoral votes..i.e. California, New York.

It was a gallant charge by Mitt Romney. Personally he seems to be a decent man, a man who means well. In these troubled times, voters tend to stay the course just like they did with a less popular George W. Bush.

As I wrote yesterday and have felt for some time, Mitt was always anywhere from behind to way behind. The debates allowed the media to make this race look hot. I just don’t think it really ever was.

The deck was stacked against Mitt from the beginning.

The recent Republican comments on abortion and rape, taking away social security, welfare, and not looking interested enough in the middle class may have sealed Mitt’s fate. Most of those comments were not made by Romney, but they did hurt.

Notice how the Democrats shut the F up.

When you’re in the lead you tend to stand a little more quiet. They know they’re ahead.

In the end we have a long way to go with either candidate winning.

It was an exciting race. That was something most didn’t expect. Mitt Romney was supposed to be a sacrificial lamb but he was anything but that.

The big question coming next is will Hillary Clinton step down as Secretary of State. Word is she will. That the Clintons embraced Obama was huge. Mostly Bill Clinton.

Hillary according to many will run in 2016.

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35 Responses to Glazer: Impending Obama Victory Gaining Momentum as Clock Winds Down

  1. Jim says:

    As the saying goes…….politics isn’t broken, it’s fixed.

    If you get a chance, Glaze, check out the Bill Moyers program on PBS called “Winner Take All Politics.” Interesting as hell, but depressing as F&*%$K!

  2. harley says:

    jim…no need to get depressed…its goinna be all right!
    and for the old guys on kcc they may never see another republican
    president in their lifetime…..not at least til 2024…maybe 2028!

    • Jim says:

      Harley, it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with Republicans or Democrats. It’s about the system. Myopic people want to boil everything down to Republican = Good and Democrat = Bad or vice versa. That is EXACTLY what all politicians want. Americans are too preoccupied with pointing the finger and blaming the other party to see the shell game going on in Washington D.C..

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    The latest CNN and Pew polls, if you read all the way to the end, shows an oversampling of Dems at +11. Those polls show a close tie. If over sampled by +11, I’m not thinking its that close.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    No matter who wins, my expectations are very low. Money talks and bullshit walks and both candidates have new shoes.

    There hasn’t been a President since Truman (perhaps Eisenhower but when he stabbed his good friend, George Marshall, in the back just to get the nomination, he gets an asterisk) whose actions were based on what they felt was best for the Nation.

    And to both candidates and voters, take head to Danny O’Keefe’s message..

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    It’s about fundamentals this time; that’s bad news for Obama. Even those who feel bad voting against a black President, latent guilt, will follow the fundamentals of what’s not gone well this time and make their decision based on that, not a dream of hope and change. 2012 is going to be a different voter, different mix and different turn out than ’08. Even if Obama should win, it’s not going to look like ’08.

    Romney 315, Obama 223. That’s giving Romney Pennsylvania (which is tightening) and Wisconsin. He could lose them both and still conceivably and still win.

    If you admit the polls are as close as they are, and admit they are oversampling at the rate even the pollsters claim they are, a Romney win IS possible.

    • harley says:

      wilson….we’ll see…..
      romney will not win pennslyvania…or ohio…or wisconsin….
      or many of the other swing states…
      in fact….harley will be the one who’s right on target….

    • harley says:

      glaze isn’t calling itk for obama…he’s just repeating what i said
      16e months ago…what i predicted 3 months ago on the electoral
      vote….he’s not a pollster or a statistician or knwoledgable about
      glaze can pick football games but thats completely different from
      polling and analysis of numbers.
      i think theres goinig to be some really distraught people on wednesday
      like chuck…voice of no reason…mikey…hearne…kerowacky….
      and of course my bro….pauly….
      it will be a sad dayfor mitt and his lyin ryan.
      pauly….the bet?
      if romeny wins i stay off kcc…if obama wins you stay off kcc…
      we on?????????????????????????????????

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Harley we all love you, but damn brother, thousands of people predicted an Obama win long ago…Hearne is not against Obama…you sound nuts when you say this stuff….we have all searched for reasons the race will go one way or the other…in my opinion the polls, the debates, and now Vegas are proof positive that Obama will win…that’s all…you got to cool it with ONLY HARLEY KNEW…that’s not really true, we know you felt that way early on and that’s fine….but it wasn’t just you…however good call.

        • Paulwilsonkc says:

          Craig, give it up; just admit there’s been no original thinking ever. Anything anyone has ever said came from Harley first. God, when creating the world, got the order of creation from……Harley. Gods a huge fan, devotee and reader of Harley. Harley taught Nostrodomus how to do all that encrypted writing he did, can’t you see the similarities in style? Just agree with all my statements in this post and maybe it will stop. It’s got to just be his schtick. No one could really believe all the stuff he says, least of all him. He still can’t explain his prediction of the MU SEC powerhouse! Call him on that “always right” prediction and he resorts to name calling instead of saying, “OK, on that one I really was wro, wro, wro, wro, wrong”.

      • Tbasehor says:

        President Romney. Start practicing.

  6. rkcal says:

    If Romney loses, the Republican Party will have to have a reckoning if they want to stay relevant. Getting the white male vote isn’t enough anymore. Already starting to hear some of the rumblings. The 1% oligarchy vs. the bat crap crazy Tea Partiers. Gonna make some popcorn for that one.

    • harley says:

      like the readers of kcc the old white male angry voter is dyingoff.
      With only 4% of the black vote…20% of the hispanic vote…the rape
      publican party is pretty much dead.
      pauly and chuck…chances are very slim you will see another republican
      preident in your lifetime.
      just the numbers…just the facts anddemographics…
      and no matter what you think…money cna’t buy an election…i have
      heard that the “community organizer” has one of the most
      advanced…technologoically advanced gotv operation ever seen….
      its been devised and perfected over 6years and there is nothing the
      repubs have that comes even close. Its not just the tv ads…itsthe
      ground game that obama and dems have that is beyond the realm
      of anything politics has ever seen.
      rkcal….its what i said months ago….the repubs are going to be
      irrelevant for many many years….its just the numbers…
      rkcal….get lots of popcorn…the repubs should be in a mean angry
      manner after romney loses….and it should be fu nwatching them
      eat each other……..yeeehaaaaa!
      as for pauly….maybe you need better information….those polls
      you qoute are national polls…and as i”ve tried to tell you for
      14 months…and you havent listened…national pollls mean nothing..
      its the state polls…its the MAPS pauly…the state pollls and according
      to my man nate silver…it looking likee a route by obama…
      and with all polls undersampling the black…hispanic and youth
      vote (with their cell phones) ithink this could be a pretty nice
      win for obama…
      i will be psoting your remakrs about my predictions soon…

  7. Mark X says:

    … Well, I can sleep soundly tonight.

    Glazer calling it for the O, guarantees a Romney win…

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Mark thats fine you feel that way, but you might look at other predictions made based on information…most did come true.

  8. Kerouac says:

    *** ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 ***

    Even that staunch Democrat Rush Limbaugh was waving the white flag of surrender today on his broadcast: “ROMNEY – IN A LANDSLIDE”

  9. Rick Nichols says:

    I’m with Jim and Orphan of the Road,
    which is to say, my usual cynical mode.
    Temporarily out of ammo, otherwise I’d reload.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      In conclusion….nobody is right or wrong…like in football…that’s why they play the game…until its over….we have no winner…so of course anything could still happen…again I base my opinion on the electoral college numbers on 9 polls even the right wingers have the prez ahead…and Vegas odds…that is amazing to me they have the prez at such a high advantage…they are no dummies..they check this thing out as much as anyone…also the attitudes of both sides this past weekend, clearly the prez and his wife looked more than upbeat and confident..Romney and his wife did not…simple as that…yes I could be wrong. However I wouldn’t bet on it.

  10. mark smith says:

    Glazer, you do realize that cnbc is under the umbrella of msnbc. You might as well base your decision on Harley and huff Po predictions. In keeping with the political science theories of Harley and glazer I am going to predict that a white guy wins the election since every election but one has been won by a white guy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the white guy is a real angry one. Hopefully his first mandate will be to outlaw liberal clowns from leaving home without a helmet. I won’t insult you or the harlinator as its a fact that retarded possess super human strength. Harley why are you trying to get Wilson to take the same bet with you that you wouldn’t take with me? Skeered?

    • harley says:’re not onh ere’re weak with your arguments…

      but in my book and in glazes you’re small potatoes….
      you’re not a regular but you do have some stupid comments which
      make me laugh.
      i don’t have too many laughs throughout the day since the people i
      work with are thetop intheir fields (biz/medical/etc) so it would
      contineue to be a joy to have you on here after romney loses to provide
      some levity. and laughs.
      the republican clown car continues to go full steam ahead…
      and you’rethe driver…
      lets leave it at that…and forthe record we’re looking
      at numberous polls and analysts…not limited to wang/larry sabato
      and of course the king nate silver.
      get bakc with me on wednesday….you’ll be disappointed when the
      romney train hits the wall…
      have a gret day mark….

      also i think glaze and i might join together as the prediction kings
      of kcc…hm in sports…me in politics ..

  11. chuck says:

    Last night on 60 Minutes (Yeah Harley, that’s my demographic.) Morley Safer was interviewing the most eminent of Amerrican Historians, David McCullough. The interview was couched in the frame of tomorrow’s election and the conversation wandered through the personalities of some of our earlier presidents and the times they lived in.

    At one point, Morly asked McCullough who was the greatest president. You could tell it wasn’t rehearsed and the answer, with no hesitation, was “George Washington.”

    I assumed immediately that Washingtons achievements would parsed by this great man, but he succintly and quickly explained why Geroge Washington was our greatest president.

    “He was first and he didn’t make any mistakes.”

    As the centuries have rolled by, we, me, all of us, have taken for granted that Washington knew exactly how to fulfill the pressing responsibilities of the first ever president. There was no manual, there was no precedent, there was only his character, his honor, his faith and his duty, to bear that crucible which in retrospect he carried with a dignity that personified then and now, all that we hope for in every president we elect.

    So, here, before this election, is a comment in the comment section, from our greatest President, about elections.

    “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.”
    ― George Washington

    Have a good day tomorrow and God Bless.

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    As of this morning…ALL MAJOR NEWS AGENCIES PREDICT THE PRESIDENT HAS ALREADY WON…WITH AT LEAST 290 ELECTORAL VOTES…LA Times, San Fran. Chronicle….CNN…all have it as OVER…Vegas went to 5 to 1 early this morning…again it sure could be a huge upset..but with the media almost 100% now saying its over..I think it is…also notice very few Romney supporters on this site bragging about a Mitt win…almost NONE…it’s over.

    Again I’m not jumping for joy…we have tons of issues, Obama needs to do better, we need to get this economy going…that would be nice…like NOW…Mitt great effort. You are a major league good man.

    • Paulwilsonkc says:

      Craig, that’s all in an effort to suppress the vote! How, when polls are just opening, can they predict outcomes? It’s egregious for that to be done by either side. If you’re wishy washy on voting anyway, that message is meant to discourage you into just staying home. 7am and it’s over; with 99% of Americans yet to vote? That’s Harley talk which is a synonym for crazy talk.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        I based all of my opinion on information gathered that was middle of the road…mostly what got my attention was the Vegas line running so high on Obama…and the attitude of Mitt and crew as the election drew near seemed somewhat desperate to me, as opposed to Obama group seeming upbeat and with a swagger…in today’s modern tech world, I believe information is available earlier and earlier…we’ll see soon. Hey maybe all these folks were wrong…I don’t think so myself.

      • mike says:

        Why even vote? Harley knew a year ago who was going to win. He is always right. Just let him decide who the president is going to be. Since he is never wrong about anything, the result would be the same as having a vote and it would save millions of dollars not actually having the vote.

      • harley says:

        wrong again mr. wilson…99% of america is not
        about to vote…
        huge per cent of people are now doing early voting..
        so eseentially the eelection results reflect peoples
        attitdue from a few days ago…
        now thats funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • mike says:

          And you’ll probably still be voting after you’re dead and gone.

        • Paulwilsonkc says:

          Jesus God you’re a moron. The statement said that at 7am 99% of the people had not yet voted; not that 99% of the population. Stick to the topic; it’s about VOTING.

  13. Goose13 says:

    Folks, remember “Dewey defeats Truman.” You just never know. Plus Glaz, papers now a days can’t be trusted. Look at the Star. Steve Kraske declared the first debate a toss up when every one knew Romney won. I think it is too close to call right now. You can’t go by papers. Just can’t trust them anymore. They are more worried about profits, than the facts. Sad,

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