Glazer: It’s All Over, Fat Lady Sings, Vegas Declares Obama Winner

Yes folks, the big voice has spoken…Las Vegas!

Vegas screams out that the winner Tuesday will be President Barack Obama. The loser, Mitt Romney.

In fact, it was never even close. Just a few months ago, they had Obama as a 9 to 1 favorite. Yes, that means a $9 bet on the prez, brought back just a buck…plus your money. If you had Romney, a buck brought you back nine…HUGE ODDS.

Today it has fallen, mostly because all the hype has some uniformed bettors taking Mitt to make a pile of dough. He’s long-shot, a HUGE long shot. Today its -325 to bet Obama and +250 for the Mitt.

So the President is a plus 3 to 1 favorite to win reelection.

Don’t believe it?

Go to the online Vegas site BOVADA.LV.

When you get there go to sports betting, then to entertainment, then to political. Why is it so hard to find? Online gambling is not legal. Should you choose to make that big bet on Mitt fly to Vegas and do it, OK.

Here’s your chance Romney fans. You can take 10 grand to Las Vegas and nearly triple it.

You get back 2 1/2 to 1 if you take Mitt. If you take the Prez you have to put up 10 g’s to get back less than 3,000 profit. Sorry, that’s the way it works. Vegas balances the betting by lowering and raising the lines based on the amount that comes in on each candidate.

Clearly it’s mostly headed to Obamaville. So they raise his line to get more on loser Mitt.

Hey, if you had Romney in say June, you could have made a bundle on say a 50 grand bet. You’d have made nearly half a million back. Wow. That is if Mitt pulls off the big upset.

Vegas makes mistakes you say.

Sure they do but football is different.

There are tons of games, whereas this is only one game. One shot, covered by them all year and they don’t like to be wrong. Hey, you can even bet on who wins Ohio, a prop bet. They have Obama to win it at 2 to 1.

What’s this all mean?

Simple. The media hyped this thing way out of control. For the news channels it’s  a multi-billion dollar TV show with ads – your viewing which means more paid ads – increased viewership and so on.

YOU are the target spender. If they tell you it’s not close, they get far less ads, far less viewers and readers and thus far less dough.

Get the picture?

Everything today is about ONE thing: MONEY.

Sometimes, it’s about the hurricane or 911. But when it comes to what important, even this election, it’s a different matter.

I’m sorry to be the man who brings you a sad truth, I’m just the SCRIBE.

Don’t hate me.

But the bottom line is Obama was never in any real danger of losing this election.

Not to this challenger anyway. Game over.

Then again, there are upsets…

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28 Responses to Glazer: It’s All Over, Fat Lady Sings, Vegas Declares Obama Winner

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Sorry Craig but the loser, regardless of who wins, will be the American people. The Republicans will say, IF only we had a real conservative running. And they will double down on it.

    The Democrats will swing farther right as well since the rhetoric spewed by the Republicans sounds good to the ham-and-eggers so the Democrats will be trying to get their votes.

    Obama was beatable, many who voted for him first time are unhappy with his policies — basically Bush-lite.

    Instead they (again) ran a candidate who skewed their beliefs and politics to try and gain the vote of the American Taliban. You would think they would have learned from McCain.

    The only real question to be answered on Tuesday, will Republicans sit home rather than vote for a Republican they don’t like or will they stay home as they did in 1992?

    While the rhetoric differs, not a dime’s difference in what they do when elected. The Republicans are controlled by their most wacky fringe while the Democrats have too many wacky fringes to dominate the party.

  2. Super Dave says:

    Republicans have nothing but bad ideas and Democrats have no ideas.

    A Republican will stand up in Congress and say, ‘I’ve got a really bad idea.’ And a Democrat will immediately jump to his feet and declare, ‘And I can make it sh*ttier.'”

    Basically, the last eight years, I feel, the Republicans stood around farting; and the Democrats went ‘Ooh, let me smell it.'”

    Lewis Black and I agree on one thing, “We are screwed”

  3. harley says:


  4. chuck says:

    I like Glaze’s take, that money drives the networks to skew the polls for advertising monies. I had never thought of that, and I, until late in the movie, was sure that Spencer Tracy was a perv in Boy’s Town.

    “Today its -325 to bet Obama and +250 for the Mitt.”

    Here is a number for ya. 850

    That is the approximate number of times President Dwight David Eisenhower palyed golf during his 8 years in office.

    How lucky would this country be, if George Bush was more interested in his short game than empire building in Iraq?

    If Clinton spent more time with BOTH of his putters in his hands, and kept his mitts offa NAFTA. Well, you get my drift.

    If we are lucky, the next Prez will bring home our boys, cut the budget on all fronts and return this country to economic solvency, which in return, will let the nation be strong again.

    It IS the economy.

    I hear Hillary is stepping down.

    I nominate Paul Wilson for Secretary of State.

    Paul has stated that if there is an attack on this country, that can be traced to another country (Probably teh usual suspects, Iran, Pakistan, etcstan, etcstan, etcstan.) then he will authorize drone and missle strikes in that countries major cities as reprisal. I for one like that. No boots on the ground, and POOF!! Tehran has no electricity for 2 years. Now THAT might effect a regime change. For minor offenses, we kill everyone in the terrorists family, or in lieu of that, kill all the Mullahs in his home town.


    Fu*k the resistance.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      chuck, have you read or do you know of General Smedley Butler? Read War Is A Racket, short and online.

      Given the Spanish American War, Viet Nam, Iraq, I’ll go out on a limb and say the Powers That Be could convince the sheeple of this country the Amish and Mennonites did it.

      If we had bombed the people who were responsible for the Sept 11 attacks, we would have turned the House of Saud into glass.

      I think neither Obama nor Romney would have any qualms about sending YOUR kids into harm’s way for dubious reasons.

      After all war is good business for corporations.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I agree Chuck why get our boys and ladies killed, for WHAT, their freedom, f them…wipe out those a holes…enough is enough..use Isreals air and ground troops with our air power, over and out. WE get 70% of oil, Isreal gets 10, Russia 10, China and Europe the other 10, simple…end of headache..we give the middle east people two days to leave and blast them out…simple as that, nobody would be mad at us…they have hit almost everyone with terror…surely the Isreali’s would like it…few if any of our guys killed.

    • cluck says:


    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Thank you, Chuck and I accept your nomination. My policy would be one of scorched earth when that happens. Glass parking lots for all!

      We get nowhere trying to negotiate with 3rd Century rock throwers. I know some on here will call that angry white man looser talk, but its common sense. You don’t fight an enemy with nothing, nothing to lose! You remove them from the equation, period.

      While Obama wears his “there is not god but Allah” ring and wants to make nice, they move in increasing numbers wanting their laws recognized here. And if we don’t give in, they would rather lobb off a head than negotiate and make nice. Anyone who thinks otherwise will likely continue that line of thinking….. until THEY are confronted with the same mentality on a face to face basis. It is at that time, they will find it too late to say, “Damn! They really WERE RIGHT about this!” Its hard to fit many words in as that knife is hacking back and forth across your neck. For those who think otherwise, go google the video of Dan Pearls head coming off as he screams from his throat… NOT his MOUTH!! I wish I’d never seen it, but I did!

  5. harley says:

    Youand your buddies bring up benghazi…it was anattack on americans…
    and just like obama did with bin laden (which romney didn’t wantto do )..
    obama will get those ba$turds who did this to the americans.
    unfortuantely dropping bombs is the last resort …war is great as long as
    chuck doesn’t have to fight in it …RIGTH???
    glaze ducked the military during the draft so i’m sure bhe’s all for another
    war where our kids dies and get maimed only to come home to republicans
    who waant to destryo the va…..come on!!!!!!
    sanctions are working…if you read the paper the iranians may be ready to
    negotiate….and if not i’m sure the israelishave the capacityto handle this
    situation themselves. and according to our military …those types of
    miltary strikes don’t always work…to do it right you have to put troops
    on the ground and we don’t have the heart or money to do that right now.
    and have paul wilson as secretary of state? paul’s too busy vacation ing in
    florida and with his new business he’s raking in the dough and wouldn’t
    have time to travel and do diplomacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leave that to the clintons!!!!!

    • chuck says:

      “…war is great as long as
      chuck doesn’t have to fight in it …RIGTH???

      harley/JoJo, I don’t even know what the fu*k your talking about. If I get drafted again, I like my entire family will follow orders while you check for runs in your hose and look for lost earrings.

      My dog could get your azz into deep water.

      You are all over the road. A rhetorical flechette mine of pointless smatterings of nabobs and negativisms. I think your dad said that.

      Your indiference to consistancy makes your comments imply everything and nothing.

      I got a hundred bucks says you never served in the military.

      • Super Dave says:

        Nice job chuck

      • harley says:

        let me expalin this to you chuck..
        i know you’re a veteran and i honor your service.
        But your jumping at the chance to go to war is very
        wrong. Its fine for people to cry out for war like you
        always do..its another to go fight them.
        Most of your generation (including romney/cheney/bush)
        used deferments to avoid miltary service. But the biggest
        war hawks were cheney and bush…who got us into the
        longest and costly war in iraq…without an exit strategy EVEN
        If you talk to veteran who actually fogut…many many are
        for using war as a last resort. They’ve seen war and its
        horrible occurences. iTS USUALLY the guys who didn’t
        fight…who didnt serve…who are the first onesto cry out
        to go to war….those who served and fought know the reality
        and thats why they have a differnet view
        You’re not getting drafted chuck…you’re too old.
        …hardly topics on a site like kcc.
        so sit down and next time excuse yourself for making
        such ridiculous comments.
        as far as super dave…we’ve seen his comments…we’ve seen
        from glaze the type of “guy” heis…we’ve seen his opinions
        and his take on various issues and quite frankly super dave
        is another on the wrong side of the great issues in america
        today. You have a right to express your opinions mr.
        super dave but you need to admit when you’re wrong …
        sorry….because harley hittthe trifecta and he’s right again!!!!!

  6. mark smith says:

    Dewey defeats Truman!!!!! Then proceeds to get the Duck $hit slapped out of him by huey and louie, oh and Truman too. The race is still too tight to call, but you and harley keep calling it. Great political thinkers Harley, Glazer, and Jimmy the Greek.

    • chuck says:

      It’s all in the hips Mark.

      • harley says:

        chuck…calm down. I understand you had a lot of
        emotional and personal opinions involved in this
        It will be fine.
        calm down…it’s not the end of the world.

    • harley says:

      sure mark…you said you would never write on here if obamawon..
      so i guess you’ll be leaving us very soon. Sorry…you are wrong.
      Yes..mitt could win…there was dewey…but polling and stats were
      no where near as sophisticated as they are today.
      there was nate silver and his incredible computerized analysis of
      data and informationto tell mr. truman that he would win.
      You mr. smith can believe whatever you want…however if you think
      mr. romneyis going to win…you probably believe the following
      1. the moon is made of green cheese
      2. the chiefs will win the super bowl this year
      3. the royalswill win the world series this year
      4. you’ll win the mega millions lottery next wednesay night
      yes…mitt has a chance…about a 1-10 chance….
      admit it mr. smith…you were wrong….and i lookforward to your
      final and brief comment after president obama is reelected on kcc.
      good bye mr. smith!

      • admin says:

        On behalf of KC Confidential, I would like to give Mr. Smith a – you know – mulligan on his never commenting again.

        Life goes on whomever wins.

        No need to commit comment section suicide

        • harley says:

          yes hearne i have to agree with you.
          we will give mark smith a pass on this election.
          he’s not been over the top (lol) onthis and
          he seems like acool dude.
          And besides he has some funny stuff and comments
          and with the serious off color comments made by
          pauly we need some serious levity on this site.
          Mark…you have my permission to resume comments even though you predicted a romney win. hahaha
          On the other hand…with pauly……………(stay tuned)

          • harley says:

            oh i forgot…i also give permission to chuck and..
            voice of no reason to feel free to comment even
            though you both took the wrong candidate.
            as far as exquire….(more to come)
            as far as pauly… (we might let pauly continue
            to post comments because he is a funny
            guy and he has a huge ego (which is good)
            and i love to see him pound on those
            key board keys…so yes…pauly…you have
            harleys permission to continue posting
            because if it wasn’t for me and pauly
            hearne would have about 3 comments per
            story (hahahaha)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. the dude says:

    I predict that no matter who steals this election in the Lord’s year of 2012 A.D., that we the people, ARE ALL SCREWED.

    Here is all you need to know about modern politics, by a COMEDIAN. Laugh it up monkey boy.

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    The Redskins LOST this weekend.

    Romney wins.

    Im a sports agnostic, I’ll take those indicators over the slanted polls and results meant to only discourage the Republican vote. I’d take the Redskins indicator over Vegas odds.

    Watch it happen, tomorrow night, faster than you think. The Redskins were only wrong once. This post utilizes as much common sense as taking the word of Obama insiders polling discoveries.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      But the World Series cancels it out. Or is it the Lakers-in-the-finals? Or the red-blue cups at 7-Eleven?

      They are all probably as accurate as the “experts” on the television.

      As Don Henley sang, we get the government we deserve…

    • harley says:

      pauly…..whats up bro?
      where you been.
      your buds been taking the heat for you and your election predictions.
      Oh…its gonna be along tuesday night for you and the dudes…
      OBAMA/BIDEN 2012…..
      and yes…pauly…i said you’re famouus “you’re wrong” qoute for
      posterity……see ya in a few hours….

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