Mancow: The Dumbing Down of American Society & Michael Moore

What can we expect from a society that had the greatest form of government in history and squandered it?

The freedoms we had  – notice I’m talking in past tense – were unparalleled.

“Freedom from choice”- Devo.

We have voluntarily thrown away greatness.

Now the mediocre and lowest denominator are the things to aspire for. You’re not cool if you aren’t fluent in urban speak and ignorant if you don’t have an appreciation for rap music. Sorry, but I disagree.

I think it would be a hell of a lot cooler and smarter if I had knowledge of astrophysics and the composition of the galaxies.

“But then you ain’t down with the homies.”

Oh yeah, I want to talk and act like a fool that can’t speak. Somehow that’s a virtue today. It’s like the repulsive Michael Moore video that exploits the elderly and has them using vulgar language. That’s supposed to be funny? Or hip? No, It’s sick. It’s a part of the illness in our society today.

“Oh, it’s so cute listening to a little old lady cursing like a tattooed convict.”

No it’s not.

An elderly woman like that should be as sweet as can be.

“Oh come on Ward Cleaver… ha! Oh man, you are a retro 50’s cornball. HAPPY DAYS is over. Richie and Potsy are gone. The streets are mean. Life is hard.”

Yeah, I’m well aware of that. I’m very versed on how the world is. I just want to sometimes act as though there was some decency left. Michael Moore thinks he’s being bold and daring. No way.

Bold and daring is disobeying orders and running into the crap to go save somebody else’s life knowing that you probably aren’t going to make it out alive like the Navy SEAL did in Bengazi.

Michael Moore deserves a swift kick in his fat ass.

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12 Responses to Mancow: The Dumbing Down of American Society & Michael Moore

  1. Mark X says:

    Ditto… spot on ..

  2. John Wayne says:

    Excellent. Exactly right.

  3. the dude says:

    Are we talking pre-911 bush patriot act gestapo/stazi warrantless wiretapping-type freedoms?
    If so, I am very little, and I mean very little in agreement with you.

    Oh, and by the by, the Ex navy SEALs killed were CIA ghoul contractors, not current Navy SEALs. Big difference.

    • harley says:

      I REALLY LIKE the dudes comments….he’s seen the light….
      now if we could convert all the old white guys on here we’d have
      a really good group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
      obama/biden 2012….hillary/christie 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. harley says:

    sorry boycow…your continued negativity shows that you’re on the downside
    of life.
    what makes you so negative? seriously boy cow…
    4 days before the biggest election in the history of this nation and a
    black man is going to join the dozen or so other presidents in history
    who were elected to 2 terms.
    Boy cow…you had a nice ride. Youwere funny…creative…you had mojo..
    you had some funnystuff (even though you stole it from other guys like
    dare)….but you were on national tv….big name on radio in chicago…
    all this down and out stuff doesn’t make for funny jokesand funny
    shctick. Why all the downer garbage.
    Come on dude…the world is very big…you haveall the freedoms
    of your younger days…smile…its gonna be alright.
    And I do hope you don’t end up like Dennis Miller …another down and
    out comedian who can only find work on fox news with old old stale
    jokes and having to play barns and cowboy bars to make a living.
    Keep the faith.
    Your fellow chicagoan isabout to make history on tuesday.
    The power stays with people…
    and as always…especially since harley is about to hit the perfecta
    on predicting this election…remember this boy cow…

  5. harley says:


  6. chuck says:

    Mike Moore is a Remora fish suckin off of Hollywood’s arrogation of the American narrative aided and abetted by self loathing Jews like Harvey Weinstein who, in an occasional lacuna from a demimonde lifestyle, feel it their plutocratic duty to cast condescending, commie, celluloid pearls before we swine to reinforce OUR self loathing American image of ourselves, whilst undisturbed, abeyant American patriotism sleeps in a post 9/11 fugue state. Like Romeo Crennel, I don’t have an answer for this. The call to arms is drowned out in a cacophony of liberal platitudes and cozy unthinking myopia. Whatever.

    Moore’s peckish addiction, temporarily held at bay (Ya need an exothermic torch to get this fat f*ck away from the dinner table.), his latest effort is a descent into peurile pathos, unworthy of even Harley’s intransient insistance of prescience with respect to next Tuesday’s activities.

    There is, as the man says, no fixed veracity or immutable truth from either candidate in this election. Choose your poisen.

    There is however, some hope.

    In a Machivellian, Sun Tsu political maneuver the likes of which we havn’t seen since the Night Of The Long Knives, Chris Christie (The Key Note Speaker at the Republican Convention for Chrissakes.), filling a vacuum and taking advantage of circumstance, threw Mitt Romney under the bus, the train, the horse cart and any and all moving objects in the universe over the last 5 days. Obama is his new buddy and Fox News’ chagrin, in the face of his comments concerning a possible Mitt Romney visit to the disaster area (“I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested.”) could be just the thing Obama needs to go over the top in this election.

    If in fact, Obama wins by the slightest of margins, reasonable folks could in fact say, that the Republican, Chris Christie and his commentary over the final week before the election, was the straw that broke Mitt’s back.

    On the surface, these actions could be construed as a Governor facing a serious situation, working in a non partison way, to solve same.

    Gimme a break.

    Christie knows if Mitt is elected, he is 8 years out. If Obama is elected, he will have sell his brand directly to the people and the Republican apparatchiks will be forced to fall in line and bail Fredo out of the boat.

    It was a beautiful piece of work.

    I’m gonna go watch the Sopranos.

    • harley says:

      sorry chuck….all those words and you’re wrong again.
      Sorry chuck…a lot of nice linguistics…but you’re wrong again.
      Itwon’t be a small margin of victory chuck….and it wasn’t sandy..
      it was mitt at the wrong time in american history.
      His hatred of the 47% of america killed him. You can’t run the nation
      as it now is and hate 47% of the people. You can’t insult them and call
      them freeloaders. When you act like you’re entitled…when you
      screw over working class people to make your income…when you hide and
      lie about your contirbutions and taxes…when you flip flop on every single
      major issue…ande when you make your money the lazy way…and screw over
      people in their jobs…destroy towns…destroy lives justto make a buck..
      the karma comes back to you and slaps you in the face.
      Today a report talks about ann romeny introducing her husband. They
      said she looked sad…worn…wipe out…crying ….despondent. When
      you make your money sacrificing people lives and their familes..when
      you stick money offshore so you don’t have to pay taxes forcing others
      with less income to make up the difference…when you have the disgsuting
      attitude that everyone is below you…it comes back to haunt you.
      Mitt is reported to be erratic and almost depressed right now. He finally
      learned theres something he could not buy withhis money. Not with the kochs/rove/ dark money millions they could not sell this worhtless peice of crap to
      america. He was a defective product from day one. A rich snob who
      could care less about the regular people and their problems. He could
      not sell himself to america. He’s a con man. And he was up against some of the smartest political data mining operation and consultants ever in american
      I predicted this almost 2 years ago. I am now pretty close to hitting the
      vote count for obama. I did it because i know sampling/pollling/demographics/and can evaluate a situatuion.
      It’s pretty simple math/analysis and seeing what obama had built
      in 2008 and reinstutted in 2012.
      For a guy who uses such fancy words (many of which i don’t understand)
      you probably need to go write your own book for those who have
      chosen to not listen to what i predicted.

      good luck…talk with you on wednesday!
      As always…HARLEY WAS RIGHT!

      tHE Next time theres a presidential election you and the rest o the
      old guys on here will be on social security. You’ll learn that goverment
      does have a place in america’s lives. I’m sure you’ll change your
      attitude about government altogether once you start getting those
      regular checks in your mailbox.
      You may never see another republican president in your lifetime.Demgraphics
      show that in 2016 almost half the voting population will be minorities. They
      wont vote for a republican (maybe a few would go with bush)…but
      you’ve seen your last repubilcan prez back was bush.
      as they say in victory…to winners go the spoils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kerouac says:

    Looking at Moore & Christie, ‘Tommy Boy’/Chris Farley presents: ‘fat guy in little coat’… small minds too.

  8. Orphan of the Road says:

    Don’t be shy, revel in the role talk radio has in the dumbing down of America.

  9. Rick Nichols says:

    From border to border, shore to shore,
    Save for the dark days of the Civil War,
    America’s divided like never before –
    Exhibit “A”: the controversial Michael Moore.

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