Donnelly: Win Tickets to Quixotic Fusion @ Lied Center in Lawrence

The past year or so has been a wild ride for KC’s resident fire-slinging, beat-thumping, acrobatic performance troupe, Quixotic Fusion

They did the highly publicized TED thing out in California, played some big festivals, and opened a brand new show at the Midland.

Later this week we’ll have a chat with some members of the group to talk about what they’re getting up to now. But first, we’re hyping their November 9th show at KU’s Lied Center in Lawrence.

And we’ve got three pairs of tickets to bestow upon our dedicated readers and here’s how I’m working this one – first three people to tweet this win a pair:

“Looking forward to seeing @quixoticfusion thanks to free tics from @MattyKCC and @kcconfidential”

If you’re not one of the first three, just follow me anyway @MattyKCC for all your inane bullshit.

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6 Responses to Donnelly: Win Tickets to Quixotic Fusion @ Lied Center in Lawrence

  1. Matt says:


    For those of you that are too old and/or stubborn to enter the Twittersphere, just write in the comments why you deserve tickets. If you have a good enough rap, I’ll drop some tickets on you.

  2. Toni M says:

    I hope we win!!!

  3. BT says:

    My wife and I first saw Quixotic when they paired with the KC symphony downtown. We weren’t sure what were getting into but were quickly blown away. Unbelievably creative and inspiring. I would love to have another opportunity to see them in person with my wife.
    Plus, we’ve never seen a show at the Lied Center, so the tickets would not only allow us to see Quixotic again but also take in an experience at a new venue for us.

    Plus…pretty please.


  4. BT says:

    Any word on giving the Quixotic tickets away?


    • Matt says:

      You’re one of the winners, BT! Email me at matthew@kcconfidential for details.

      And enjoy the show!

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