Glazer: With No ‘Pedigree” K-State Likely to Get Shaft from BCS

Oh great, now K State may NOT get the title game…

Media talk has begun saying that because K State is a nobody team in the sports media and the NCAA, either Notre Dame or Oregon may get the nod for the BCS title game likely against Alabama.

Thanks, OU!

It’s likely with their 5 or 6 wins over ranked teams (a number that could go up or down pending on what happens to some future teams K State plays), K State will be number 1 or 2 in the BCS.

However Notre Dame is well, Notre Dame – God’s Team.

And everyone will want them in the title game if they go undefeated.

Oregon has a sexy, better known squad as well.

So K State may need some help.

A loss by both Notre Dame and oregon would take this argument off the board, but get ready for the crying!

I hope not, but it’s likely. K State will get the kinda booby prize of a Heisman for their quarterback.

Let’s just hope it all goes the way that’s fair, but don’t count on it.

Again this is what happens with no football pedigree.
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6 Responses to Glazer: With No ‘Pedigree” K-State Likely to Get Shaft from BCS

  1. harley says:

    plenty of tough games for all4 teams…alabama has to play lsu and inthe sec
    championship game. ND has some tough games…oregon has to play usc..
    and k state seems to have a pretty easy road to being undefeated.
    you’re right. The networks DON’T want k state in NC game. That would kill
    the ratings.
    they want notre dame and alabama…
    i don’t see all those teams being undefeated.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Notre Dame doesn’t play anyone, but…and its a big but..they will not even be fourth in the BCS, so if KState, is second…wow, they will have a tough time selling that one…but I hate to say it, they sure will try and find a way…the out card is Oregon, they do have a couple harder games, USC, and Oregon State, but they should win them both…if so…boy…I just don’t know…again I think K State will have the BCS edge but not by much, so likely a f..king coming KStates way…lets hope at least Oregon catches a loss, then KState might get to the dance…I don’t think anyone beats Bama…they will handle LSU, remember this LSU team is good not great and Bama is still great.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    I think your fears are shared by many in Wildcat Nation, as Big Media wants Bama and Notre Dame in the title game and not some team from the “Little Apple”.

  3. the dude says:

    Do not fear, USC shall play spoiler and clip those duck’s wings.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    If ND, Bama, and KSU are all undefeated…you know DAMN well it’ll be ND vs Bama in the big one.

    On another note…how does Mack Brown still have a job? Texas is freaking terrible.

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