Glazer: Sat it Ain’t So, Chiefs Worst Team in NFL History?

It’s come to this…

The Chiefs are now being called by many “THE WORST TEAM IN NFL HISTORY.”

Hard to argue that one. We have the two worst quarterbacks in the NFL, that’s pretty much official. And soon our beloved team in red will break the turnover record for a single season.

We have no stars – Jamaal Charles is no longer able to go even two yards. He was out rushed by Turnover King Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel. The former star running back had five carries for about, oh, who cares?

This team is just awful.

Oakland runs by you at home by 1000 points. Again, another NFL record. The Chumps go through game 7 with no lead. The Chumps should be 0-7 – the New Orleans win was B.S.

The good news is surely Scott Pioli, Matt THE FRANCHISE, Brady “I faked an injury like Matt taught me” Quinn and Romeo Crennel all have real estate people looking around Arizona for homes and condos.

By the way, I don’t think Brady was hurt, just his pride. Nor was Matt a few weeks back, yes, I think it was fake. They both wanted OUT.

Whatever happened to that trick play quarterback Alex Tanney, is he still around?

Oh yeah, he’s out for the season on injured reserve. Darn the luck!

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11 Responses to Glazer: Sat it Ain’t So, Chiefs Worst Team in NFL History?

  1. harley says:

    who’s saying the worst team in nfl history…they’reclose but there are
    some really bad teams before them
    I don’t understand…i read where the only had 1 center on the roster and thats
    why lilja is playing center….what? the guy can’t hike the ball…how hard is
    it? and the defensive backs are lazy…the o line is a mess….and if you watch the
    sidelines and the coaches its confusion everywhere.
    yes…they are really bad…but crennel and pioli have pretty much sealed their
    on the news it said bowe might be up for trade…andthe cheifs would demand
    a THIRD round draft choice for him. He’s all pro. And the way the cheifs
    draft that pick is really worthless.
    how can they go 9 more games like this?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I was watching NFL Network well before the game, one of the on air guys said “Chiefs are moving towards the title of all time worst team”…mentioning never having a lead in any game through 6, now 7…and the turn overs record coming their way…yes there have been teams that went 0 for, but this team is so lost, they have nothing…no quarterback, no real running game, no passing game, no coach(did you hear that poor guy try and talk, lord, don’t let him ever interview again..”I don’t know who are emergency quarterback is…if I told you it would give the opposition an advantage” REALLY…WTF?)…

      I could have written this story on and on…Is Tyson Jackson Alive? Eric Berry has been horrible, horrible, our number one picks are mostly on vacation…Jonathan Baldwin…what four catches ALL YEAR…how about 5 millin a year Steve Breston…one catch and three drops…7 games people…

      this goes on and on..the only player doing his job at a high level is Derrick Johnson, followed by D ‘get me outta here’ Bowe, and yes Jamaal ‘I have 6 TD’s in two years’ Charles….who else…oh yeah Dexter is trying hard…Dorsey and Poe are at Gates during the game one hurt, one lost….it’s a mess, a huge mess..

      This franchise is lost for at least a couple years to come..LOST…I hope fans give Hunt and Scott what they deserve NO SHOWS, NO BUYING CHIEFS GEAR, FIND ANOTHER TEAM TIL THIS ONE SHOWS UP IN A COUPLE SEASONS, IF WE ARE LUCKY…WOW WHAT a terrible thing to do to our loyal fan base, just terrible. I am not kidding, I think K State could beat the Chiefs, really!

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        “I am not kidding, I think K State could beat the Chiefs, really!” How drunk were you when you made this idiotic comment. Do you not realize that even the worst NFL team is made up of college all stars???

      • JD Roth says:

        You are correct in your assertions. Time to NO SHOW indeed because this team has lost it. I would also NO SHOW because I object to being searched as if I’m some common criminal when I enter the stadium by some minimum wage goofball. Mr Bowe needs to have his helmet on when the Chiefs take the field. Quit being a hotdog and grow up Bowe!!

        I bought the Hail to The Chiefs LP after they won Super Bowl 4 and when I saw Jan Stenerud banging the war drum yesterday I felt sorry for him.

        I attended the first game ever played in Royal Stadium in 1973 and remember the mid to late 70’s when the Royals were the best Organization in Baseball.

        This is ridiculous what is going on in Kansas City in both Football and Baseball and it needs to change.

        Thank God for Kansas State football!!!

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    Heck, I think even KU could come close to beating the Chiefs, that’s how God-awful they’ve become.

  3. Justguy says:

    Stats are one thing, but I think the Chiefs have been worst-ever for a while, actually.

    Given: The objective is to win the Super Bowl, which requires getting there, which requires winning playoff games … find the NFL team that’s gone longer without a playoff win.

    Shoot, teams that didn’t even exist when the Chiefs won in the playoffs have played in Super Bowls since.

  4. the dude says:

    How dare you besmirch the name of my hero, Brady “THE MAN” Quinn.
    He craps turds bigger than you after breakfast each morning. 😉

  5. Kerouac says:

    Unless Hunt & Pioli’s folly can manage to win fewer games than the winless 0-16 2008 Detroit Lions or the 0-14 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, then no, the Chiefs are not the worst pro team ever.

    Truth is the W/L record is not in and of itself the best measure. Being non-competitive is the most disappointing aspect of the 2012 Chiefs…it appears as if they (like the fans) now expect to (find a way) lose – and do.

    While an L is an L no matter how you bend it, the 2008 Chiefs won just 2 games were far more competitive than KC 2012. Peterson & Edwards ground-up rebuild started, and if nothing else the team was exciting to watch, lovable losers. While they suffered big defeats, they lost 2 games by 1 point each & 4 of their 14 ‘L’s were by a grand total of just 9 points, a td & field goal in essence the difference ‘tween being 6-10 and 2-14. That despite having 20 rookies (most in the NFL) & guys like Charles, Flowers, Carr, Albert, Dorsey & QB Thigpen being force-fed experience.

    Bad is bad, worse is worse and enough is enough… 2012 Chiefs. Still, think Hunt & Pioli et al don’t have more ready-made excuses they could offer, regards patience?

    Think again.


    Tom Landry, Hall of Fame Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys, did not have a winning season the first 6 years of his career…25-53 his record (makes Romeo Crennel’s 27-47 mark to date seem Herculian, comparison.)

    That Landry survived is incredible… that he won 261 games & 2 World Championships over his next 29 years moreso. Alas, I don’t believe young Hunt is Clint Murchison who owned the Cowboys, Pioli isn’t Tex Schramm their GM nor is ‘The Patriot Way’ on par with Gil Brandt’s way scouting, Dallas unmatched (especially small schools) their ability locate draft gems back then.

    The late Jimmy Durante line “I got a million of ’em!” as to telling jokes comes to mind; case Chiefs management, difference is their ‘joke$’ are the ones paying sit in the seats, Arrowhead. Heh heh-larious…


    Recycled or brand new?

    My belief is that a team has to get a bit ‘lucky’ when they land the man or men who will turn around their franchise; trying to pull rabbits out of the same hat twice while using the same magician is not as easy.

    Lombardi in GB the Packers is the best ever – he died before he could prove repeating his success elsewhere was possible… Montana’s magic was limited in KC… Chuck Noll in PITT won 4 Superbowls in his first 11 seasons – and none his final 12. John Madden (a poor man’s Lombardi) took forever to win an Championship, then left after suffering as many losses his next 2 seasons as he had his previous 4 (knew ‘when to say when’.)
    There are exceptions (Don Shula left BALT for even greater success MIA, overall), but generally the second time around is not sweeter, as ’twere.


    Remember when Peterson & Edwards exit was hailed, their lack of success assailed? Mary Hopkins “Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end” comes to mind.

    Enter the ‘Right 53’ and ‘any 22 guys from off the street’, Pioli & Haley (speaking of star treks, I’m reminded of Mr. Spock’s quite logical comment – “You may find that ‘having’ is not as much as ‘wanting’. “)

    Jesus & Moses the form Scott & Todd arrived, bringing with them some strange mix Patriot Way & Steelers Way, Kansas City fandom promised a “big, strong, tough, fast intelligent team.”

    (Hopkins) “Just tonight I stood before the tavern, nothing seemed the way it used to be, in the glass I saw a strange reflection was that lonely woman really me?”

    Cowher? Gruden? Schottenheimer? Polian?

    (Hopkins) “Through the door there came familiar laughter I saw your face and heard you call my name, oh my friend we’re older but no wiser, for in our hearts the dreams are still the same.”

    “Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end, we’d sing and dance forever and a day, we’d live the life we choose, we’d fight and never lose those were the days oh, yes, those were the days – La la la la la la, La la la la la la”…

    ‘HE’ is out there somewhere… your mission Clark should you decide to accept it, is to find him.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Well done as always…thank you.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Now they can’t unload

        • Kerouac says:

          I was reminded of the price ‘flamboyance’ last Sunday, former Chiefs CB Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson was among old school Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. With apologies #82, Bowe ‘don’t know’ gum beating/smack talk like #24 – and look where it got the latter, on the field and off.

          Dwayne likes to point to the name on the back of his jersey… Fred was a neon sign who provided his own electricity. Before TO, Ochocinco & Showtime, a Joe Namath’s guaranteed result & sharpies, cellphones & Prime Time was born, was ‘Hammer Time’ (original, latter MC version can’t touch ‘that’.)

          Williamson & Bowe share Vincent’s angina, otherwise known as ‘trench mouth’. Recalling Superbowl I 1967, Fred could not ‘zip it’ if his team’s success depended on it – it may have, hindsight. Described as a ‘distraction’, he was banished to Canada’s CFL where he played an season before becoming just as horrific an actor as he was a DB.

          [Fred might talk of being an All Star in the old AFL; he was early on. Then again he almost single-handedly put Lance Alworth & Don Maynard in the Hall of Fame.]

          Bowe is a good player, really the Chiefs only WR worth mentioning. He is a poor man’s Otis Taylor, i.e., by the time of Otis final game age 33, Bowe may have caught up to him.

          Which is to say Bowe & Williamson while both talented, never would be confused with ‘elite’, moreso members the ‘horde’ (perhaps the reason for Dwayne’s rendition of Karl Malden’s “Do you know me? Most people don’t, that’s why I carry the American Express card”), jersey in lieu of plastic.

          Bowe is probably not worth a high draft choice another NFL team, nor worth as much $ as he may believe. As proven ad nauseam, Scott Pioli wouldn’t know what to do with another #1 (lol) or other high draft choice even were he to get it. ‘That’ is yet another indictment of the current GM more so player, and has been addressed in other comments.

          What’s funny to me is the Chiefs management trotting out/celebrating Williamson (the epitome a ‘me’ player), yet finding fault with the ‘style’ Bowe who is merely an evolutionary ‘football entertainer’ along the same lines, some would call him/it.

          I can do without Bowe’s theatrics today, as Williamson’s years ago. Ditto for Elmo Wright & his td dance the end zone (the one he got to practice all of 6 times in his five-year ‘short’ NFL career.)

          My preference: trade Bowe, keep Bowe, Chiefs aren’t going to get any better or worse, likely. Just play the game/leave the other ‘devices’ circus, zoo & theater.

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