Starbeams: Chiefs Hell, Tebow Overrated, Bill Snyder’s Cloud, Cheech & Chong

Sports Illustrated asked 180 NFL stars who the most overrated player in the league is.  The overwhelming #1 choice was Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow, receiving 34% of the vote.  Tebow recently trademarked his famous “Tebowing” prayer stance.  Just to play it safe, before I say a prayer I consult with Brown and Crouppen.


A Harvard trained neurosurgeon says he has scientific proof that there is an afterlife.  He recently went into a coma and after being brain-dead, he came out with visions of angels.  Meanwhile, 50,000 Chiefs season ticket holders can tell you all about there being a hell.


I went to see Cloud Atlas with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.  It has a confusing plot about a guy who jumps back and forth in different eras of time.  I think it was a movie about K-State coach Bill Snyder.


Doctors in China have successfully removed a nine-inch “toy” from a man’s intestines. I guess he forgot to sign that doctor-patient confidentiality clause.


Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are writing a book together.  Great!  I’ve been waiting forever for another Cheech and Chong movie!


President Obama voted in Chicago Thursday.  I’m guessing the polls had already closed in Kenya.


There’s a hurricane bearing down on the East Coast and experts say this could have a negative effect on Barack Obama‘s chances of getting re-elected.  That’s why the hurricane is named “Joe Biden.”

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2 Responses to Starbeams: Chiefs Hell, Tebow Overrated, Bill Snyder’s Cloud, Cheech & Chong

  1. chuck says:

    I liked the “Kenya” joke.

  2. Harry Balczak says:

    Is Teabow bowing down to the invisible man in the sky? Or is it the flying spaghetti monster?

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