Glazer: Eff the World Series, Scribe Straps One on for Wild Football Ride

It’s the job of someone who picks games to bet on to find mismatches...

This week there are so many to choose from in the college ranks I might have a hard time picking the right combination. As you’ve seen using the legal tease of 6 points either way on the spread or the over/under is a nice tool. It comes in handy.

I stand at 23-13-3 which is pretty good – about 2 out of 3 calls correct. Winning and losing in this game also depends on how much you bet on each game. You may pick more winners than losers, but if you have double the money on a loser…well, you see what I mean.

K-State is likely in the catbird seat with a win over Texas Tech.

They’re a 7 point favorite at home and I like their chances. Since Florida and Alabama will likely meet for the SEC Title Game, believe it or not the battle cry might become, WHO WILL K-STATE FACE FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP? Yes!

We may just have a lot to cheer about in the sports world come January.

I know all of us are pretty much riding that K-State bandwagon, me included. Hey, it’s fun to have an area team fighting for a National Title. Go Cats!!

In the Pro world our Chiefs need to decide how bad they want that first pick. I see no improvement moving from poor Matt Cassel to Brady Quinn. With a few injured players back, KC could win a couple of the games they have remaining. And that’s maybe not a good thing. Oakland should get past our guys, but it’s a no bet from me. Both are pretty bad teams.


Purdue +3 over Minnesota (a tease for 6)

Florida State – 21 over Duke (tease with above)

Kansas State -1 over Texas Tech (tease)

Oklahoma – 6 over Notre Dame (tease with above)

Texas A&M -13 over Auburn




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14 Responses to Glazer: Eff the World Series, Scribe Straps One on for Wild Football Ride

  1. chuck says:


  2. chuck says:

    I didn’t write that, but I do suck and suck bad, 🙁

    I am down 6 picks so far this year Glaze, you are smokin me dude.

    Denver is a 6 point favorite in New Orleans. I like the Broncos.

    Chicago is favored by 7.5 over the Panthers. Go Bears!

    Kero’s Chargers are getting 3 in Cleveland. Bolts win.

    Think of my picks and then, like Goerge Costanza, do the opposite.

    The Chiefs suck.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Chuck you still have half the season to come back.

    • chuck says:

      i cant pick my nose!

      • chuck says:

        I didn’t write that, but you are correct sir!

        Jeeze…, how ’bout them Chiefs??

        What the hell happened to Phillip Rivers??

        The AFC West is horrible.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          No its not, the guy I said would lead the way is Chuck Mister Manning…he looked great last night…they have 3 loses but will likely end up 11-5, of course as long as he is well they win, as I predicted, the division. I have them going deep in the playoffs, maybe, just maybe they will go to the Super Bowl…they keep getting better…The Chiefs need to lose all games and get a draft..maybe we can find another LSU wide out or D lineman.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    OH NOT SO great, 1-2 in college ball. Worst week start of the year..Oklahoma let me and many down…Notre Dame is for real! Odd that was a big upset, yet they were the higher ranked team…not anymore. Notre Dame joins K State, Alabama,Oregan for the race to the title game. Boy someone is gonna get jacked. I do believe K State has the inside track with the BCS having won three big ones OU,WV and now Texas Tech and two were runovers…I’m sure the media and the NCAA would like to see Bama/Notre Dame or Oregon…Notre Dame is ‘America’s team’ in many ways..K State is not a known elite program…be that as it may…if K State goes clean…and it seems they will, its their title game with Bama…That would be so great for KC fans to have a nice championship game to watch and cheer for…it was so nice to have with KU this past year in basketball…as of now all of KC should be Cats fans…they are is Bill Snyder.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    Never discount The Red-Head after a bye-week, 13-0. Atlanta is coming back to Earth and showing it is still a few players away from real championship caliber.

    Oklahoma and Texas are perhaps getting a visit from Dame Karma after they tried and failed to leave the Big (Insert-number-here). ND owns the Sooners.

    I wish K-State all the luck in making it to the championship game. GO SILO TECH!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      What about Atlanta? Looks kinda championship like team to me.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        Sorry, can’t talk now. This crow is delicious!

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Hey nobody is perfect. I could see your point, I had Atlanta as you can see, but even I didn’t expect the killing of Vick and crew. He is likely done as a starter, at least there, so is the coach…next year he might be in KANSAS CITY….with Vick, oh boy.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    another good week…..25-14-3….good year…still…this week 3-2, still good…keep winning baby…

  6. Rick Nichols says:

    With the Tigers down 3-0, the Series has been a real bummer so far, although two of the first three games have been competitive.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Once again, a national league team embarrasses the Tigers and the American League. The NL is running things in MLB now.

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