Whinery: Presidential Debates 2012 — Part Three — The Warmongers

“I’ve seen wider ideological differences between Jehovah’s Witnesses”
Bill Maher, Debate Night Twitter

That about sums up last night’s debate… We basically saw two neocon warmongers pretend they’re for World Peace while talking about regime change in Syria and how we “must stop” a nuclear Iran. Along with a side order of “who’s a bigger friend of Israel,” which Mitt Romney definitely is.

So who won?

I would say President Obama did. The CBS insta-poll agrees with that assessment. But on the key question who qualifies to be Commander in Chief- that same poll said 64% for The President and 60% for Romney, so Romney accomplished what he came there to do which was appear “Presidential,” whatever that means.

Romney played it safe, too safe in my opinion.

Knowing that he’s leading the series, he went for the proverbial “tie at home” which I
think is a timid strategy in a race as volatile as this one has been. Obama was constantly trying to get Romney into a street fight in order to show contrast, and Romney was having none of that.

For all intents and purposes- Romney behaved like he had too much to lose to take any risks and Obama acted like he needed to score as many points as possible in order to stop his slide.

They both accomplished their missions and the American people saw few real or substantial
differences between the candidates and their respective views on the world.

Both candidates think we need to stay in Afghanistan til 2014… I guess having our asses handed to us for 11 YEARS by a bunch of Bedouins with AK’s is not enough for either of these guys. And if you think either of them as President will really abide by this timeline, you probably also believe that all our combat troops are out of Iraq!

Let’s face it, both candidates knew that this debates audience would be made up of mostly beta males and women. With Monday Night Football and a Game 7 between the Cards and Giants-the above mentioned groups and hardcore political junkies, like myself, would be the only ones

That’s why the Candidates were spouting all this “Peace, Love, Jesus” stuff all night. Obama hasn’t met a war yet he hasn’t gotten involved in since he assumed the presidency. And Romney probably won’t be much different WHEN he becomes Commander-in-Chief.

We didn’t see a man on that stage who is truly against war or ending the Empire.

Neither of which this country can any longer afford. Just think of all that could be done to stop suffering in the United States of America and the World if we had a President who worked for peace.
Sad to say, but neither of these two men are for peace, and that is very tragic, indeed.

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  1. Kerouac says:

    “(Insert candidate) won!”

    “No, (insert candidate) won!”

    “No (insert candidate) didn’t!”

    “Yes (insert candidate) did!”

    Put another, ‘I know you are but what am I? (tongue stuck out, fingers wiggling from ears) Mmmmmm!’


    An old Elvis Presley song (‘I’m left, you’re right, she’s gone’) comes to mind, a twist – terms the Presidential debate(s): “I’m right, you’re wrong.” Always amusing to note insta-polls & other post debate pundits ‘unbiased’ takes too.

    Opine as well consensus before the fact validates nothing, affirmed via ‘Goliath slays David’, ‘Colts clobber Jets in Superbowl III’ and ‘Dewey beats Truman.’


    My take? Two weeks hence our long national nightmare ends & these blackest of dark days US history are no more. Eternity interceding, if I should die before I wake I pray that Mitt my country elects.

    *** Romney/Ryan 2012 ***

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Kerouac, the polls, no matter who’s you choose to use, are clear; it’s tightening more than anyone expected. And by anyone, I mean anyone, even people who declare themselves as always right, all the time, 100% of the time.
    My prediction? We will see Obama win the EC and Romney take the popular vote. The outcome of that, if it’s indeed what happens, is what I fear. I think we could see an upheaval of monumental proportions.

    • Jim says:

      PWKC, when have you EVER seen the American people care so much about an issue that they resorted to “upheaval of monumental proportions”? Decade after decade of BOTH political parties ramming there ideology, failed policies and political demagoguery down the American people’s throat. Every single American with an IQ over 70 knows damn good and well that career politicians are bought and sold by special interest groups and corporate lobbyists. Americans continue to send the same people back to Congress year after year becaue they can’t even muster enough “unheaval” to pull the lever for someone new. People bitch and moan and complain about the government they have and then return the same people they are disgusted with BACK for another term.
      As long as they get the next iPhone or the next flat screen TV, they are going to sit on their lazy, fat asses and complain about the government without actually DOING something to change it.
      Upheaval? Oh, please. That would take effort.

    • Kerouac says:

      “Reichstag” commeth? Perhaps this is what you refer to.

      That Democrats have claimed (ad nauseam) Republican’s are ‘scaring old folks’ (re: SS/other like programs) reminds me of what an older friend mine believes (he’s a Republican btw.)

      Now 74 and residing in Texas (where everything is bigger – even the fears), he is of the belief (paranoia?) that even if Obama loses he will not leave office, but declare Marshall Law. Probably why my friend & others he knows are buying up guns & ammo at a furious clip.

      Survivalists/those too with long memories are not only older men.

      That my elderly mother (a survivor of WW II Germany where she lived) still felt the need to have bottles of water and canned goods on hand while she was alive has never left my memory (she was a Democrat btw.)

      The link below elaborates more/better than I can on fears re; Obama:


      Couldn’t come true?


      Back to the Presidential debates, my point is I don’t need the media to decide for me who my vote will go to – I find it hilarious they try ‘bending sentiment’ so much; I prefer being ‘informed’ to attempts at ‘manipulation’.

      • harley says:

        well. I guess president obama won’t have to declare martial
        law after all. I wish your friend many years of happiness.
        Tell him he can keep his guns and ammo in thecloset..it
        wont be needed.
        Your friend


    • harley says:

      why do youcontinue to do this?
      why do youcontinue to do this?

  3. Nick Wrong says:

    Along with a side order of “who’s a bigger friend of Israel,” which Mitt Romney definitely is.

    Think again.

    Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres agree “Obama is the best president for Israel ever.”

    <a href="http://OFA.BO/RJ7BZw"Link.

    I guess it depends on who you ask, but if the Israelis don’t know, who the hell does?

    At least Obama didn’t START any trumped-up wars (looks at Dubya and the trillion dollar price tag he stuck us with).

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