Glazer: Romney Bottoms Out in Debate, the Economy Still Sucks, Race in Dead Heat

You may not like President Barack Obama – he may end up losing his office in two weeks – but he showed the nation last night who was boss and who was in command of this country…

Obama clearly confirmed to us that he’s a sharp, brilliant man who is a strong and clear leader. Mitt Romney showed us he cares and wants to be president, but he also has only one real plan.

“Mister President, your economy still isn’t good.”

That and that alone scores him points. Mitt is a well spoken man, but he’s not even in the ballpark of the President. That was made more than clear last night.

Mitt knew it as well, you could see it in is face.

Here’s what Romney was probably thinking:

“Oh boy, I better leave this Middle East stuff alone/ I’m not sure what the hell is going on over there. I’m fighting hard just to remember the leaders names and where they’re located. Damn it, I’ll just agree with the Presidents position…I don’t want to look like a dumbass. Let’s get back to food stamps and my economic plan which only God knows what that is. I’ll try and run this up the flag pole and hope it flies…here we go.”

In other words Mitt punted pretty often. There was no real debate on foreign policy because the President has done an outstanding job to this point. The Middle East is and always will be a troubled area for the United States and the rest of the world.

All we can do is try and keep the lid on.

The polls show Obama won, CNN had it 51% Obama to 40% Romney. However the race is a dead heat. A race I felt was out of reach for Mitt Romney but he could still win. People do vote their pocket books and for most Americans, that’s not good news for the President.

While Obama did a nice job of bleeding cover his four years, they’ve not shown a major economic improvement from the mess he took over.

There were big moments in the debate  – zingers – the biggest being this one: Romney said our navy were the smallest in decades and the President said,”Well Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military changed…We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. And we have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.”

That kinda summed up the debate in many ways.

One man, the President, has been dealing with a world full of of major problems and fixing them to a noticed degree while the other – Romney – has just been taking shots where he can at what is not yet fixed.

Romney really has no plan for anything that is clear or that well thought out.

Still it may not matter.

Most Americans are hurting on their bills and employment, someone has to take the blame.

Will the third debate matter? Not as much as it should. The polls have the race as a dead heat. It looks like Ohio is the key now. It might be the state that decides who is the next president.

I said this when Barack Obama appeared about to be elected. I think he is a great thinker and hard worker. He is a man on a mission to show greatness, leave a legacy for his race and people to be proud of, a president who wants people to care and love what he is doing. Obama is a man who has and will do what it takes to make things right. He will make mistakes but also try and quickly fix them.

I fear Romney, who is a good man, does not have that fire.

He’s done some great work in his home state, his job and with the Olympics as well. I just don’t see him as a roll your sleeves up guy anymore. He’s too high up on the social meter to really battle the problems of middle America. He can say he’ll fix things, but I hear nothing in his speeches that demonstrates how he will.

I’m sure if Mitt beats Obama, he’ll do his best. I don’t think America will get in trouble with Romney as quarterback, it might just be more business as usual than we wanted to see.

This race may be too close to call until the very end.

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28 Responses to Glazer: Romney Bottoms Out in Debate, the Economy Still Sucks, Race in Dead Heat

  1. Reggin Tnuc says:

    Perception is not reality. Particularly yours. The President once again presented himself as a man above reproach, beyond question, extremely immature. You have very much in common with him in your faux alpha male posturing and pronouncements. True power acts in silence. There is more strength in humility and reticence then in all the braggadocio of Vladimir Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Perhaps the President, so proud and knowing in his statement that the military no longer uses equine transportation should check with his Secretary of Defense. Horses have been used in Afghanistan since day one. They are the most reliable transportation in rugged and unpredictable terrain. I am also most certain that Special Operations forces continue to use bayonets to slit throats during Silent Assasin Missions.

    Barack Hussein Obama has proven to be a failure on multiple levels. Fundamental change and social justice are not tenets of American culture or commerce. That shall be reconfirmed on November 6th.

    • Jim says:

      Pretty sure the POINT regarding bayonets and horses was a figurative one, not a literal one. Reagrding “social justice”, Lincoln sure had a different view than you do. If you are operating off the assumption that we already have equality for all, you definitely are a card-carrying Republican.

      • Reggin Tnuc says:

        Mr. Jim, I am for equality of opportunity. Not for equality of outcome. Opportunity abounds in this country. With all due respect to indigenous racial minorities, every year thousands of legal immigrants come to the US from Third World despotic hell holes that make inner city Detroit look like it is Malibu. Of these immigrants, most will advance faster and farther in their economic pursuits than their American Ghetto counterparts. The basic reasons are simple; a desire to live the American dream and a strong work ethic. There is a cliche that 80% of success is just showing up. It is a shame that many in this country can’t even do that.

        • Markus Aurelius says:

          +1 for the first post, +2 for the reply.

          • Jim says:

            No argument at ALL from me that there are far too many people in this country living on the system with NO desire at all to improve their lot in life. No question. My position is that I don’t believe there is real equality of opportunity. The economic statistics would refute the claim that all races and all genders have equal opportunity for equal pay. Women DON’T make as much as men. Minorities DO experience prejudice in the work place. This is reality. Without some type of regulation or prodding from the ONLY entity that has the power to change this reality, nothing is going to change. America has been run by white men from the beginning of the country. I’m one of those white men. But, I’m not so naive that I think gender and racial bias don’t exist.

        • the dude says:

          And I would argue that inner city Detroit makes most third world despotic hell holes look like Malibu.
          Been there lately?

    • Nick says:

      SPECOPS doesn’t use anything resembling a bayonet.

      If I showed you what is used, you’d load up your drawers, Reggin.

    • harley says:

      be hearing more from me and my fans in the coming days.

      your friend:

      (who’s right again!)

  2. tiad says:

    And, BTW, ummmm…. Aren’t aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines part of the Navy? It’s the Prez who came off as an ass on this retort.

    As for Glaze’s own comment: “A race I felt was out of reach for Mitt Romney but he could still win.”

    Really? “out of reach” …. “but he could still win”? Really?

    • harley says:

      president obama wiped the floor with rmoney on monday.
      It’s the maps boys…the national polls (as I reported in march/april
      right here on kcc) mean nothing. But my sources are starting to
      give me details about the early voting and I will be
      getting with my readers on the results soon.
      thanks to everyone who has emailed me. I have been busy with
      a new business and time is very scarce.
      Hold on…it’s not even close. Its the electoral maps…not the
      national polls…
      nate silver now has obama at70%chance of reelection…and he’s
      the king…………..go read his site….accurate at 98%!!!!!!!

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        As dirty as you claim everyone else to be, please at least admit that part of Silvers secret in 08 was, as it is today, being a HUGE Obama insider!! He had total access to Obama inside polling numbers! And whats worse, now that he’s signed on to NYT and they have bought his brand, he’s got a non disclosure that keeps him from releasing where his info comes from!!

        2008 wasnt that hard to call. This isn’t 2008.

        • harley says:

          What does that have to do with my prediction since
          2011 that obama would win.
          Oh…fyi…nate was also right on almost all the senate
          races in 2010…..
          who cares what you say at this point.
          The fact remains that i picked obama in 2011…like in
          june of 2011…when noone in the media or in
          politics would have given him a chance.
          this year he’ll be right on again…and i will.
          and romney is heading out of ohio and trying to
          win wisconsin right now.
          Soirry to disappoint you…i hope you didn
          t spend too much time collecting this information
          you are a romney right winger…and you’re about to
          get a good kicking.
          Oh…and by the way…don’t forgetto bring in your
          pail and shovel from the beach!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Facts says:

    I despise them both.

    What does it say about us as a country when these two azzholes are the best we can come up with to run our country. Romney is a POS who himself shipped jobs/factories to China…. then he acts like “what the what?” waht a fkwad. …. and fkg Obama,,,, what a loser…. he has had 4 years and has shown no ability to be a real leader.

    We are fkd as a country and getting fkr everyday. AS WE SPEAK factories are being dismantled and shipped to China….. the middle class is in the ICU, 45 million are on food stamps…… prices for EVERYTHING are high and going highers…… and the 1%ers are getting richer and richer…… it is a story as old as man…..

    I guess the USA was lucky to ever have a small slice of time when man did good…. when there really was a middle class…. where common people could live well….. but the 1%ers want none of that… They want Kings and serfs, like it has always been….. and they are executing the demise of the USA perfectly.

    In 100-200 years it will all be crystal clear…… but you know what …maybe not…. with the death of hard copy print media… and all history now being written on editable media…. maybe the truth will edited to say exactly what they want…and it wont be the truth.

  4. Kerouac says:

    “Obama clearly confirmed to us that he’s a sharp, brilliant man”

    – close… it should read “he has that sharp, useless look about him”

    • harley says:

      but he’s going to win…again.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Oh!! Guess what? Youre going to be wrong AGAIN!!

        harley says:
        August 8, 2012 at 2:20 pm
        let me make it easy for your old angry white men.
        Obama will end up with 302-332 electoral votes.

        • harley says:

          thanks…i should be pretty close…like right now
          if things hold up probably within 7-10 points. Heck the way your boy romney is moving his campaign i might
          even be right. He’s trying to win wisconsin since it
          looks like ohio is going big for obama…its
          pretty much over. And you’re going to be proven
          a loser.
          won’t makle any difference …politics
          is not like football with point spreads. All obama
          needs in 50.00000001% of electoral votes and he’s
          in….did you knowthat?
          for you…it must be sad that you went thru myu
          previous posts to dig this up on a friday afteroon.
          and a sI’ve said…you will be proved wrong again..
          and i will be right on…
          one ofthe only people to have picked this election
          over 14 months ago….
          oh and don’t forget…you have to wait an hour
          before you can go into the water after eating
          Have fun in florida…don’t forget the sunscreen!
          whileyou’re probably basking on the beach (lol)
          i’m headed to work out ! take care
          also..iwill be releaseing my analysis of the 2012
          prezelection on november 6/7 along with my
          data showing WHO WAS ON THE LOSING SIDE

  5. Rick Nichols says:

    Regardless of who wins the election, with the Republicans likely still in control of the House and the Democrats likely still wielding significant influence in the Senate, I see four more years of Congressional gridlock in America’s immediate future. As a nation, we are as polarized as we’ve ever been (or at least since 1860), oblivious, it would seem, to Abraham Lincoln’s sober observation that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” So where are the voices of moderation in this ongoing tug-of-war between those who hope for a welfare state and those who fear it? Who speaks for the man (or woman) in the middle? Whatever happened to the philosophy of “half a loaf is better than none”? America may yet be saved from itself, but if that’s to occur it’s going to take a concerted effort on the part of those who have grown weary of the “my way or the highway” approach to governance advocated by the hard-liners on the left and the right. Clearly their ways must be rejected, to be replaced by a new spirit of cooperation and civility and a new sense of balance and perspective. With this theme in mind, I submitted the following “As I See It” essay to The Star in early September in the hope that it would appear in print shortly later, but unfortunately it wasn’t used. Their loss, your gain.

    America Needs a Three Ring Circus!

    You’re laughing already. I can just see you there sitting in your robe at the breakfast table, coffee in hand, reading the paper and muttering sardonically to yourself, “We already have a three ring circus,” referring, of course, to the current political scene in America as it has been characterized by more than a few independent thinkers.
    Yes, in the sense that for a number of years now the American people have been “entertained” virtually non-stop by the antics and shenanigans of our elected leaders on both sides of the aisle, you’re correct – we do have what amounts to a three ring circus. But as Star reporters Dave Helling and Steve Kraske so ably chronicled in their August 19 front-page story “The end of the middle: How the death of compromise crippled our government,” Washington, D.C.’s version of “the greatest show on earth” has been anything but a big hit with the general populace, having ultimately brought this nation to the brink of disaster because members of the two major parties were largely unwilling to work with each other in an effort to solve our most pressing problems.
    What we need, then, is a legitimate three ring circus as opposed to a rinky dink two ring circus “starring” only Democrats and Republicans, and the extremists from each camp at that. What we need – “Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please!” – is a strong third party to occupy the center ring, a formidable body representing the interests of both independent voters and the more moderate members of the established factions.
    Scotland’s Stealers Wheel probably wasn’t trying to make a political statement at the time, but the band undoubtedly struck a chord with at least some Americans when it sang, “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.” And that was nearly 40 years ago! Unfortunately, since then the situation has only gotten worse for those of us who see ourselves as centrists trapped between two equally unpleasant alternatives that are truly indicative of a country deeply divided by ideological differences. More to the point, we’ve become increasingly alienated by the attitudes and actions of those on the far left and far right and yet lack a visible platform on the national level by which our voices can be heard.
    Now at a real three ring circus the center ring is usually a little bigger and better built than the side rings because that’s where the animals (think “donkeys” and “elephants”) normally perform. But as long as most Democrats and Republicans prefer to remain in the side rings (can you say “sideshow”?) and refuse to meet somewhere in the center (i.e., compromise) for the good of the country, then the idea of a new party – American, National, Patriot, Independent, call it what you want – will continue to appeal to those of us who’ve grown tired of the gridlock.
    Writing for The Star’s Midwest Voices on September 8, columnist Derek Martin alerted readers to the steady erosion of society’s “middle ground,” that place of relative stability where “our common center of gravity” resides. All the more reason for a viable middle-of-the-road party in America. Then there’s Exhibit “A”, England, and Exhibit “B”, Germany. In both countries one of the major parties typically finds it necessary to form a coalition with a minor party, if not two, in order to attain a working majority in the halls of government. The same arrangement would be a “game changer” here, forcing Democrats and Republicans to “cozy up” to the centrists.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      All of this is evidence of why Obama shouldn’t be given another term — he’s done nothing to bring this country together, to unify the country in a way that only the bully pulpit can and many have argued, with fair reason, that he has, in fact, done the opposite — baiting categories and groups of Americans against other categories and groups of Americans. The polarization of America has not and will not improve with 4 more years of Obama. It also might not improve with 4 year of Romney but it’s worth giving the guy a shot. In this regard, it’s similar to the Cassel-Quinn debate. Quinn might not be better but we already know that Cassel has stunk up the joint so give Quinn a shot.

      The fact that so many people are going on twitter saying they are going to assassinate Romney if he wins is evidence of how Obama has further polarized viewpoints. Obama is the perfect race/ethnicity for the POTUS – half-black/half-white – and perfectly situated to speak clearly and forcefully about how these types of racially-charged threats are inappropriate and should be beneath us as Americans. Yet he does not. He sidesteps the race issue entirely. Why? Because it might hurt his ability to garner votes? There is no point in speculating – the point is that he is perfectly happy to sit on the sidelines and talk to Glamour and The View and Entertainment Weekly and demur on the big issues – the issues that a president can truly make a difference and leave a legacy. My only hope is that as a lame duck president he’ll take the opportunity to speak to these issues. Unfortunately, after Nov. 8th it will likely all seem to be too little too late.

      • harley says:

        stick a big fork in romney your guy.
        this is not going to be pretty for mitt in the end.
        this may destroy lyin ryans political career.

        your friend

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey these are well thought out arguments…still one of these men WILL be president so a “I didn’t vote” doesn’t help anyone. Vote.

    • really says:

      facts is sorta right. i dont despise either of them. but romney looks like a slick used car salesman. i feel that obama is more sincere and will try harder. that being said i believe its really to late for any president at this time to do much good.

    • Worse than 2 evils says:

      True one will be President.. the question is WHY? The choice between the worse of two evils leaves nothing but evil to show for that choice. It is true that us as voters have created this burden. Buying into political rhetoric, no factual statements, and political posturing in order to “win”. Romney is partly right there is a large demographic out there that has no interest in jeapordizing their welfare status, doesn’t want a smaller government, figures their citizenship remains better secured by his party.

      Obama makes his points also unemployment is up from it’s lows, some are better off than 4 years ago the automakers didn’t go under. He got healthcare for millions at the expense of billions.

      There will be no change until the “voter” wants out of the status quo. Most are uninformed about the other political choices they have in this country. Just because they have the marketing Republicans and Democrats are all that are known but Libertarian, Constitution, Green Party, Reform Party all are viable political parties in this country. The odds are stacked in the corner of the status quo but our votes are placing them on that pedastal.

      • harley says:

        why would any good human being vote for those
        rape lovin’ republicans LIKE AKINS AND MURDOCH?
        and why does willard continue to support and appear on
        tv for murdoch in indiana even after he made the
        “gods will” comments?
        willards spox: ‘WE STILL SUPPORT MURDOCH!”

        • harley says:

          .i’ve not heard your opinions of your
          fellow republicans like akinsand murderroch…
          i’m sure you’re proud of those 2 candidates.

  7. Walt says:

    All Mitt will have to do is wave his magic tax cut wand over the “Job Creators” and balance will once again be restored to the universe.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Todays article which will be up in a couple hours deals with yesterdays remarks from Sarah, Murdoch,Trump and more…so stay tuned…yeah it was not a good day for Mitt yesterday. Polls are showing him trailing in Ohio and a couple other battleground might be over…depends on which poll you like.

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