Glazer: Move Over KU Basketball, K-State & Bill Snyder Coming on Strong

Outside of the Kansas Basketball program, this area has had no really good teams to cheer about over the years…

I know many of you say, “What about Sporting Kansas City?” Sorry, they draw well and soccer is on the rise, but outside of this area nobody much has heard of MLS let alone our team nam. NOBODY. When it ‘ain’t’ covered by the national press and ESPN it doesn’t count.

But don’t feel bad.

Soccer’s on the rise and nobody can name a player in the WNBA either for the most part.


K-State’s blowout of #14 West Virginia, 55-14 was the biggest win in the school’s history. Some will argue the Oklahoma game a few weeks back, but this one was a statement game.

K-State crushed W.Virginia on national TV and a lot of people really saw this one.

Collin Klein had the game of his life with 20 for 23 passing, 333 yards in the air, 3 TD throws and 4 running touchdowns. You bet he is now one of the favorites for the Heisman award.

Klein also took a major step up as a true pro prospect for a first round pick (Scott, his name is Collin Klein, you can see him on local TV, check it out).

There had been questions about his throwing skills for the NFL, in fact some referred to Collin as “The Baby Tim Tebow.”

However if Klein’s passing continues like last night, maybe even Clark Hunt will give Scott a buzz.

K-State will have to deal with the BCS in order to face Alabama for the title match.

As of today the media and America would rather see Oregon, Notre Dame or Florida face the Tide. They all have much more history and flash. However with games like last night’s K State and Klein are getting noticed.

Notre Dame does not have the tougher teams to face overall and likely will go down at Oklahoma next week. Florida also sees weaker foes, as does Oregon. If K State goes clean, it would seem likely they would get the title shot.

The rise of Collin Klein is also a large factor in media sentiment.

Kansas State knocked Geno Smith out of the Heisman race and put OU out of the national championship run as well. Oklahoma is killing everyone they’ve faced since K-State went to Norman and beat them.

An OU win over Notre Dame that should lift K-State to at least number 3 in the BCS and with a K-State win over a strong Texas Tech club, maybe number 2.

Right now its just nice to have one of our local schools show up on the national dance card.

Bill Snyder may finally get that national recognition he so richly deserves.

Hey, I’m impressed, are you?

P.S. I know K State won a Big 12 title before with Snyder but they couldn’t win the big one, that’s why Bill does not fully have the national respect he’s earned. He may get that this season.

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13 Responses to Glazer: Move Over KU Basketball, K-State & Bill Snyder Coming on Strong

  1. How Quickly We Forget says:

    I know it’s tough for you to remember five years ago, but why not give it a try?

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    It’s not beyond the realm of possibility to have home-standing Mississippi State, 7-0, knocking off the Tide this coming Saturday. That’d really throw the proverbial wrench into the works. Anyway, K-State can’t afford to fall asleep like Oklahoma State did last year on a Friday night up in Ames if it hopes to compete for the national title against someone – Alabama, Florida, Oregon. And, yes, Notre Dame will probably go down in Norman this coming Saturday, putting a real dent in its title aspirations.

  3. Rainbow Man says:

    If KSU wins out… And there is a title game controversy between KSU and a one loss team….. We will see the first benefit of Bob Bowlsby as the commish. No way he will let it happen. Believe me… the Big 12 and KSU will be very thankful they have Bowlsby.

  4. Jim says:

    CK is a terrific college QB but will never be an NFL QB. TE? Maybe. QB? Nope.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I would agree with your comment. Still he can win all the college awards if he keeps it up and be drafted to the NFL, likely as a quarterback/halfback at this point. Maybe a tight end, you might be right.

  5. BlackJack says:

    As for myself, and the 20K+ people who fill LSP each game, Sporting KC winning atop the table in the MLS is much more exciting than K-State’s quest for the mythical national championship. Sorry guys…

    • G says:

      Sorry, soccer is way down the list still..will never be up with NFL, College Football/Hoops and even Baseball. Not Happening.

      • Jess says:

        I will give you NFL, College fb/hoops.

        But Pro basketball sucks, and baseball is a strike away from taking a backseat to soccer.

        • Super Dave says:

          40 years ago soccer was more or less not played much around these parts but that has changed.

          In another 30 years I would not be surprised to see soccer pass football on a non professional level.

          • KCMonarch says:

            Football has traditionally been played predominantly by the intellectually challenged amongst us. For the small price of an occasionall “atta boy” and other trinkets of ego boost, they gladly take the field every Friday night and inflict violence and pain on each other. Often times causing irreparable physical and mental damage to themselves for our amusement.

  6. Rick Nichols says:

    I somehow had the idea that Mississippi State would be hosting Alabama on Saturday night (October 27), but I was very much in error. The Tide was at home and, well, let’s just say it was a tough night for the visitors.

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