Starbeams: KC Businesses Dropping Like Flies, Johnny Rowlands, Newsweek Dies, Taylor Swift on Mars

Sprint is being bought by a Japanese company, the Kansas City Board of Trade was sold to a Chicago firm.  At least Hallmark is still doing well!  Oh, what a minute…


A design for a remodeled airport for Kansas City is at least 18 months away.  I’m not saying they’re downsizing, but the new airport will be centered around Johnny Rowland‘s house.


Newsweek will stop publishing its print edition at the end of this year.  Fans of this column are running out of sources to cut little letters out of magazines to send in ransom notes.


The Mars Rover has dug up tiny glitter-like particles in the planet’s soil.  Scientists now believe Taylor Swift may have performed there.


Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM

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