Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Alex Cross’—A Different Side Of Tyler Perry

If you’re into police thrillers, you’re probably a fan of James Patterson‘s best selling novels…

Patterson’s 12th is called CROSS and is the latest to make it to the big screen. But this time out with Tyler Perry assuming the title character of ALEX CROSS who was previously played by Morgan Freeman in KISS THE GIRLS and ALONG CAME A SPIDER.

Here forensic psychologist-detective Alex Cross meets his match when a very skilled and sadistic serial killer known as The Butcher and nicknamed Picasso, predicts every step of the police investigation. Hence easily torturing and killing his victims—and getting away with it.

But when Picasso  strikes close to home, the two face off in a psychological struggle of epic proportions, fueling Cross’ obsession to bring him down.

Talk about changing roles here!

Tyler Perry as Alex Cross, pushed to his psychological and physical limits, is about as far from cross-dressing Madea as you can get.

The same can be said for Matthew Fox as the serial killer. His character is a stretch from that of Doctor Sam Shephard on ABC’s LOST series.

Also on board are Edward Burns, Jean Reno and Cisely Tyson as Nana Mama.

ALEX CROSS: A gritty hour and 40 minutes of the hunter becoming the hunted—new this weekend, citywide.

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4 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Alex Cross’—A Different Side Of Tyler Perry

  1. chuck says:

    The books are pretty good.

    I am dissapointed in Hollywood’s lack of real effort to bring Michael Connelly’s Hieronymus Bosch character to the screen.

    IMO, Connelly is right there with Chandler and Hammett.

    Movie sounds good though Jack.

  2. Super Dave says:

    Well the Patterson series of Cross are good reading no doubt, but as well easy to take as they are, nothing more than a story. Hollywood always seems to have issues in telling a story based on a book in a manner that holds your attention like the book could. Morgan Freeman to me has always been the right person to be Cross and Denzel Washington as well I think could pull it off. Tyler Perry as Alex Cross to me is not even close to being right for the role.

    Now to me the Connelly books about Hieronymus Bosch are as about as close to a true story telling series there is right now about law enforcement. While I would love to see a Bosch story on the big screen as well I don’t want to see some idiot in Hollywood ruin the type of person and style of story telling Connelly has for years developed and presented to his readers.

  3. chuck says:

    Jack, the rest of your brethren are just killin this flick.

    “Tyler Perry trades Madea drag for the shoulder holster and scowl of a genius police detective in “Alex Cross,” but the movie couldn’t be any sillier if the title sleuth pursued the story’s sadistic professional killer in a gray wig and granny panties. This is pure pulp nonsense, with about as much realism and relevance to police procedure as “Madea’s Witness Protection.”

    I looked at the trailer, it seemed “groanworthy”.

    Here is another–

    “If the Alex Cross books are known for being poorly written with bland characters, little emotion and plots that never amount to anything than this movie is one of the best adaptations I have ever seen.”

    This from Nell Minow just kills me.

    “The 6’5″ Perry’s most believable moment is when his character has to reach something from a high shelf. That feels real.”



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