Glazer: D. Bowe Leaving, S. Pioli Staying, Chiefs in Trouble Long Term

It is going to happen and it’s going to happen soon…

No more Dwayne Bowe. According to Yahoo Sports and 610 Sports, D-Bowe is a goner. Bowe wants out of Kansas City and NOW. He’s tired of being on this team that’s going nowhere. Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli will likely trade him in the next few weeks so he can at least get a number 2 or 3 draft pick for him. Bowe has made it clear HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE HERE NOW OR NEXT SEASON.

Can you blame him?

The Chiefs have reached rock bottom. This may be the worst team with the bleakest future of any Chiefs era EVER. We have no quarterback, no coach, no general manager and now we will lose arguably our best offensive weapon Bowe.

I know Jamaal Charles is still with the ball club, however his playing days are likely numbered.

He’s too small and fragile to carry the ball as often as this team wants him too. Charles could take a career ending hit any game now. If not he can be an effective running back, but he has no power and cannot carry a running game by himself.

It’s been seen over and over that he can’t run short or inside the red zone with much success. The guy has TWO touchdowns this season, not very impressive. Yes, he leads the league in yardage but to what end? One win.

As 610 Sports said today, a la Jaycee Pearson, “Charles will soon be a role player at best.”

I agree.

In fact all of Pioli’s off season pick ups were guys cut from other teams and in effect, glorified role players. Eric Winston is the best of them and is at best average. All but our “Oakland” corner are hurt or worthless.

Pioli did finally have his long-awaited interview with the local press.

Oh, Brother.

How do I make it simple? He said nothing really. “We don’t discuss contracts”…..”Our team is better off now at 1-5 than four years ago when I got here” And my favorite, “Well, all my draft picks have not done so badly, I think Tyson Jackson is doing well”

Scott, do you watch the games?

When asked by 610 Sports if he’d seen Smith or Barkley or the top three quarterbacks in college this season his answer was, “No, not yet. Not really.”

I guess replacing Matt Cassel is not important to Pioli, huh?

Pioli also said even though the quarterback spot was important you could still be very good with the rest of the team being the “right 53.”

We see how well that’s worked out so far this season.

Pioli danced around every question and took little responsibility for being the worst team in the NFL today. He thinks he needs to “do better, we all need to do better in our jobs.”

No sh-t Sherlock. So far my little dog Junior is a better GM than you, Scott.

I think after his cold and stupid comments, it’s even more clearly than ever time to say goodbye to Mister Pioli.

He is a lost soul in the game.

We can’t blame Clark Hunt for hiring him – it seemed like a great choice four years ago – not so much today. This team is lost. It has no stars and no immediate future…NONE…Next year this team will be awful again and maybe for years to come.

This has been a horrid team and franchise since Marty Schottenheimer left. They have nothing to show for the last 15 years, zip. At no time did this team challenge for even a woof of an AFC title let alone a Super Bowl.

We have ended every season, including 2003 and Dick Vermeil‘s, as one of the worst teams in the NF. And yes, that includes the phony 2010 season at 10-6. Because by season’s end the Chiefs were major league bad and couldn’t beat anyone.

So Bowe is soon to go and Scott is looking to stay – it’s a mess.

This team will need a leader, a savior. Let the search begin.

We are years away from any glory, but that’s how it has always been, right?

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6 Responses to Glazer: D. Bowe Leaving, S. Pioli Staying, Chiefs in Trouble Long Term

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    Mr. Bowe is flashing his cross in the picture, so perhaps he’d rather be in the ministry anyway … just a joke. No, when the GM refuses to shoot straight with the media and appears to be off in la-la-land more often than not, it’s a bad sign. And Clark Hunt apparently doesn’t want to show Mr. Pioli the door so we’re stuck with him unless the fans start showing up at Arrowhead with torches and pitchforks instead of coolers and grills – good idea! – or better yet, avoiding Arrowhead altogether – great idea!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      My feelings exactly, empty seats may cause Clark to really listen and stop pretending…We need to start all over again…oh boy.

    • mike says:

      Fans showing up with torches and pitchforks? Hunt wouldn’t care as long as they are spending money. The only thing that will get his attention is not showing up at all!

  2. chuck says:

    “Well, all my draft picks have not done so badly, I think Tyson Jackson is doing well.”

    I listened to most of Petro’s interview. I didn’t hear that. He really said that?

    I posted this the other day on the Petro interview.

    “I was on my way to my second gig this morning and heard the interview and Petro’s preface to it. It was dissapointing.

    The entire city is lighting torches, grabbing pitch forks and ready to storm Clark’s Cassel and Petro was lobbing softballs like he was auditioning for “A League Of Their Own”.

    I guess it is their league. A general consensus of football fans with a cursory knowledge of the game would have, in the last 4 years, in my opinion, garnered by hook or crook, a far better QB than the Chiefs now have, or have had on their roster since Trent Green.

    Those doing this for a living, probably take note of the high quality QBs who pilot NFL teams into playoff waters. We here in KC find ourselves aboard a slow boat captained by the Joseph Hazelwood of NFL GMs.

    Petro shouldn’t have been fishing for compliments in these waters, he should have been hunting for an oily shark.”

    Hey Scott, Joe Hazelwood is doing “pretty good”.

    HC: Check The Star interview today.


  3. harley says:

    Good to see junior is doing good.
    I’ll bet if that dog could talk he could tell some wild ass stories about you!!!!!!!
    nice article.
    clark has to wake up. They;ve got some talent but a new gm and coach is
    really needed.
    bowe is a big loss…but he’ll do great with another team that has a really good
    qb. Bowe would be great in denver…new york…atlanta….houston…he’d
    be big time all pro receiver with any other team with a good qb. too bad.

  4. Lee says:

    So, Pioli goes in for interviews with KC Star and Petro. Of all the stupid crap that came out of his mouth, the one about Tyson Jackson had to be the most egregiously stupid and what pisses me off even more, NO ONE CHALLENGED THAT STATEMENT.

    Is this the presidential debates where, by previously agreed to ground rules, the interviewer cannot ask follow up questions?

    Not only should a third pick of the first round be significantly better, but anything less than a perennial probowler and future hall of fame player taken third means you blew that pick. No one followed this up???!!! I blame Covitz and Petro for incompetence. (same probably applies to this year’s pick and many others)

    Did I miss the questions about the Chiefs being $20-25 million under the salary cap for the last five years to pay for the Arrowhead renovation? Was there NO quality free agent we could have spent that money on each year so this team would be better right now? NOT ONE??? REALLY NO ONE??? I would have researched this point and brought up each and every free agent who switched teams the last 5 years. I would have brought up how the arrowhead renovations cost almost exactly as much as the savings in salary cap.

    I would also have brought up each and every pick after Jackson was chosen. And have had the stats to refute Pioli on the others named he drafted.

    Pioli refusing to answer questions about his contract: his initial contract was made known. Why not now? Who changed the policy? Scott—if you don’t want to say what any potential new contract you are negotiating will consist of, then own it that YOU want that policy and not Hunt. Just say that your contract is no one else’s business but don’t hide behind that’s our policy excuse when you clearly were the one who made this new policy.

    This is disgraceful journalism. Has the Star staff been so gutted that no one there knows what a reporter’s job consists of anymore? Either do your job or go sell used cars.

    And I could go on and on about those lousy interviews and how each interviewer had his lips so far up Pioli’s ass it must have been difficult to separate them.

    And Petro and Covitz, I don’t care if Pioli never gets interviewed by you again because you pissed him off. You do your fucking job or don’t schedule the interview. You guys were worthless at the very time Kansas City needed you to stand up.

    Petro, in particular, bitches and whines all the fucking time about the Chiefs. You get a golden opportunity to interview Pioli when the season is spiraling down in flames and the Chiefs are ranked LAST in everyone’s power rankings, and you suddenly turn into a meek little lap dog? Disgraceful.

    Am I the only one who is paying any attention here?

    Ok—enraged rant is over for now. I feel better.

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