Whinery: Presidential Debate Preview Round Two – Sharp Dressed Men

Except for those in deep denial- we all know Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won the first debate…

Next up is the dreaded “Town Hall” debate format. Or at least it used to be dreaded. Tuesday’s debate will amount to little more than faux spontaneity. The supposedly random questions are all pre-screened and rehearsed and will be directed to pre-selected members of the audience.

This debate is so controlled that both the Obama and Romney campaigns have lodged complaints with the Commission on Presidential Debates because the Moderator, Candy Crowley of CNN, had the TEMERITY to say she would ask follow up questions based on the candidate’s answers.

And the Commission ruled in the candidates favor and have kiboshed Ms. Crowley’s wish to question the candidates off the pre-written script.


I can see why Romney would be concerned. But Obama! She’s a CNN correspondent! The only thing I can think of as to why Obama would be concerned about Ms. Crowley is if it’s some kind of “Psy-Op” where the President wants to act like they were concerned about her too when she sets up Romney for the fall.

For some unknown reason, I’m not worried about Ms. Crowley.

I find her to be kind of a loose cannon. And CNN didn’t do Obama any favors by publishing excerpts from the dead Ambassador’s diary from our Consulate in Benghazi. Which is irrefutable evidence that they needed REAL security and it was not provided.

Though, G-d love her, Hillary has taken the fall for another man’s shortcomings by saying the “buck stops here” with her for any security shortcomings. Which may signal she’s not running in 2016…

She’s been a great Secretary of State- dare I say the best since Kissinger?

Why would she take the fall for this if she still wants to be President? I voted for her in the primary and wish she was in the White House over Obama to this day!

What can Obama do on Tuesday to reverse the calamity that was the first debate?

The town hall format offers few opportunities to be aggressive towards Romney. The only thing Obama can hope for tomorrow is that Romney makes some calamitous mistake which I don’t see

And any changes made by Obama may appear desperate and/or a flip flop by the President…

My Ethical Dilemna: Do I watch the debate live or go see ZZ Top? I’m
leaning towards  ZZ!!!

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17 Responses to Whinery: Presidential Debate Preview Round Two – Sharp Dressed Men

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    Or there’s the Yankees-Tigers game to watch, not to mention the televised U.S.-Guatemala soccer match out at Livestrong Sporting Park. No, it’s a real insult to the average American voter when follow-up questions suggested by the candidates’ answers to prescreened questions aren’t allowed. Heck, they might as well have the candidates write out their answers to the questions in advance and then just read them to the audience at the appropriate time as if they were reading a script in preparing for a play. Prescreened questions posed by preselected debate-goers, and the moderator’s been all but gagged. It’s just another fake reality show.

  2. chuck says:

    Romney has nothing to worry about. I expect an even handed, non biased moderation from this alumni of Randolf Macon Women’s College.

    She is a vegatarian and a Chief Political Correspondent from CNN.

    Romney could paste a “Save The Whales” sitcker on his forehead and promote the re naming of America to “Louis Farrakhan Land” and still lose tonight.

    Hope on!!

  3. Rick Nichols says:

    P.S. – what’ll we have next – cardboard cutouts of the candidates instead of the candidates themselves? Hey, I admire Mrs. Clinton for being willing to take the fall for the attack on our Libyan embassy, but it’s the President who’s ultimately responsible for what happened there on 9/11. And what’s up with the “G-d”? I didn’t think they’d banned references to the Almighty on this site.

  4. the dude says:

    Ok, a dozen more men at the consulate, no, wait, two dozen more security guards at each consulate. Does that change the outcome?

  5. chuck says:

    Dina Lohan has more journalistic chops than Mrs. Crowley.

    Honestly, it was such a biased performance by the moderator, that the result will benefit Romney.

    • mark smith says:

      Im pretty sure Ms. Moderator had princess leia chained to her desk. Obama had a pork chop in his pocket to distract her if things got to rough. Lest you think the mainstream media is in the libs pocket, that clapping you heard mid debate was coming from the media room off stage, true story. Candy cane gave Obama 10 percent more time. Both sides think their guy won….see the retard below for how delusional uber libretards viewed the debate. Not a game changer.

  6. harley says:

    Obama cleaned romneys clock tonight. If you watch the news shows they all
    are playing the rose garden mishap by romney. That’s all you’ll see over the
    next week…
    romney stormed out of the debate room…he knew his liegot caught in front
    of 65 million people.
    The clips you’ll see are romney lieing about the libya affair…obamas 47%
    closing argument….romney being a bully…
    i ll get the dial responses soon from my sources…and i’m sure that pretty
    much will tell the story.
    Oh and the “binders full of women” comment was real swell…..
    obama bashed in romneys brains tonight…not just on the stage…but with the
    sound clips that are all over the tv showing romney to be a liar.
    obama got beat in the first debate…romney got beat in the seond one.
    the next one will probably be irrelevant because its foreign policy (obamas
    strong point) and foreign policy is about #10 on the list of imporjtant issues
    in the race.
    When you lose…chueckles the clown don’t blame the moderator…
    blame the candidate…
    turn out the light on romney..]
    oh and chuckels the clown…you never took me up on my bet…chicken!!!!!!!!!

    • chuck says:

      What bet?

      This is a quote that had me hanging on every misspelled word.

      “i ll get the dial responses soon from my sources…and i’m sure that pretty
      much will tell the story.”

      I can hear ya screamin, “Stop the Presses!!!” to the stuffed animals on your bed.

      Ya must have executed a Vulcan Mind Meld with a blastocyst.

      • harley says:

        you read the bet chuckles the clown…
        do the bet chicken..
        if romney wins i don’t post for a year on kcc
        if obama wins you don’t post on kcc for a year..
        show some balls mr. bald guy…
        show some guts behind those words..
        oh i know..you like to play army in the back yard with
        your make believe rev olution….come on chuckles..
        put up or shut up..
        it will be fun and lots of fodder for the people on kcc…
        or would you rather keep looking like the idiot you
        already are..
        be the bet…be the bet chuckles..
        or shut the f up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        you’ve been wrong on every issue…i’m calling you out..
        or do you want to hide…….
        have some fun cranky old man….have some fun!!!!!

        • mike says:

          If Romney wins, I hope you ARE on here!

        • chuck says:

          The elction is too close to call and it’s a stupid bet either way.

          I didn’t know about the bet prior to today, but I wouldn’t have done it anyway.

          Catharsis by way of commentary is far too enjoyable to blow off for some bet with a guy, who, if he lost, would as he has done in the past, start posting under a new moniker.

          I respectfully decline, Forrest, er…., harley/JoJo.

          By the way, those “Bald” comments, I gotta tell ya, they cut to the core. Eviscerating.

          Words hurt man…, words hurt.

          Have a nice day.


          • mike says:

            Remember, Harley and Glaze both thought the race was over before we even had the debates. I was the one that pointed out that they were jumping the gun since we hadn’t had the debates and Romney had yet to spend most of his ad money. The polls now are showing a very slight Romney lead. It is STILL to early to know. Nobody knows yet. It is too close.

        • mark smith says:

          Settle down harley or else your going to need to up your lithium. Shouldnt you be over at the comment bukkake at huff po ? Your boy’s going down in the polls as the election draws near. As for your incessant talk of a wager, answer me this.. How is anyone going to make a bet with a guy using a fake name, no way to contact except some fake law4life email addy? Besides, the only person who considers betting marbles an actual wager would be Liz Warren.

    • Lance the Intern says:

      All you need to know about the debate can be found here

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