Glazer: Clark Hunt Shows Arrogance for Fans by Re-signing Scott Pioli

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is so happy with general manager Scott Pioli, he’s giving him a job extension of two years…

Thank God. We need that genius to stay right here in Kansas City. Lord knows how many teams are after THE GREAT SCOTT.

Truth is, after seeing our hometown team go nearly winless the past two months – sorry that Saints game was a b.s. gimme – we need to force Hunt to make a move. Our Chiefs have not led in a game all year and not since 1983 has that happened for six games.

We have no really big stars in sight, none. And yes, that includes Jamaal Charles. Brandon Flowers got jacked all day by Tampa “Can’t win a game” Bay. You haven’t heard Derrick Johnson or Tamba Hali‘s Name in YEARS. Tyson Jackson must play in Oakland – is he even on this team?
Brady Quinn was a mess. Matt Cassel is anything but a franchise quarterback and well, it’s just a sorry repeat each week.

I won’t even waste your reading time with the numbers from the Tampa Bay killing.

I think the final was 3,800-10 or something like that.

Hunt and Chiefs can’t make it any clearer, fans.


The Hunts and Scott behind closed doors call you guys dumb hicks – not that “We have the greatest fans,” b.s.

This team has no leader, no focus – it must have a new head coach, GM and quarterback.

And that’s just for starters.

Hunt will only listen when he sees an empty stadium, so start NOW.

Maybe we should have a tailgate party to burn our season tix. Good idea? Show them how we all feel. I have, by going against them, done as much as I can. This is so sad and unfair to Kansas City and its great fans, it truly is…really.

P.S. In fairness to Charles he is a good scat back and he makes long runs here and there. But he’s worthless in the red zone and rarely scores a touchdown so he can’t carry an offense. He’s good, not great – sorry.
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29 Responses to Glazer: Clark Hunt Shows Arrogance for Fans by Re-signing Scott Pioli

    • tiad says:

      Also, the original “anonymous” source said Pioli was OFFERED a contract extension, not that he signed one.

  1. KCMonarch says:

    “There’s also a chance that folks who don’t like Pioli are pushing embellished, exaggerated, and/or fabricated facts in order to foment further fan discontent regarding Hunt and Pioli, fanning the flames so that Hunt will feel like he has no choice but to move on.”

    “Either way, someone is dead wrong on this one.”

  2. Reggin Tnuc says:

    Mike Holmgren will be the new VP/GM. Announcement will be made one week after the regular season is over.

  3. Super Dave says:

    A wise person never puts much weight in a Glazer story anyway so I am sure most of us are aware of the facts here.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Well hater Dave you shold, the headline was maybe a little over the top, I don’t write those…my information is 99% dead on…what have you got? More jealous hate and thats about it…the point of the story is I’d say pretty on it…my opinion about an organization that clearly only cares about its bottom line…not the fans…and they should consider that problem…that’s the point…which as a hateful do nothing you already knew…huh…

      • Voice of Reason says:

        Not trying to take sides, but my sources at Arrowhead tell me you will ultimately be correct, headline and all.

      • Super Dave says:

        Glazer you are such a factoid!

        • Craig Glazer says:

          “sticks and stones…” come on now baby dave…grow up…babe, when you get jacked by the King of Sting over and over…just retire son…

  4. harley says:

    glaze…wrong again…
    maybe hearne can pull this article asap. You look like hearne when you jump
    the shark on articles like this.
    There’s another serious problem here.Pioli is like family to the krafts. He is
    loved by them. Clark is very very close to the kraft family and clark has to
    be very careful in how he deals with pioli. It will be interesting to see
    how this plays out.
    Yesterday was a clear sign that this team is not only not run right but that
    they have given up. A tampa bay linebacker was blitzing….he rushed thru the
    line only to push moeaki out of the way and moeaki just stood there.
    The announcers pointed it out but moeaki just got pushed aside and let
    the guy slam brady quinn.
    Also…3 #1 draft choices were outyesterday.
    Hopefully they can get it together on their week off and come back strong.
    Obviously whoever has been working with the qb’s(theybrought in
    jim zorn last year to work with cassell. Zorn helped develope flacco.
    what happened?) needs to be able to evaluate talent better.
    Sad…but it’s the owners fault.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    LOL@ Glazer. First a wildly inaccurate baseball tirade, and now this. Bad week.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Baseball story was heavy handed on purpose, baseball is fading from the bigtime sports scene like a rock…sad to say….but true…I like baseball, but its surely needing some upmph to stick around, maybe the roids back could help with a homerun race…as for this story…”CBS ANNOUNCED that Clark Hunt had offered Scott Pioli a two year extension” its in today’s paper, read Sam…and other information..yes they are now saying not quite true…but yesterday it was a CBS fact…again…not sorry.

      • Markus Aurelius says:

        No, EARLY yesterday it was reported as an unconfirmed rumor. Late afternoon-early evening yesterday it was reported to NOT be true. This wasn’t a wake-up-and-see-what’s-changed-deal — this all changed yesterday. I know you spent time writing the article, but once the circumstances changed, it never should have been posted as written. Using the paper as justification for an online publication to not be current is crazy. The paper is ALWAYS behind on what’s current given the time it takes to produce and deliver it. This is one of the reasons newspapers in their traditional form are dying everywhere.

        HC: I reported that the Star updated the story five hours after posting it on its web site. However, the Star’s story is ALSO an unconfirmed rumor. Leave us not miss that point. As for the CBS story / rumor, like the Star’s, the jury is still out.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Glazer, do some further research on baseball attendance and tv ratings, then get back to us. Until then, your tirade on baseball is just alot of hot air from a guy who lives in a town that has a crappy baseball team. Just because baseball has faded from the KC scene every June, doesn’t mean it has nationally. Don’t be foolish.

  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    In Glazer’s defense though, everything other than the main headline is basically correct. The Chiefs suck ass from the top down.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    My angle was DONT’ GO TO GAMES AND THAT CLARK ‘WANTS SCOTT BACK’…not that he had signed or would sign….THE ENTIRE MEDIA IS VERY WELL AWARE THIS HAS HAPPENED…maybe Scott will leave…who knows…either way its all in the works..

    Other than a move to Westport by a biz who was looking…I am not too aware of many mistakes in information…this IS not one, it was just a little over the top, for that sorry, but most of you maybe knew this was in the works…and how sickening it is…again maybe Scott will quit and go somewhere else…who knows. Bottom line is story about the front office feelings rings true.

  8. admin says:

    The headline stands.

    The fact that the widely-reported CBS story may be wrong is a whole nother issue.

    Craig chose to lead with the Pioli “signing” and later tore into Hunt for only caring about fans money, not their feelings and calling them dumb hicks.

    Those were Craig’s exact words. Does that sound like arrogance? Look it up in the dictionary.

    • mike says:

      There are two conflicting stories. CBS reported the extension. Adam Teicher said that there wasn’t one. The Chiefs would not confirm or deny it.
      I agree that Pioli’s job performance does not justify an extension. He has been worse than Peterson ever was .

      HC: That’s right, Mike. But both “reports” were issued as unconfirmed rumors by a single, unnamed source.

  9. Rick Nichols says:

    I think we’re all pretty much in agreement that the Chiefs are God-awful this year and aren’t going to the playoffs, so the question becomes who needs to go and when? But what I most have a problem with is this organization’s general lack of transparency, preferring instead to be very secretive in its dealings with the general public. One source says there’s been a contract extension, another says there hasn’t been. Why can’t the Chiefs just step up to the microphone and set the record straight? Confirm or deny, and the sooner the better. Don’t keep the fans in the dark!

  10. FACTS says:

    It is not arrogance, it is part of the plan to move the Chiefs to LA.

    I and warned KCC two years ago about how Hunt was intentionality ruining this team, making obviously bad choices all intended to make the fans lose first pissed off… and second to lose interest BUT MAINLY he does not want fans issues when he announce that he is moving the Chiefs to LA, once the LA stadium is ready….

    The 2 year extension correlates with LA approving the new Farmers stadium, and it will be ready in…. 2 years.

    Hunt does not care about KC…. He wants the BIG TIME of LA. That satdium will host 3/5 of every super bowl in the futures.. and once he parks the Chiefs there , THEN he will STOP acting like an obvious idiot. No one is as stupid as he has been acting…… stupid like fox he is.

    I spotted it two years ago…I posted it here then… and no one believed… how about now?

    The NFL will NOT expand…. some city WILL lose a team…. which one do you think it will be?

    Get used it… LA CHIEFS coming 2014-2015

    • Super Dave says:

      You’re not only one to say this Facts and I have an LA connection who more or less as well thinks this is possible.

    • harley says:

      interesting…do you have any facts to prove that..
      what do the cheifs have as far ascontracts with the sports commission/
      jackson county on keeping chiefs here?
      what are the legal ramifications…
      what would the league do???????????????????????
      is this another end of the world conspiracy or are you basinig this
      on fact and not on your personal beliefs..
      show some info to bacck up your claim..
      til then this is all b.s……
      and why would they take a team like kc..when tampa bay is
      getting blacked out…..

      • Facts says:

        The proof is in the pudding…

        Do you think if I had hard sources for this information that I would actually tell people on a public blog? If I knew for sure, if they paid me, if I was on the inside track then I would keep my mouth shut.

        As it is..they pay me nothing…. so I pass on what I see, and I am not wrong often…. esp when it is this effing obvious.

        Connect the dots… look at the teas leaves….. what makes sense??

        A monkey and a dart board could run the team better than this…… 30 40 Million UNDER THE CAP?? !!! EVERY YEAR!!!!!! WTF!!!!! Screw CLARK CUNT !! His Dad would be ashamed of him.

    • harley says:

      also…tavias family would haveto move from kc for that to happen1111

  11. FACTS says:

    By the way… I also told all you 4 games into whats-his-names golfer-boy first NFL season that he WOULD NEVER be a successful head coach in the NFL… I said players (who had played football their whole lives) would never respect a wimp who had never stepped on the grid iron…. I said fire him right then, 3 games in…. and no one agreed… well how did that work out? It wasted 2 more years on rebuilding…. except rebuilding was NEVER the plan…… destroying the team, losing the fans, moving the team…. that is the plan… it is easy to see.

    I only wonder why a poor, dumb fk, like me can see all of this…. while no one else can?

    I want to be wrong…. can someone … anyone… stop this crap?

    I feel horrible every post season…. I WANT A WINNER GADANG IT!!!

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    PS I had Denver and over, wow a damn miracle…Denver down 24 zip at half wins!!! Wow Manning is a God…he’s back 35- 24 over..Denver…wow…

    • Facts says:

      Of coooooouuuuuurse you did…. what else?

      • Craig Glazer says:

        believe it or not, sometimes I have more games than I put up…and sometimes I don’t win…I did have Green Bay and Denver, both upsets…but I had the Steelers last Thurs. and they got beat… I only mentioned Denver cause it was such a huge comeback, biggest ever on the road for an NFL team…fun game to watch, if you had Denver not so much if you were a Charger fan..

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