Whinery: Veep Debate a Snoozefest, the Nod to Biden

My description of tonight’s debate- Snoozefest!

I saw nothing that I didn’t predict. Vice President Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan 96 times in a 90 minute debate, to Ryan’s six interruptions. Nothing of substance was really covered.

Biden did what he was supposed to do and that was stop the Romney/Ryan juggernaut after the first Presidential debate.

Which is the only reason Biden kind of “won.”The only thing that prevented Biden from an outright win was his constant smirking and laughing.

It was obnoxious after a while. This is probably why the CNN focus group called it 32% for Ryan, 32% for Biden with 35% undecided. I don’t really see how this debate hurt badly or helped either side a lot.

The fact that Biden stopped the bleeding is why he “won” but neither side moved the needle.

Ryan showed sincerity and compassion and was very eloquent, but his youth and inexperience allowed Biden to walk all over him.

Biden definitely won the abortion argument, though Ryan definitely scored points with “If the Catholic Church agreed with you, why do they keep suing you?” in reference to Obamacare mandating religious hospitals pay for abortion.

I think that Liberals should just let Conservatives have their guns and Conservatives should let Liberals have their abortions- and be done with these distractions from what matters- Jobs and the economy.

Martha Raddatz was an awful moderator- her questions sucked!

Where were the questions about the skyrocketing cost of living? Gas, food and utilities have gone through the roof. Maybe they weren’t asked because she didn’t want to give Obama back the present he gave her when he attended her wedding. Which for some reason the Commission on Presidential Debates didn’t find to be a conflict of interest.

As screwed up as Lawyer “ethics” are, we would have to recuse ourselves from judging this case- but its OK if Liberals are incestuous.

Biden did his job very effectively which is why I give him the win.

All those years of appearing on the Sunday morning talk shows paid off. He’s done them for almost 40 years and knew how to dominate a panel discussion and not let your opponent get in a word edgewise.

Ryan was unflappable in the face of this assault by Biden- if he hadn’t been  Biden would have crushed him.

For lack of a better description… this debate was a cockfight.

It’s hard to see how the average voter will come away with any tangible information or opinion from this debate.

Oh well, see you next week with the second Presidential debate.

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23 Responses to Whinery: Veep Debate a Snoozefest, the Nod to Biden

  1. Kerouac says:

    As a Vice President must show their potential to be President, imagine each candidate sitting in the ‘big chair’ that history has born.

    The choice between erudition & colporteur, deportment & buffoonery, I don’t believe it’s close at all between the two men – my opine, the older man acts the juvenile while the younger the statesman: I elect Romney/Ryan in 2012.

  2. chuck says:

    “I think that Liberals should just let Conservatives have their guns and Conservatives should let Liberals have their abortions- and be done with these distractions from what matters- Jobs and the economy.”


    The Commission on Presidential Debates originally proposed Jeremiah Wright to moderate and question the candidates. Wright was unable to accept as he had committed to an appearance at the Washington Press Club with Kamau Kambon last night.

    Wright should have accepted the invitation to moderate the debate, embarrassingly, Kambon and Wright both were booed off of the stage by the press for percieved conservative leanings on important issues of the day.

    Hope on!!!

  3. Reggin Tnuc says:

    Obama-Biden have become the bête noire of politics. Mr. Biden lacked any grace, charm, statesmanship, maturity, discipline and respect for Mr. Ryan, the debate process and the viewers. A man with Mr. Biden’s alleged knowledge and experience should have Socratically sliced and diced Mr. Ryan. Instead he lets loses with a series of intellectual farts and expects us to believe they do not smell.

    The Biden choice was only made as a counter assassination move to protect the president. Even the most extreme, right wing racist finds Mr. Obama preferable to
    Plugs the Plagiariser.

  4. mike says:

    I don’t think the moderator was that bad. She did ask some tough questions to Biden such as about Libya.
    The most notable thing about the debate was the laughing, smirking, and interupting by Biden throughout the whole debate. It was even more obnoxious than Al Gore and his sighing years ago. Biden made himself look like a disrespectful jerk while Ryan kept his cool.
    Another thing that may haunt Biden was his answer to the question about Libya. There are hearings going on right now about that issue and Biden lied about it to start off the debate. Even the Libyan officials said right off the bat that the video was not the cause of the violence, yet Biden is trying to say that is the information they had. Testimony is proving that to be wrong. This was an orchestrated coverup from the top down.
    Overall, this debate probably is not going to affect the outcome of the election in any way. Vice Presidential debates seldom do.

  5. the dude says:

    Sounds like I am glad I missed this joke of a dabate between the blowhard and the marathon time liar.
    I mean c’mon, what kind of a special D-bag lies on their marathon time BY TWO HOURS?!?!

  6. Rick Nichols says:

    Maybe next time, just to liven things up a bit, we ought to have the would-be first ladies and second ladies go at it in a debate – to get the female perspective, you know – and let Martha Raddatz be the moderator. Might make for an interesting evening, all in all.

  7. Voice of Reason says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter so I hope you gentlemen will allow me into your little club.
    I think what you saw last night was what I would consider typical liberal behavior, by today’s standards. The party who talks compassion, caring, inclusion, is really at its core, a nasty, divisive, hateful organization. That’s not the Democrat party of 25 years ago, maybe even 10, but it is today.
    The debate was clearly slanted in Biden’s favor for the “win”, but only as a result of his incredible level of over talking and interruptions. If you read the snap polls this morning the numbers are staggering with regard to total interruptions by Biden, the moderator, and assistance provided by the moderator, etc.
    What really took place last night was the KCC equivalent of your friend Harley debating Ryan or any topic he debates here. Facts did not and do not matter or stand in the way, you muscle your way through and shout louder. Common sense and debate decorum does not and didn’t matter. What you saw was and always is an endless rant of ugly, bravado, braggadocios behavior and rude, laughing comments, similar to that of a spoiled child. Biden’s behavior and opinion, like that of your friend’s, is that if it didn’t come out of his own mouth, it’s not fact. There is and was no opinion that matters or garners credit if its not his own. This morning’s snap polls also show Independents and women found it overbearing and rude.
    The lies were legion. The morning Security Briefing asked for additional security in Libya 4 weeks before the attacks. Problem is, Obama misses most his breifings. But Biden said they were never told about it. Why would you need to be told, knowing that’s such a tenuous area and the anniversary of 9/11 was looming? Some things are common sense. Biden stood against both wars, yet he voted for them both. This administration has left us wide open to embarrassment and danger on the world front. We have an administration playing “leader” when they could not be more uninformed or inept.
    Ryan missed the knockout blow in the final minutes. What he should have done was conclude by saying, “Joe, you’ve spent the whole night grumbling and laughing at each comment. The American people don’t find this funny, I don’t find this funny, but you’ve clearly had a good time.”
    This is truly a time in our history when there is no right party for 2012. If that doesnt concern you, you’re the moral equivilant of Biden/Obama.

    • harley says:

      voice of b.s…
      obama does not miss his security briefings….where did you get that..
      in fact he double the briefing sessions after 2010.
      Where did you get this b.s. Even the ny times went to the wh logs
      and got this.
      Where in the world do you dream this stuff up.
      Ohand whete were you mr voice of reason on 9/11 when the
      republican president fell asleep on the actual date..
      and where was paul ryan when the house repubiclan
      cut embassy security by 300 million dollars.
      We’ve seen democracy without a single amercian life lost
      in 4 countries in the mid east….another is about to happen.
      when you know nothing butwhwat you get off fox news it shows
      how shallow your comment is.
      al quda is almost gone…bin laden is gone…the democracies that
      have come under the last severa l years have to settle down as they
      go thru changes….
      please get some facts and actual truthful information to back up
      your claims and then we can talk.
      U are a first time reader…commentator…nice try..maybe you can
      get your facts from whiney boy or mikey the mental midget who
      opens his mouth to insert his foot on a daily basis.
      thanks…nice try. Try again.

      • mike says:

        Sure the Republican President fell asleep on 911. Most people sleep everyday unless they are doing coke or meth. Maybe the meds you are on cause you not to sleep on some days.
        You are bragging about no American lives lost when we just had an ambassador and 3 other Americans murdered in Libya!?
        On top of that, the administration scapegoats a guy that made a video and apoligizes about it. Meanwhile, even the Libyans say the video was not the reason for the attack. If Obama didn’t know it was an act of terror, he was the last person not to. I guess he was too busy in Vegas fundraising to care. It took them 2 WEEKS to admit that it was a terror attack. Al Quaida is not almost gone. They were probably behind this attack! You may be fooled by their propaganda, but I and many others are not!

        • Voice of Reason says:

          Hi, Mike, nice comment save one, albeit, small correction. Our Ambassador was not simply killed. Being killed out have been a blessing. He and his three aides were gang raped and sodomized. For hours. I would venture a guess that poor man was praying death would come his way as the only relief between the rapes were used to inflict torture. And they asked for a Marine detachment. That request fell on deaf ears. We see the outcome.

          • mike says:

            You are correct and Obama called this a “bump in the road”! This whole thing is sickening and impossible to defend!

          • mike says:

            One more thing I didn’t mention. They locked up the guy for making the video! What happened to freedom of speech? Why do they not get this upset when Christianity is ridiculed?

        • harley says:

          yu need to read the facts…al quada has been decimated…they’ve been cut off…no funding and their
          top leaders are gone.Maybe you listen to romney
          who said it wasn’t important to kill bin laden..
          wrong…maybe you need some facts…gety real
          when you can bring in facts bring them in..
          read the secrutiy notes about al quada…

          • mike says:

            CNN reported on Oct. 1 that it is now believed to have been carried out by a group affiliated with Al Quaida or a group sympathetic to them. Other news outlets have similar reports. Al Quaida was and is more than Bin Laden.

          • mike says:

            Just google Libya Al Quaida and there are pages of reports documenting how Al Quaida is gaining power in Libya.

      • Lance the Intern says:

        based on the publicly available White House calendar, President Obama failed to attend a single Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) from 9/6 to 9/14.


        President Obama has attended only 43.8 percent of his PDB’s since taking office.

        • Voice of Reason says:

          Thank you, Lance, for backing that up while I was between airports. You know the facts, I know the facts.
          Unlike some of you who seem to tolerate the suffrage of fools, you won’t catch me engaging that gentleman in witty exchanges. If you argue with a deranged person for long, it becomes difficult to tell which one is the fool. It also serves to feed the insanity and lack of reason, not my motivation in commenting.

          • Voice of Reason says:

            Lance, there’s an enormous difference between someone doing something all the time and doing it less than 45% of the. But I understand the new math and your friends logic better now. All those times he says he is always right, 100% of the time, he is, like his president, achieving less than 45% accuracy. But to him it just feels like “always right”. And much like the fragile ego, bravado and heightened sense of self importance your friend and the President share, they are equally self deluded. Not many would have the nerve to continue that high pitched rhetoric, but your friends emotional illness renders the ridicule of the masses moot, also like our President. In both cases, fact, truth, logic and reason are of little value. In fact, it gets in the way.

          • harley says:

            voice of reason…
            I’ve not kept up on the libya attacks…but
            i will..
            you talk about so much the fact that
            4 people lost their lives…you go on and on
            about 4 people who lost thier lives..the
            security mishaps…etc…etc…
            NOT MINE.
            A PHONY.
            Had you been the voice of reason you would
            have said….somethig about the 6000 dead
            and 30,000 casualties for a war (or two)
            that had no reason. We were lied to.
            A voice of reason would have said..”we were
            lied about getting into a war…and that
            should never happen….now we watch a dictator
            who killed hundreds of people by bombing a plane get dethroned without a sinlge american
            life lost…yes we mmake mistakes …they may
            have been made..maybe not.
            But as the voice of reason where was your
            information that the repubs (including
            your guy lyin ryan) when they cut 300 million
            dollars from embassy security.
            If the voice of reason was really the voice of
            reason…he wouldhave said that wasa huge
            mistkae. That was the start of the problem.
            Cutting back on security allocations…what effect
            did that have…but the voice of reason is not
            impartial…he’s another oneof the lying…
            group that forgets to include ALL THE FACTS.
            voice of reason…from your comments…you
            follow ALL MY COMMENTS EXTENIVELY.
            From your words you’ve followed everything
            I’ve said…knowing exactly what I have said
            over the last 2 years. For that I tahnk you and
            now include you as one of my followers.
            You have read everything I’ve written..or elese
            you’re lying again. YOu’re not the voice of
            reason and youre not accurate about anything
            I’ve had on this site.
            I am correct…i was correct on sports..i wascorect
            about the issues…and i swhold be correct about
            the prez race.
            I’m sure as you’ve read my posts on here I am
            also right abouyt many other issues. I use
            facts…stats…informatino to back up my cliams
            which no other commenter on here does.
            I am successful…business and personal.
            I have a great life and as you read I HAVE
            high dollar clients all over the nation that
            depend on me to makethose decisions…and
            for the most part..i’ve made some very
            successful decisions.
            You read my comments..go back and ring
            up anything that i’ve said…bring it up and i
            can prove it…i have no need to not back up
            every statment i’ve made.
            So don’t come on here and act like an impartical
            observer for months.
            Logic…prove me wrong…you’ve read my posts..
            you can’t do it.
            reason..prove me wrong mr. voice of
            Here’s how I look at people like you.
            Most of the people on here know who i am.
            Its relly no secret.
            I post very opinionated articles on here but
            many of them have sources…stats..data..
            Iinvite you and others to discuss the isues
            tht you have with my writings.
            I’ve been personally atttacked on here more than glaze..but i can take it..but i will dish
            ti out so be ready to take a quick hitand jab.
            45% of the time i’mright…voice of reason..
            go back to my articles and go over what
            i’ve said.
            Lets both be the voice of reason (lol)…
            because i think you’re just another one of
            those low information people with a deep
            hatred of the truth.
            If you want to discuss politics..and your\
            boy romneys lies and flops…lets go at it.
            want to discuss his lies…discuss his belief
            in america while he shileds himself from
            paying taxes by having cayman island
            and swiss accounts…lets go at it.
            Even ryans buget..mitts budgetthat changes
            daily…lets go at it.
            No false bravada you liar…just the trth…
            i invite your coments..and not just the
            bullshit you spew on here..
            letssee how smart you are..
            i doubt your much of anything…
            have a great day.

  8. Rick Nichols says:

    I guess it was rather naive on my part to think that the two candidates, both Catholic, would eventually get around to the subject of overpopulation, particularly as it relates to the overall health of the economy (not enough jobs for everyone? – how about there’s too many people to begin with?). Shame on me for such wishful thinking!

  9. Voice of Reason says:

    Agreed, Rick. I also found Biden’s position on his faith to be rather weak and his defense of the current law suits inept at best. At the same time, why would you ever ask a “character” question of people of this ilk in a national debate? Would one really expect to hear Ryan say, “I’ve suffered with character issues my entire life, but I’m working towards being a better person”? Or would you expect to hear Biden say, “I’m a sex addict, a pathological liar, but I’m seeking help from my church and, thanks for my faith, I’m much further down the road to who I should be!”? Of course not. You’re going to get the standard, canned response, “..no one has better character than I, and the other candidate is morally bankrupt!”

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