Whinery: The Official KC Confidential Veep Debate Preview

Given President Obama‘s dismal performance in his first debate with Romney, the pressure is on Vice President Joe Biden to, at the very least, hold his own against Republican VP candidate, Paul Ryan

And with the Romney/Ryan ticket taking its first lead in the RealClearPolitics average, it’s imperative that the gaffe prone Mr. Biden play it cool and not say anything really stupid.

The tale of the tape…

Vice President Biden:

Biden does a great job – or at least thinks he does – connecting with the blue-collar, middle class voters. So expect to hear anecdotes about him taking the train to work as a Senator and caring for his two boys after a tragic car accident took the life of his wife and daughter.

And Biden shouldn’t have any problems in the foreign policy arena, having spent many of his 36 years in the Senate on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

However Biden’s most likely to shine in the area of demagoguery.

Don’t expect him to neglect to comment on Romney’s 47% gaffe. And expect him to
attack Romney more than Ryan. The most important thing Biden must do on Thursday is restore all the “straw men” surrounding Mr. Romney that Obama allowed him to neutralize in their first debate.

Expect to hear the same tired attacks about outsourcing, Republicans only caring about the rich and how Romney will gut the social safety net. Expect Biden to come to the debate PREPARED and to level the playing field.

Congressman Ryan:

The best thing Ryan has going for him is his grasp of budgetary issues and his eloquence in explaining Republican positions.

Expect him to lay into the Vice-President if Obamacare comes up zeroing in on how it guts Medicare. Ryan is also going to know how to convey conservative positions to Democrat and Independent voters, being that he’s been elected for the past 12 years to the House of
Representatives from a minority Republican district.

Not being the biggest Paul Ryan fan, I’m worried about his ability to handle this big a stage against a true hatchet man like Biden.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could handle a “forensic assassin” like Biden, but I don’t know if I place that kind of faith in Mr. Ryan. Ryan’s strength lies in his ability to explain very complicated issues- but can he do it in 60 seconds or less? Especially with Mr. Biden interrupting and throwing
condescending remarks at the young Mr. Ryan.

My gut tells me that Mr. Biden has got the edge and will probably win.

But I was mostly wrong about how I thought the first debate between Mr. Romney and the President would transpire, so maybe Ryan will shock the World and spank Biden like Romney did Obama.

One can only hope!

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41 Responses to Whinery: The Official KC Confidential Veep Debate Preview

  1. Lance the Intern says:

    I’m waiting for a candidate (any candidate) to address the National Defense Authorization Act…You know, the one that allows the government to pick up American citizens and detain them indefinitely without access to a lawyer or even a criminal trial.

    • Lance the Intern says:

      Oops….missed a closing HTML tag.

    • the dude says:

      We are living in a police state and they want it that way, good luck with that.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Unfortunately, for those of us concerned about basic constitutional civil liberties – neither of these presidential candidates has shown themselves to care much about such things. Bush Jr. sold out the Republican’s with the Patriot Act and formation of the TSA and the Dems have long thought that they could better run our lives than we can.

      This election cycle, gridlock is our only hope for fighting back the ongoing erosion of personal liberties and personal privacy.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    And I’m waiting for a candidate (any candidate) to talk about the continuing plunder of the earth by the nations in a desperate attempt to adequately feed, clothe and shelter 7 billion people and counting. Of late the silence on this matter has been deafening. Just as the right to bear arms is not an absolute right in this country or anywhere else, neither is the right to produce (men) and bear (women) an unlimited number of offspring.

    • Lance the Intern says:

      Rick – What is your definition of a “right”? My understanding is that our rights are a natural part of our humanity — The government doesn’t give them to us. This being the case, bearing an unlimited number of offspring may not be well and good, but it is most certainly a right.

      • the dude says:

        If only they issued permits or admininstered some kind of written test to people that want to become parents. If only…

    • chuck says:

      The Malthusian nightmare come true?

  3. DSW-ESQ. says:

    The only candidate who would address the fascist police state we are living in is former Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico…

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    People need to DVR this debate. Its going to be the funniest thing since the last good SNL skit! Biden can’t help but open his mouth and have some huge mispeak fall out; should be a good time.
    Romey up 2 in Ohio and thats without sampling the early vote, which goes heavily Republican.

    • the dude says:

      Really, we don’t need to DVR it. I don’t want to be bored to death with meaningless doublespeak political bullshit. I don’t care to see two players for the same team try to convince me they are totally different when they are not.

    • harley says:

      no need to worry wilson…you’ve been wrong many times before and this
      instance will be no difference.
      Watch it…you might be surprised.
      And if you knew anything besides the few subjects you claim to know
      about you would see that the post debate bump that mitt got is
      fading…and fading fast.
      Early voting is heavily for obama in ohio..just like in 2008…
      the early vote in 2008 did not go heavily republican…and it makes
      no difference this time.
      The only funny skit will be when the american public finally realizes
      that mitt romoney is a fucking liar. He did it today 3 times on his
      abortion stance. It’s wearting very thin with the american public.
      His new strategy has been to lie about his taxx programs…aca…
      pro choice (oh…mitt said h3e owuld never sign any pro life legislation
      today…which is a lie since he said it just 3 days ago that he would
      defund planned parenthood…put in judges opposed to roe vs. wade..
      and sign pro life bills too numerous to mention.
      It’s funny how people who know nothing about what they’re talking
      about come out of the woodwork with some of the fucing sutpidest
      more outrageous lies..just like mitt.
      If you want to see someone with their foot in their mouth.. yu need to.look in the mirror…It’s been there many many many times.
      Biden’s up…his last political take down….i can see him bitch slapping the
      lyin ryan punk…
      should be fun.
      Get your jammies and your blanket wilson…come electon day you’re
      going to take a big whooooooping! hahahahahaha

  5. harley says:

    whiney boy…i’m short on time..
    “chris christie could handle biden”..
    yeah…he could …doing it one way…eating him!
    Christie needs to lose that obese fat onhis body. A bad example for his kids..
    The guy is awalking heart attack. Luckily he get health insurance thru his state..
    otherwise they wouldn’t insure that fat pig anywhere. A p-i-g!!!!!!! (as they
    said in animal house)

    • mike says:

      That is a really brilliant political observation!!!
      For a 5 year old!

      • harley says:

        mikey…where you been …..wondered if you had gotten a life
        since the highlight of your social life on weekend nights is
        A. playing with _______ B. posting on kcc.
        We know that both answers are correct.
        HOpefully you’ll get out in public…lose some weight…
        get some action (because it ain’t happening at home)…
        get a life (because you have none)…then most importantly
        not acting like an ass.
        You said you work late on weekends which is good since
        hourly wage slaves like you can make afew exttra bucks
        directing the trash truck from behind working overtime.
        Anyway…gladyou enjoyed my comments.
        YOu are one big l o s e rand you are in good company with
        the rest of these goons.
        When you get a real life contact me at law4life1000@YAHOO.COM.

        • mike says:

          Your analysis of Christie did sound like a 5 year old. Basically, instead of talking about his politics, you said “yeah but he’s fat”.
          That would be like countering Obama on his policies by pointing out that he smokes.
          One more thing. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO TELL ME TO SHUT UP?

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Mike, this isn’t a criticism of anyone in particular on here, but, there are people in this world that are pretty vacuous. The only thing they can do, instead of debate facts, is go for the personal attack. You’re “low IQ”, a “non reader”, you’re “fat”, you’re “a broke ass white guy, loser, has been”, etc.

            And usually, as you have accurately pointed out, that comes from a voice riddled with an incredible lack of self esteem. The intense self promotion, the escalating elevation of self over others, the demeaning comments, they all come from something, usually, broken inside.

            It’s really pretty sad when common discourse doesn’t allow for a disagreement of fact. You have to become “Mike the mental midget”. I’m “a has been, over the hill”, so incredibly depressed I can’t find my way back to a tiny percentage of what I once was.

            You are clearly as smart as anyone on here, if you weight 150 or 250. Chris Christie is a brilliant man, but when you can’t debate his IQ, when you can’t dispute his words, where do you go? He’s FAT. That’s also a common flaming liberal response to anything that challenges their thought process.

            They’re like intellectual of the 70’s who all developed the same William F. Buckley speech pattern that made them SOUND intellectual. They were riding a speech pattern with no real brilliance behind it, but it worked…. For a while.

            I get tired of the personal attacks based on no fact what so ever. You know what? My wife built a incredibly successful little business for herself. At the same time, the art side of things is really taking off and we are one of the more successful artists on First Fridays, First Weekends in the West Bottoms. In the last 2 months, major furniture pieces have shipped to Ft. Myers, Naples, Mexico Beach and Lake of the Ozarks to name a few, since so much of our stuff is nautical or beach related. It’s been my wife’s dream for years to do art as her full time gig. You know what she did two weeks ago? She GAVE, GAVE her business to a single mom who needed help. My wife mentored her, trained her, GAVE her the business….and is now a full time artist since that’s going so well for us.

            Let’s take a look at the kind of people/person she is, we are, based on that alone. Someone, a single mom, has been blessed with an income, more money than she’s ever been able to make in the past, as a gift to her simply to help her out and better her life! You know what someone on here would asses that as? (1) it’s a lie, (2) it was a business cleaning TV’s, or germ infested hot tubs…or whatever insult best fits, (3) she’s isn’t HOT enough, (4) I’m FAT!

            You wouldn’t catch Harley, for example, who wants to brag of his non profit contributions, EVER saying a kind word about what she did. Why? It doesn’t fit HIS version of the facts NEED to be to continue his attacks. We could NOT have had a revenue producing business that she simply gave to someone, just to better their life. But… she did. People have to fit Harley’s mold. They have to all be failing, he has to be winning and he, above all else, has to be seen as being right, ALWAYS right, 100% of the time. Most likely, thats because of how he was raised, demeaned as a child, put down as an adult and, most likely, under performing in other areas of his personal life that causes some men to go out and by a Corvette!

            All said, when some people are devoid of facts, or the facts aren’t working in their favor, they resort to insults. Same thing happens when someone isn’t fast enough on their feet or have the writing skills of a 3rd grader. Same reason any one who opposes Obama = RACIST. It can’t be fact based, like Harley, it has to be attack based.

            And most of all, it’s really easy to be a bully in the shadows, where no one really knows you, no one can see you and throw rocks from the safe confines of the darkness. And, that same dark conceals the fact that you’re a small minded person engaged in self abuse for a good deal of the day.

          • mike says:

            Paul, I’ve seen some of the furniture you sell. It is basically a piece of art using the furniture as a canvas. You are right to be proud of your wife for being as talented as she is.

  6. Rick Nichols says:

    Lance, we’re all interns here, so to speak, our temporary “assignment” (duty station) planet Earth. So the question becomes this: how do we choose to spend what time we’ve got before we’re “reassigned” – recklessly living for ourselves (often at the expense of others to say nothing of the planet itself), or living in such a way that the world is truly a better place when at last it’s time for us to move on from this terrestrial ball? Rights? The word is hardly mentioned in the Bible.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    Just the facts ma’am

    Poll Date MoE Romney (R) Obama (D) Spread
    RCP Average 10/1 – 10/10 47.4 46.3 Romney +1.1
    FOX News 10/7 – 10/9 3.0 46 45 Romney +1
    Rasmussen Tracking 10/8 3.0 47 48 Obama +1
    IBD/TIPP Tracking 10/4 3.5 49 44 Romney +5
    Gallup Tracking 10/3 – 10/9 2.0 48 48 Tie
    Pew Research 10/4 – 10/7 3.4 49 45 Romney +4
    WashTimes/JZ Analytics* 10/9 45 45 Tie
    Politico/GWU/Battleground 10/5 3.1 48 49 Obama +1

    MU in the SEC = 0

    The noose tightens at the same time someone turns the gas on!!

    • harley says:

      hey little man..willing to bet on the election…heres the bet…if
      romney wins i never write on kcc for a year. If obama wins
      you go away with your crap for a year FROM KCC FOR A
      YEAR. Of course its based on the honor system which in your
      case scares me that you will welch on the bet. Plus you need this site
      for business to plug whatever youdo…whereas this is just fun andgames
      for me…put up or shut up!
      DEAL…LITTLE MAN?????????????????????????????
      you really need a course in stats and polling because rolling polls
      are essentially worthless. Especially since the bounce is coming down.
      Pew research…tracks from the debate to sunday…yet the bounce
      that romney got from the debates is subsiding… especially since
      monday thru wednesday of this week…and as I’ve
      always mention its not the polls nationally…its the MAPS…
      if you need tutoring in this i can give you one however you have been
      wrong on so many topics that it’s almost unbeleivabe that you even
      write on here anymore.
      Plus…if you really want to see the most accurate pollster of them all…
      go read nate silver…he’s the king.

      • harley says:

        The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows President Obama attracting support from 48% of voters nationwide, while Mitt Romney earns the vote from 47%. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate, and three percent (3%) are undecided. See daily tracking history.

        ex. in 2008 ras said nevada would be plus 4 for
        obamain their final poll from thatstate.. Obama won
        by over 11…that was the case inalmost every state
        ras polled in.
        so it’s not just your outdated polls you push without
        knownig much of anthhing.
        So little man…the bet on…
        oh and by the way…if you’ve got the time ive got an
        old bookcase in the garage we’re throwing away…come
        by and get it if you want. We’ll leave it outside
        on the street for you to come pick. seriuosly…you can
        sell it in beverly hills!!!! hahahahaha

        oh and check my comments…i’ve never used the word
        of a romney supporter as a racist…not relevant…if someone
        wants to support himi honr that..i also love great debates
        and debating with intelligent people who have facts and
        figures of which none ofyou on this site seem to ever have.
        havea great day….

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Sorry, all those figures were taken TODAY, from Real Clear Politics and about anyone, outside of you, acknowledges tthem as a fair sampling of all.
          And once again, you scoff at anyones success, if it doesnt fit your mold. Have fun with that. we all see you for what you are. You’re a sad case, and, if you read your email, you may have some suprises coming….

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Youre such a stupid turd! Youve called people RACISTS for opposing Obama, you nut job. This had nothing to do with Romney. Once again, Harley is WRONG again.

      • the dude says:

        Don’t write checks for bets you know you can’t keep.

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    My GOD… you wrote under your name!! Whats wrong with another paulwilsonkc posting?
    Youre the betting problem on here, Dude, Chuck and a handful offered, if I recall, $20K for you to take a lie detector test on some topic…. and you wouldn’t do it. I dont think I’m the issue here……
    Im not saying Romney wins…. but its tighter than its ever been. Problem with low IQ people like yourself, you can’t admit ANY facts on ANY thing that opposes your point of view. If you gave just the most casual nod of the head to something that goes against your opinion, it would be refreshing. But thats like asking the gorilla to stop throwing poo!
    And you dont NEED this place to post… you’re a national blogging star!! Those 300 LIKES you can’t show us say so!! Go read your email Asshat.

    • harley says:

      some of you people aree sick…to keep mentioning a bet about masturbation.
      are you serious. Is this what you keep thinking about. Seriously
      dude…chuck …others…this is your most important aspect of your
      Its really freaking gross…but for those who keep mentioning this
      stuff you need to get a life. How disgusting can yoube to post this
      kind of stuff on a website in view of millions of visitors.
      Be honest guys…you have nothing to talk about..you have
      no facts or figures to back up what you say..
      so you go to your favortie conversatoin “masturbation”.
      please…i’m not into this type of public disclosure…
      get a life. If you have to be so uptight and so low life like guys
      like chuck and dude to harp on this stupid bet…then go to tonys
      or one of your favorite porn sites.
      hey little man…put up or shut up…you can’t hide from a real
      of course people would rather bet on something stupid than on
      something that’s serious and real life.
      I think they are chicken. says stuff then doesn’t back it up.
      The bets on …and i would like to extend tht to whiney boy
      and chuckles the clown…even mikey the mental midget.
      You big mouths better not back down on this one…you’ve
      got your entire comments backing this.
      got the guts to do this bet. I’ts not x rated or something dealing with
      what you guys love to do in private…and it will be fun to
      see who wins.
      you guys up for this. NOt about money…just to see if you
      got any real guts. I’m betting not one of you takes me up oon this.
      WHY…because you’re blowhards.
      and hearnecan check ip addresses …i don’t think chuckles or
      mikey would welch onthe bet…its the other guy i know because

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Youre cute, Harley…. kind of like that little pet thats fun to watch in the cage, you just dont want to take him HOME!

        There only appears to be one raging wing nut here, and its not Chuck, Dude, Mike or me!!

        No one said Romney would win…. I said it just looks like a different race than it did. Now, if you ruled this site, instead of drooled on this site, you could call the shots… but you dont.

        Hey, what happened to that BEER you wanted to have? What happened to all our friends in common. Here’s who CAN’T be trusted, the guy who wanted a TRUCE, then broke it himself. And that, my friend… is you. I never mentioned you till the attacks started again. But, why would we expect integrity from the likes of you?

        • harley says:

          i expected you to back out of the bet…i predicted it..
          i knew you wouldn’t do it…so again harley is
          You talk a big stick…you talk a big game…but
          in the end just another one of those without
          the “brass” to stand behind it.
          whats the problem? you’d rather bet on
          jacking off like you said in your comments.
          come on buddy…for months you posted crude
          ignorant nasty comments under my name until
          I found out it was you.
          So stop the b.s.
          as far as business..which you mentioned…
          if you know me..you know this…I deal with some
          of the most successful…most articulate…most
          innovative business people in the nation spending
          millions of their dollars.
          I now am expanding a new business nationwide
          working some of the top doctors in the nation
          along with investment equity groups in one of the
          truly breakthrough industries in the world.
          If you know me…you know this.
          So i don’t work flea market…swap meets…i don’t
          sell used stuff off craigslist…i don’t work the streets
          selling whatever. If my clients and investors saw that i
          did that they would probably not do business with me.
          I just don’t do that type of business because its
          not becoming of me and my cliients want to believe
          that the guy who the depend on to grow their
          business…who they trust with their business is not
          out hustling crap at drive in. It’s just not me.
          Thats notto say that i disagree nor find it below
          me buty its’ just not what top business people expect
          of the people they d o business with.
          And as far as the poll you cite…get out the calendar
          mr. know nothing.
          TODAY IS OCTOBER 11….if you knew anything about
          those polls youknow that right now the
          polls are more fluid than at any other time.
          they cahnge hourly. daily.
          so when you qoute a poll thats from october 4…october
          3…october 5…its showing you know nothing about
          what’s happeing in the political field.
          Those polls are like yesterdays news…laste weeks
          news and they rteally have no meaning today or
          This election ebbs and flows which i have talked at
          length about so your sources are old…old…old!
          I knew you would back out.
          AND MR. WHINEY BOY????????????????????

          • paulwisonkc says:

            So, you consider building custom art furniture, likely purchased by your, Ahh, clients, shipped all over the place, each piece in the thousands of dollars….Craigslist or drive in flea market activity? Theres that faulty logic of yours. My wife is doing a commissioned piece right now, going to a college classmate of hers in Dallas, more expensive than any single piece in your house. That’s unseemly to you? My what a high opinion you have of you.
            And never, once, have I posted obscene comments of ANY kind under your name! Prove that….or stop. Period. Not once has that happened.
            You forget…YOU are the one who bragged about your legal connections to Stan Goldstein, rich, retired lawyer in Phoenix. In fact, he threatened me legally via email from none other than law4life1000@yahoo.com. You….portraying an attorney, making legal threats to me. Now…….you claim that as YOUR email. If your high flyin clients look down on flea market activity, if that would cause you credibility issues…..what affect would your alter ego Stan have on their opinion of you?
            I own a really expensive fountain pen; I know where the dots are. You get three guesses who is going to start CONNECTING them!!! Your turn, idiot.

          • harley says:

            okay..i have an old bookcase that we were saving for goodwill. come by and pick it up
            …its old but you might be able to fix it up
            and sell it for a few bucks. Get a hold of me
            on here andI’ll leave it on the curb for you
            I’m willing to help people out in any way i can
            …i do lots of chraity work..and I”m willing to
            help out.
            I have nothing against people selling used
            hot tubs…recycling old furntirue…
            going out on big item pick up day with
            deffenbaugh and crusing the streets for
            look i said i have no problems with that..
            I think its great that people can supplement
            their incomes with part time jobs on the
            side. That people can add bucks to pay the bills doing recycling.
            I have friend in illinois who kind of does the
            same thing and he make an extra $800 amonth
            I think thats great that you spend your free time doing that with reusable furniture and
            old worn out table and chairs. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to open a real store and
            not have to
            I did it when i was just starting out.
            I don’t have anything personally against it..
            but you brought it up and it’s just not fo4r
            for guys like glaze and hearne and probably
            some of the other people on here…we don’t have the time and we’re better off taking care
            of our real business instead of recycling
            no big deal…just not my thing buddy.
            good luck.

          • mike says:

            Then how come you brag about the polls when you like what they say?

    • harley says:

      come on guys…who’s in…this is a fun bet…noone loses anything..
      no lie detectors…no beating off for guys like mikey and the restof
      you thugs..
      it will be fun…will shoot visitors to 5000 a month for hearne.
      I truly think you guys ain’t got the guts to do this. Its for fun..
      all of us enjoy kcc…lets see if you’re all talk or b.s.
      I think one guy definitelyl will back down. He’s more into the bet that hementioned about masturbation.
      lets go…guys…put up or shut up..
      especially whiney boy….that guys always wrong…

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Oh, and its interesting, I can post something truly remarkable, truly charitable that someone did… and its avoided. Typical Harley, if it can’t be cut down, insulted, it isn’t worth talking about. Its so totally beyond you to have the ability to say, “That was nice….”. “What a kind act to do for someone”. Nope, its just a fat loser has been lying about something. You’re a sad, sad man….. thats why your girlfriends daughter is scared of you…

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        So far…. I think its clear to see, there is only ONE person on here who has backed down from a bet. And that… is you. I dont recall seeing anyone claim Romney would WIN, so your bet has no basis in fact. We are most certain youre a bloody wanker, there in lies our claims to solution via Mrs Poly Graff. But you’d duct tape her to a chair and torture her….. or the risk to do so would be too high to go up against. I have work to do… you can now go back to blogging under my name, since, Im sure, a sense of calm and who I really am comes over you and you get a moment of peace. Otherwise, youre the worst form of trapped, locked inside your own skin and can’t get out.
        Go read your email. You’re always asking people to write you, so boy did I.

      • paulwisonkc says:

        Decode the riddle, idiot. It’s at a third grade level just for you.”I have a pen…I know where the dots are….I’m going to start connecting them.” Think….maybe you can figure out what it means. You can email for specifics. You’re about to get embarrassed on a monumental basis. The digital laughter will be EPIC, I tell you, EPIC.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    Oooo gross. Why did you say it was a bet about THAT? I didnt say that!! You’re sick. Just because that occupys so much of your day, don’t try to put that off on us!! We are just good, clean guys trying to have a good time. We don’t need that kind of filth on here, and you are the purveyor of it. No one here mentioned anything about THAT kind of bet. At least we know you wear glasses and have a great PSA score!

  10. paulwisonkc says:

    Wait till Harley’s first “client” calls him….after they read 100 screen shots. (……….crickets………….)

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