Starbeams: Jerry Johnston & Willie Nelson, Red X Shortcut, New York Times on Strike


Jerry Johnston used to be pastor of the First Family mega-church but left because of trouble with the I.R.S.  Last year he started a new church and it too has now closed its doors.  We knew the new church might have problems when it was briefly named “The Church of Willie Nelson.”


Construction on the Broadway Extension will end a month earlier than previously predicted and will reopen early in November.  That will cut at least 10 minutes off my Christmas shopping trips to Red X in Riverside.


North Korea claims they have missiles that can reach the United States. But Corporal O’Reilly told me about that 10 minutes earlier.


New York Times staffers staged a union walkout over wages.  I’m waiting to see who will write a negative piece about unions in the NEW YORK TIMES.

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9 Responses to Starbeams: Jerry Johnston & Willie Nelson, Red X Shortcut, New York Times on Strike

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    JJ closes another one! God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. Some times it just takes LONGER than we’d like to see it happen.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    I’m not a big fan of mega-churches, but perhaps Jerry Johnston can catch on with Joel Osteen’s mega-church down in Texas. At any rate, humility can be a good master.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Rick, I attend one that would fit that description, but man, it does more on the ground work to help the city, the inner city and doing the job is SUPPOSED to do than any smaller church I’ve ever gone to. Really a pretty amazing place. But on balance, I would tend to agree with what you said, word for word. The advantage where I attend, the place seems to share a heart for local missions as well as sub saharan Africa, and the sheer power in numbers can affect a huge financial benefit if they are on the right track, and in this case, they are.

  3. Jim says:

    Who is the “God’ you speak of?

  4. Rick Nichols says:

    I used to be a member of a mega-church and then another even bigger mega-church came along, and before too long my church, while still relatively large, wasn’t much of a mega-church anymore. But I had some good years there and we did a fair amount of community outreach, etc. No, what doomed Johnston’s church were the large salaries that went to he and a few of his relatives, coupled with the general lack of transparency with respect to church business. It’s unfortunate that things got to the point where The Star was inclined to want to look into the whole mess in search of a front-page story.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    Rick, you could not be more accurate in your explanation. Judy Thomas has more research on them than they do themselves! His career has been an interesting one.

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