Glazer: Did Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Fake His Injury?


Is it possible that he’d had enough with the fans, the team and losing? Maybe, just maybe, as predicted by yours truly, THE FRANCHISE took this option and kinda faked injury. It’s sure a thought. That maybe he was not that badly hurt but will go on the injured reserve with a “head injury or concussion” and be out for the season and end his career with the Chiefs.

It’s been a nightmare for the Cassel, he wants out and now most likely he’s gone.

The Chumps played great defense. They stopped the potent Baltimore Ravens and held them to just nine points and no touchdowns. However the Chumps are now 1-4 –  they still lost 9 to 6 with five more turnovers – the best being THE FRANCHISE’s fumble at the goal line. That would have been the game winner.

True, some of the turnovers were not Matt’s fault, but he’s snake bit. It’s over.

Now comes Brody, I mean Brady Quinn. Oh boy. We may see two or three wins the rest of the year, but he will soon make you miss Matt.

No use going over the game.

The aging Ravens were slowed down by a decent Chiefs defense and a slowed down Baltimore D was not able to stop the Chiefs running game. The refs and mistakes mixed with fumbles and interceptions did the rest. We LOSE again. NO surprise.

Again my picks look to be improved to 16-10-2. Very strong season thus far.

Next up, when is Scott Pioli going to be fired?

Maybe during the season? He has earned it. The KC media has been all over him, thank goodness and his time maybe short here in Chiefs Country. He stunk it up again. Time to move on Scott, take Matt with you. Bye.

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28 Responses to Glazer: Did Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Fake His Injury?

  1. the dude says:

    My hero, your hero too- BRADY FREAKIN’ QUINN.
    I heard he wrastled a bear with one arm tied behind his back to give the bear a fair fight. The Chefs are soooooo screwed. 🙂

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    I seriously doubt that Cassel was faking an injury if he was sandwiched by two players from the opposing team. The biggest fake at Arrowhead is the GM. He has yet to recreate any New England “magic” here.

  3. Kerouac says:

    A BALT team (rusty after a 10 day interlude) came in flat (why wouldn’t they, playing perhaps the worst team in the NFL, KC.) The Chiefs were desperate, playing at home, and (hopefully) tired of being embarrassed on the field & in print the media, variously.

    The Chiefs played with a sense of urgency & the Ravens with measured restraint… KC lost again.

    “Well, it was only 9-6”, “the refs took it from us”, “our defense controlled the Ravens offense”; take two Excedrin, check back in the morning and it will still be an L, moral victory Monday. Here as elsewhere close but no cigar is still spelled ‘a losers lament’, et al.

    1-4 on their way to 5-11 still according my crystal-ball.


    Why a close game?

    KC’s defense didn’t get shredded, result a severe case of dropsies by the Ravens and Flacco’s supreme confidence in holding onto the ball too long resulting in some sacks, more so than a banged up Chiefs secondary shutting down the BALT air attack.

    On offense, a younger KC team appeared quicker than the sturdy but aging Ravens, though Haloti Ngata is the 350+ lb. equivalent of KC’s Jamaal Charles, impact.

    Charles – he will carry the ball 326 times in 2012 at his current pace, which is almost 21 times per game. For comparison, LJ carried it 26 times per game when he ran 416 times 2006 – and he was never again the same. At 230 some lbs., Johnson compared 195 dripping wet Charles, draw your own conclusion.

    Cassel – “he is (still) what we thought he was”, nod Dennis Green. Now, also woozy so ‘The Brady Bunch’ will take the field next Sunday in lieu Pioli’s folly. If ever there was an time for leadership (Scott Pioli) to come out of hiding & address this team’s current predicaments variously, would be now. Ownership too (Clark Hunt), but then miracles are in short supply, these KC Chiefs.



    Pioli will find a way to use Cassel’s exit to the GM’s benefit, and by extension the QB’s.

    If Cassel returns next Sunday as some suggest, no drama as Pioli hasn’t rabbit ears. If Quinn starts on Sunday and KC loses (likely), Cassel misses only one game followed by the bye and returns ‘healthy’ so to speak, Pioli feeling more secure his lunacy. Fans will have been placated somewhat, Quinn will have gotten his chance & failed and Pioli can say (at least to himself) “see, I told you so.”

    If Quinn and the Chiefs soar however and win in Tampa Bay, all bets are off. Pioli will remain the starter ongoing (my opine) because “an injury should not cause a player to lose his starting status”, blah blah blah. I don’t say that or believe it Cassel’s case, just saying that Pioli will probably embrace said.


    Hunt & Pioli are on the clock, but the sad if not unexpected reaction theirs to a 22-32 mark in four years seems to be ‘$o what’. Obviously, money talks and b******t walks.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    As always well done Kerouac…however, I do think Matt had this in his head..”nows the time” to go…yes he took a hard hit, but was he hurt badly enough to go out of game…I doubt it…had this been a playoff game or we were winning he likely would have been in a few plays latter at worst…I don’t think he has a bad head injury…he has a bad pride injury…no matter…this organization is toast without a new GM and a new direction…AGAIN…jeez.

  5. Kerouac says:

    I dunno CG, I can’t (yet?) bring myself to embrace conspiracy theories whether be solo (Cassel) or in tandem as it were (he & Pioli), etc.

    But I’m getting there.

    Cassel did get sandwiched by a 350 lb. guy and a smaller (what, only 275 lb. lilliputian) so I can buy he was hurt. Then again, when I consider Pioli/Chiefs (Haley’s telephone being tapped, the candy wrapper caper and a ‘super-double secret handshake’ modus operandi), anything is possible.

    I believe that the longer this type of tack goes on or even the suspicion of it happening appends, the more damage said does to the Chiefs reputation & fandom’$ resolve…and perhaps that is what is meant to be/what it will take for meaningful change to occur.

    • harley says:

      NOTHING HAPPENS! til clark decides what he wants. to make
      money or have a championship team. Under the cap 30 million plus and
      he’s getting big profits. Wanted to pay off stadium improvments.
      Knew what he would take in..knew what the league would take in…then
      figured what he would make with salaries/expenses and told the
      bald italian lets go.
      Its just like glaze. Glaze has acomedy shop. does he wantto please the
      people in kc or make money? If he wants to make the people happy
      he can bring seinfeld to his club and lose big money. Seinfeld charges big
      money for his show and glaze porbably can’t afford to pay him the fee
      and make money. but he can make himself look good. Or he can bring
      in secondand third tier talent…good talent…who don’t charge as
      much but glaze can make money with jimmy walkers…etc.
      No difference except hunt got the county to pay for his stadium.
      Glaze got nothing from the gov for his place.
      So until hunt makesthe decision on where he wants to go..then
      he stickswith making money. His dad was that way…and aslong as
      pioli fills the wheelbarrel that clark and tavia take back to dallas
      …clark could giive a sh*t who the cheifs are or how they’redoing.
      The chiefs are like gold.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Harley good points however, guys like Jerry or Larry the Cable Guy won’t play a club money or not, they do theaters cause thats the big money, more seats…so more money..I only get these guys now as favors, like I got Lewis Black, Carlos Mencia cause we are friends, but its tough…I do get lst tier comics, like Eliza, Josh Wolf, Jim Jefferies but as soon as they sell out with tix a few times, bam they go to Midland or Uptown, its simple as that, not haters, just moving up the food chain with TV and film deals gets them 30,40,50 and more a night, clubs can’t pay that, we don’t have enough seats…thats why..not us being cheap…or the comic not liking us, its just biz…not fair to the club like us who discovers Larry or Lisa or Jim but thats the breaks.

        • harley says:

          but glaze…hunt wantto make makemoney…he can
          go bring in manning at 40 million a year..
          or any free agent to spend the money…but the
          guy is about making money..not winning a
          championship….he’s into the money and thats
          what separates him fromthe other owners.
          but be serious…theres lots of luck involved in
          having a winning team…brady…7th round pick and the guy turns out to be one of greatest qb’s in history.
          or bradshaw….or who would have thought cowher
          would be great head coach….theres lots of luck and
          invovled in putting together chamionship team
          problem with chiefs is there’s not a single guy on that
          team in last 20 years who can evaluate talent…just
          a bad bad string of bustouts. Or maybe its the
          coaches they use..i don’t know

  6. mike says:

    I said this before but Peterson doesn’t look so bad now. He was a genius compared to Pioli. Compare his first four years to Pioli’s. He had the sense to hire Schottenheimer and draft Thomas. Compare to Haley and Jackson. We thought Pioli would at least make us a contender by now and we are going backwards. Peterson was an arrogant jerk, but so is Pioli and at least Peterson knew more about running a football team.

  7. Daddy says:

    Who cares. The Chiefs are bad, the Royals are worse and we have the Glazer. lucky us.

  8. chuck says:

    “True, some of the turnovers were not Matt’s fault, but he’s snake bit. It’s over.”

    He is SO snake bit it affects the rest of the entire organization. No one in the building thinks he can win, so it affects everyone from the parking lot attendants to the guys on the team. It just is what it is, time is WAY up. It’s over.

    Kero and Glaze have been right about my Chiefs, but as I blow crow feathers outta my mouth, somewhere, in some little space in my gut, I am, hanging my hat on those three passes Brady Quinn threw.

    But wait!!! Here is the Bleacher Report condemnation of Brady Quinn.

    Cassel finished his day 9-of-15 for 92 yards and two interceptions before leaving with the injury. It was an awful performance, one that is difficult to defend. But is there a better alternative? Are we really thinking Quinn is a better quarterback than Cassel?

    Kansas City’s season is in limbo as it is, but that decision would only end it immediately. Quinn is a career 52 percent passer, and he hasn’t played significant minutes under center since the 2009 season. Quinn hasn’t even recorded more than 2,000 yards passing in his career.

    Really? That’s the guy who will save your season? Kansas City’s quarterback issue isn’t who is better than who, it’s simply which quarterback is worse than the other.

    Cassel is clearly the better option regardless of how poorly he has played this season. He is a career 58 percent passer. He has recorded 81 touchdowns compared to 52 interceptions. He has accounted for nearly 12,800 yards passing in his career.

    Cassel may not be the answer for Kansas City this year and beyond, but Quinn isn’t any better. Right now Cassel is the best option for the Chiefs. ”


    But boy, those were pretty passes though, spirals, perfectly hit the receiver, zip on the ball, can Kero, Glaze and “Bleacher Report” be wrong????

    We will see next week.

    I am hoping for the best.

    It’s always good for the city, when the Chefs win.

    GO BRADY!!!!!


    • harley says:

      oh brother cluck yu gott too be kidding. please dear gop tell me hes kidding. what a waste og blogging space

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Trent Green looked bad on Sunday. I thought that lamar was trying to improve this team. It looks like they will have to get a new head coach and replace Vermeil before the end of the season.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          meaning? Vermeil and Trent were ok, not much more.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            I meant Montana looked bad on Sunday. Maybe Lamar shoud think about getting rid of Marty. Marty’s done a pretty good job but with the offensive line looking bad maybe it’s time that the chiefs to get a new head coach.
            And if Montana had receivers like Jerry Rice or Dwayne Clark he might do better this year in the AFC West. This year we should win the AFC west division because Denver isn’t looking too good since Elway got hurt. And Davis being hurt should make it easier for us to win our division and play in the super bowl.

          • mike says:

            Lamar should get rid of Stram. Livingston looked terrible on Sunday! He only threw dump passes to Podolak and Straud. We need receivers like Warfield and Alworth so we can open up our offense. On the defense, Robinson, Bell, Buchanon and Lanier are showing their age. We need a better draft next year.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            vermeil and trent green need to go. If you read whitlocks article today you would see that I was right about the chiefs situation.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    And as far as the Royals I think they should bring George Brett back. He can hit .390 with his eyes closed. He can teach the players on the team now how to hit and play defense. I’m hoping that they hire george back and put him back at third base and maybe get a free agent pitcher like Brett Saberhagen or Marty Pattin to come in
    and win 20 games each. That’s the only way that they can win the central

    • Craig Glazer says:

      And your point is what? Nobody thought what’s your point?

    • mike says:

      I was listening to the last game and even Buddy Blatner was saying what you were!

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Mike, Craig, once again, Harley is having fun posting under my name, it would appear. Anyone who knows me knows I dont know enough about sports to write about it, funny OR serious, so thats not me. I thought Hearne’s new system was going to screen that out, but once again, the kids at day care are having fun posting under someone elses name.

        Maybe he had a break from meeting with investors and was bored. Maybe his lunch with civic leaders got cancelled. Who knows, but its not me.

  10. paulwilson says:

    Its so hard being green…
    It’s so hard being green…
    It’s so hard being green..
    when people think you should be blue..or red or others colors that
    people like.
    Its so hard being green….with envy!!!!!

    • mike says:

      I’m sorry you are envious, Harley!

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Mike, at least you’d think he could do something creative, make it worth reading… but alas, stupid goes all the way to the bone. As I said, I’m armed with more ways than he can imagine to track his actions…. its fine, let him enjoy it, he just digs in deeper.

        • mike says:

          He’ll be back to me when I give my opinions about the next debate. The thing is, he is too stupid to even realize he is stupid.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    who is?

    • mike says:

      I’m not referring to you, Glaze. I’m referring to the individual who is masquerading as Paul and he knows he is!

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