Glazer: Chiefs Ned to Dump General Manager Scott Pioli & Court Bill Cowher

It was one of the lead news stories last night and this morning…

Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel seated on the turf at Arrowhead, dazed and confused, fans cheering his pain.  The media and Chiefs players led by Eric Winston, say, “We are bad guys for doing that, cheering for an injury.”

All due to Chiefs fan’s frustration with being a national joke and loser with both the Royals and Chumps.

And poor Matt is just the scapegoat for the bigger picture. KC is a city that loves pro sports with no team to properly represent that emotion. Meaning, a pro team that can compete and win. Cassel, I’m sure is a good guy and NOBODY wants him seriously hurt, fans just want a real pro quarterback and it’s been decades since we’ve had one.

Trent Green was above average, but not much.

Look, this is a new, tougher game – being a quarterback in the NFL these days. A quarterback has so much more going on in the game today. He has to worry about being stripped of the ball, that is now tried on every play. He has to read better trained defenses and fast. Players are bigger and stronger and they’re coming at him. The list goes on.

Hh yeah, he has to memorize about 75 plays or more. If Matt had played in the Len Dawson era he might have been a good quarterback. Today he’s far too slow, his arm isn’t strong enough and his reads are poor. He means well but can’t get it done.

It’s that simple.

More importantly, we found that out in Year One with Cassel.

Too bad Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was to busy having the Arrowhead halls cleaned, phone taps installed and building his “I hate you” Carl Peterson list for who could and couldn’t get into Arrowhead.

Good job Scott.

The man the fans really wanted to see on his ass was Scott Pioli.

It probably would have gotten really loud at Arrowhead if that had happened.

Here’s a guy making $8 million a year with no clue. He has some of the leagues biggest busts in No. One draft spots. Tyson Jackson, Glenn Dorsey, John Baldwin, and now Poe Boy Dante.

None have done anything much. Jackson is the least called name in NFL history. He’s a real joke as a number one draft pick. Pioli’s off season moves have all but failed as well.

Kevin Boss is likely gone forever with an injury, running back Peyton Hillis is out for the season thus far (yes he played in game one, so). Only Eric Winston has showed up.

In other words, Pioli’s overall grade is an F-

Add the Matt Cassel four year experiment with back ups like Brody Croyle (worst ever NFL quarterback, my God), Brady Quinn (oh boy, get ready), Ricky Stanzi, and well, the entire Chiefs quarterback core. They get an F.

Oh yeah, we did have Kyle Orton, but he disliked the organization so much he took a backup job at Dallas. Even knowing he would start in KC he left.

There are good general managers out there NOW.

It’s time to let Scott Pioli go NOW. Clark call Bill Cowher, Marty, and 10 others. At least begin the search now.

Cowher had some nice things to say about the Chumps on NFL Network yesterday. He felt they had the talent to win the AFC West now (he must smoke weed on his off days). But hey, he still had the Chiefs in his heart. So maybe a huge GM/Coaching deal with him would fly.

Let’s find out. There’s a hero out there somewhere.

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21 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Ned to Dump General Manager Scott Pioli & Court Bill Cowher

  1. the dude says:

    No, Cassel is just a symptom of the bigger problem; a team that has no real leadership and no desire to win. PERIOD.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      yes. Hopefully this weekend Marty can get the team straightened out. If not I think Lamar needs to fire him. If not we might be in for a long stretch. Bring in Bono if you have to but don’t let our quarterback get sacked too many times.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    When Jack Harry and Frank Boal appeared before the KC Press Club on Thursday, September 27, I asked them what the biggest local game of the coming weekend (Fri.-Sun.) was knowing full well that they would say, “The Chiefs.” That was three days before the 1-2 teams were set to face the 2-1 Chargers for a share of the AFC West Division lead. It was a “trap” question, of course, as I was well aware of the fact that Sporting Kansas City was playing Chicago the following evening at Livestrong Sporting Park with first place in the Eastern Division of Major League Soccer on the line. But that just goes to show you what the general mindset is around here. It’s always either the Chiefs or the Royals people want to talk about when, in fact, Sporting is doing a superb job of representing the city by putting a winning team on the field. They have already won one championship this season (the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open) and they may well win another before all’s said and done. But I digress. Aah, yes, the Chiefs. Yes, they need to eventually dump the GM, but they need to start with the coach. Make Cowher an offer – coach or coach/GM? What’s your preference? He’d certainly be an improvement over the current collection of incompetents.

  3. paulwisonkc says:

    I don’t know what they NED to do.

    • Super Dave says:

      Ned is the by-product of typing with sunglasses on.

      • mike says:

        Give him a break. They are sometimes nedded after cataract surgery!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Mike, I dont ned your opinion, go talk to Harley about MU’s record against the SEC! And, when youre done with that, the bump in the polls Romney has from the debate. That should keep you busy. If I ned anything else I’ll let you know.

  4. War Paint says:

    Glazer you are an a-hole of major proportions. You think the guy faked being hurt? You think Pioli is a fool? That Romeo can’t coach? You know nothing. This team will be 10-6 and win the west. Wait and see moron Glazer.

    • the dude says:

      Is this comment a joke?
      Because if it is it is a sick joke at that and if you are serious you are clearly mentally defective. Ask gahd for your money back.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Agreed, I have to put up with these “people” on a daily bases…fun stuff, now you guys see why I go off at times…hard to deal with people like this.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Hey stop messing with me. I hope that everyone gets their
        money back. I hope they all get their money so they can come down and party with us at jardines this weekend.

        • mary says:

          What? Jardines? Jardines closed a long time ago. Huh?

          • mike says:

            Mary, you ned to realize that it is Harley using Paul’s name on that comment. You don’t ned to be a brain surgeon to see the difference. You ned to then consider the source!

  5. Tony says:

    Glazer I agree with War Paint. You are a dick and your football knowledge is below Hearnes. None. Your real record this season, cause I keep track, is 5-20-1, loser. You can’t win a game.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Yes I stand corrected 5-20, in fact more I checked 5-100, yep I was wrong on almost all of them..thanks

  6. Kerouac says:

    Interesting those that ‘did not’ come to KC the last 4 years, moreso than those who did.

    When Scott Pioli was hired, remember that the hot rumor was Mike Shanahan was coming… he did not; Bill Cowher too was mentioned… he took an pass. Brian Billick another name that surfaced… huh uh.

    This past off-season, Jeff Fisher decided ‘not’ to become a Chief. And Peyton Manning. Players that were here & said sayonara included Kyle Orton and Brandon Carr… even them that be not superstars chose go elsewhere though Chiefs cap space in abundance existed, $25 million or more give or take, funds available still today.

    Victories? They too have ‘just said no’ variously, 32 times now in 54 tries/games for a .407 W/L resume. That “big, strong, fast, tough, intelligent” team that Pioli promised upon his hire too has never materialized, going on half a decade now.

    The color of money being the same in every NFL city, the football’s too being the same size, let us consider the management – Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt. Imagine them being your boss(es): apparently those who have chose not to sign on, as affirmed above.

    2009 time of the Chiefs ‘hard sell’ the new regime, ‘the right 53’, ‘any 22 guys from off the street’, ‘the Patriot Way’ & a reference to the PITT Steelers their “continuity” and “success” given by no less a mouthpiece than Clark Hunt, KC’s owner.

    In the four seasons since 2008 (before the Pioli/Hunt tandem was formed), both PITT & NE have returned to the Superbowl – twice – each. KC still has not, let alone winning even a single a post season game; I sense our PITT & NE model has a fatal design flaw.

    Change coaches, change players, change the stadium, change the annual marketing slogan, change the excuses. What has yet to be changed is the QB, the GM and the Owner. Unless a stadium still full of fan$ changes their tack, why would the Chiefs?

  7. chuck says:

    Sounds good on paper, but returning coaches like Cowher rarely achieve the same kind of success.

    Joe Gibbs did ok, but it’s pretty iffy.

    I know it is easy to critisize, and Rick Nichols and Kero are probably right, it could’t get any worse (Could it?), but the combination of jobs, is usually too much to handle. Now, if ya put Cowher in charge of football operations and had him hire a coach, I think that might make more sense.

    Trent Green will not go to the Hall of Fame, but he was pretty darn good.

    At this point, we now have, as we had last year after Cassel got hurt, a NFL QB who can throw the “Out”. I can’t begin to tell ya what a big deal that is.

    Chad Pennington had an arm like Cassell, but he was deadly accurate. Kyle Orton could WHIP the ball anywhere, but threw a lot of interceptions. So does Brady.

    Brady probably gets us to 6 wins maybe 7, just enough to miss out on Gino’s Pizza.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      There aren’t 32 NFL caliber QBs in the Universe, much less the NFL.

      Being able to spot that diamond in the rough, not an easy job. Everyone whiffed on Johnny Unitas.

      Now try and find a GM, a coach and a QB all at the same time.

      Somebody needs to photoshop Romeo’s face on a Chef Boyardee add.

      I sure miss Tyler Thigpen.

      • chuck says:

        Well, the “Mighty Quinn” played at Notre Dame. Lets hear it for Touchdown Jesus and sing along with,


        “Everybodys on the radio, raking Cassels in their minds,
        Eric Winstons runs his mouth, while Ngata kicks his behind,
        Everybodys in despair, every girl and boy,
        But when quinn the eskimo gets here everybodys gonna jump for joy!!!”

        Come on Clark Hunt! You’re such a C+nt!
        We’ve not seen nothing how’bout a stunt?

        Come on Clark Hunt! You’re such a C+nt!
        Even David Glass can lay down a bunt.

        Come on Clark Hunt! You’re such a C+nt!
        ESPN is gone and we’re left with Alan Funt!

        Come on Clark Hunt! You’re such a C+nt!
        Time to dump your egotistical adjunct!

        (Ok, we are getting into Hey jude territory here, but you get the idea.)

  8. Rick Nichols says:

    Hail, Mary, full of grace,
    We need a miracle if we’re to avoid a debacle –
    Let the Mighty Quinn lead the Chiefs to first place!

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