Glazer: Scribe Gazes into Crystal Ball After Boffo Bets Weekend

Well football fans, last week was the big break I was looking for, right?

I was perfect in the pros – 4-0 – and that’s very tough these days. I dropped one in college, but still had a nice winning week. Let’s keep the heat on this weekend.

All that can be said about our Chiefs has been said. Now we know. Even the Wall Street Journal – a publication without a sports page – spanked our city as the worst in pro sports with two teams that haven’t won a post season game since 1985 (the Royals) and since 1993 for the Chiefs. Worst in the nation. Yikes.

Now we even have to hear about it from Wall Street.
Like most of you I’m a little surprised that the Ravens of Baltimore are only a 6 point favorite Sunday. Seems like easy money, right? You never can be too sure in the NFL though. Our FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel has been told by everyone, including the kid at his neighborhood lemonade stand, that if he doesn’t do better, much better, he will be yanked for that other failed quarterback, Brady Quinn.

Then when that doesn’t work, it’s time for “Oh Ricky, your so fine. Hey Ricky!”  Nice. 

Regardless the Chumps will be 1-4 after Sunday.

College ball shines for K-State. Right now that’s all our area has to cheer for in terms of football teams with a bright post season potential. In fact if the K-State Wildcats can win the Big 12, and they could, look out.

It could be Alabama vs. K-State for the National Championship.

We can dream, can’t we? K-State will crush KU’s Jayhawks on Saturday. They might go to second stringers late in the third quarter to show mercy, but don’t count on it when you’re after that No. 2 ranking at season’s end and a title shot.


K-STATE -18 OVER KANSAS (tease you get 6 points)

Ohio State +3 OVER NEBRASKA (tease with above game)

Auburn -7 over Arkansas


BALTIMORE EVEN OVER KC (TEASE and you get 6 points)

NEW YORK GIANTS -2 1/2 over CLEVELAND (TEASE with above)

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16 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Gazes into Crystal Ball After Boffo Bets Weekend

  1. bschloz says:

    Followed you last week on Falcons / Texans play……never a doubt

    Chiefs …And Cats look like a trap. I like Sooners -5 v TX Tech ….Vandy plus 7…
    Chargers +3 Vikes -5.5 …really good college games this week.

    Saw Doug Stanhope Sunday night….guy is one of a kind

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Yes I like Doug, he used to work for us back in the late 90’s early 2000’s….he went kinda ‘outlaw’ on the clubs…does his own thing…good guy…odd act, I like it, many in KC didn’t so it was hard to keep bringing him back…he has his core audience…but not wide enough…nice person.

  2. Dar Dar Dar says:

    That’s a pic from KU BASKETBALL, genius!

  3. Kerouac says:

    “Regardless the Chumps will be 1-4 after Sunday.”

    – the only question is how high (points) can they (Baltimore) go? BALT 38 KC 13 is my pick (who chose that picture Stanzi to grace the story? If twas to intimidate the Ravens, it’s likely not going to work… ‘Ricky’ makes Brodie Croyle look tough.)

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Agreed, hey like I wrote a few weeks back at least our 3 quarterbacks as a group are the best looking guys in the league, maybe girls will go watch them play after Baltimore jacks them up…men really will be done with them, except for taking the kids to the game or getting loaded in the lot, otherwise its all already it all over…look for Scott Pioli to maybe be fired if the Chiefs go down hard Sunday and Clark gets his next guy, the media has done a nice job as a group demanding Scott go and now..might work.

  4. chuck says:

    Your killin me Glaze.

    I am 3 games under .500 and down $60.00 ):

    I quit!!

    • chuck says:

      Maybe not. (:

      The Ravens are 6.5 favorites here in KC. You can actually run on the Ravens, what happened this year, is the emergence of Joe Flacco, Tory Smith and the continuation of excellence from Ray Rice. The Ravens Defense is very average. We still get killed, unless Romeo runs the ball with an early lead and the Chiefs offensive line becomes what we all thought it would be last summer.

      I wouldn’t be this game, the Chiefs suck really bad, but … Nah… not this one.

      Houston is an 8 point favorite in New York. The Jets are the worst team in the NFL and have the ONLY QB worse than Cassel. I’m takin Houston to win by 20.

      Atlanta is in Washington and the over under is only 51. Julio Jones hand is healed. They both light it up. I am takin the over.

      San Diego is getting 3.5 points in New Orleans. Kero’s Bolts looked pretty good to me. Roger Goodell has eviscerated the New Orleans Saints. Seriouslym his draconian penalties for the “Bounty Gate” scandal might destroy this team for the duration of Drew Brees’ career. I am takin San Diego.

      I need some Glazer luck.


      • harley says:

        chuck are you serious. “with the emergence of joe flacco”. are ypo seriois. joe flacco emerged 5 years ago. chuck go to a boat and bet opn black and red or oddd and even. please doo the world a favor. football issnt your game. eitther is bloggingg!!!!!!!!

        • chuck says:

          Harley/JoJo, as a non carbon based life form with the IQ of mud (I think there are approximately 19 grammatical errors in your paragraph.), I don’t feel that it is necessary to explain my takes on the NFL.

          Hey, by the way, I want more pepperoni on my next pizza or no tip.

          • paulwilsonkc says:


          • harley says:

            huck thnks for tip. herz one back atcha. if you see a girl walking dwn main ssstreet at 3am dont ask her for directions. people like youurself have beem using that excuse since the weel was invented. try thes onee. hi imm runing for mayer and what can i doo fore you. much more orrieginal!!!!

          • mike says:

            Does it work for you, Harley?

          • harley says:

            that wasn’t my comment chuck…you were right on about the ravens and thatthe chiefs could run on them…nice analysis….

        • harley says:

          we know wilson had a big nite friday….hahahaha..lots of fun at the wilson house.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        I like most of this, except the Chumps…I see them in it early and then Baltimore is tougher…maybe a 7-14 point win by the Ravens…I think the Chumps have quit…or least most of them, without DJ in the middle to call plays..oh boy…could get did last time…all we have is Charles and Bowe…with no qb to throw more than 15 yards…not good… I agree on Houston, The Chiefs, Cleveland and New York are the worst teams in the league, the Saints have hope cause they can score…the chumps could become the worst if they get waxed Sunday again, remember they should be 0-4..they were given the Saints game by the refs..

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