Glazer: Why the Kansas Chiefs Are So Important to Us

In the 1800’s Kansas City was known as the last big city before you hit THE WILD WEST...

Dodge City had the legends Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, and near Kansas City were the James Gang and other big name outlaws.

Then, nearly 100 years later Kansas City once again became known for its outlaws and lawmen.  We had Pretty Boy Floyd and John Dillinger and the famous Union Station Massacre where some four law officers and a fugitive criminal were gunned down. That lead to the FBI being able to carry firearms.

Yep, we were once a wild, crazy, talked about town.

That ended with all the do-gooders that followed the depression era, bibles in hand. Unfortunately, we’re still led by these boring losers and so our city fell and fell hard.

Outside of the Civella Crime Family, Kansas City went quiet in the 50’s and beyond.

Our city stopped growing and to a large extent became an amazing failure.

Hey, don’t get me wrong Kansas City is still a nice town – a great place to raise kids and be kinda normal. But we have no more true outlaws – well, maybe one…

So yes, we got old and boring, fast. Then in 1963 a Texan named Lamar Hunt brought a cast off American Football League team to Kansas City. They were called the Dallas Texans at the time but became the Kansas City Chiefs.

With Len Dawson, Otis Taylor and a young running back named Mike Garrett, this ball club climbed to the top and fast. I was a little kid when I went out to Municipal Stadium to learn the game and watch these glamorous athletes compete and WIN.

Prior to that, we were LOSERS.

All we had here were the last place Kansas City A’s and nobody talked much about Kansas City outside of town. Then the Chiefs went to the Super Bowl and…


Next Len Dawson was implicated in a gambling ring and Fred “The Hammer” Williamson was gonna take someone’s head off. Kansas City was a big deal again and the entire city became Chiefs fans. We were cool, we were winners again.

Thank God for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Then in 1969/70 we won the world championship and were on the cover of everything – players on the TONIGHT SHOW – KC WAS BACK ON THE MAP.

That’s why the Chiefs matter.

That’s why people get mad at guys like me who get fed up and dump on our city’s treasure. The Chiefs more than anything this past century put us back on the map and we are proud because they are US.

Now we’re mad, sad and embarrassed because our beloved football team totally sucks. And because they represent all of us and we care about winning more than the players do.

And yes, they owe us – all of us. So damn right we’re pissed.


The Chiefs belong to Kansas City and we ain’t happy. The Chiefs let us hold our heads up high when we’re not in Kansas City and we want our heroes back.

Because now, because of these bums, we feel like losers. It’s as simple as that.
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48 Responses to Glazer: Why the Kansas Chiefs Are So Important to Us

  1. rkcal says:

    Exactly! My entire self-esteem and value as a human being comes from the success/failure of the professional football team I share geography with. My life S-U-C-K-S!!!!!!! Excuse me while I go cry in my scented bubble bath and plan my move to Phoenix, Houston and/or Atlanta.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Luckily, I’m one of these people whose self esteem, or satisfaction with where I live has NOTHING to do with a shitbag NFL football franchise. Anyone who has this problem, is a no-account loser in dire need of some therapy. Which apparently is about 60-70,000 people that occupy Camarohead on fall Sundays.

  2. harley says:

    not only is this entir article totally incorrect on the facts…but its got to be
    one of the worst articles written on kcc.
    the worst qoute is this…

    Outside of the Civella Crime Family, Kansas City went quiet in the 50′s and beyond.

    glaze…i suggest you read up on your history. This statment is completely
    wrong. If you did some background you would see that during that period
    kansas city rocked. Seriously..rocked…it was considered the hottest town
    in the midwest…gambling…booze…race track…party hotels (read about the
    elms)…people from across the midwest flocked to kc to party during the
    50’s and 60’s…and even before then.
    Entertainment …huge in kansas city…soem of the biggest stars
    played in kc…dean martin…jerry lewis….
    glaze..i told you to stick to hotties…you are way off base on this one

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I think I pretty much said that …. then it fell apart…after the 50’s… Hey look I could have mentioned Bar-B-Q and Jazz, but really outside of this area nobody really knows much about KC being known for those things…they do hear some about the Q, not the jazz thats only here…so sure there were a few other things, but you say KC, outside of the town and the next question is..”what happened to your Chiefs”…right.

      • harley says:

        wrong glaze…for many years this town was known all over the midwest for many many things…
        you’re wrong because all you care about are the chiefs..
        and the bars…
        wrong again…for many people in the midwest kc is
        very attractive spot…maybe not for l.a. guys like you…
        but kc has a good reputation…
        when i meet people from boston…i don’t think of the
        red sox or patriots…..its just a team..
        when i meet people from new york…i don’t think of the
        yankees or jets/giants…
        your narrow/directed view of this town is wrong!!!!!!!

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Again its not all we have or all we do…its a symbol that has been of major importance to a city with nearly no I.D. in the country…it would help if we ever advertised what we do have nationwide, we don’t and never have…big problem…one reason our population is the same for twenty years, close.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Now if all the comment haters are going to jump on “we are only known for the Chiefs” and your life is over cause they continue to suck….thats not the point of the article is it? The point is THATS WHAT THE CITY IS BEST KNOWN FOR…and that is a fact…not that YOU have to live and die with a football team, though believe it or not some do…

  4. Craig, harley is obsessed with you. This is embarrassing, but if he ever shows up on your porch, there is only one way to get rid of him.

    Pay for the pizza.

    • chuck says:

      Damn Harley, you’re wife is hilarious.

      • smartman says:

        Chuck. You’re hilarious. Now get back to work fixing those
        old tv’s. If you want you and I can merge our companies.
        We’ll call it OLD TV’S AND TUBS.
        You resell all the old tv sets you get. I resell all the old
        hot tubs I get. Would be a big success.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Id like to partner with both Smart and Chuck. I could be Old TV, Tubs and a Guy who USED to be Something! I can see it all now. All us fat, balding, mad at the world types doing nothing and calling the shots from our recliners! Getting more bitter and mad by the second…. and what WAS… What is NOW.. and what SHALL BE! Im in, I’ve still got the $10LARGE from the last unanswered polygraph challenge…. its ON!

          • chuck says:

            Sounds good guys!!


            I amy have to borrow some of that 10K to pay back smartman some of the money I am losing to him this year on football.

            I’m good for it. 😉

          • hardly says:

            ewe fatt old angree wite guise wuld fale att that jus liek ewe hav youre hole lif e…..ewe knead mi adv/ice on how two bee a suckcess….eye dont halve time four youre chalenge….two buzy injoying li fe….if ewe want mi advise two be liek mee…

          • hearne says:

            All 3 of you guys couldn’t scratch 25 cents together. That would be a real circle jerk. One guy can’t get it up. The other guy gets it up with porn. And the third guy fell down and can’t get up.

          • super dave says:

            You’re still pounding your meat trying to make a 10k bet about j*cking off? What a loser!

          • esquire whinery says:


  5. chuck says:

    I don’t get out much. I’m just a sad sack who goes to work then comes home
    and watches tv. I really don’t have a life. I fix tv’s for a living and don’t
    get out much besides going to the store to pick up some cold cuts and
    Besides that life is pretty simple now. If I get out on a Friday or Saturday
    night it’s usually to go see a movie down at the red bridge cinema.
    So don’t come to me for an opinion about this town. I hate everything about
    life. I hate people. I hate traffic. I hate everything I just hope I can
    last to get my social security check and medicare.
    Since I started taking propecia the body hasn’t worked real well.
    But as long as I have my 36 inch big screen with rabbit ears I’ll be
    Know what i mean?

  6. Rick Nichols says:

    To me, having winning sports teams associated with the greater Kansas City area is nothing more than “icing on the cake”, assuming, of course, that we have a “cake” to start with, which we really don’t. While there is much to admire about the city and much of which to be proud, the city has fallen far short of its potential during the past, say, 40 to 50 years. The school system continues to deteriorate, crime is rampant, the sewers, streets and sidewalks are rapidly deteriorating, etc., etc. Let’s focus on the core components of the city and not spend so much time worrying about what the Chiefs and Royals havent done for us lately – win. My sense of worth and personal identity sure aren’t connected to either of these teams. That’s where my faith comes in.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Agreed. They were more important back then…we needed some “energy” both the Royals and Chiefs did that in the 70’s and 80’s…now we need to focus on our schools, economy, crime, as you said…agreed…what was is now gone…and I also agree that our city has fallen way short of what it could have been…maybe one day it will be again.

  7. Lance the Intern says:

    “Then, nearly 100 years later Kansas City once again became known for its outlaws and lawmen. We had Pretty Boy Floyd and John Dillinger and the famous Union Station Massacre where some four law officers and a fugitive criminal were gunned down.

    If you know your history (or know how to use google), you’ll find that there’s only 50 or so years between the actions of the James Gang and the actions of John Dillinger et al.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      yes that’s true and I do, one century to the next 1860-1890 vs/ the 1920’s-30’s good point…

  8. admin says:

    I will say this in Glazer’s defense.

    New York and Boston and LA are far bigger, more established cities and don’t come with Kansas City’s enduring rep for being flyover country.

    Los Angeles has so much more going on and going for it that the NFL is secondary and they’ve struggled to even keep a team there. Therein lies the difference.

    Kansas City’s a great place to live and it’s clearly on the move in many areas, including the arts, dining and shopping. But we’re still a secondary market and I think Craig is right to note that the Chiefs loom far larger here than in many other big cities.

    I’m not a big football fan, but my sources at the Star tell me that the biggest hit counts they get are on Chiefs related stories and columns.

    Look at how relatively insignificant the NBA is in these parts and compare that to how large it looms in Oklahoma City since they landed a team. I’ve been to Oak City a number of times in recent years and trust me they need everything they can get.

    Think big fish, small pond and I think you’ll get Craig’s point.

    • Hot Carl says:

      “Think big fish, small pond and I think you’ll get Craig’s point.”

      Hearne, you said more in 12 concise words than Glazer said in his whole article. His facts are always incorrect, his grammar is appalling, his spelling is worse than a third grader’s and his arguments/conclusions are laughable. I get that his inane ramblings tend to receive a lot of hits but his constant illogical rants really do render your site less than professional.

      Perhaps you could teach him a basic Journalism 101 class?

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Hot stuff, you need to do your own site…pick your own writers…write your own stories…see how that goes.

        • Hot Carl says:

          Instead of always fighting on here with people offering constructive criticism you could use some of your free time to improve your writing skills. It really isn’t that difficult.

          • Skeptic says:


          • Craig Glazer says:

            I don’t take things a ‘hater’ says with much importance…these articles are checked by Hearne, he does a nice job of cleaning up mistakes…lord knows I make them…but the points of my stories are strong and people respond…clearly…I agree with one thing you said, my writing skills leave much to be desired..true..however my content is top notch..also true…

            all my screenplays were written with partners for the same reason, my words, my thoughts, but they cleaned them up…I have been paid significant sums of money for my book, screenplays etc..but becuase I was a dumb ass in English class, all had to be cleaned up…cost me lots of money..otherwise I would today be a major writer…my thoughts are unique at stories often unequaled…but my spelling, english, grammer… well you get the photo..

            I paid the price…

            I get the most attention and comments cause my ideas and stories garner great interest…same as radio…unique…funny..strange…works…

          • Reggin Tnuc says:

            My wife is involved in education. She has a program into which student writings can be cut and pasted and analyzed for grammar, punctuation, spelling and to some extent IQ. Mr. Glazer, after analysis of several writings, comes in about the 9th grade level for his efforts, factual accuracy notwithstanding.

          • harley says:

            hey reggin…your wife is involved in education.
            What…are you serious.
            You use that name and your wife is in
            education. Very classy but I’m sure it’s
            a lie.
            Your wife may be in education…sex education on independence avenue boing some guy for
            a five dollar bill (and probably giving change)
            You’re really classy reggin…nice name…next
            time i see your wife walking the street looking
            for a “hand” out i’ll give he 5 bucks to go
            do the homeless guy by the freeway.
            Nice points>

          • Reggin Tnuc says:

            Mr. Harley, again, all your writings do is show that you are full of hatred, fear, ignorance and self loathing. Make fun of my name and surname all you choose. In my country of birth they are names that carry great honor. Look for peace and you will find it but only if you look with a pure heart and kind intentions.

          • harleys girlfriend says:

            Hot Carl, that made me so hot I want to do you now! The more you slap Harley and Craig around, the more arroused I get. Harley is the worlds biggest douche and I need serious mental help.

          • baby boo boo says:

            I think a better name would be 3 STOOGES.

          • bubba says:

            I think hot carl is kinda weird. Know what i mean?

  9. Rick Nichols says:

    The latest smash hit from Billy LoneBear’s BBQ and Blues Band
    (with apologies to Wilbert Harrison):

    “Hail to the Cheaps”

    “Now if I stay in this city, I know I’m gonna cry,
    Gotta get a better team and that’s the reason why
    I’m so sad in Kansas City, Kansas City, my hometown,
    We got some lazy, no-good players here and they’ll never win the crown.”

  10. Rager Dager says:

    Kc is a smelly cowtown that doesn’t have cows anymore but it still stinks.
    What do you expect here?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      It’s not smelly and KC does not stink….we are just behind on a few things…our leadership is poor…no business experience…so we suffer…but we are doing better …. its a nice town…I like the light traffic, people are usually friendly…we al mean well…its just that our city lacks a brand…thus the Chiefs….the Royals…when we have some people we could push up…we tend to push them down…you know the SHOW ME idea..sorry SHOW ME STATE…

      • the dude says:

        The people are OK for the most part, a little reserved but that’s a midwest thing. It (KC) has some cool aspects to it but it is smack dab in the middle of flyover country.

        Nobody wants to willingly be here it what I am trying to say.

  11. Hot Carl says:

    Glaze, if pointing out your deficiencies as a writer and poking fun at your giant ego make me a hater than so be it. Your skin should be at least as thick as the hair on your back if you’re going to launch your ridiculous ideas/theories/stories into cyberspace.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      This from the shmo who wrote…”You just can’t compete anymore Glazer” when all the evidence here and out there says not only compete but be on top, especially with nice looking ladies…in fact I compete at all levels in that area…no age limit…even in LA…you’d have to be a major star to stay up with me and be in shape, as well as good looking…you can’t BUY all those girls, can’t be done…they leave….mine stay…maybe except Black Barbie…kidding…

    • Super Dave says:


  12. Super Dave says:

    That was for Hot Carl not you ya shmo

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