Glazer: Scribe Goes Out on Limb @ Halftime of Chiefs / Chargers Game

I’m writing this at half-time during the Chiefs/Chargers game…

It’s 27-6 Chargers. This was THE GAME FOR FIRST PLACE in the AFC WEST. My phone is ringing off the hook, FINALLY, everyone calling is saying the same thing. “Craig, I thought you were a traitor, now I see why you turned on this program 10 years ago, they really do suck. They just don’t care…on and on.

Matt Cassel, I mean THE FRANCHISE, is horrible – he always has been. Our GM, Scott Pioli needs to go asap, and Romeo has to find a nice rest home where they all smile and try hard as they can to speak proper English. It’s all a big joke.”

Now this is risky because maybe the Chiefs come back like last week.

We are at home remember, we have the number one offense in the NFL. Maybe Matt will lower his aim, and place the ball on his right shoulder in the second half. Maybe Jamaal Charles will take off for a long TD run like last week. Hey, maybe Mitt Romney will upset Barack Obama – it could happen.

But it won’t!

The FRANCHISE already has 3 interceptions, the team has 3 fumbles with more to come. All this at home in the game for first place. Ah, yes. Last year I remember the Chumps, I mean Chiefs, won four in a row and were in first place for a second. I got tons of calls and people made fun of for my stupid under 7 1/2 call. In the end that was the right call.

A couple good things though…

With a strong quarterback this team has some talent and could compete. Dwayne Bowe is an outstanding wide out and makes a bad quarterback look decent at times. Matt doesn’t trust his arm long so he always goes to Bowe on throws over 15 yards because D-Bowe can go up and catch some bad throws. I think Charles will get hurt again – they give it to him far too much – he’s just too small for this beating. And we do have far too many key players hurt.

Hey, what do I know. Maybe they the Chumps pull it out and we are now in first!

The Royals finished 3rd.

Oh yeah, they have the fourth worst record in the American League, but we are in third.


Editor’s note: Let the record show that the scribe’s somber prediction held up and the Chiefs lost. Some people will pray they never win again this season so as to garner a better draft pick. Naturally the hopes-springs-eternal crowd and sports talkers on radio will predictably counter that strategy.

Kinda worked out for Indy last season though if memory serves.
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32 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Goes Out on Limb @ Halftime of Chiefs / Chargers Game

  1. chuck says:

    Bleacher Reports lists 7 players in the NFL who are holding their teams back.

    Number one on the list, in the entire 32 team league, with 1,696 players to choose from, Matt Cassel.


    I just read Mellinger’s article in the K C Star.

    He is calling for the termination of Pioli, Crennel and of course, Cassel.

    That game was brutal.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Notice Matt has done NO INTERVIEWS ALL SEASON….he wants outta here, he now plays for himself so he can find some reason to continue in the NFL…his team has no confidence in him, he knows this…more than ever he wants to push the button or tap his shoes three times and ..’go home’ but not to Kansas…I do feel a bit sorry for him…his career ended in season one here…he’s been a head case ever since…we talked right here about that …. there is something wrong with him off the field as well….regardless he needs to go…they can’t bench him and go with Brady he is even worse….but maybe a 2-14 is needed….right now NOBODY IS WORSE THAN THIS TEAM…NOBODY, they should be 0 and four…. every game they give up plus 30…wow, 6th ranked defense huh? Without Charles and Bowe they couldn’t score ten points in any game….What weapons?

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Cassel is what he is. A career backup. College & pro. Expecting him to perform consistently at a higher level was a stupid plan, thought up by morons. What’s especially hilarious is that Pioli is going down the same path that killed King Carl. But instead of using back up 49er quarterbacks, Pioli is using backup Patriot quarterbacks. Hey IDIOTS…..there’s a REASON they were backups to begin with!!

  2. Bruce H says:

    why in the world does this town deserve to have the to worst owners in baseball or football. I hate beating a dead horse here but this town deserves better. Its just misery with lots more to come!!!

  3. Harley says:

    You don’t support the teams. When was the last time you went to a Royals
    or Chiefs game? I can’t remember you mentioning you ever went.
    One week you say they’ll be good. The next week you say they’ll be bad.
    You change every week so to say you were down on them for 10 years
    is an outright b.s. statement.
    Even this season alone you’ve said after the first pre season game that this
    team would be good. You’ve taken that position many many times.
    You said the same for the royals…that they’d have a good season…only when
    they have a tough stretch would you say anything negative.
    You DON’T know what you’re talking about. Its all made up. Sorry but when
    you say you’ve known for 10 years this team was down that complete b.s.
    You’re no different than the fair weather fans in this town.
    Over the last 7 years I’ve been to anywhere from 20-30 royals games per year.
    Up til this year I went to 5-6 chiefs games per year.
    You sit back and want to believe you know football when you really know nothing
    more than you read in the paper or regurgitate what you hear from watching
    jack harry/kk/or 610 sports. You’re actually after the fact saying stuff.
    And to be know nothing about football betting. Those prop bets you
    make are the dumbest bets known to man. They do them for fools like
    you!!!! Your dog JR could pick teams better than you can.
    And he would use about as much analysis and stats as you do when picking
    a team.
    Last year was an aberation in the football betting world. If you followed
    it you would havev known that.
    Don’t try to pull one over on the kcc crowd because you did not say theywould have
    a bad year. You go back and forth …back and forth trying to figure out
    what’s going to happen.
    You don’t have any qoutes on this team that hasn’t been said many many many
    times by other sports announcers in this town.
    Here’s the chiefs problem. We saw it yesterday.
    This team can’t evaluate talent. Look at jackie battle who we gave up on.
    Had a good first part of the game yesterday. He’s starting for the
    chargers…starting…and we gave up onhim. Go thru nfl rosters and see how
    many players that stunk here in kc that are impact players elsehwere.
    there are many. Even with a number one draft choice they couldn’t get
    the best players. They can’t develope players…they draft them high when
    other teams don’t want them and then they flame out.
    who’s fault is that…the people who draft these losers. But watch when they
    leaVe the chiefs they do well. Why?
    kC doesn’t understand defense. Seriously. You have two shut down corners
    and your defense looks great. they let carr go. How stupid. 2 great
    corners makes that defense line look like heros. Now i can’t remember who’s
    lining up on defense anymore. You don’t put one guy on gates…berry can’t
    handle that nfl hall of famer. who came up with that idea.
    The chiefs didn’t lose because they can’t score or they can’t play…
    you lose 6 turn overs in the nfl and its probably a 100% sure thing you lose.
    simple to fix the problem. Here’s something else…the o line is horrible..
    the snaps to cassell are terrible. His recievers very seldom have any
    separation from the defensive players so the window cassell has to throw
    into is very very small and almost non existent. who’s calling those routes?
    who’s not calling plays where the receiver gets open. Some of these things
    that happen have nothing to do with cassell like mcclusters letting the ball
    go thru HIS FREAKING HANDS…why is this guy still on this team?????
    LOOK AT OTHER NFL TEAM…they don’t have this puny littel reciever
    out there running or catching passes…ITS NOT WORKED FOR 3 YEARS!!!

    But glaze don’t try and imitate a true sports analyst. You’ve been the biggest
    fair weather fan this year for both the royals and chiefs. Try doing something
    orginal. Don’t just repeat what other people are saying!
    Oh and another thing…that phone ringing wasn’t people wanting to talk
    football…it was probably some of your young hotties wanting to
    get some “halftime” entertainment

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Never went back and forth….when…yes ‘before’ the season I saw some hope, thats all, and said quote, “lets look at preseason first, then decide” I saw it and decided, they stink…last year I was never up on them, how could I be….I took the under before the season, called them a ‘clown show’ on and on…Royals somewhat the same, before the season there was hope, then…bam…same old Royals…sure there were moments…off and on over the years, not many…so now I am just stuck on ‘suck.’

      As for going to games, won’t go til they have a real team, had season tix to both for years, Royals had the club even, 70’s til I moved to LA, company tix, Chiefs took my parents over in the 90’s, dumped them in the Marty left…so I was a big fan…

      I have written this before and mentioned it several times, my disgust with both teams has to do with wanting better and surviving this pain…of being two of pro sports worst organizations for many years now…with promises that lead nowhere, poor decisions like going with THE FRNACHISE long after it was clear he is not worthy….the Royals ‘farm system’ team, promising and always under .500…every year…it’s old….

      Harley without ‘buying’ a vet quarterback this Chiefs team has ZERO HOPE FOR THE NEAR FUTURE, NONE…a loser through and through…the Royals have a ray of hope, again nothing major….so I don’t see what you are talking about…

      • Harley says:

        go back and see previous columns over the last few years..
        you were like a roller coaster…they’re good..they’re bad..
        like the wind you changed your mind many many time.
        In fact…you flip flopped so many times you make mitt
        romney look like a truthful man. Even mitt..with all his
        changes on major policies…his i’m for..i’m against it
        on abortions…health care..gun control…deficits…gay
        marriage…taxes….social security….medicare…isn’t
        as bad as you are in your assessment of the cheifs.
        Lets see you pull your articles since you started with kcc
        and ev eryone will see you’re the biggest flip flopper and
        fair weather analyst of the cheifs and royals.
        Get real glaze…we won’t let you off the hook this time.
        Unless you post some more pics of jessica for mikey and
        chuck to enjoy on the weekend nights while they post on kcc!!!!!!!

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Harley again there were moments when I was hopeful, yes, but only early on, after I saw what we all saw, nobody was more vocal about how bad these two franchises are and have been….again my own money placed more than explains that one…yes I did lose a few bucks before the baseball season began taking the over on the Royals, but after a week I colored it gone… I have never put any dough on the Chiefs in years…My Royals articles were hopeful on Hosmer and the hitting in April, that was it…when you go week to week, sure there are moments early in the process where you don’t want to always be the ‘mean guy’ and you say..hey there is hope..what part of ATLANTA OVER KC HUGE…going to Vegas to express my feelings … is not clear…that was game one..regular season, this year…ok.

          • Harley says:

            you’ve admitted you’re a fair weather fan.
            nothing wroing with it glaze but the truth is that you express opinions all over the place without
            a single long standing claim to hang your hat
            You said eariler the chiefs were a good team..and now like the rest of the nation you
            jump on the bandwagon and say they’re not
            a good team. We all know that. So don’t act
            like you were saying this all along…because
            you weren’t.
            Now lets geet to serious business. mIKEY
            is really depressed right now.
            can you please post some pics of jessica or the
            vegas girl so they can have their jollies
            tonight. will really help them out.

          • mike says:

            Harley, you’re the one asking for the pictures, not me!
            By the way, what national site are you featured on so we can all look it up and drink in your immense wisdom. You say you are featured nationally. PROVE IT.
            You won’t because you are all talk and no action. Brag, brag, brag is all you do. You never back up any of it and never will.

  4. Rick Nichols says:

    Now I think I’ll go out on a limb:
    The Chiefs may or may not rally to win.
    Yes, folks, everything’d be just fine
    If I could ever make up my mind,
    But anymore the chances are slim.

    • Harley says:

      nice poem ricky….perfect description of glaze..
      good guy but he’s trying to be something he’s not. If he sticks to
      p00ntang/vegas/hotties/comedy/ he hits it out of the park every time.
      otherwise…he strikes out!!!!!

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Final word on this…don’t you guys give me just a little credit for the picks? Guess not….ok, maybe we will just stop doing it, I’ll let you guys do it, since I seem to be lacking…you guys each pick 6 or more games a week, lets see how you do, ok?

        • Mrs. Harley says:

          The picks were dead on, it is what it is.

        • Harley says:

          your dog JR could pick more winners than you glaze.
          next saturday put out 2 bowls of dog food. On one
          write “Baltmore”. On the other write “Kansas City”.
          The bowl he eats out of is the one to bet on.
          I’ll put my money on JR the little dachsund dog to pick more winners than you do.
          Any bets????????

          • Craig Glazer says:

            Maybe Jr. could pick the Ravens, granted, but Harley kinda hard to argue with my numbers this season so far…13-8-2…whats that about 70%? This past week 6-1 pretty damn good, perfect on 4 or 5 NFL games, didn’t miss one! Now come on dude, thats some PICKIN…

            harley you have to understand nobody gets much more than 65% nationally…with the points…it’s tough…this year has been tougher with tons of upsets…so being fair to me….job well done…so far…

          • Harley says:

            glaze…you’re doing that well…okay maybe
            jr. can just get one bowl of food this week.
            that average is good but you include
            teasers which are not the same…
            okay lets see what happens after the
            first 6 weeks…the first part of season is
            easy…the second half part is harder to
            call because tyhe books can better
            read the teams..
            okay…you win glaze…i wasn’t watching
            your bets..
            but as our relative who ran vegas casinos
            said..” you’re never going to beat the house”

  5. the dude says:

    This team sucks sweeaty old mans balls. Cassel is horrible, telegraphs EVERYTHING, the o line sucks. GM, coach, all suck sweaty nuts. Charles is pretty much the only bright spot on this team, defense is OK but not that good. Like the guys said out in the parking lot where we were tailgaiting there was no reason to go inside. Problem was I was snookered into buying tickets for the game by my brother in law.

    First Chefs game I attend and boy, what a letdown.

  6. Lance the Intern says:

    As of 1 October, the Royals have the 5th worst record in the AL — ahead of Toronto, Boston, Cleveland and Minnesota….So there’s that 🙂

    Go Kansas State University Wildcats!

  7. Reggin Tnuc says:

    Perhaps there should be a Harley Day on this blog where everyone posts as Harley, doing their best to mis-spell and abuse grammar, tense, punctuation, logic and sanity. As the prize perhaps Mr. Jack can disclose to the winner the contact information for dental hygienist so that we may share Pearl Drops.

  8. zak says:

    Cassel hangs out at Port Fonda all the time. He gives the owner his chiefs tickets for each game.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      From what I hear Matt is a good person, its just not worked out for him here as Quarterback, I’m sure he will be happier in another city starting over in some way…this can’t be a happy time for him or his family…. fans get on the ‘hate’ wagon and of course its uncomfortable to hear all that noise if you are Matt or his family…hey his financial future is bright…

  9. Kerouac says:

    Random observations…

    Matt Cassel plays QB for KC (as did Pelluer, Bono & Grbac; alas, not like Green, DeBerg or Montana) ✓

    Eric Berry still hasn’t located Antonio Gates in three years now ✓

    Eric Winston plays like Barry Richardson wearing white face ✓


    ~ Famous quotes from 2009 ~

    “We want to build a big, strong, tough, smart, fast, disciplined football team”


    Big, strong? Chiefs have one of the smallest lines – offensive & defensive -in the NFL. (Pioli is on his 3rd strength coach) BALT exploit said Sunday, again /

    Tough? 7 players already on injured reserve list (several others walking wounded) with still 3/4 of the season to play /

    Smart? A -13 turnover ratio through 4 games, 6 yesterday /

    Fast? Charles (who was already here pre 2009) is fast – but who else is? Relative (for example) McCluster is quick, Arenas is slow… team speed is better than before (a nod toward the Chiefs undersized roster, perhaps), still below NFL average as a whole /

    Disciplined? 9 penalties for 80 yards yesterday is the latest evidence /


    Two more 2009 ‘gems’ to mull reminisce about from the mouths thence NFL babes GM/Head Coaching fraternity:

    Pioli – “It’s not necessarily the best 53 players it’s the right 53 players” – I wonder if Tyson Jackson is ‘right’ or ‘best’? Was Bernard Pollard not ‘right’ or just not ‘best’? (he has flourished elsewhere.) Cassel: ‘right’ or ‘best’? Ditto Haley: ‘not right’ or ‘not best’?
    Several more blown draft choices, free agents who have not excelled & musical chairs playing courtesy 5 offensive coordinators now in four years; they were either not the best or just not right, apparently.

    Haley – “I can take any 22 guys from off the street, and win 2 games” – alas, despite a Pioli draft, all Herm Edwards players (still the team’s best 4 years later) and the GM’s deft trading and free agent touch…they managed only 4 against a creampuff schedule. A second creampuff schedule 2010, a serendipitous year virtually no major injuries, a Cinderella season… till they played a real team BALT post season – a 30-7 loss result -‘in KC’ – a worse loss than the ’06 post season vs the Colts in Indianapolis, worst in KC history save for a ’68 loss to the Raiders in Oakland.


    Four years in, a 22-31 record (.415) counting the blowout loss to BALT January 2011; the architect, savant and unquestioned leader through it all has been Scott Pioli.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      You are the man Kerouac, no doubt…again well done, and who can argue with you….top drawer.

      • Harley says:

        kerowacky….you need to be writing on a site like kcc..
        THE TEAM…

    • Harley says:

      very nice kerowacky…see thats what i like…something with
      stats…data…information….something that says something and
      proves it..
      are you gene wolowsky by any chance…or gener?
      once saw pioli have drinks on the plaza at gram…he’s arrogant
      …but he’s making money for hunt

  10. Rick Nichols says:

    That earlier poem honestly was in need of a title. Not to worry. Presto! “The Scribe’s Conundrum”. Speaking of which, it’s very easy to be thinking one way with your heart and an entirely different way with your head. Happens all the time. This perhaps explains the scribe’s occasional football flip-flops. Political flip-flops? That’s another matter altogether.

  11. Harley says:

    i heard jc pearson and danan hughes on 610 today….
    danagn hughes said some incredible stuff. It was alumni weekend and the
    old cheifs players who wore the uniform were totally embarrased.
    jc said cassell isn’t getting better….
    hughes said he was embarrased for the chiefs…especially the qb who
    after an interception didn’t run to bring down the defensive player
    who intercepted the ball…the players who gave a half hearted attempt
    to tackle the interceptor…never saw that but both danan and
    jc said it really well…there’s no heart in this team….they lay down.

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