New Jack City: Jack Flashes Two Thumbs Up for Authentic Gunauer Oktoberfest Fare

After finishing my Oktoberfest story last night I had the pleasure of sampling some of the food the Gunauer crew was preparing for today and tomorrow’s big celebration under the tents…

And I must admit to you, the brats, potato salad, pretzels, sauerkraut and red cabbage all passed my German taste buds with flying colors. The seasoning and preparation of all of the sampled food items were right on the mark – as good as in my Mother Country.

So believe me when I say that I’ll be back!

There’s also a case to be made about the beer being served at Grunauer.
Let it be known that it passes the German Purity Law which is defined as having to be served WITHOUT any preservatives. I sampled three versions of their DIRECT imported Hofbrau beers and they all were terrific. I only wish I’d have stuck around long enough to give their Salzburger Stiegl beer a sampling as well.

I was told that it too is imported direct from the brewery without those taste killing preservatives found in the beers you buy at liquor stores.
It should be noted that any imported bottled beer in the United States has to contain special preservatives—a.k.a. taste killing chemicals—that a good German normally wouldn’t put up with for a minute.

That’s why when, for example, you buy a bottle of Becks in Germany, Mexico or on board a cruise liner, it’ll taste a heck of a lot better than the bottle of Becks sold at your favorite Kansas City liquor store.

The bottom line: Grunauer knows how to to prepare and serve the good stuff— both in food and in drink. So happy Oktoberfest to tall of you.

See you there…

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15 Responses to New Jack City: Jack Flashes Two Thumbs Up for Authentic Gunauer Oktoberfest Fare

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    This one’s slightly different and fits in nicely with the pictures. Here goes:

    I once knew a girl from Munich,
    A lovely lass in her “tunic”.
    She got down on her knees,
    Purred, “I need a kiss, please.”
    Sure glad I wasn’t a eunuch!

  2. Super Dave says:

    Sie kaufen wenn ich Jack?

  3. Reggin Tnuc says:

    What a lie. My son Toh and I went to have a real German beer drinking experience. The real beer steins were “rented” and they did not have many. The deposit for them was $40.00. We were given beer in Dixie cups. Shameful. Food prices were higher than W Hotel in Hong Kong. Shameful and deceitful. You should not associate your good name with this.

    • Super Dave says:

      Damn Reggin what’s the matter you couldn’t score and get laid last night?

      I just got off the phone an hour ago with a friend who with another couple went and had a blast. I so really wanted to go this year but a yearly event I must do will keep me from doing so. Damn you’re sourer than Glazer about good KC events.

      • mike says:

        I may be slow but I just realized what Reggin Tnuc is spelled backwards!

        • Super Dave says:

          You are right Mike welp Hearne asleep at the wheel again.

          HC: Alseep at the wheel? I would suggest it’s more a case that I have a life!

          • mike says:

            You touched a nerve with Hearne, Super Dave. He is getting almost as easy to agitate as Glazer!

            HC: You got me. I was so distressed I haven’t slept a wink in two days!

          • Super Dave says:

            So do I but can check this internet rag from more than one place as well.

          • mike says:

            You tell him, Super Dave! Don’t let tihsllub like that slide by! I’d be dessip off too!

            HC: Hey, if you boys want to curse and write clever things backwards…have at it.

          • Super Dave says:

            Not me writing backwards plus this rag not worth that must effort. Glazer only one who posts under other names anyway.

          • mike says:

            knaht uoy, enraeH !!!!

        • chuck says:

          yur not da brightest star mike. You are so stupid yu wouldn’t no if a hors kickd yu in da head. Why don’t yu get a girlfrend and maybe get a life. No wonder yu r
          on here all thu time.

          • mike says:

            Chuck, what happened to you? It’s like your I.Q. all of the sudden dropped by 75%! Snap out of it! Did you come down with a harleyitis infection or something? If so, you need medical attention fast. It causes loss of brain function and delusions of grandeur.

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