Glazer: Scribe Scratches His Head & Sucks it Up for Another Weekend of Football

As KC Confidential  readers that follow college and pro football have learned this season, it ain’t been an easy one…

There have been upsets galore and nobody seems capable of really dominating the NFL these days. The new rules make it hard on teams with defensive talent .

At this point only two teams stand out, 3-0 Atlanta and Houston.

Everybody else has stumbled, lost or failed to cover. Still I’m are a bit ahead of the game thus far.

My current record is 8-7-2 (the 2 are pushes). Not as hot as last year, but no excuses. ButI mean,  New England gets beat at home by a lower level team, San Fran goes up against the what appeared to be a weak Vikings and lose big. Those are tough to call.

But somebody has to do it, so here we go again…
K-State has been the only area team to show any chance of post season hopes. Alabama seems to be in a league of its own. As for our Chiefs, well on paper, they should beat the mediocre San Diego Chargers, however as we get more and more key injuries I would not bet much on this one. However, if  I had to, I’d take the Chargers. It’s a coin toss, but maybe, just maybe, the Chiefs defense is starting to roll. We’ll see.


Wisconsin + 18 (tease) over Nebraska

South Carolina -14 (tease with above) over Kentucky

Alabama -29 over Mississippi

Pro Football:

Atalanta -1 over Carolina (tease the 6)

Houston -6 over Tennessee (tease with above)

Denver -6 over Oakland

San Fran -3 1/2 over Jets

And how about those Royals? Remember, they’re building for the future. Best farm team in the majors, always working to get better. And I have an old mule for sale if you believe all that.

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13 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Scratches His Head & Sucks it Up for Another Weekend of Football

  1. chuck says:

    I sucked it up on the Frisco game too.

    1 under for the year. 🙁 Down $20.00

    What the heck.

    Those are good picks Glaze, but the Frisco pick scares me. Two weeks out East and A Smith can’t complete a pass longer than 22 yards all year. I’m skippin that one.

    Miami going into Arizona and Az. is giving up 5 1/2. Yep. Take the Cards.

    Kietzman said the Chiefs are getting a muligan this year with the up coming game. If the Chiefs win, they are in 1st place.

    Chiefs have a below average QB.

    Petro talked all week about the plays that Matt C made in the game last week. He made plays that most QBs consider routine, but in KC it’s a big deal.

    NFL Draft–

    Matt Barkly’s noodle arm is iffy.

    Tyler Wilson will be there for the Chiefs next year, and they won’t even have to move up.

    Running QB’s are getting hit like Whack-A-Moles this year.

    We need a nice pocket QB with a high Wonderlich Score, an above average arm and command in the huddle.

    Whadya think Glaze?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I think the Chiefs have the money to go out and make offers to top qb’s that are unhappy, like Brees and Rivers, maybe one or two others, anyone can be traded..otherwise boy do we have to wait….like two or three years to be a contender…I do think this team has weapons and talent, but the leadership is just so bad, qb,gm and coach…not good…Maybe Snyder will come aboard, hah.

    • chuck says:

      i m a bald heded tevee repairman hu doesn’t now aniting abowt sportz or
      anyting else eggcept that eye spend my saturday nites posting dum
      commments on dis site.

  2. harley says:

    chuck you need some of those toys my grandpa use to collect when he hit about 85. you no ppush the bottomm of the toy and a dress goes up in thee air etc ettc.

  3. Craig Glazer says:


  4. chuck says:

    It is hard to believe that Pioli makes all that money and sitcks with a guy who can’t throw an NFL “out” pass, is as stiff as Ron Jeremy in 1977 and puts more air under his balls than Karl ‘effin Wallenda.

    It’s not just the obvious plays that Cassel blows, its the routine sacks, the inabilty to feel pressure in the pocket, the thousand yard stare at the one and only receiver he is gong to throw to, the short passes that hit the dirt when a defender even gets close, the 9.5 40 yard dash, the lack of any athletic ability at all.


    Maybe Clark Hunt should call Scot Pioli on his “Obama Phone” (You know Hunt has one the cheap douche.) and ask him when this crap will ever, ever get better.

    Oh yeah, thats right, Clark Hunt lives outta town and doesn’t wanna pony up for any unnecessary Long Distance charges.

    4 years in and this football team, when you look at it from a sports standpoint, is as dismal a failure as can be found in any place in America not named Oakland.

    I am sure Clark is banking some cash, but the face his family presents to a city where he owns a high profile business is an embarrassing disgrace.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    I ALREADY wrote about the Chumps at halftime sadly Hearne was not able to get it up, was funnier at that time, now we know the chumps are one of the NFL’s worst, again…more fun when I did it before I was positive…GREAT WEEKEND, PERFECT ON PROS WITH 4-0 DAMN…5-1 OVERALL AND 13-8-2 FOR THE SEASON AN A…so far.

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