Sounds Good: Nick Lowe@Knuckleheads, Guided By Voices@Granada, Ana Sia@Bottleneck

This popped up when I Google Imaged “drunk barbecue” so my hands were tied.

Aside from some cool shows, there’s also a huge game going down at LIVESTRONG Friday night.

I’m told it may be the toughest Sporting KC ticket of the year thus far.  So have some faith people…

The game is against the second place Chicago Fire, who are nipping at Sporting’s heals 55-53 with just a couple games left in the regular season.  I’ll be in Lot F with the chicken wings…

Thursday September 27th

Nick Lowe at Knuckleheads in KC

OK, I’ll admit it. Prior to Lowe’s slot opening for Wilco last year, I never paid him much mind.  Sure, I knew who he was- kind of.  That guy who writes the songs for Elvis Costello, right?

But after seeing him a couple times and wading into his catalog I’ve taken a shine to the polite Brit.  Not only is he still a terrific performer –nothing fancy, mind you, just smooth vocals and easy guitar strumming –he’s also a master songwriter.  His songs are compositions, complete, with all the parts in the right places.  Lowe is elegantly simple and it’s noticeable- not typical in a lot of less-seasoned performers.

His most recent effort, 2011’s That Old Magic, is definitely worth a listen.


Friday, September 28th

Guided by Voices at the Granada in Lawrence

GBV has had about 20 different members over the years.  But these heavyweight elder statesmen of the indie-lo-fi movement are back together now in the form of their “classic ’93-96 lineup” and since have released a couple new albums.  The most recent, Class Clown Spots a UFO, is a typical GBV album by all accounts. Pitchfork’s Paul Thompson gave the effort a 7.0, and said this:

Class Clown‘s title track, a resurrected gem plucked from the outtakes collections Suitcase 3, deserves to stand as the resurrected GBV’s new rallying cry. It’s one of those dizzyingly catchy Pollard songs that seems to sew two or three viable hooks together, its crisscrossing chorus the product of some serious craftsmanship on Pollard’s part.”


“Being a Guided by Voices fan means adjusting your expectations for what makes a good record; when even Bee Thousand has its “Kicker of Elves”, there’s always the threat that things could get silly or stilted. Guided by Voices’ 2012 output feels especially volatile in this way; Class Clown is full of left-turns and detours, willing to spike some of its better hooks simply to keep things interesting.”

If you’re a fan of  any of the low-fi or alternative bands that came of age in the late 80s and 90s you better get out to this one.


Saturday, September 29th

Ana Sia at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

Electronic music has made a huge comeback in the last year or two, with San Francisco playing host to some of the most cutting edge mixers on the scene today.  One of these taste-makers in the Bay is Ana Sia, and according to her Twitter, she’s a “professional badass.”  Can’t say I disagree.

Sia’s known for her forward thinking bass music, along the lines of grime/dubstep/house/footwork/midtempo. Got it?  It’s dance music, yo.

Also on the bill is Morris of Team Bear Club fame.  Check out some of his shit here, you’ll like it I bet.

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4 Responses to Sounds Good: Nick Lowe@Knuckleheads, Guided By Voices@Granada, Ana Sia@Bottleneck

  1. Bruce H. says:

    You can’t go wrong Nick Lowe. A great talent, wish I could be there.

  2. legendaryhog says:

    Ok dude, I google imaged your “drunk barbecue,” and this pic of the Hoff was on page three. Why? Why?

  3. randyraley says:

    You’ve just found Nick and you just know him from opening for Wilco?
    Maybe you should look up Dave Edmunds and Rockpile, too.
    Google “Jesus of Cool” while you are at it and Carlene Carter too.
    Again, I may be seasoned but indeed, I got to see the best bands.

  4. RickM says:

    Lawrence really had it going last weekend. For the oldsters, there was not only GBV at the Granada, but the legendary Wanda Jackson the next night (for the *real* oldsters, I guess). Definitely worth seeing while she’s still…around.

    Also, for the younger crowd, Texas band Ringo Deathstarr put on a terrific show at the Jackpot. The shoegaze group’s new album “Mauve” is full of musical pearls.

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