Hearne: K-State Name Game Desperately Seeking ‘Scholarly’

Who knew that the Aggies of Kansas State University had their hearts set  on appearing – would you believe – “scholarly”?

But that’s the plan. The Lawrence Journal World scooped the Star on the story by a day with the details yesterday.

“Don’t call Kansas State University, K-State anymore,” the Journal World began. “K-State President, er, Kansas State President Kirk Schulz said the school wants to be known nationally as Kansas State.”

Something about upping its standing among the more scholarly national universities.

What’s more, Schultz told the Journal World that “in Kentucky or other places, K-State refers to different schools.”


A brief Google search of “K-State” and “Kentucky” did turn up Kentucky State University which shares the KSU acronym with Kansas State, but little else. And there was no evidence I could find of it using the “K-State” monicker.

As for confusing a historically black college with with the crackers at Kansas State, I dunno.

Either in sports, scholastics or geography.

The Frankfort, Kentucky-based school was established in 1886 and its list of former names range from State Normal School for Colored Persons to Kentucky State College for Negroes to Kentucky State College.

Perhaps best said in today’s  Journal World question on the street feature, Newark, New Jersey nurse Holly Dawson dismissed the controversy by saying, “A rose by another name is still a rose. Hyphen or no hyphen, they are still an agricultural anti-KU posse.”

Go, Wildcats!

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One Response to Hearne: K-State Name Game Desperately Seeking ‘Scholarly’

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    K-State an academic GIANT? Why, who’d-a ever thunk it?
    Are the players really up for Advanced Basket-Weaving?
    Or are they sure to flunk it?

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