Glazer: Scribe Laments Death of Rock, Hooks Up with Former 98.9 Hottie

I remember when Rock was young, me and Suzie had so much fun, holding hands and …

Well, Rock isn’t young anymore, and if you’re like me and stood in those large lines to watch Jimi Hendrix, Cream or the Rolling Stones, did it ever cross your mind that one day in the not too distant future rock would fade out?

Never even crossed my mind back then.

Oh sure, there’re still young rock bands around and we hear most of the older bands on some radio stations. Like the biggest rock station this side of New York City, The Rock 98.9.  But nobody really has managed to take the place of all those household name groups – not even Kid Rock (who ain’t no kid anymore).

Now back to the future…

I met Pier recently at Stanford’s comedy club a few weeks back and we’ve been going out.  She was telling me how she’d been a Rockette in the early 90’s.

“They told me I was picked because I was the pretty, clean-cut, girl-next-door,” Pier said. “I was at the first Rock Fest. We all dressed in tiny little outfits, did promotions and even helped sell tickets. Man, I was impressed. We had like five or six thousand people out there. I never imagined it would grow to more than 50,000.”

This blonde babe kept her nice figure as you can see. That’s what drew me to her. She’s now in her late 30’s, but is no longer the wild rock gal.

“Nope, today I do the carpool thing with my daughter and work at a law firm, whole different world. It’s hard work really, but very rewarding.”

In the 90’s and into the 2000’s a bit we used to see girls like Pier going bar-to-bar promoting radio stations, beer and liquor companies, cigarettes – you name it. They would storm the bar or nightspot wearing bikinis or skimpy two-piece outfits designed to dazzle the room. The girls would hand out free drinks, gifts, smokes, whatever they were pushing for the local or national brands.

One thing I remember most, DAMN WERE THEY HOT!

They were some of the Midwest’s best looking and best built gals.

If memory serves, local Budweiser distributor and former Chiefs great, Deron Cherry even married one of his promotion ladies. She was hot!

It’s simply another fun thing that has all but vanished. Sure once in a blue moon you’ll see a Captain Morgan Girl toss you a cup, but the Hottie Girl Patrol era has pretty much gone by the wayside.

I guess that’s why we sometimes call those “the good ole days.”

But why complain? We still have Rap, Hip Hop and R & B. What more do you need or want, right?

Yeah, right.

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69 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Laments Death of Rock, Hooks Up with Former 98.9 Hottie

  1. the dude says:

    So what is this story about? A Glazed lament on growing old? Need some more laxative and prune juice to move poop?
    Tough turds dude, we are all doing it, nostalgia can be a real bitch.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      The point isn’t that we are growing old so much as that what we had a minute ago has been replaced by a lesser object…in this case ‘hot girls’ with smart phone ads that tell you who you can call for phone crap that isn’t real, music that has little talent driven singing or lyrics…hey if thats better…ok..newer isn’t always better, is it.

      • Skeptic says:

        You rarely find new artists on radio. That is a stagnant market. Just because it isn’t on the radio doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There is a ton of great new rock out there. I’m not surprised that you don’t know how to find it.
        p.s. Those leather bewbs are way gross!

        • Pat McGroin says:

          KKFI plays new music. They also play local singer/songwriter stuff too.

          It strikes me as 3 kinds of fucked up when a KC radio station wont play KC artists.

          It seems to me that for about a 10 year stretch, you couldnt make in the commercial music biz if you didnt sound just like creed.

          Spare me….

          I would be one miserable sumbich without KKFI’s music programs. Hell, I’m listening to the Voodoo Kittens right now!

      • the dude says:

        Like I said man, nostalgia can be a real bitch.
        People lament and say everything is getting worse when what is happening is things just CHANGE, constantly and people can’t handle paradigm shifts and change that well, particularly old farts.

      • Lance the Intern says:

        Tell it like it is Glaze….

      • harley says:

        glaze…your starting to sound like the rest of the old guys on kcc.
        You’re scaring me.
        The world is beautiful .
        For me it’s like a second wind in life. So much to do and
        see and take advanatge of …so much fun still to experience
        and so many new things that i see happening that
        excite me.
        If you’re going to try to drive a car looking in the rear view
        mirror all the time you’ll crash.
        Pull up those bootstraps. Get over growing old…you
        may be growing old but you don’t have to feel old.
        Watch…the change is coming.
        Why get down…lifes a blast…if you adjust and live it
        like theres no tommorrow.
        Everyday is the weekend…get an attitude adjustment
        or move to the side of the aisle and let other’s pass you by.

      • goose g. says:

        forget the sex via smart phones. Do what your dad did and
        cruise down independence avenue!

      • Glazed Radio says:

        Speaking of stagnet lyrics and crap that isn’t real music you summed up 98.9 perfectly.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    It’s the end of “Happy Days” with the passing of Rock,
    When there was a four-piece garage band on ev’ry block;
    “Help!” No one’s getting younger a la “My Back Pages” …
    Seems the time’s about right for some “Rock of Ages”.

  3. Rennig Tnuc says:

    “Former” hottie is correct

    • Craig Glazer says:

      As always…the dogs bark loudest that can’t compete…so I am ‘old’ well we all just can’t stop that clock, guess it’s a crime, but haters, or just jealous guys…I have made my position clear on this site, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY WITHIN SAY 20 YEARS OF MY AGE CAN COMPETE WITH THE GLAZER ON THE LADY FRONT, JUST NOT HAPPENING…no it won’t last forever, never does, but kids I took it out a long, long way…way past any of my peers…and this gal is in great shape, hey if she was 19 like the other girl I’d be hearing that I was a bad guy again…just can’t please fome people…don’t care…THE DOGS BARK AND THE CARAVAN MOVES ON…

      • Lance the Intern says:

        Nobody that posts here is within 20 years of your age…Well, maybe Paul Wilson, but IIRC, he’s married.

        • Lance the Intern says:

          Hmmm. SO “Ranger Danger” is Glazer now? That would make his comment regarding his own post rather…odd.

          You are correct, however — I recall Harley stating that he remembers Metcalf before it was paved — So my assumption is that he’s *somewhere* near your age (not necessarily older there, gramps)…But what should we expect from you, anyway? You’re so old, if you were to act your age, you’d die…

          HC: You are correct, sir. He’s busted…and cautioned.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Thanks for the shout out, Lance. “IIRC”? Help me there. And, I am married, to someone 16 years my junior…. by the way.

          • Lance the Intern says:

            “If I Recall Correctly”….And you’re welcome.

          • Craig Glazer says:

            Well the hate seems to always come the kings way..ok…why don’t you boys get to together and have a nice game of domino’s or something…what else can you boys do?

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Man, thats embarrassing, I guess Im not DOWN with all the text abbreviations. IRSAT. (Im Really Sorry About That)

        • Brandon Leftridge says:

          Oops. Forgot to log out, Craig.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Lance, help me again; whats a “Monday bathroom f”??? I’ve been to three county fairs and a goat ropin, I’ve never head that term. LMKWYC! (Let Me Know When You Can)

      • C Kovich says:

        The loudest guy in the room is the weakest.

  4. George Wilson says:

    He washes his hands BEFORE he urinates.
    He can walk on water, but only does it in private so as not to show up Jesus.
    He has business offers to produce an after shave that smells like his farts.
    He is so important he has to make appointments to see himself.
    Craig Glazer is….the most interesting man in the world.

    Ok, I’m not very good at this. But I have to believe some of the regulars on here can add some that are a lot funnier than mine.

    • Reggin Tnuc says:

      Well done Mr. Wilson. Well some!

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Thanks, Reggin. If I had the attitude of some on here, I’d be claiming I’M the focus on here, now that I’ve been mentioned twice in one post and I’d thank you ALL for being my followers, readers and “discp3les”.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      He runs with TWO pair of scissors!
      He won a staring contest… with MT RUSHMORE!
      Black bears run from HIM!!
      He’s a baaaaaaad man.
      He hasn’t carried a weapon since he learned how to kill a man with his bare hands!!

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Good one…funny…I like it.

    • the dude says:

      Glaze, the real point is we are all getting older and if you can do it with grace and humility then more power to ya. Trying to fight it at every turn will lead you into nostalgia trips and bad avenues.

      Just enjoy the ride man, don’t fight it.

  6. Hot Carl says:

    Back his play?!?! I’m in my mid-40s and bang chicks half my age who aren’t used up, old leather faced skanks like Glazier’s broad. I’ll give him this…the girl above is thin. At least he’s not nailing a fat chick. He’s trying hard but his idea of “hot” is any old Bea Arthur-looking hag with a fake rack who doesn’t mind a night cozying up next to Craig’s wrinkly old junk. Bravo, Mr. Glazer, you’ve humbled us all once again.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Not Hot Carl, my Monday bathroom f’s are hotter than anything you ever went out with..My body as you can see in photo’s is that of a 35 year old pro ball player…and what you got? Nothing..this girl has a nice body, and is cute…she isn’t my wife..I have posted many girl photos almost all have been 8’s and up…no Carl..gas up the truck, it’s DRIVE INN NIGHT BABY…free popcorn for you and your hick pals.

      • Hot Carl says:

        35 year old pro ball player?!?! Your drug addled mind is certainly failing you, Glaze. Look, I appreciate you’re still out there trying but it’s time to face the fact that you can’t compete any more.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          For a guy who doesn’t compete and is tired of ‘winning’ I sure have to NOT answer my phone alot to avoid getting five or six girls who want to ‘stop by’ or go out…but you wouldn’t be able to relate to that, huh…

  7. NOT Lance the Intern says:

    Lance has a good point. Can’t really argue with that statement. Maybe that’s why some of us feel Glazer is a dooshbag.

  8. GorillaHawk says:

    Glazer, I’ve seen Hot Carl’s gals, and they are so far out of the league you’re allegedly hitting. HC is in George Brett/Ted Williams territory and you’re hitting below the Mendoza Line. Hell, your dad’s wife (who, for the folks who don’t know, is about 40 years younger than Glaze’s dad) is hotter than the chicks you’re posting about.

    • the dude says:

      The chicken head in the pics looks decent for a coked out ex-dancer with horribly fake looking funbags. Usually they wind up looking way more haggard than that.

  9. Skeptic says:

    Trying to give cred to yourself under an assumed name. You have been busted.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    So here’s the deal if the Glaze has any story with a girl in it he is seeing or doing anything with, you get every shmo to come out against him, no matter what…”she’s ugly, she’s a skank, she’s a man…” really in the meantime nobody can compete with any of that, thus the hate….wow…I was never like that…guess cause I was always the cool guy…so I’m not handsome or well built, or have any hot girls or much of anything….guess I need to learn from the ‘hate group’ why not you guys show me the way, since some of you are better than me…guess all those photos are touched up huh…You know its funny I go out in public daily…most people do know who I am and are curious in a good way…almost never do I hear one bad word…never…just here from people with fake names and lives…the only thing real on these pages really is me…and of course a few who use a real name somewhat like Chuck…and a few keep those punches coming baby cause what’s coming from the Glazer camp soon will really piss you off….major…promise.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    THIS ARTICLE WAS NOT ABOUT A GIRL, IT WAS ABOUT A FUN TIME GONE BY and a girl I met went out with who was part of that fun era….that’s bragging, that’s in some of your heads…anyways….I am not going to write anything to make any of you feel better or go..”know what the Glaze is the shit” I know that, so I have to go back to my busy, real, life now…lets get some more hate mail up asap….appreciate the attention…I will take all my ‘skanky’ women and do my thing…poor old me…latter guys.

  12. bschloz says:

    An 8? are you teasing that
    Glaze whats all this gibberish…just post about 10 pics with captions…”I’m boinking this”

    Couple of thoughts…. I like Arkansas over Rutgers give the points … . Mizzou can play with SC — UCLA will finish in the top 10
    I look for Chiefs to show up in NOLA. 8.5 is a buy!

  13. Super Dave says:

    Real men don’t run to the internet and brag about the women they are having sex with.

    Real women have nothing to do with men who run to the internet bragging about having sex with women.

  14. harley says:

    wtf????? I’m out at the plaza art fair all day and night and the old guys are
    arguing over who gets the hotter babes. Whats amazing is harley the great
    wasn’t mentioned at least 2 or 3 times!!!!
    anyway…here’s how we settle this. Glaze and Hot Carl each post their top 10
    hotest babes. Hearne posts them and we vote on who has the best stable.
    The winner get a free drain cleaing from roger the plumber, one of the great
    blt’s from quintons…and a nite on the town in the burgermobile from westport
    flea market with harley.
    That way we can settle this matter. Bring in some women like maria antonio..
    kelly at kmbc…and maybe ann peterson to also judge the contest since they
    probably know women better than wither hot carl or glaze.
    Honestly…i put my money on glaze. I think he can pull some secret photos
    out of his past and beat almost anyone in this freaking town.
    Hot Carl…sorry…you may talk a good game but i think you barked up the
    wrong tree.

  15. mark smith says:

    I missed out on the ranger danger comment. Please tell me the integrity of the comment section hasn’t been put in peril by the Scribe. Also, is Ranger Danger a Freudian slip for Stranger Danger. Finally, I’d like to congratulate Glazer for finally bagging a woman who doesn’t carry a Hello Kitty backpack. I wasnt aware Cloris Leachman was in the KC area.

  16. RickM says:

    The “Death of Rock” was proclaimed in 1958 when Elvis went into the Army and has been repeated every few years since. Given that, anyone in 2012 who makes such grand pronouncements is showing the ultimate in uninformed arrogance.

  17. bubba says:

    When and where did you stand in line to see Jimi Hendrix? Same goes for Cream. I say it is another of your lies. Give me answer and I will prove how unlikely it is. Don’t give me an answer, well the silence will speak volumes. Why not just say what you have to say instead of making up lies to make it seem more interesting than it really is or that you are some how an authority.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Look you low life pill dealing fat, tall punk, who could carry my underpants puke, that enough to get you to come visit, should be…oh yeah, you’d last less than 20 seconds with me and you know it…otherwise…you can call on me 913 400 I want cause of Jack, I know who you are coward…I owe you no answer to anything but to show you what a jack off you are loser coward here you go…

      Jimi Hendrix…TWICE PUNK, once when he was in kc and once at the Denver Pop festival that preceeded Woodstock…happy now PUNK COWARD…you stay off this site pal…I’d love to see you out somewhere after what you did…we both know what I mean…for your sake you stay away from me and Stanfords if you know whats good for you…punk…or you can “make my day and show up” love it…Sorry other readers this guy is a very bad person, rat and low level pill dealer…he needs to go….period.

      • bubba says:

        When was Jimi Hendrix in KC? Never. He was as close as Tulsa. At which time you would have been 16-17. He spent most of his time on the coasts or in Europe. He died when you where 16-17 if your book is accurate that your were a college freshman in 1971. Same math applies to the Denver date.

        Cream broke up in 1968. Again, any grade school child can do the math. Again, they never came to KC.

        Why don’t you stick to facts, or is fact that banging a girl who would leave you to be gang-banged by a bunch of Hell’s Angles not interesting enough?

        As far as who I am, you have no clue. I am 5’5″, 170lbs, 29″ waist. Far from tall, far from fat. I haven’t been to Stanfords since the early 1990’s and could count the times one hand.

        Hearne, you better put this guy on a notice. I will check with my lawyer, I don’t the law, when I am posting this board, but if my online persona can be libeled, he has done it and you are the publisher, therefore on the hook. I have done nothing to him other than point out his obvious porkies and he flips out.

        Back to burn out Glaze. Why give out your business number as though you have something to hide behind. You have given us your condo location and you car isn’t too hard to pick out. If I want a piece of you, it wouldn’t be hard, just stick a GPS tracker on you car and wait until you are in good place to do you great bodily harm. You can’t bait me into doing something so dumb, just pointing out how easy it would be to get at you, so you might tone it down a tad.

        • Lance the Intern says:

          The Jimi Hendrix Experience played Municipal Auditorium in November, 1968….I can’t find any record of Cream ever appearing in the KC area.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          I think I know who you are Boo Boo, again hope for you I never run into your white trash the way you stupid moron Jimi Hendrix did pay KC in 1969 at Municipal…it followed our first kinda rock concert at the Music Hall, PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS, I was at both and I was about 15…my pals brother took us…you are the lying moron…do us all a favor and stay off here, one more comment like the one you have here, will have you barred and yes we can find out who you are…so my advice go away…punk

          • Craig Glazer says:

            I stand correctd a comment person found it, 1968, I never said I saw the Cream here, it was in LA, as a kid…some of my family lived out there and I visited they were playing and my older cousin took me in around 97…yeah I was a kid…I saw all the bands back then here, LA,AZ,Denver and anywhere I could..what does this have to do with anything…when I say I did something I did.

            When my film gets made and it will, people like this buy run, hide and act like it never happened…thats how public bugs are like this cat…they have nothing and want to disturb those who do..BUG THIS IS THE LAST COMMENT YOU GET FROM ME, I WILL ASK HEARNE TO TAKE YOU OFF THIS SITE WITH THE NEXT JERKY CRAP YOU WRITE…BYE

          • harley says:

            hey glaze…this is what these comments want.
            They want you going over the edge.
            They want to bring you down and every time
            you respond with rage…they love it.
            I’ve seen it with the old guys on kcc..they
            want to drag me down to their level..ain’t
            gonna happen…i’ve read their posts..i see
            what they’ve done…i’ve seen how they try
            tpo discredit the things i say which i can
            prove and which are true.
            Whoever this guy is…let him go. Obviusly
            the guy wants to get that kind of reaction.
            WHoever this guy is…let him go….he has
            no game…he can doubt you but when you
            prove him wrong he’ll keep coming back.
            In other words he’s in denial bout his own
            Stay away from the negativity. roll like you
            are the king. In ohter words flip this guy the
            bird…move on …because he’s the one stuck
            in his own wortheless life.

      • bubba says:

        why should i stay off this site? Because I call bullshit when you lie? If HC had half a brain, it would be you that would be off this site. I will await your next missive that will again be full of manure. If you where as big as you say, why be a bottom feeder in KC? If your 59 y/o ass is cool as you say, why not move to LA and try your BS in the big time? Should I post links to your movie that is never going to happen? it been optioned? Hype on radio all you want, but the people that can make it happen just aren’t interested.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Harley well put…I should let these kinda losers go on losing…but I do get hot right…when I think a guy like this might be involved in one of my family members issues, I really get pissed off, but you are right…they aren’t worth it…they will always be out there, doesn’t matter what people like me say or do…guys like this are in ‘hate lust’ with themselves…agreed.

  18. Jim Beam says:

    This chick’s bones may be in their late 30’s but her face is in its 60’s and her boobs are maybe three.

  19. Walt says:

    Yeah I remember those days. I can remember seeing those girls as far back as the 70’s also, giving out smokes. I just moved back to KC after over 30 years on the east coast. I remember Standfords and Sons in Westport. Who was that obnoxious shoe shine guy that used to hang out in front? I think your old man finally ran him off. Anyway, I used to frequent the bar in 78 and 79 before I moved. Had some hot ladies working there! You should post some pics of those retro babes. That would bring back some memories!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      His name was Curtis, he had one arm and one burned up…yeah he stuck around for years…I post more current girls I meet now or date…its fun, like this one…I don’t know if Hearne wants to post the old ones, maybe if I get a bunch and have time…good times back then for sure…

  20. bubba says:

    Just back for a another poke at Glazed. As far Jimi playing KC, it never happened, It was scheduled but Jimi was Jimi, he for whatever reason never took the stage. As far Glaze telling the truth, we can go back to his July 4th arrest, check the days of week in that that year and prove he is telling porkies. He used all of pull to get out as he says but in the end he had the day of the week wrong.

    FYI Glaze, you have no idea who I am, you have never met me. I know your father from about 20 years ago (he’s a cool guy, you should take some lessons) , but I could stand right next to you and would have no clue. As for staying out of Stanfords, I make a point to do so, I wouldn’t help you earn one nickle.

    As for your leasing a car being a better deal than buying, bullshit. It is only better if it is a work car and then you have to keep a mileage log to keep in the IRS’s good graces. Maybe I should point this out the IRS agent than I know.

    Plus, do not go back and try to get rid of you posts, I log them, your own words will hang you.

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