Glazer: Scribe Zeroes in on New Monica Lewinsky Tell-All

Guess who’s back in the news?

After a long absence Monica Lewinsky is out pitching a new tell-all book to New York publishers. Likely it will go for several million dollars. Those celebrity scandals just kill don’t they?

Gee, I wonder what the book will be about? Where she and President Bill Clinton did it, when she and Bill did it and how she and Bill did it.


Bill Clinton is arguably the most popular President of the past 100 years, save John Kennedy and maybe, just maybe, Ronald Reagan. Some would say he’s better liked than both.

Kennedy was a bigger player than Clinton – romantically speaking -from Marilyn Monroe to a Russian Spy, according to our boy J.Edgar Hoover. Johnny also regularly indulged in cocaine, weed and mob guys (no not sexually). He was a much darker figure than our man Bill.

Actually, according to all the strong rumors it was Lyndon Johnson who was the biggest “player” of all. They say he was banging them like nobody ever had – by the score, and weekly. He wasn’t nearly as handsome as John and Bill but must have carried a big stick.

Those Texans.

So good, old Monica will make bank.

She didn’t do Playboy or really make the big bucks for sucking up to Bill back when it went down.  So now’s the time, since the Clintons are again big news.

Heck, do you blame the 40 year-old, always a bit overweight gal for wanting to have a little fun and make a few bucks?

I’ll never forget my old pal, Saturday Night Live Star Darrell Hammond‘s take on Bill Clinton. Remember, Darrell did Bill’s voice and likeness for years on the show. He was even invited to meet Clinton at the White House.

“Craig he was the most charismatic person I ever was in front of…ever…and that includes the likes of Mick Jagger and Tom Cruise,” Hammond told me.  “The guy took me over to his desk, pulled out a magazine and showed me several beautiful models, then said, ‘Boy, why couldn’t I have been caught with one of these babes – I did them all – but no, it had to be the chunky girl.’ ”

Hammond mentioned Stanford’s at length in his hit book this past year, GOD IF YOU’RE NOT UP THERE I’M F..KED.

Well you know the old saying, “Boys will be boys.”

And now the more recent saying holds true, “Girls will be girls – and even smarter.”

So go ahead Monica, you bank girl. And uh, try and drop 10 or 20 pounds and do that nude centerfold.

We’ll be waiting…and watching.
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25 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Zeroes in on New Monica Lewinsky Tell-All

  1. GollyGee! says:

    You know its usually circuitous but somehow, some way Glazer is gonna brag about his Hollywood connections and work them into his story. No matter the relevance! OK, let me explain this one….Lewinsky had a White House fling with Bill Clinton but Craig knew the guy who played Clinton on Saturday night Live! Yeah, he did!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Its not bragging, its putting the writer in with a story about the story…that’s it that homey feel…right….I do it when I can…when there is a connection..its not to show off, give it the personal touch…thats all…and what Hammond had to say was pretty interesting….we gain some credit cause he played Stanfords and hung in KC for a few weeks and wrote about it, as well as Clinton, in his book…that’s the facts Jack.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    Inside the Mind of Monica

    “I’m not in this for a little fame and glory …
    (Just the bucks!),
    But it was finally Time to tell My Story:
    Clinton sucks!”

    This former White House intern, this presidential “ex”,
    Now tempts us with chubby tales of presidential sex.
    Are you “up” for her “bedtime” stories?

  3. Reading King of Sting as we speak says:

    Damn, Craig, you might as well wear a cup. People will kick you in the balls no matter what you write.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      YOU noticed…I am aware that’s the price of ‘speaking your mind’ in print or on radio or with any media…I look at stuff online about any name person, local or national 99% is “I hate you” “you suck” no matter what they do or say…we live in a world where people are more stressed out than ever..ever….hey I am at times…so we are angry…we see anyone who looks or sounds like their life is better or more exciting or easier, people are pissed…and then comes..”you suck” and “I hate you” that’s what you see here at times, though it has dropped off to a certain extent..why? People finally get tired of hating on you…they get to know you in a way and have less anger…so on..but they will always be there…know what…I get jealous of others myself for the same reasons…”hey they don’t deserve that” and I catch myself and try and not be that way…

      • Lance the Intern says:

        “we see anyone who looks or sounds like their life is better or more exciting or easier….”

        You forget to add “or people that are dooshbags”…

  4. the dude says:

    All that hot air because he banged the chubby intern. ::)

  5. tommytwotone says:

    Glazer maybe you can hook up with her now. She isn’t that bad.

  6. Name dropping is used to inflate one’s stature in a conversation by linking oneself to a famous person or situation. This is sometimes done while talking about something completely different. The names are just “dropped” in there. Some attempts are more subtle than others but it is basically annoying.

    I see those hats everywhere now. When I was at the inauguration for Obama they were all over the place. But when I met Rupaul at that charity party last month he said they are on their way out. And good riddance too!

    Did you catch the name dropping in that conversation about hats? So subtle…

    • Craig Glazer says:

      People who live in a world with others of note are not name dropping when the tale or story fits the bill, ala what I do…if that bothers you, I don’t give a blank..OK Lance the nobody dork..thanks.

      P.S. Lance baby I don’t have to drop names, I am one…i.e. as you may have read Hammond put us in his book ala Stanfords and his experiences in KC with me and Stanfords…hmmm…that is maybe the 8th or 9th book we have been talked about…hmmm…sorry that bothers you..NOT.

      • Talk says:


      • Lance the Intern says:

        …And you have many leather-bound books and your apartment smells of rich mahogany.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Just to add to the real life I don’t go on air and brag about much…maybe funny stories on girls or me getting into problems..but rarely mention my book,films or anything unless we are promoting the property to be sold to the public in some way…i.e. telling the King of Sting tales happened really only when it came out..not much now..unless asked I don’t bring it up..on a daily bases I meet people and when asked just say I am with Stanford and Sons…that’s all…I only use this over the top stuff for fun…believe it or not…it’s called ENTERTAINMENT

  8. tiad says:

    “Heck, do you blame the 40 year-old, always a bit overweight gal for wanting to have a little fun and make a few bucks?”

    Geez, Craig…. That’s kind of low, even for you.

    ‘…. Hammond told me. “The guy took me over to his desk, pulled out a magazine and showed me several beautiful models, then said, ‘Boy, why couldn’t I have been caught with one of these babes – I did them all – but no, it had to be the chunky girl.’ ” ‘

    Well, Hammond may have “reported” this was said, but I’ll bet a dollar Clinton didn’t really say that to him.

  9. Kerouac says:

    Clinton & Lewinsky share something in common: neither inhaled…

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    Heres the magic in this story, missed by all and, the ongoing example of how apathetic we are as a nation. Well placed rumor from people in the biz place her offers at around $15M for her book. Rumor also has it, it’s laced with group sex, drugs, orgies, a secret abortion and a host of details that would make Paris OR Perez Hilton blush.

    As Craig can attest, these stories are most assuredly going to be vetted to the max to defend against any commers in the libel lawsuit department. Given that, what ever shows up in the book will most certainly be truthy, if not total truth.

    When it hits the shelves or digital reading devices…. it will be consumed and talked about for 30 days non stop. She’ll be on every show there is. The end, the result? Bill Clinton will remain the rock star he is now.

    And, Id guess, Hillary is one mad ex staffer away from her own activities coming to print. What’s happened to this place?? A bi-sexual first lady and sex addicted President?

    And, for the record, its a CRIME what he did to a perfectly good cigar. That was grounds for impeachment alone.

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