Whinery: Romney Told the Truth, So What?

Mitt Romney told the truth…

Is this the America you want? Where 47 percent of the population is on the dole? Is that why our Founding Fathers emancipated us from British Rule?

I am talking to you Harley!

Please tell me I am delusional for being behind our “Mormon Savior” as if that is a bad thing.

Is America now a nation where it is a good thing that more of its citizenry qualifies for disability than becomes employed in any given month? How is that a positive development? Where is the people’s sense of self-respect?

I know that as an attorney I could make at least twice as much money as I do by taking court-appointments. I’m probably stupid for not taking them.

But here’s how I look at it;  Obama said “I didn’t build” my practice and in my case he’s right. I depended on student loans. And my way of “paying it forward” is doing at least 250
hours a year of Pro Bono work. Which is what people like myself should

Not get more money from the Government.

Government should be a helping hand- not a handout.

Romney said that 47 percent of the population is dependent on the Government. Is he lying? NO, and it’s not only a tragedy, it’s a national emergency.

I’ve always thought this was a country where hard work and tenacity were respected. When did it become a crime for people to work hard and expect to be rewarded from the fruits of their labor?

It’s disgusting that there’s a war on the “ job creators” and those that “pull the
cart” and are not riding in it.

I’m very good friends with one of those evil venture capitalists. And you know what, he’s pushing 70 and still gets up before dawn every day. And he’s created more jobs and wealth than he could spend in a 100 lifetimes.

Why does he do it? Because that’s what he does.

He’s not exploiting labor. I’ve never seen him not say thank you to a server bringing him a glass of water in a restaurant, let alone be disrespectful to one of his employees. He cares about every business he’s helped build.

And it’s a CRIME that our President has made him the ENEMY.

Why is success now being punished in this country? The only reason this country has such generous social services is because of people like my friend. The people who are definitely in the MINORITY but get out of bed every morning and go to work.

And he’s the villain? Give me a break.

If more people weren’t punished for building businesses and wealth maybe the USA would not have 23 million unemployed- not to mention the 80 million “secret” unemployed in this country.

Our Founding Fathers are and should be rolling in their graves at this attack on free
enterprise by a leader of the free world.

HELL, even China and Russia have warned Obama not to go down the same
road they went down and failed.

Capitalism is not a failure, socialism is.

Being the Jewish New Year and all, the most famous Jew of all once
said, “ Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day- teach him to fish and you feed him forever”


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  1. Craig Glazer says:

    DAVID as always, well done here. Thank you for helping us judge the contest last week..appreciate it, wish we had time to talk that night, another time would be great..as for who is the good guy or bad guy…I feel there are so many ‘new’ issues in America the last 30 years that we can’t keep up anymore…the government running our lives, wanting to know every little thing about us…our money, where did it come from, did you have a drink tonight, let me look into the bags, why the shampoo on this plane are you stupid…our freedom is gone…under the guise of “protecting us” right.

    • mitt romney says:

      I’ll be the last one to turn out the lights. This political stuff is b.s. I should have stayed on my yacht instead of messing with jimmy carter’s grandson. Why did I even run for this stupid office. Oh well. If you lose you might was well lose big. Real big!

    • harley says:

      I’ve never personally known a person/friend or relative of mine to begrudge a
      helping hand to anyone. They are the generous people. I went to work at
      age eight. I’ll be working until I’m 67. I was raised and taught to help others. I know kids and elderly don’t pay taxes. The vets
      who came back with no legs are going to get their lifestyle maintained by me.
      God bless them. I don’t look at any of those people as cheaters. Some of you
      see everything as ugly.
      Add up the percentage of different groups that wouldn’t be working and you’ll
      get about 47%. Included there are members of the greatest generation…veterans who braved wars for our nation…kids who might
      otherwise go hungry…disabled people who paid into the system and are
      now forced to live on barely subsistence monthly checks.
      What romney and ryan won’t tell you…because they lie and scheme is that
      in 2008 that number was 40%! Yes 40%! So they want to blame others for what has happened…many of you are angry and see everything as ugly.
      I say grow up and love your country and its elderly and
      children. You are imagining all these cheaters because you are unhappy people.
      Stats don’t tell the story. Go out and see what has happened. Then
      get on the train and help them. See i believe americans are better than any
      other people in the world. When a tragedy or catastrophe occurs americans
      don’t run away…they run to help those in need.
      We can either get thru some tough times or fail. This is nothing to what our
      parents went thru. A depression/a world war…this is so small compared to
      what they endured.
      For our parents, a bad day was losing 5,000 young soliders on a beach
      in europe. For us…a bad day is losing 50 points in the stock market.
      Not even close.
      Smile…it’s a beautiful world out there! The day a man running for
      president says that half the nation is a bunch of freeloaders is the day
      that we all should walk in shame.
      When you save one…you save the world!

  2. katie s. says:

    Did you depend on federal student loans?

    • Mark X says:

      No … you?

      • katie s. says:

        Absolutely, and paid them back in full – for both my bachelors and masters degree – within a year of finishing the latter. My husband and I pay up to 50% of our income in taxes – more than three times with Romney pays – and are happy to do it. It’s our civic duty. When our friends are temporarily unemployed, our grandparents are on Medicare, when companies like Bain lay off thousands of people at a time, and when private enterprise doesn’t see fit to sell me any kind of reasonable health coverage (thanks to big pre-existing conditions like seasonal allergies and acid reflux), I’m happy to support the greater whole. It does us all a lot of good.

        • katie s. says:

          To clarify, by ‘reasonable,’ I mean simply ‘any.’

        • Mark x says:

          Silly me.

          I saved my money to pay for school. But not enough to pay for school, so I had to worked through school too.
          I save my money now.
          I invest my money now.
          I don’t buy new cars. I don’t own an iPhone5, iPad, nor an AirMac pro.
          I avoid paying taxes, legally, as much as I can.
          I strive to earn as much as I can. So I can have the things in life I enjoy.
          I work hard to keep as much of my money as I can. To spend it as I wish. On things of my choosing.
          I don’t want the government taking it and spending it as they decide it should be spent or distributed.

          I am glad you’re happy to pay as much as you do.
          I don’t care what Mitt Romeny pays in taxes.
          I don’t care what Mitt Romeny earns.
          I don’t care what Mitt Romeny’s worth.

          I’m happy you’re happy with doing your civic duty.
          I’m happy with doing what I do and doing what I consider mine.

          I have an offer.
          You live your life.
          I’ll live mine.
          I won’t tell you how to run your life.
          You don’t tell me how to run mine.


          • katie s. says:

            Except I believe your vision is ethically wrong and culturally short sighted. But that’s all I can really say about that.

            I also worked my way through school to support myself, and are debt-free home owners. We save heavily, invest, and still manage to buy things like iPhones and laptops. We’re privileged to be able to do so, and are able to do so because we collectively are paying for things that we use – roads, the Internet, universities, assorted infrastructure, and clean air and water.

        • George Wilson says:

          Your claims don’t stand up to even basic scrutiny. The highest federal tax bracket for a married couple last year was 35%, and that’s only if you claimed more than $388,000 of income with no deductions. At $400,000 of claimed income with no deductions, you would have paid the feds 27% of your income. Both Missouri and Kansas have max rates of less than 7%, which is all deductible on your federal form. As are any property taxes and city earnings taxes you might pay. A household earning $400,000 taking only the state and city tax deductions and personal deductions will pay roughly 32% in income taxes to the feds, state, and city. That’s about $128,000 of a $400,000 income. For a family earning $400,000 a year, they’d have t0 pay something like $110,000 in property taxes to reach 50%. Which would mean you’re living in a $4 million home. I’m sure everyone on here would believe you if you claimed that, because no one ever embellishes anything on the internet like the value of their house or how much they pay in taxes. Right Katie?

          Bottom line, given the state and federal tax rates, it is virtually impossible for anyone to pay 50% of their income in taxes.

          • katie s. says:

            You’re not taking self-employment tax into consideration, which does take things up to nearly 50%.

          • George Wilson says:

            Nice try, but no it doesn’t. Except for a small percentage for medicare, self employment tax cuts off at around $106,000. A self employed couple making $400,000 a year last year paid in around $23,000 or so, of which the employer equivalent part is deductible from your federal taxes. Net, that adds roughly another 5% to your tax bill. No where close to 50%.

            Just give it a rest. You dreamed up numbers that are virtually financially impossible (how’s that $4 million house of yours?) and now you’re trying to cover your tracks. Next I’m guessing you’ll claim enourmous sales tax expenditures.

          • katie s. says:

            We can calculate things to the penny to prove that my off the cuff estimation was incorrect (perhaps it’s closer to 40% than 50%, if I total the amount of the checks I send to the Fed vs. our rough income, with no refund in April – but that’s only taking into account the Fed), but that doesn’t change the point I was making in the least. We are in the highest tax bracket, and don’t go out of our way to re-engineer our lives, our our bank accounts, to lessen our tax burden, because I – we – believe that human beings sometimes need, and deserve, assistance, and that we – and society as a whole – benefit from it.

          • George Wilson says:

            Now your message is that although your numbers claims are far off anything remotely reasonable the rest of your commentary is still important and credible. In the real world, (unlike internet message boards), that logic doesn’t fly.

            Next time you want to tell other people how to live their lives you might want to make sure you know what you are talking about and not pull numbers out of your butt.

  3. mike says:

    I agree with you 100%. I also found it ironic that at the democratic convention, they talked about how bad Romney was for being wealthy and born into a rich family, yet turned around and honored Ted Kennedy!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Mike, look at their heros.
      Clinton = RICH
      Ted Kennedy = RICH.
      JFK = RICH.
      John Kerry = MEGA rich, even if by marriage.
      I dont get it either.

      • harley says:

        paul lets update your listing
        clinton…started with nothing…worked thru school…
        rhodes scholar…from arkansas…governor…president..
        now he’s rich but in the days in arkansas not rich at all
        obama: started with essentially nothing…used student
        loans to get thru school…harvard scholar…presdient..
        started with nothing…now president
        joe biden: you know the story…grew up working class..
        grew up in a lower middle class home…regular guy…
        now vice presdient
        hillary clinton: same story…rags to riches…but thru
        public service
        michelle obama: really middle class…loans to get thru
        school…outstanding scholar…today first lady…
        john kerry: smartest of the bunch although i hardly
        classify him as hero…but he married very very well…

        MITT ROMNEY: millionaire dad..no loans…given millions
        to start business…prividelged life to say the least…now
        running for president but losing really bad
        lyin ryan: BORN into wealth in a family that got very very
        rich on government money building railroads…now
        loser caniddate for vp
        Geroge Bush: daddy and grandpa gave him millions and
        billions worth of connections…silver spoon YES YES YES
        Jeb Bush….grnaddaddy and poppa wealthy…silver spoon…
        yes yes yes
        Ann Romney: silver spoon YESES…NOW RIDES $75,000
        horses that are tax deductible
        all those repubs made money at the trough of government..
        ryan had millions of governemt money…mitt got
        millions for bailout of bain…george bush/jeb..well that
        pretty obvious..
        RAGS TO RICHES…it would have to be the dems.
        When you’re born into the 1% its real easy…when you have
        to work your way up the ladder without daddys connections
        and money its a long hard road…
        if any one is a true story of “anyone can be successful”
        if they work hard and persevere its would be the dems.
        OUr heros are true stories of americans who weren’t born
        with millions…but worked to get there…and did it without
        destroying peoples lives like romney did on his way
        up the ladder that daddy bought for him,.
        thaks for the nice try….

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    Great story and I couldn’t agree more. I have stated before, I’m not a Romney supporter, I don’t consider myself a Republican, but I have no idea why everyone is whipped up into a frenzy over what he said. Is it because they think it wasn’t fact based, or just because he pointed it out? It’s MOST certainly true:

    Huff Post: (the liberals darling) During the second quarter, nearly half — or 48.6 percent — of Americans lived in a household using some kind of government benefit, according to Census data…….. All together, the share of Americans using social security, disability, unemployment insurance and other benefit programs rose to a record high.”

    Politico: Fully 96 percent of black voters supported Obama and constituted 13 percent of the electorate, a 2-percentage-point rise in their national turnout. As in past years, black women turned out at a higher rate than black men.

    USDA: Participation in the Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the program to which “food stamps” refers, has increased from an average of 28.2 million people per month in FY 2008 to 46.2 million as of October 2011, the most recent month for which data is available. And don’t forget, Obama ushered in 90+ weeks of unemployment where is proven most people had no interest in finding jobs, but soaking up the 90 weeks! And, the conversion rate of these people to SS Disability is at an all time high.

    TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Charts: Nearly 12 percent of Americans receive aid—28 percent of blacks, 15 percent of Latinos and 8 percent of whites….Half of Americans receive food stamps, at least briefly, by the time they turn 20. Among black children, the figure was 90 percent.

    I don’t understand one or two people on here want to talk about personal wealth, affluence, how well THEY have done, but in the same breath, want to cut Romney down for his achievements. It’s just one of 100 dichotomies found when trolling around here for comments.

    And, at the same time, their Democratic Party heroes are those I pointed out before, serial cheaters, questionable family ties, at least one death in a sunken car and vast amounts of wealth. What if a girl drowned in the back seat of Bush’s car?

    I know several venture capitalists who craft their trade in really high end deals. Guys who aren’t angel investors but do multimillion dollar deals. Sure, they want to make money and do, but I can tell you this, most of their joy comes from seeing OTHERS get something off the ground. More jobs created more success. And two who I know, do it from a pay-it-forward mentality.

    I don’t agree with everything he says, by any stretch of the imagination, but this comment was right on target. I appreciate someone having the fortitude to say it.

    • chuck says:

      Paul, nice job.

      DSW- I saw on the Today Show, the lead story, the “hidden video” of Romney speaking at the fund raiser. I thought, Uh Oh, dude must of really screwed up, they are LEADING it at 7 AM.

      I hear everything he has to say, and I am thinging…….???? This is breaking news??

      This is a screw up?

      Telling the truth will LOSE the election?

      Every thing he said was true.

      As with Paul, I am not a hard core rep, I am ok with the gays, abortion and think that drugs should be legalized.

      That said, Romney told the truth and should embrace it.

      The idea that what he said is scandalous is bizzare.

  5. Rick Nichols says:

    Answers.com says the quote “Give a man a fish … ” is probably Chinese in origin and has been errantly attributed to any number of leading Oriental philosophers but never Jesus. The King of the Jews may have held such a concept to be true and admirable, by my version of the Bible does not include this quotation. Try again.

  6. harley says:

    whiney boy…another classic fail…another loser column…haven’t you taken enough
    intellectual beating from me for this election. Haven’t you learned that
    willard is the worst candidate for the office…
    he built nothing..bought and destroyed the companies he bought with bain..
    including one that just went belly up..and now they are looking at criminal
    charges…going in and getting loans on a company then bankrupting the company.
    how bad does it get.
    2. No…he said that 47% were not paying taxes…that bullshit! Even though
    someone doesnt pay federal taxes they GET THIS WHINEY BOY..THEY STILL
    PAY A HIGHER TAX RATE THAN WILLARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re so stupid
    whiney boy to think that someone who doesn’t pay federal taxes is a DEADBEAT!
    you’re lying to the poeple on kcc. I know many people making decent money
    who pay no fed taxes…they have deductions like mortgage deductions..child
    deductions…ira deductions…and they pay no federal tax…but they pay
    payroll etc. taxes at a higher rate than willard.
    so mr. whiney boy…another epic fail on your part.
    3. you’re an attorney…writing like this? are you serious. ?????????????????????
    you have no facts/data to back up anything you write. God help your clients when
    litigation time comes…please please…if you have clients i hope you carry
    some type of insurance……this is not how a lawyer presents a case for
    did you get student loans? tell us more about how you “built’ your practice…
    your education in law….you did all that…NO WAY WHINEY BOY!!!!!!!!!1
    AND WHOIS IN THE 47%….seniors who paid into the system….veterans…
    food stamps (mostly white/)…children….when mitt says 47% of the nation
    he’s way off…thats half the nation whiney boy.
    80 MILLION secretely employed…where did you get that number

    THE disgsuting part is that you depended on the government for your
    entire career!!!! You’re a carpetbagger…you got student loans…are they
    paid back..probably not because the worst offendered of those loans
    are doctors and lawyers….you built that business? bullshit.
    The very practice of law is your because the government gave you
    tens of thousands of dollars…hypocrite…
    so when another american needs some help…YOU SAY NO…
    when the nation is crippled by a recession started by your friend and guys
    like mitt and thev wall street crooks you say no..
    SELFISH? YES…so you now say you got yours…let everyone else sink or
    swim? you got your money from the government (porbalby more than most
    on food stamps will get) and you say screw everyone else..I got mine
    you sit and starve. I got my money..i got my dollars…screw you…

    YOU SAY PRAISE JESUS? you’re not a christian…read the bible..the talmud
    the quran…you’re a hypocrite…a selfish hypocrite and liar and you have no
    right to qoute religious text.
    What does the bible say? feed the hungry …save the poor….
    what does the talmud say? save one life and you save them all..
    the quran…paradise for those who sav e the less fortunate..
    you’re disgraceful. You got your dollars. Without that probably be
    working at an office job.
    AN ATTORNEY? you use the system to make money off “those
    job creators”
    YOU’RE HORRIBLE. You are no different than the disgusting
    scum attorneys who fucked this nation…watch tv whiney boy..
    see what they’re doing…your proefessional colleagues..
    see the ads…taking money from the businesses that made america…
    you’re part of that whiney boy…taking from the jobcreators…frivilous
    lawsuits…you call yourselkf a creator…no you’re the worst. You’re just
    another leech sucking the blood out of america…tell uswhat typoe of law you
    You and willard and the rest of the scums in this nation sent us into
    a recession….cause this entire mess.

  7. harley says:

    whoever you are winey…under what disguise name you go under..
    you shoudl reexamine your priorities in life.
    I love politics. We are at opposite ends of the political spectrum.
    I enjoy political debate.
    Whoever in real life you are you and i agree to disagree..
    but on this point i amm right..
    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012
    THEY WILL WIN…i guarantee it…
    elections have consequences…whoever you are in real life you will
    see it.
    have a great day.

  8. the dude says:

    I would like to know what this 47% number entails, does it include subsidies for oil companies? Corn subsidies for corporate farms? Medicare and medicaid for our aging population?

    Look, Whiney, I don’t have a problem with capitalism when regulation keeps it in check but the problem we have encountered here in this country is unbridled and practically unregulated business practices that has crashed the world economy and NOTHING has been done regulation-wise to reform these financial practices that got us here in the first place. Another second crash will happen soon because bankers and investors have realized they have broken the system and nothing happened to them- no slap on the wrists, no regulations to make sure this does not happen again. Business as usual- problem is that business is broken but nobody wants to clean up the mess and do what is right because it is this dirty money that got them elected in the first place.

    Romney is no different that Obama, they are both big business puppets that will dance to tha same corporate grinder tune- and unless you are a big investor/corporate vulture you will lose big no matter who gets elected- PERIOD.

    Time to prune the tree of liberty as Jefferson used to say.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Dude, the numbers add up, several polls attest to that. I listed the Huff Post, USDA, among others.

      But your point is NO LESS valid. Thats been way out of control for way too long. I never understood the corn issue. I bought a 40 acre farm in Garnett on the 750 acre lake where the city gets its water, way outside of town. 1,750 feet of shore line on the lake. When shopping for that little peice of land I came across several where I could virtually make the payments on the ground from the government subsidy to NOT farm it! That made even less sense. In some cases they had 3-8 more years to run on that program!!

      Thats not, however, what I bought! While it makes for a good cash flow, its more than a little opposed to what I believe!!

      • harley says:

        you’re right whiney…to create jobs is great..
        but thats not what willard did…
        he outsourced those jobs…bankrupted those compaies..
        he walked away with millions wihile the workers lost their
        jobs/income/pensions/retirement…and willard
        cleaned out the company.
        There are great job creators…there are great comapanies..
        just not willard and bain.
        they were vultures attempting to destroy those companies
        for theiir own gain.
        Is that what your friend does.
        I have investors…we create jobs…but our goal is to
        grow the company…not loot it and destroy it!!!!!
        theres a huge difference!

    • the dude says:

      Bailouts for car manufacturers? Bailouts for banks? Subsidies for ethanol manufacturing?

      So I guess welfare for business is OK but not for people temporarily down on their luck Mr. Whiney?

    • chuck says:

      Orphan makes good points, there is plenty of criminal DNA on both sides of the aisle.

      • the dude says:

        They are all corrupt Chuck, I say let the national razor sort them out, Frenchy-style. Let their heads sit on pikes for future representatives to remember what happens when you sell out your constituents for corporate BS.

  9. rkcal says:

    Whether you agree or disagree with the Mittster, this is one of the most poorly run presidential campaigns in modern American history. For a dude that’s supposed to be Mr. CEO, his organization is sure crashing and burning.

    • harley says:

      just in…obama up 7 in virginia…
      elections have consequences…
      willard wants to only represent the 53%…won’t happen.
      the debates should be called off…it won’t be pretty for willard…
      he just insulted many many hard working/play by the rules/
      good solid people with his statements….
      the polls will reflect this very soon..
      although there is a group of people with so much hate and
      disdain for obama that they would vote for the devil to keep
      him out.

  10. harley says:

    Romney starts to talk about what he refers to as “the Jimmy Carter election”, i.e., 1980. He then goes on to talk about how the hostage crisis and the failed rescue mission Desert One were pervasive issues through the 1980 election. Then at the end he says that “if something of that nature presents itself I will work to find a way to take advantage of the opportunity.”

    romney/ryan/whiney/mikey…you all hate america.. here…romney hopes that
    we have a military catastrophe so he “can take advantage of it”….
    why does this man hope that america fails..that americans have more problems…

    • harley says:

      im suchg a shmitz ddouche. i forgot. in 1968 john kay told everybody and everyone is talkking now thinking there conditions and minless blather can make a differencce. its to late. “theres a monster on the looose”. when the sheet really hitz the fann ill be walking around with a barrell with straps over my shoulder. anybody living close to lamar streeet is toast!

  11. Hot Carl says:

    As a wise man once said, “I now refuse to give to most charities for the fact the US Government has become the largest f*cking charity in the world and I cannot support the smaller ones anymore.” Romney was exactly right with what he said.

  12. harley says:

    what Romney just got caught saying on video is that everything is pretty much fine. If it’s not fine for you and your family, that’s your own whiny fault. Publicly, he blames Obama for monkey-wrenching free enterprise, as if it’s the president’s fault that the economy is such a mess. Privately — in front of people who own yachts and humidors — he blames those who are not doing well for their own struggles.

    Given how many are not doing well — 80 percent of the workforce has seen their wages decline in real terms over the last quarter-century, and the average household has seen 40 percent of its wealth disappear during the Great Recession — this is politically incendiary stuff. It lumps together people who have never missed a day of work in their lives with the worst stereotypical version of a welfare queen living on the public dole. Goodbye, Mitt. Go and pursue your own opportunities in the private sector.

    Ezra Klein has adroitly handled the factual vacuity of Romney’s claim that roughly half the country pays no taxes, noting that almost two-thirds of these people were working last year and handed over payroll taxes, making their effective tax burden — 15.3 percent — higher than Romney’s 13.9 percent.

    But forget those facts for a second and focus on the implications of Romney’s message. In an America where nearly half the population is content to mooch off the government — paying no taxes while using their food stamps for caviar and their Section 8 vouchers for suites at the Four Seasons — the policy solution is straightforward: Yank the safety net and make those parasites go get one of those fabulous jobs just lying around for the taking.

    By selecting as his vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan, who wants to gut Medicaid, and by broadcasting a fact-free attack on Obama that centers on claims that the president wants to unleash welfare checks like confetti, Romney has already let us know that he regards the poor as deadbeats. These toxic comments at the fundraiser in Florida tell us that he sees the middle class in similar terms.

    He simply does not grasp that tens of millions of Americans make so little from their jobs that they pay no federal income taxes. He does not get that many people are saturated in debt and require help to get housing, health care and groceries — not because they are lazy or morally degenerate or carry a sense of entitlement, but because their paychecks are inadequate.

    For Romney’s campaign, the video has produced a fatal narrative, one that adds momentum to others of its type in crucial pieces of the geography.

    Those people who used to work in factories in Michigan and Ohio, where they earned enough to support their families but who now work at Walmart earning enough to qualify for food stamps, Romney just branded them lazy.

    Those homeowners who are upside-down in Florida and Nevada and Colorado because someone lost a job that had health benefits and took another that doesn’t, which forced them to tap their home equity to cover an unplanned illness: They think society owes them happy days, Romney just said.

    Those students whose parents do not earn enough to pay for college, so they have to borrow from a federally backed program to finance higher education: Romney just called them societal leeches.

    We just got a glimpse of the America that Mitt Romney sees from his privileged perch, one where anyone unable to attend a $50,000-a-plate fundraiser simply hasn’t tried hard enough. That’s too much of a contrast from the America in which most people live. It’s going to be hard to explain to regular people.

    Which is why this is the end of the Romney candidacy.

  13. George Wilson says:

    According to the latest Gallup Poll, the presidential race is a virtual dead heat, with Obama’s lead of one per cent less than the statistical error margin of the poll. However, the poll was taken before Romney’s latest remarks. We’ll see ho much that moves the needle. But it can’t be a positive for your campaign when you are caught on tape essentially writing off 47% of the population.

    I believe the 47% number refers to a government report showing 47% of American households did not pay any taxes last year. The irony in it is that some of the 47%, albeit a small percentage, are extremely wealthy people.

    In general I think the holier than thou attitude about government subsidies and other payments is highly hypocritical. I’ve yet to meet one homeowner who didn’t take the IRS allowable deduction for mortgage interest on his tax return. It’s a government subsidy for homeowners, pure and simple. Nor have I met anyone who has turned down social security or medicare on principle. It seems to me government subsidies are a terrible thing unless you’re the one taking advantage of them. Then it’s completely justifiable.

    • chuck says:

      George makes great points.

      I think most of the comments here on both sides of the argument are pretty reasonable when they are parsed to more specific levels.

      You would think, that folks on the Hill in DC, would be able to compromise and then explain the compromises that were reached to thier constituents.

      Tip O’Niel and Ron Reagan were always able to work out there differences and move forward.

      It is a different era, I know, and while I do agree with everything that DSW anmd Paul said, I also agree with what Orphan and George says.

      I really don’t think, that the two lines of thought here are mutually exclusive.

      Once again, when you move the conversation to a more granular level, you see the pros and cons in a clear light. That should, lead to some time of compromise on smaller points, then, a graduation to a larger and successful effort which would ostensibly encompass the larger question, with both sides molified to an acceptable level.

      Ya think?

  14. chuck says:

    Sorry about the tupos, eyes are jacked up agaon

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