Glazer: This Just In, Romney Doesn’t Have a Chance

Turn out the lights, the party’s over…

As of today the President Barack Obama has a commanding lead to be re-elected. Get your anger out now because it looks like it’s OVER. The President has a huge lead according to USA Today and the Gallup Poll. It’s 50% for Obama and 44% for Mitt Romney.

Wow, that’s a big gap to cover in five or six weeks.

Can Romney come back? Not likely.He got zero bump after the Republican Convention, but was only trailing by 2%. Remember John McCain had a narrow lead after his convention four years ago and still got beat. For Mitt to win something dramatic will have to happen and fast.

While people aren’t happy with the economy and don’t all feel that Obama has done a great job to fix things, they seem to want to stay the course. The President did stop the bleeding for sure, or at least he credit for that.

Here’s another big number from the Gallup poll: among likely voters it’s 48% Obama and 43% Romney. Yikes. That’s large margin this close to the election.

With unrest in the Middle East and maybe more on the way, it’s even more unlikely voters will switch horses. Some are calling the big bump up for Obama, The Clinton Factor. And clearly Bill was a lift for Obama, but there’s no Republican who can bang the drum on TV and help Mitt like that.

Bottom line: Hey, we all hoped that the Chiefs would find a way to beat Atlanta last week and that Missouri would slip past Georgia – but both played and lost to better teams. In the end the solid, better teams won – and handily. I believe Obama will win the election just as easily. He also leads in three key battleground states including Ohio and Florida.

Like old Dandy Don used to say on Monday Night Football, turn out the lights, the party’s over.

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42 Responses to Glazer: This Just In, Romney Doesn’t Have a Chance

  1. harley says:

    Boring! Glaze you’re late to the party. I said this in december of last year.
    Not just a comment but I analyzed the demographics/the money/the
    states/the movement of voters/the stats on previous elections in 2011…
    and other data.
    You just read the paper and come to this decision.
    But you fail to bring upthe most important reason willard is a loser.
    He’s a bad candidate. Period. People don’t like the guy. He was pinned
    down early when he couldn’t spend any money before the conventions and
    the obama team just annihilated him on t v with the bain ads.
    From the primarieis to the convention willard couldn’t spend money so obama
    had open season on the d-bag.
    People don’t like him..they won’t vote for him. And while people like whiney
    man and mikey the mental midget said lyin ryan was a good pick I knew
    asap that he would be a terrible terrible vp pick.
    See glaze…the art of predicting an event is not just pulling a winner out of
    a hat. For you it may be. But i looked at factors like voting patterns..
    demographics and the increase in minority voters… the stances that willard
    and ryan had on issues like medicare…but the biggest issue i knew that
    would hurt willard in penn/ohio/mich/wisconsin was his attempt to
    badmouth the gm bailout. Worst move in history for presidential candidate…
    when 10 million people in those states directly and indirectly depend on the
    auto industry for income/taxes/etc….
    so next time you need a prediction give me a shout. I’m much beter than
    you and can find actual reasons and data to back up the call.
    You probably need to stick to comedy…hotties….and get with jack and
    show him how to deal with hookers.
    thanks for the shout out…i appreciate the mentions.

    • harley says:

      just in from mitt romneys video at sex party with fundraising friend:

      “Let them starve. If they didn’t make the right moves in life, that’s their problem. Their lives are of little value, and our policies on birth control ensure there’s a readily available supply of more of them where the last batch came from.”

      “It’s all about supply and demand, perks and blows. The supply of us is limited, so we get the perks. The supply of them is unlimited, so they get the blows. It’s that simple.”


  2. mike says:

    We haven’t even had the debates yet! Between that and Romney having a huge pile of cash to hit the airwaves with ads, I wouldn’t say it is over yet. Romney has to get more aggressive and not be apologetic when he does so. If he does so in the debates, he is still in it. If he doesn’t show any fire or conviction, he will be in trouble.

    • harley says:

      mikey the mental midget…willard has pulled ads in mich/cut back in ohio/
      no ads in penn/wisconsiin is almost lost/virginia has obama up 3-5 points/
      the path to 270 is almost non existent for romney..
      debates…who’se willard going to debate? He should debate himself be cause
      he’s a flip flopper extreaordinare…the uy has 5 different postions on
      obamacare/medicare/soc sec/the guy could entertain us all with us
      comedy of errors and his multitude of positions (if he has any)..
      i understand mikey…you’re a cubs baseball’re the last of the
      dying breed of republicans who is holding out for willard….willard
      has insulted almost every group of voters in the nation…
      even george will/laura ingrahm…your buddy rush limburg all say
      willards a stupid idiot………
      so keep on wishing and hoping…………………

      • mike says:

        Just a suggestion, Harley. You might want to learn to spell and punctuate better than an 8 year old before you refer to someone else as a mental midget!

        • harley says:

          i was being complimentary mikey…i used the word
          sorry about spelling and grammar…not my forte..
          just being right 100% of the time makes up
          for any mistakes in spelling.
          you write nice…but you’re always wrong…!!!!!!!

    • harley says:

      MIKEY….are you serious….debates…I’ll be surprised is willard shows
      it won’t be a serious debate..
      it should be held on saturday night live after willards home video…
      this will not be historic…this will be the comedy roast of the century


      see mikey…i told you so…..
      listedn to me ….i can change your life…no more friday nights at midnite
      on kcc….i can do it!@!!!!! Harley

  3. the dude says:

    You don’t know poverty like Ann and Mittens have known poverty.
    Eating meatloaf twice in one week back in the seventies was really hard on poor Ann, just ask her.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      In high school Mr & Mrs Mittens both fasted for the children in Bangladesh.

      Well, they skipped lunch. Same thing.

      It is now down to the battle of the personalities. Perhaps we need to refine our selection process. Part American Idol, part Hunger Games.

  4. Kerouac says:

    “As of today the President Barack Obama has a commanding lead to be re-elected.”

    – another ‘big contest’, Oilers had a commanding lead over the Bills 1993 playoff, Buffalo down 32 ‘points’ in the game (poll) 35-3.

    Final score, electoral college: Bills 41 Oilers 38

    “Get your anger out now because it looks like it’s OVER.”

    – ‘Chiefs therapy’ of a sort: do not re-elect Obama (Pioli) = FAIL

    “The President has a huge lead according to USA Today and the Gallup Poll. It’s 50% for Obama and 44% for Mitt Romney.”

    – I put as much faith in ‘polls’ as Polish intellect… two words: Dewey, Truman

    We shall see…

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Sorry my friend, I think this one is done…unless there is a major scandal or Obama mistake, a huge one…otherwise over.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    All good points, Kerouac.
    I always pay close attention to USA Today, who self admits to writing at a 6th grade comprehension level. I dont even know where to find a copy of USA today, unless you’re staying in a hotel and have to step over it before you leave your room. The only polls I ever pay attention to is Real Clear Politics; they sample every one and show all the results. Its the best blend if you want all views and opinions, but I assume they all over sample Dems. Who else is home in the day time when they call? And speaking of which, never once have I ever been polled, so who are these guys calling? I assume its the crowd that may or may not answer the phone if Maury is about to reveal the DNA results and see if DaMon really IS the babydaddy.
    In my humble opinion, Obama and Pioli are on in the same. Huge failures at what they are doing. If the Republicans can’t do any better job than they have of campaigning against the Obama record, they deserve what they get when they lose. This admistration won’t have a thing to run ON, only against.
    This election is the same as if Pioli was running for another tem in his job. Why on earth should he be ahead in ANY polls against ANY potential GM from ANY potential team? This speaks to the total lack of knowledge shared by the apathetic American public when it comes to facts and whats really going on in their nation.
    Pioli and Obama. Maybe they should just switch positions. Couldn’t hurt. Much. Neither have to know much about the others job, they dont know what they are doing in their own positions.

  6. the dude says:

    This is Raykwando and Maury told me hisself I am NOT the babydaddy, so THERE angry white man wilsun.

    Obama in 2012 to suppot my babbydaddy tendencies- KEEP IT REAUL PEOPLE.

  7. harley says:

    i don’t want to sound like glaze but if you need to know something about
    business or politics…if you need advice on life…money etc..
    contact me.
    I have a great sense of evaluating data and information and can
    give you some pretty sound advice about most things you might
    You can contact me via email at thanks
    for your shout outs and i look forward to helping all the kcc readers
    in whatever way possible.

    • harley says:

      most the time imm aa doublle dowwn ddouche!!!!

      • the dude says:


        • craig p. says:

          Sorry everyone but if you’ve read his comments over the last few months he has been right.
          He does know his politics and he has been right on the election. Give the man credit.

          • the dude says:

            He is right about Barry winning come the Ides of November but doesn’t know jack about politics or anything else for that matter.

        • craig p. says:

          DUDE…i need to remind you of the numerous
          things i’ve pointed out that are 100% rivght.
          Like mu to leave big 12…remember that dude…
          i said they were leaving…even after the big
          10 fiasco…only guy on here to make that statement..
          said mu would prosper despite all the comments that
          it was a wrong move. I said it. this is not some
          football predicytion which any dog can make…this
          was a fact based observation long before it came to
          I was on top of the sports money for mu in kc…long before the public knew about the trust fund…
          dude…please…you’re another one on the wrong side
          ofv every issue…
          remember…harley is right…if you need any more
          advice you know where to reach me.
          Harley is right…don’t forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • the dude says:

            Harley, I was saying the same things about MU also, you were not the only one.
            I’ll give you MU and Barry, consider that a victory.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Are you calling me a ‘know it all?’ Oh, I guess if the shoe fits?

    • mike says:

      I’ll contact you if I ever need advice on making up lies about myself or if I need help sounding like a narcissistic blowhard. Other than that, I’m fine.

      • craig p. says:

        no lies mikey…everything can be proved…
        you’re on the wrong side of ev erfything.
        you’re a couch potatoe..(with an e)…another cranky
        old washed up senile blubbering angry pot bellied
        broke d*ck white guy who’s on the wrong side
        of every issue and can’t understand why.
        Your time is up mikey..admit it…wrong on every
        issue except stalking me and my comments.
        You are hereby kic ked out of the offical “harley fan club”
        for being cranky and mean in your old age.
        Now please take note of further details about your
        buddies willard and lyin ryan…

        willard tape: 47% of americans are lazy….pretty much
        ends the debate with that qoute. Debates go like this…

        OBAMA: willlard over here only wants to help the
        53% of americans …he thinks half of america is useless
        and he doesn’t want to do whats right for them too!!!
        WILLARD: sound effect; phone ring
        “Uh…uh…uh….that was the butler…said that
        the maid spilled some of our $1000 a bottle wine
        on the $100,000 rug in the car elevator. Gotta go.
        Uh…uh…i’ll be right back…gotta take care of
        important issues”…..

        willlards campaign schedule today: salt lake city and dallas
        for fund raisers….willard has givenb up….and why
        shouldnt he…he has $300 million in the bank…what does
        he need all this political b.s. when he can hang with
        his buddy leder and go to those sex party orgies.
        Mikey…what would you do.

        • mike says:

          Oh no!!!!!!!!!! You’re kicking me out of the Harley fan club!? I don’t know if I can take it! On top of being a senile, old, fat, pot bellied, angry, broke d@ck white guy; I’m no longer in your fan club! Being in your fan club was everything to me! Am I still allowed to have the honor to read your positive, enlightening, and well crafted comments, oh Wise One?

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Gee Mike what lies, name one. To my knowledge I haven’t lied about anything, ever. Now maybe you don’t agree with something, thats fine, but all the stories are true, there are no lies…so what is it you feel was untrue?

        • mike says:

          Craig, I was responding to Harley, not you. I am not calling you a liar. I am calling Harley a liar. He always makes up stories about himself to illustrate how much better he is than everybody else on here and never backs up any of them with any kind of proof. Craig, I do sometimes disagree with you and will in the future, I’m sure. That I have no problem with. I hope I cleared that up!

          • harley says:

            glaze…mikey lives in a make believe world.
            Too much video games and couch time
            on friday nights.
            The guys not really with it.
            He calls everyojne a liar because thats his
            defense mechanism and rational for
            being a down and out guy.
            He continues to call me a liar when he knws
            i can prove everything i say and that
            I point out his lies and misstatements.
            Glaze…mikeys just another hater in the
            world…he’s jealous of people who do things
            and don’t sit on kccon friday nites at

          • mike says:


            I don’t call everyone a liar. I call YOU a liar. Let’s see here. You went to M.U. with Harold Bloom. He was born in 1930. You partied with Bill Clinton on the roof of a theater. You are young, but remember Metcalf Ave. as a gravel road. You are friends with Bud Selig. You are cousins with Manny from Manny’s. The owner of it doesn’t know who you are. You own 2 companies, are a 1%er, never worked for anybody in your life, yet you hate Romney and Hearne for being rich. The lies never stop!

          • mike says:

            By the way Harley, you say you can prove this stuff you say about yourself. THEN DO IT!! We have all heard this same “I can prove it” mantra for months with no proof whatsoever. You won’t prove any of it for one reason. YOU ARE A BALDFACED LIAR!!!!!

          • Craig Glazer says:

            OK, I didn’t know who you aimed it at…I see. No problem.

  8. harley says:

    to all the clowns at kcc … make me laugh so hard.
    you take this stuff so seriously.
    have some fun…smile…i know its hard when harley is right.
    have a great day

  9. harley says:

    Bay Buchanon is romneys campaign advisor (not a good one either)…said this:

    “Buchanan added that Obama was having a bad week too due to deadly protest in the Middle East. ”

    no you b*tch…america had a bad week. All you republicans and old angry
    white guys want is for america to fail. You wanted obama to fail from the
    day he took office. You wanted america to fail
    You are a disgusting group of haters and traitors. How many homeless people
    do you want to see? How many homes are you hoping are foreclosed.
    How many businesses are you hoping go under? You’re hoping that america
    and the people go down.
    Republicans and the rest of you old washed up dirty people want america
    to fail only so you can have your guy as presdient.
    Don’t write another comment…don’t say another word…you’ve proven you
    are not patriots…you’ve proven you are nothing but disgusting vile losers!!!!!!!!!!

    • mike says:

      I am patriotic to this country. That does not mean I have to blindly agree with every one of Obama’s policies any more than you had to agree with Bush’s policies. By the way, I don’t need your permission to write comments. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO TELL PEOPLE NOT TO WRITE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, could I try to explain one thing? Why can’t people have a different opinion from you without being attacked on a personal basis? You may not like this, but no, you are NOT always right. No one is. You make such blanket, demeaning statements to any one who says something you dont agree with. Why can’t you just let someone have an opinion, the same way you do?

    “just in from mitt romneys video at sex party with fundraising friend:”
    – You know what you would say in reply, if someone used the line you did, Just in from Obamas Sex party with JZ: ??? You’d blow a gasket!! Mitt Romney wasnt at a sex party and you know it. Now, if someone else said that… the would be broke dick angry white guy losers. But you can make a statement like that… and it falls under Harley, RIGHT 100% of the TIME.

    “mikey the mental midget…”
    – All this guy did was make a statement, express an opinion. Something HE believes about a topic. He’s done no more than you do, express an opinion, but when HE does it… you label him a MENTAL MIDGET. You may not agree with him, everyone may agree with him or hardly anyone agree with him, much like a lot of people don’t agree with you. But if you think this “is all just fun and games”, you encourage people to “lighten up and have fun”, is that really possible when you attack like that?

    “i was being complimentary mikey…i used the word
    sorry about spelling and grammar…not my forte..
    just being right 100% of the time makes up
    for any mistakes in spelling.
    you write nice…but you’re always wrong…!!!!!!!”
    – Mike ISN’T always wrong, any more than you are always RIGHT. And no, “being right 100% of the time” doesnt make up for writing like a 5 year old. And, you aren’t always right.

    ““Buchanan added that Obama was having a bad week too due to deadly protest in the Middle East. ”
    no you b*tch…america had a bad week.”
    – Im sure Obama DID have a bad week!! Who wouldnt have? But your response is that NOW this person is relegated to being a “b*itch” because you just don’t agree with, what is clearly, an accurate statement. America had a bad week, the President is the Commander in Chief, Im SURE he had a bad week.

    “All you republicans and old angry white guys want is for america to fail.”
    – Really? Do you really think ALL Republicans want American to fail? You really mean that? Thats clearly not the case, but its clearly what you state. ALL you Republicans…
    And, not everyone who disagrees with you is an angry white guy. Not everyone on here is a “broke dick white guy”. I’m NOT a Republican, certainly NOT a Romney fan, but he can make some good points. I’m not afraid to admit when he DOES!

    to all the clowns at kcc … make me laugh so hard”
    – Most of the people on here are successful at something. Most of the people on here have thoughts worthy of being heard. Some are bat shit crazy, but you can be too! But why attack everyone as all the CLOWNS at KCC?

    You know, you say you want a truce, but the venom just gets redirected from me and goes elsewhere. I don’t understand why there is NO tollerance for an opinion thats not shared by you. Harley ISNT right 100% of the time. Others have great, thought provoking opinions, but all they get is attacked.

    “you’re on the wrong side of ev erfything.
    you’re a couch potatoe..(with an e)…another cranky
    old washed up senile blubbering angry pot bellied
    broke d*ck white guy who’s on the wrong side
    of every issue and can’t understand why.”
    – Again, someone only writes THEIR opinion and they become a couch potatoe, senile, pot bellied, washed up broke dick white guy on the WRONG SIDE OF EVERYTHING? Harley, how can anyone be on the wrong side of EVERYTHING?

    You post under the name “Craig P” for the sole pupose of complimenting yourself!!
    “Sorry everyone but if you’ve read his comments over the last few months he has been right.
    He does know his politics and he has been right on the election. Give the man credit.”
    – Problem is, nothing else changes in the syntax, so its easy to see its Harley! Harley, complimenting himself under the persona of Craig P!

    But then you come on as “Craig P” and bash more people, only to forget your’e Harley WRITING as Craig P and start talking in the first person as Harley!!
    craig p. says:
    September 18, 2012 at 8:06 am
    “remember…harley is right…if you need any more
    advice you know where to reach me.
    Harley is right…don’t forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “mikey …if you want to post comments that make you
    look like an idiot…go on…be my guest.” – Harley, how many times do you think YOUR comments make YOU look like an idiot??

    I realize this little rant goes on and on, but you know what? These are ONLY comments I’ve taken word for word, from this ONE single post. Thats right, all these personal attacks on others have come from THIS… single…. post.

    If you want people to “take it easy” and “have some fun with this”, why don’t you stop making everything so personal. If you think youre right all the time, thats just great, but dont demean others who have an equal, opposing view point JUST because its opposing. Let them have the same space as you.

    Your last attack on ME was over being excited about a “condo vacation” in Florida. You know what? You seem to like VEGAS. I personally HATE Vegas, but I dont make fun of YOU for wanting to go to Vegas. I’ve gone to Pensacola for 25 years. Ive had MORE than one home there. I TOO have traveled the world. I offered to compare passport stamps in front of anyone from here, thats when you wanted the LAST truce!

    Domestically, P’cola is MY place to go. Its my home away from home, its where I’ll live full time one day. There was no “bragging” about a “condo vacation”, but you have to poke fun at that. I’ll be glad to send you pictures of how its decorated, since you seem to want to personally attack me for anything and everything, some of which you aren’t smart enough to know ISN’T the real facts. But, like Dude, Mike or anyone else on here, you lump me into a big bucket of people who disagree with you, so they become the enemy and you have to go after them personally.

    If you want a truce with ME, because I get too close to the facts about you, why don’t you ease up on EVERY one on here? I diasgree with a lot of what you say. Trust me, I’m NOT a broke dick, angry loser white guy. I am white, thats the only fact in that.

    Let people express what THEY want to talk about. If you have an oposing view point, why make it personal. You know what? If someone WANTS to make a living reselling hot tubs, I dont care. Its better than the 47% of people NOT paying tax OR living off the Federal Government in some way or the other. And “willard” fan or not, what he said was factual. There ARE 47% of the people who WILL vote for him for no other reason than that! He will take most all the black vote ONLY because he is black, or half black. Thats not an angry, broke dick pot bellied comment. Thats a matter of fact! You own the demographics, you know thats true. If “willard” said it or NOT, its fact. There is a segment, a demo, that he owns and it IS tied to race OR entitlement or both.

    Let people have a break. Call a truce with the WORLD. Harley, YOU are the one who looks MOST angry in all your rants, not the others. Go ahead, attack me again, its all good. But in THIS post, Paul is 100% right. Its nothing but YOUR words, cut and pasted for your consideration.

  11. BHO says:

    2 words: Jimmy Carter

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