Glazer: R.I.P. 2012 Chiefs, Now Would Somebody Please Fire Scott Pioli?

The Chiefs now officially THE WORST TEAM IN THE NFL and are unwatchable…

Back-to-back blowouts. Crushed again. They’re worse than last year’s terrible team. Remember this, “Man we got our guys back, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles, the tight end nobody gives a crap about. All that noise.

Remember, I was the guy bringing you the bad news early: the Chiefs stink again.

I was watching the destruction of a poorly coached, poorly led Chiefs joke of a football team IN the fourth quarter AND THE game had already ended in the first few minutes. Matt THE FRANCHISE had been sacked about six times and we had a quarter to go and were trailing 35-3.
Time to go to the back up quarterback – oh, I forgot, we don’t have one.

And if I hear anything positive on sports radio, I will totally call in and put those guys down. It’s time to stop pretending media, fans, KC folks. We’ve been screwed by this sad and now I can confidently say, stupid organization.


I actually mean that – it’s that bad. A monkey would be better.


But he won’t be. Instead, Romeo will go, Matt will go but that phony GM will still be here looking for the right 53 in year 5, 6, 7 and as long as Clark Hunt will pay him.

This nightmare falls squarely on Pioli’s shoulders, not Romeo Crennel. He’s just the patsy fall guy. A nice, but not overly bright, defensive coach, picked to take the fall and nothing more. Oh, he did win five games in Cleveland over 90 years. PLEASE.



But most won’t. They’ll continue to complain about Matt, and let’s use Charles more and the same old loser talk. I can hear it now.

“Hey,we can still make the playoffs.”

Here’s a tip; NONE of these players will see a playoff game with the Kansas City Chiefs.

It will be years from now and they’ll all be gone, old, hurt, traded or cut.


And don’t count on another loser group of teams to play like we got in 2010. Here’s a little secret about that – WE STUNK THEN AS WELL. We were a 6-10 team pretending to be something we were not. BALTIMORE PROVED THAT REAL QUICK.

I am so sorry Chiefs fans, find another team to root for if you want to win…this season is OVER.
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32 Responses to Glazer: R.I.P. 2012 Chiefs, Now Would Somebody Please Fire Scott Pioli?

  1. chuck says:

    Scott Pioli’s office–

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Ok Harley, one last test and you’re the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs!!”

    HARLEY: “I’ll take “Missouri SEC Money for a Hundred Dollars”.

    SCOTT PIOLI: “No, no, but I like where you’re coming from. Do we qualify for SEC Money?”

    HARLEY: “Can Gary Pinkel coach? Does Quinn Snyder have a deviated septum? Is an early fake punt on the 35, against a great defense and no blocking a smart play?”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “I’m still gonna raise parking. Lets start the test. It’s called the Kobayashi Maru.”

    HARLEY: “All my friends order that on the Plaza.”

    SCOTT PIOLI: No, no, “Belichik stole the idea from Star Trek. Instead of invading the “Neutral Zone”, the opposing team’s “Neural Zone” is attacked by increasing levels of paranoia to the point that the opposing coach loses it so bad, he thinks candy wrappers are talking to him.”

    HARLEY: “I do think that you should have taken Kirsti Alley at 3 instead of Tyson Jackson.”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “One mistake and I will NEVER live it down.”

    HARLEY: “Sorry, good point Scott. Hey, do you think if a guy blows just one trucker, than he is gay?”

  2. harley says:

    thanks for the mention glaze but the truth is you are as fair weather a fan
    as anyone and you are not that good of a predictor of anything!
    I remember an article you wrote about how good the same cheifs were in
    the pre season. Like the rest of the writers you are nothing but a fair weather
    fan. You are a phony bettor. Why? You’re not a statistician. Only statisticians
    understand the numbers and evaluate the game without any emotion. You are
    far off from that point. You are like the wind. There are just too many factors
    involved in a football game to evaluate a game the way you do. And when you
    lose you get emotional. Bad thing to do. You look at betting as a game and
    not a business decision and you follow that line.
    Would I be a better gm than pioli. No way. Neither would you. You cry after the
    fact but never use any statistics nor facts (rankings/ratings/even factors like
    weather and road games) to back up your phony statements. And they are phony.
    I’m sure pioli has a determinating program like pecota thats used to predict
    the performance of players in baseball. I’m sure he has other data that gives
    him insight into a players potential and actual time playing stats. Its not as
    easy as you think. So your supposed “swami” predictions are based on pure
    b.s. I doubt i could do what pioli does because there are thousands of factors
    involved in a game.
    However…i think pioli is torn between trying to make his boss happy by
    making money and being a winner on the field. I can tell you the cheifs are
    having trouble off the field. Season tickets are way down…tv time on the
    games is going for discounted rates. Sponsorship are down. And we know
    about clark…he’s a money driven animal. Like hisdad. If clark is more concerned
    with makeing a buck we see it…they’re 20-30 million under the cap.
    they raised prices this year to cover costs…and pioli wants to keep his job.
    But his first mistake was hiring romeo. After yesterdays game i listened
    to romeos news conference and he was a disaster. Not good. He couldn’t
    explain himself well. First time i heard him talk.
    If pioli could run it like a business he would have brought in a top coach…
    it starts from there. He would have realized the chiefs have no one to
    evaluate talent. Many many busts. He would realized that pitt/new orleasn/
    green bay/giants would nevefr have a coach be a coordinator…doesn’t work.
    He would follow the successful teams and do what they do. Pioli is not
    a gm. Never was. chiefs asnd royals think you can take a guy who worked
    uynder a successful gm and poof that guys good too. Doesn’t work…moor and
    pioli are over their heads.
    All those new players…ttoo many to be cohesive early in the season.
    New offensive line…new def. backfield…too many new players in htere
    to be effective…will trake time. thats not my prediction..just that you find
    that in other teams who turn over so many players in a year.
    Receivers…terrible. If you watch and focus on the receivers in their
    running of pattersn they are never open. NEVER> Our receivers can’t
    getopen..too slow…bad patterns…so when cassell goes back to pass he’s
    trying to thread a needle and eventually you get in touble. OUr receivers
    are horrible…don’t know if they lack speed or the routes are too long.
    Cassell gets sacked…receivers are taking toolong on rtoutes and aren’t open.
    Watch when caseell trhow to someone…theyre always covered pretty well..
    noone open enough to make for an easy pass.
    Chiefs made mistake with romeo…nice guy ut he’s trying to do everything…
    they’ve got a great defensive coordinator in Gary gibbs who did a great
    job in new orleans as d.c….but they keep him pinned down.
    Glaze…sorry…i’ve gambled more money than you in my life. My family ran
    casinos in vegas when you were a child..i grew up in a gambling house…YOU
    I’ve vgot nate silvers new book…and am reading it now.
    Go to natesilver 538 on the net…read this guy’s work on plitics…
    he’s a genius. He’s done work in sports..pecota system and invented a
    statistics measure of how many games a team will win. He’s writing
    about sportsw betting now…will get you details.
    thanks for the shout out…now i know that i’ve made it on kcc when the
    #1 writer dedicated an entire article to me.
    have a great day.

  3. "Bones" says:

    “Damnit Jim!!!!

    I’m a doctor, but DON’T HIRE HARLEY!!

  4. “Harley, I’m votin for Romney.”

  5. chuck says:

    Ok, I gotta go to work.

    Have a great day Harley!


  6. Rick Nichols says:

    Owning a football team has always been pretty much something of a hobby (i.e., a sideline BUSINESS) for the Hunt family. If they had a winning team, well, that was just icing on the cake. Instead of choosing to remain in Dallas and fight it out with the NFL’s Cowboys for the lion’s share of the local entertainment dollars that were to be had there, Mr. Hunt looked to the north in the early ’60s and saw greener ($$$) pastures in Kansas City. The matter was settled, with the Texans becoming the Chiefs, and the rest, as they say, is history.

  7. mike says:

    Happy Rosh Hashannah, Glaze!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Thanks Mike…guess all the agents in LA and New York will be off today and tomorrow…even the non Jews…some may even find a place to pray… doubt it…
      Maybe the Chiefs need a day of atonement…some place to pray.

  8. Kerouac says:

    It could have been worse – to wit, according published reports Lamar Hunt wanted to keep the name ‘Texans’ when his former Dallas team came KC: ‘Kansas City Texans’.

    Pace Picante Sauce come to mind: “this stuff’s made in New York City.”

    “New York City?!”

    “Get a rope.”

    And here 53 years aft their birth Dallas, the current owner as the original still resides ‘there’, not here KC. Maybe it is naive to expect something closer to home as it were… then again, maybe things are worse than ever. An absentee owner, an GM from New England and a (lost) weekend in Buffalo suggests carpetbaggers more so opportunists, a sort.

    Perhaps Charlie Finley’s old 1960’s Athletic’s would have had more luck had they went with the ‘Kansas City Packers’ or maybe the ‘Kansas City Yankees Two/Too.


    Speaking of ‘The Lost Weekend’ in Buffalo (the Chiefs playing the part of Ray Milland’s character Don Birnam), I wrote the (below) commentary elsewhere but will republish it here as I’ve nothing new or better offer.

    “He’s the best GM candidate in the entire NFL” – variously 2009 upon his hire, KC… Scott Pioli.

    Four years ago, all the arrogance of & worship at the altar ‘Patriot Way’ – Pioli and his handpicked, Haley, the ‘right 53′; appears that they still have yet find those “any 22 guys from off the street”.

    A soft schedule second year, a fluke injury-free season and still the guy could do no better than his predecessors. His apologists – “But wait – first he needs more time.”

    Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…

    Love him or no, Herm Edwards didn’t get more time – he wasn’t even allowed to undertake the rebuilding of Vermeil’s ‘relic roster’ until Herm’s final year.

    Other firsts Pioli’s, aside from choosing Haley: (draft choice) Ty ‘Inaction’ Jackson… (his QB, franchise) ‘$63 mill man’ Cassel… (successor coach his first) Crennel… (- first – and second, third, fourth & fifth offensive coordinators) Gailey, Haley, Weiss, Mueller and Daboll.

    Add to that Pioli’s denigrating of ‘anyone and anything’ remained or /reminded of the era Edwards/Peterson – including the 2 formers players, draft choices, etc. – who just happen ‘still be’ 4 years hence the very best the ’12 team can put on the field. I’ve yet to hear an acknowledgement a positive comment about anything pre-Pioli… all he keeps repeating is mantra “we had to change the culture.” Well congratulations Mr. Patriot Way – culture shock achieved, results different any W & L, none.

    This reminds me of (among others) former LA Dodgers ‘new’ GM Kevin Malone, who uttered “there’s a new sheriff in town” upon his arrival white horse, afore proceeding fall on his empty promises, i.e., his machine gun mouth/sword.

    The sad thing is, Pioli is going nowhere – fast -Hunt will (like a ‘chip off the old block’ dads, an Jack Steadman & later a ‘stayed too long at the fair’ Peterson tack) remain silent, $ati$fied and smug. The younger Hunt would not say **** if he had a mouthful (which, considering his hired gun Pioli’s results, Hunt has… savor the flavor.)

    Reminds me of the old plumbing adage, “your **** is our bread & butter” – eat it up fandom, Hunt is depending on you.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      well done, agreed…you rock the site with your comments…love them. Really stories…you should be with the Star.

      • Kerouac says:

        Thanks for the kudos, just the blunt passion a lifelong Chiefs fan on display. Regarding the ‘KC Star’ & Kerouac, my wordsmith is too free a spirit fit within their prescribed boundaries.

        Pioli sorta reminds me (looks wise) former Hall of Fame Packers DT Henry Jordan, alas his football expertise appears to be more along the lines another DT, Ryan Sims – overhyped and failed to deliver as advertised.

        Oh well, time to watch some real football with a real QB (deux even) tonight: Manning/Broncos vs Ryan/Falcons.

  9. Brown says:

    This is total BS. Are you unaware that you lie a lot? Or are you stupid?

    “Remember, I was the guy bringing you the bad news early: the Chiefs stink again.”

    Total BS. You jumped on the Chiefs hating band wagon at the same time everyone else did. When they lost game 2 of the preseason. Please quit acting like you knew something no one else did. Again, you are either unaware of your lack of honesty or else you are just stupid.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Well Brown, lets see last year I went to Vegas and took a large position on the Chiefs and under, won that…this year I went out game one to take Atlanta, won that…yes I was hopeful early and said lets see more preseaon…by game two I was sure they stunk and by game three was all over them as bad…most still said “its preseaon” I didn’t…I went hard on them on radio and on this site…more than anyone else…so while I did give them a chance early, very early…I never said ’10-6′ playoffs…Hearne in a joking manner wrote SUPERBOWL BOUND as a headline my artilce did not nearly reflect that kind of belief…so sorry if that mislead you…

      Nobody can predict everything on the dime…I’ve been better than good so far over the last few years….so give me a touch of credit ok…if not…that’s fine.

      If I was so stupid…how many KC fans were in Vegas last week with that kind of bet…ZERO.

      • harley says:

        glaze you are stupid.
        anyone who bets football is stupid.
        anyone who bets football for other than recreational
        fun is stupid.
        your dog could pick more winners than you could..
        your girlfriend could pick more winners than you could…
        because you’re not a good better…i explained why
        You’re the perfect shnook the casinos want…an
        ego inflated bettor with nothing t oback up his
        choices on the board.
        my dads cousin (who ran some of the largest casionos
        in vegas ) said it so right!!!!

        YOU’RE NEVER GONNA BEAT US! period!!!!!!!!!!

        keep your cash in your p0ocket.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Well Harley I don’t see wtf you are talking about you have read my ‘major’ bets..the picks are just that picks, some I take some I don’t…changes, but the bigger ones I say I do, I do. You know the record, so again, I have made my point over and over and over and over….thank you for caring though.

        • harley says:

          my dadds cousins uncle sisters mmothers dads sisssters britherr inlaws yutz. im a chiucking yutxz

      • Brown says:

        I’m referring to how you said earlier that this team would stink.

        But earlier you actually said they would be good.

        I didn’t say anything about your gambling problem or what horrible headline the owner of this site wrote for you.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          I see, ok….lets leave at this, you are entitled to your opinion.

          • Brown says:


            I enjoy your writing. Just sometimes you make something all about you, and when it is about the Chiefs or Royals, it is not about you.

  10. Rick Nichols says:

    Pioli looks lost, doesn’t appear to have a clue.
    And the fans are frustrated – the team’s 0-2.
    So good-bye 2012 – the Chumps are basically through.
    But I’m already getting excited about the Chimps …
    Hey, what about you?

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