Glazer: Everyone Wants Pioli Gone, but Chiefs in Store for Years of Losing

Well for once all of the media that matters said the same thing today…


I looked at the Kansas City Star this morning and both columnists, Kent Babb and Sam Mellinger echoed what I wrote yesterday. This team goes nowhere with its current general manager, Scott Pioli.

And no, I don’t think they read my story and got the idea from me. Both guys are in a bad spot, as are the radio sports shows. The Chiefs spend money with all these outlets – big money. Just as important, all these folks need access to players, coaches and even the big guy, Pioli. With the exception of Babb, who is bailing on the Star very soon.

So it’s not that easy to call for the King’s firing just two games into the regular season.

This after four years of Carl Peterson Part Two.

I don’t know Scott, he may be a decent guy, but wow what a fall from grace.

He can’t draft, hire a head coach or run a winning program. And that’s pretty much all he was hired to do. Oh, I forgot, he does make the Hunt Family tons of money. Carl did the same. But let’s face it, without Marty Schottenheimer Peterson would have likely suffered the same fate much earlier in his 20 years running the franchise.

Peterson was something else – mean, hateful, arrogant and not a winner.

Thanks to a winning football team with almost no playoff victories in the 90’s, Carl and his five year plan survived. You remember, the one that never got us close to a Super Bowl because of his horrible mistakes when it mattered most.

“The last drops of reasonable belief that the Chiefs aren’t wasting their fan’s time and money are now dead..” wrote Sam “The Man” Mellinger.


Both sound like someone I know…me.

They’re now telling fans to stay away and let Hunt see a financial problem. Then and only then will a move be made. Sadly that’s not likely. There are over 45,000 season ticket holders with big investments. They’ll still go to games even when we’re 1-6.

Oh sure, they’ll give the tickets to their friends and family as the season wallows on, and those people will go and fill the otherwise empty seats.

Then all the talk will turn towards, “Lose all the games to get a college star quarterback for next season.”ย  That may happen, whether they try to or not.

So next year we’ll get a new head coach, a new rookie quarterback – all picked by Scott Pioli. He’ll remain. Then he’ll tell you it takes time with a rookie quarterback. Who knows if the guy he picks will be able to even make it happen in the NFL? Most don’t.

Now we have however many more years of losing ahead.

Chiefs fans, maybe I’m wrong, but to me it looks like years of losing down the road. It’s just so unfair.

Both Star columnists talk about how weird Pioli is with his secrets, that he focuses on little things at the stadium, keeping the spending down and on and on.

Don’t kid yourself, Scott’s deeply depressed, more than we are, if that’s possible.

He’s embarrassed, so are we all.
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14 Responses to Glazer: Everyone Wants Pioli Gone, but Chiefs in Store for Years of Losing

  1. kansas karl says:

    Frank Ganz lives! it’s 1988 all over again, crappy coach, crappy management, but the difference they make money now, so this is it for the forseeable future. No need to change a thing, the mindless lemmings will still go to the games, dumb ass advertisers will tie their future to the ones without a future and it goes on.

  2. the dude says:

    This also just in; fire is still hot and water is still pretty wet.

  3. harley says:

    we need the glaze for kcees coach and kcees mayor!!! picks were off a little big guy!!!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Yes I was lucky it wasn’t worse..big upsets, TCU not getting another point in a game they should have had more than 40 over a terrible KU team, just needed the one…point…New England getting upset, who figured that one, agaisnt AZ at…its a tough life picking games….still we are just north of even so far…hope to get back up next week..last year we had a better start with four college teams covering all four first weeks except one, LSU and I had that one on a tease…but that was last excuse…hope to do better..”We are playing to get better..” sound familar.

      • harley says:

        glaze…according to bookmakers last year was an exception.
        The line were configured wrong and it cost the house
        a lot of money overf the year.
        this year they won’t make the early mistakes that they
        did over the last few years early in the season by giving
        too many points.
        I think this year you’ll be lucky to break even which means
        you lose money over the season.
        truth is that you’re a recreational gambler and don’t pay
        attention to what the data says.
        good luck.

  4. Rick Nichols says:

    Born to Lose (with apologies to Ray Charles)

    “Woke up today, couldn’t bear to read the Sports Daily news.
    Took time to pray, shouldn’t always have these red-and-gold blues.
    Seems the Kansas City dreams we dream, we dream in vain.
    Oh, we’ll still play, but it’s sure lookin’ like we were born to lose!”

  5. Kerouac says:

    One last ‘flashback’ today’s focus the Chiefs GM, Pioli:


    “You may think itโ€™s harmless,โ€ he (Chiefs President Mark Donovan) said when asked about some of the measures, such as lowering window shades. โ€œOther people may think itโ€™s very harmful to our competitive advantage. Itโ€™s about winning.โ€

    – obviously, someone has failed to pull the shades down- twice now…

    And from Clark Hunt, “We needed a culture that pursued excellence, one that valued honesty and integrity, one where the employees would be held accountable.โ€

    – I wonder if the response a lack of ‘excellence’ and ‘accountability’ includes the GM’s shade being pulled – permanently?

  6. DSW-ESQ. says:

    Time for “Egoli” to go… in the immortal words of Whitlock

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    The Chiefs have to get better to UNDERMsuckMODERATION.

    They are again performing with out cologne.

    One thing for sure, the scab refs won’t make a difference for the Right 53. Integrity of the game? Look no farther than Arrowhead Drive.

    Well at least Temple is 1-1 and in a position for another sign of the coming Apocalypse, beating Penn State. Can Haley’s Comet be far behind?

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