Whinery: Obama Blames Romney Rather Than Looking in Mirror

Why Do You Want to Vote for Obama?

Especially if you are an American!

Especially after the debacles stemming from a lack of security and a true misunderstanding of who the ENEMY is which led to four Americans DEAD in our Libyan Embassy. While our Egyptian and Yemeni embassies are under siege…


Not at his daily National Security Briefing the next morning, as WaPo reported. Obama only shows up to these critical briefings 40% of the time anyway.

You’re Commander in Chief, Mr. President and the world is a dangerous place. It might behoove you to take the time see what CIA has to tell you. On September 4th- Egyptian Intelligence warned about these attacks- did you oversleep?

Our first Ambassador killed since 1979 in Afghanistan and his only response is to jet off to Vegas for a fundraiser and let his “handmaidens” in the Liberal Media blame it on Romney!

What did Romney do besides portray what happened as a disgusting act by enemies of the United States of America?

While Obama blames it on a YouTube video “critical of Islam” and all but apologizes to the Arab world because we have that PESKY FIRST AMENDMENT that allows Americans to cinematically express their opinions.

This election is not about simple policy disagreements or differences in economic theories. It’s about what this Country stands for. An attack on our embassy is an act of war and the person being attacked does not apologize to the attackers because they got their feelings
hurt over a movie.

Has Obama became Jimmy Carter to the point even our Embassies aren’t safe?

At least Carter tried to rescue the hostages in Iran.

Meanwhile, a gas station near Westport probably has more security than our Embassy in Libya did. And what’s even more unbelievable than that is that even though our
embassy in Egypt has Marines- unlike Libya- they aren’t allowed to have live ammunition in their weapons!

You want to talk about outsourcing- Obama has OUTSOURCED the security of American diplomatic personnel to the locals.

Trusting the “locals” is a disaster in Afghanistan and it transcends the boundaries of logical reasoning to trust “locals” to protect our Embassies.

It‘s better to be feared than loved- especially in Geo-Politics, Mr. Obama.

I don’t see anybody pulling this crap on the Russians very often and when they do- Putin KILLS the perpetrators. He doesn’t apologize or worry about whether some religious fanatics feelings got hurt.


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  1. chuck says:

    2 days ago in Benghazi Lybia, the American Ambassador, Christopher Stevens was killed. This, after ministrations by still another Mullah, horrified by a dissrespectful You Tube Movie denigrating Mohammed, called once again, on the faithful to avenge the Prophet’s honor. First reports would have us believe that terrorists, more likely close associates of the American sponsored Muslim Brotherhood, whom through our largesse have ascended to power in that same country, killed Mr. Stevens.

    That would be categorically incorrect. Ambassador Stevens was killed by etoliated American Policies now in place throughout the Mideast that appease and encourage the impacable, inveterate advance of a civilization and people who prove again and again in thought, word and deed, the abject hatred of all things Occidental and American.

    Today Hillary Clinton, a brilliant woman, asked herself and all Americans a rhetorical question. “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate?” Billions of people all over the world have the answer to this question readily at hand. Those billions would include the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and various and sundry infamous organizations under the Black Salfist Flag, along with those millions, languishing under the suzerainity of radical Islamist constraint.

    The answer is, that the raison d’ etre for the existance of Islam, is the subjugation and destruction of all things Western, by blood, fiat, takia, immigration, war and the reduction of all Occidental civilization to the status of dhimmitude.

    Syed Qtub, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (Executed by Nassar. Mideast Despots are now, and have been one of our best weapons in the fight against extremeists and terrorists. The ill advised idiotic support of an “Arab Spring”, and the consequences for that support is more evident as each day passes.) is no doubt taking a brief respite from his 72 virgins to high five with the Ayatollah Khomeomi at the astonishing ascendance of Shia hegemony througout the Mideast, supported and sustained by American blood and treasure.

    The ill advised support of sworn enemies, resulting in painfully obvious extrapolations, has, for some reason, shocked our statesmen and American ship of state. Hackneyed, global, rainbow expectations are now replaced with a realistic Islamic malevolent bedrock of hate, the miasma of which now permeates, along with the stench of death, the Lybian Ambassador’s residence.

    Infesting the Mideast over the last 40 years, the necrosis that is the Muslim Brotherhood excrescence, is now the body politic that must be dealt with by the idiots who put them in charge. Americans.

    Here at home, our Federal Government, in a continuing paroxysm of intrasigence, insists on importing Islamic immigrants at heretofore unheard of levels. The failure of these immigration policies, here at home in places like Omaha and Minnesota, in the face of the unambiguated failure of same, is criminal.


    Over in Europe, the destruction of England and Western Culture is at hand.


    As we would expect, the 4th Estate’s silence in deafening.


    Mean while the Federal Death Star Immigration Tractor Beam sucks in the unwashed masses from terrorists states, in it’s effort to establish a culture who in recent weeks, has declared jihad on dogs,


    Barbie Dolls,


    and considers every woman a genetical demimonde who is subject to honor killings at the whim and caprice of the extemporaneous interpretation of “Allah’s” will by the Arab hoi polloi.

    We have made ourselves a bed of sand fleas and camel dung.

    Sweet dreams.

  2. chuck says:

    My comment is not moderate, so I doubt it will be moderated.

  3. harley says:

    Whiney…I thought you went into hiding after the last 3 articles you”wrote” which
    in the last 2 weeks have been proven wrong.
    You tried to take down the democratic convention and look what happened..
    it catapulted obama into at least a 5-6 point lead in all the major polls…but
    most importantly it took michigan/pennsylvania and soon ohio off the
    electoral map for romney. Romney likewise created a major blunder (according
    to other republicans) when he did a world record flip flop on obamacare/aca
    in one 12 hour period saying he liked it/hated it/wanted it repealed then backtracked and said he liked parts of it. If you think that’s how a president is to react then
    whiney you are off base in your writings again.
    Then comes this debacle by willard which not only made him look like one of the
    biggest fools running for prez ever (according to top republican people) but made
    him look like a major j-off to the american people when he jumped on a story
    before the story played out.
    Most importantly we saw what willard is about. The loser couldn’t wait until
    after 9/11. He had to hurry and put out a partisan attack on the president
    on 9/11. Not only was the j-off stupid enough to not make mention of the
    troops in afghanistan and iraq…even a simple measure of words about the
    casualties in his speech…but this idiot didn’t even mention that part of
    foreigh policy in his speech to the rnc.
    Romnney has proven…not only to democrats but to republicans (see laura
    ingrahm) as one of the dumbest/most idiotic/unprepared/worst candidate
    for the presidency since _______________! This romney guy has been an
    epic fail in every category of this campaign. And you’re seeing it.
    I could go into the dumbest antics by romney in the embassy attacks where he
    has shown that he’s not ready for prime time…the guy shot himself in the foot
    so many times he rivaled cheney shooting his buddy in the head. As far as
    the election is concerned romney is basiccaly falling intoa deep deep pit
    with one of the worst run campaign I as a political observer has ever seen.
    It’s now evident that every piece you have written has been proven to be
    some of the worst prognositcations and the worst “garbage” written about
    an election I’ve read. Your comments are so far off i wonder if you did
    any research…especially noting this piece on the embassies which are about
    75% complete lies. Your story on the democratic speakers turned out to
    be equally far off as the polling showed how well the convention in charlotte
    went and how well the speeches were received.
    In politics we call people like you a “hack”. Hopefully you don’t make your
    living write this junk.
    Not only that but you have failed in every single piece you’ve written to
    give even the slightest facts that were proven and true. In other words
    i will use the words few politicians use…YOU LIED.
    Here’s what is even worse about your stories. You want americans to die.
    You want the economy to tank. You want job layoffs. You’re wanting the
    embassy event to turn out bad. You’re not even pulling for america.
    You are a turncoat. Sorry…but people like you are what make america
    bad. You’re wanting the nation to have problems because then you can
    get your people/liars in office.
    Do one story about what’s great about this nation right now. There’s plenty.
    But you won’t write it. Your personality is so distruaght at the fact that
    your hero romney will lose that you have a disgusting need for things to
    go wrong in america. But you are not alone. There’s millions out there like
    The update right now is this: Romney now has few ways to get to
    270 electoral votes. each day this clown comes up with more ways to
    self sabotage his campaign. As MccAAINN’S campaign chief said ” this
    guy is just a terrible candidate”.
    Obvioulsy you’re not following this race very closely or just getting your
    talkiing points from fox news.
    Please check all your ffacts and try to get a vantage point somehwere
    else than fox news before you’re next story. You’re beginning to look
    worse than your hero dick morris (foot fetish man).

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Blah, blah, blah….I love and worship Obama…..blah, blah, blah…..everyone else is stupid…..blah, blah, blah…..I am the sole arbiter of all facts……blah, blah, blah…..Oooooo, look, free donuts…..blah, blah, blah…..1+2=5…..

  4. harley says:

    whiney…read the ny times about bush not paying attention to the briefs and
    analysis by the government about al quada before 9/11. He paid no attention
    to it…the results:
    3000 people killed on 9/11
    6100 ameircans killed in iraq/afghanistan
    50,000 troops wounded…
    and guess what…not one of these items was mentioned in his speech…
    these things weren’t “important” enough for him to pay tribute.
    You are supporting a big loser.

  5. Goose13 says:

    So Bush is to blame for 9/11. Really. You go on one article. It is fact that Clinton ignored a lot of intel. The first World Trade Center attack was in 1993 and what did Clinton do? Nothing. Then they finished the job in 2001. 9/11 was a failure on many people, not just one. It is common knowledge that the different intel agencies do not work well with each other, no matter WHO is president. Democrat, Republican is just a name. They are ALL politicans, who care about themselves. Putting the deaths from 9/11 on Bush is BS. They terrorists are the ones to blame. It is not a Democrat/Republican issue. Don’t insult the dead by doing that, they deserve much better than that.

  6. Orphan of the Road says:

    And how did Ronald Reagan, the Republican god whose beliefs and actions have been disavowed by his followers, respond when attacks in Lebanon killed soldiers? How did he protect the troops during this time?


    Our intelligence agencies have been staffed by suburban-raised, lilly-white men who cannot understand why third-world folks don’t think and act as they themselves have been raised.

    The Revolt of the Rich continues and the lap-dog Republicans follow the American Taliban and their “science” down the road to Hell.

    Obama’s many, many faults are there for all to see and criticize. And yet folks feel they need to invent things to criticize.

    Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.
    Ambrose Bierce

    • Goose13 says:

      I forgot about Reagan. Lebanon should be a parking lot after those Marines were killed. Intel knew about the threat on that one also and still did nothing. Politicians are slime

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    This just happens to occur on 9/11, but is flying under the flag of an obscure documentary, being blamed on a whack job pastor in Florida, with no evidence he’s even seen it! They trace the film down to a California producer who isn’t who he claimed to be, (not Glazer, another producer), not funded by who he says he was, rather it was put together by his Coptic Christian’s wife’s family money in the Middle East!

    But let’s let the radical Islamist’s use that excuse; how have they seen a film we can’t even seem to find? And how did that immobilize that many protestors? Simple answer, it didn’t. That’s just the flag the actions are flying under. It’s another smoke screen. And our administration’s first statement; an apology for “us” providing the “religious incitement”!!

    Read deeper and you find these 4th century rock throwers, so mad over their prophet being made fun of, men with such intensely high religious morals and values, gang rape and sodomized the Ambassador. Gang raped to the point he apparently suffocated during his attack. And his two secretaries? Gang raped. This, all in the name of preserving the image of Allah. It makes perfect sense to me, how about you?

    Next time a comic appears on stage at Stanfords and makes fun of Jesus let’s see a Baptist minister track him down, along with his entire congregation, and gang rape the man who did it. Then let’s let them go ahead and rape some miscellaneous females in the perpetrators presence and complete the little party by dragging them through the streets of the community.

    If that happens, I would HOPE our message from the administration is one of…. “You shouldn’t make fun of Jesus!!” It was a fine message on the 11th. Wouldn’t that apply in the above example? Do we think that’s what we’d see?

    Whats the difference in the two situations?

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Put yourself in the position of the average citizen of any third-world country. Their life has taught them nothing is published nor spoken without the consent of the government.

      They then look at what transpires in our media and can’t fathom it wasn’t government-speak.

      Looks as if details are emerging there were no protests, only attacks.

      Our intelligence agencies (oxymoron) have failed time and time again to comprehend what is occurring in the world. Regardless of the party in power.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Orphan, I get it, I really do. These people are raised on hate, hate is all they understand. The history of the problems go back to Biblical times. Rape and sodomy was a common act perpetrated on strangers passing through a town back in those days, its how they established the pecking order.
        And, thats where they people live, mentally, in the 1st century.
        We make such huge mistakes moderating Libyan issues, ousting a leader then thinking we are loved. We are introducing “democracy” to people who have no interest in it or knowledge of it.
        And I agree, what little protest there existed was only a front for the attack that was going to happen. And why our government continues to say this little known youtube is to blame, is beyond me. Other than…. we have no credibility left anywhere in our nations leaders.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          …and in the midst of this tragedy, our President can’t be detained. He has to jet off to Letterman, JZ’s, Vegas then brag that he has out fund raised the Republicans…in the face of all this.
          We should be so proud.

          • Orphan of the Road says:

            If were were to pick 467 patients from various mental institutions I don’t think they would be any worse than what passes for a leader in our (or any) political theater.

            Of rich man, preachers, and slaves;
            Yes, if Jesus was to preach like He preached in Galillee ,
            They would lay Jesus Christ in His grave.

  8. harley says:

    i really don’t know how people in the middle east were raised…i’m sure
    there are serous problems in their upbringing.
    But heck…what about in the u.s.
    thousands of murders per year in the u.s….almost none in mideast
    rapes…we’ve got leaders saying there are liegitimate rapes…thousands
    of them every year…
    robberies…murder…rapes…killings…shootings…the problems of violence
    in cities like kc and even chicago.
    we have more hate in america than in any other part of the world and
    what about all the wars we fight….beyond anything in the arab or any
    otehr part of the world…

    • harley says:

      im a commie annd a racist, shmk, and the glazes paartner of life!

      • harley says:

        Whoever is writing this..and we probably know the source..
        your time is up.
        Wilson and i have stop our quarrells…i respect his opinion
        and hopefully he resepcts mine.
        please stop these asenine comments. If you have something
        to say say it! no need to keep this up…
        say something intelligent and fun…if not get off kcc.

    • mike says:

      We even have sickos duct taping women’s mouths shut!

  9. Keroauc says:

    “Why Do You Want to Vote for Obama?”

    – I don’t, I haven’t and I shant, ever… in answer the question: ‘what do you think of Obama’, twould be “I wonder if Lee Harvey has a brother?”

  10. harley says:

    NBC/wallstreet journal polll shows dark clouds over thepitiful romney campaign:

    In Virginia, Obama leads 49 to 44, but only 5 are undecided. Furthermore, only 2% say they might switch before election day. That means even if Romney swept all the undecided vote, he’d still only have a tie. He’s got a structural problem in Virginia.
    In Florida, same story: Obama leads 49 to 44, but only 5 are undecided. He could win all of them and still be no closer to victory. Same thing, only 2% say they might flip before election day. He’s got a structural problem in Florida.

    In Ohio, the news is devastating: Obama leads 50 to 44, and once again only 5 are undecided. If Romney swept all the remaining undecideds, he’s still going to lose Ohio. Worse, only 2% might flip.

    ALSO…major value voters meeting leader says GOP BREAKS UP IF ROMNEY LOSES! wow…too bad. Theres nothing better than seeing the relgious zealots who
    have destroyed america and taken advantage of the tea party and other
    republicans by giving them nothing in return go down in flames.
    This is the last gasp for the leaders of the republican party who deceived and
    took advantage of their followers. I could see the tea party members finally
    understanding that maybe the rest of the nation had it right.
    GOP is dying…demographically…morally and numerically…

    AT law4life1000@yahoo.com. HOME OF HARLEY.
    glaze may be able to be right 60% of the time with football..

    • harley says:

      this sums it all up…. from orlando sentinel

      But that’s not the worst of it. Pick an issue, any issue. The Elephant Party has become the Ostrich Party — burying its head in the sand, refusing to face reality and build bridges to millions of potential supporters. This year’s convention was an apotheosis of all the mean-spirited attacks the tea party/Republicans have been waging against women, gays and lesbians, healthcare reform, China, Russia, undocumented immigrants, Iran, Iraq, Social Security, Medicare — without so much as a single, realistic, workable, compassionate solution to attract undecided voters. The GOP today is largely a party of rabid, old, white men in the unhappy dusk of their lives, railing against a nation in which they are no longer the dominant players. It is sad to watch — and sadder to be one of them. You can smell the mothballs of their memories and memorabilia (hats and banners resurrected for the convention), read the rage in their eyes.

      • mike says:

        It is ashamed they can’t all read your original thought provoking commentary and be enlightened to the truth! If only more people could read what you write, we all could live in peace and harmony and let go of our hate. They would then know that you are always right!

        • harley says:

          mikey…seruously…what are you doing writing
          on this site at midnite on a friday.
          you need to find a hobby or have some fun to
          release all the hate ij your body…
          midnite? friday….sorry mikey but you need
          to get a life….
          thanks for reading my comments. I think they
          are insightful/and give an alternative view
          to most of the right wing garbage that permeates
          the media…
          have a great day…and get out and have some fun…

          • mike says:

            The same thing you are doing writing on it at 6.13 a.m. on saturday. If your are worried about so called “right wing garbage” in the media, just watch MSNBC. It isn’t hard to find. They are loaded with psuedointellectual far left wing commentators that you would feel right at home with. You could even cut and paste some of their comments and post them on here. Have a nice day and thank you for being my disciple/follower!

  11. harley says:

    MIKE ….was retruning email…was headed to lifetime fitness to workout..
    2 hours mikey.
    do you e ver get off the couch? have you ever exercised.
    come on out to lifetime on metcalf…can get you in shape…
    eating bon bons and pop corn at midnite on friday nite not reall
    heatlhy…get a life!!!!!!!!!

    • mike says:

      I already go to the gym 5 days a week and work out. It is amazing how arrogant you are to think you know everything about somebody you’ve never even met.

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