Jack Goes Confidential: Greed (Up To Point) is Good In ‘ARBITRAGE’

There’s a small film opening in limited runs this weekend in Kansas City…

I’ll bet you haven’t even heard of it. It’s called ARBITRAGE and was one of the best entries at this past year’s Sundance Film Festival.

And who would’ve thought it, there’s now Oscar buzz swirling around for its star!

He’s Richard Gere playing successful New York hedge fund manager Robert Miller whose personal and business life reeks of fraud, infidelity—and murder?

It’s almost like Bernie Madoff meets a Wall Street-likeĀ  suspense thriller in which Gere’s seemingly perfect home life with Susan Sarandon and daughter Brit Marling – who’s also the firm’s chief accountant – goes terribly wrong. And just as he’s about to sell the business to a major bank.

Of course there’s a mistress AND cooked books.

But what Gere DIDN’T see coming was the deadly car crash which now brings detective Tim Roth into the picture and the ultimate collapse of his house of cards.

The dictionary defines arbitrage as “buying of bills of exchange, stocks, etc. in a market and selling them at a profit in another market.”

Here Gere elevates it all to a whole ‘nother level. A balancing act of the highest caliber where just one wrong turn can end his empire—and life!

ARBITRAGE is a smart, intriguing morality thriller of love, loyalty and high finance where power becomes the best alibi as Gere now juggles family, business and crime to keep the bubble from bursting.

Ethics? Transgressions? Screw them all.

That is as long as charm and disguised fortitude fueled with a heavy dose of brass balls can keep the crystal palace from shattering.

Bottom line: Greed isn’t necessarily good in ARBITRAGE opening in limited runs to 3-1/2 out of 5 fraudulent fingers.

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4 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: Greed (Up To Point) is Good In ‘ARBITRAGE’

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    Gere has been one of our most under rated stars for most of his career…I think he is a fine actor…now that he is an older guy, he puts it out there even more…this sounds like a solid film…story…too bad there are no super heros so it can do some box…be that as it may…should be more than worth a look.

  2. gene says:

    Sounds like something I want to see. The Star ran big stories on it yestreay and today. Why is this movie opening only at a couple of theatres?

  3. Kerouac says:

    This will be cheap & irreverent on my part, but then, you get what you pay for and I’m here gratis: Richard Gere is really looking ‘old’ (he just turned 63; perhaps spending too much time with his gerbil, or was it a hamster? They age faster you know & if a person- oh, nevermind.)

    Actually he’s a decent actor, my opinion, but his politics stink (also my opine.) Anyway, back to “telling it like it is” about the Chiefs, when next they lay another egg the football field.

    Back at 10, see you then…

  4. chuck says:

    I saw the trailer and didn’t listen, because it looked so much like the move “Unfaithful”, I thought they were re releasing it.

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