Glazer: Ad Wars Rage in Presidential Politics & the Winner is….

The presidential television commercials are coming at us like bills in the mail…

We’re on overload.

Mitt Romney not only appears to have the edge in spending on TV advertising, he has it. The Barack Obama group now says it will add a truckload of new ads…starting now.

And now we’re told Obama was able to raise even more bucks than Mitt this past month.

The big difference in the Obama ads being Bill Clinton is on board.

Who has more charisma than this guy? Nobody.

Bill acts like he’s talking to a group of guys at a bar. “Hey, we gotta stay with Obama’s plan,” he says. And he says it so matter-of-factly it makes us forget all those mean speeches about Obama that came out of his mouth just four years back when Hillary Clinton ran against Obama for the Presidency.

Team Clinton had nothing good to say about Barack then. Now, he’s their good buddy.

Politics and sports make for strange bedfellows.

The battle lines for the two sides are beginning to take shape for the final run.

Mitt and Paul Ryan say that Obama didn’t live up to his promises. The economy is still in the crapper. They will fix it, add jobs by the thousands, lower taxes for everyone and all this will happen in a very short time.

Notice that George W. Bush is nowhere to be found in the Romney campaign.

He was also absent from the last Republican run against Obama, the one with Sarah Palin. Who is also nowhere to be found this time out.

Obama and Clinton tell us, “Hey, aren’t you better off than you were four years ago?”

Not much new there.

The approach is simple: things are not near where we want them to be but Obama stopped the bleeding. We could be under water had the Republicans stayed in office. Obama is realistic. “It will take some time to fix all this.”

You bet.

Of course he blames the Republicans for getting us all jacked up in the first place.

Me, I think its largely a matter of timing.

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19 Responses to Glazer: Ad Wars Rage in Presidential Politics & the Winner is….

  1. harley says:

    no presidential money in missouri…
    but romney is starting to falter as he cuts ads in michigan/pennsylvania/
    and within the next few weeks in ohio because obama is creaming him in those
    follow where they go in the campaign…that tells you where the race is
    close….eventually the loser pulls out of states..
    right now obama is sitting at 328 electoral votes…..58 more than needed
    to win…if romney stops ads in anyof the remaining 8 states (colorado/new
    mexico …where obama now is 5 points ehaed)….its over!!!!
    prior to the 3 presdiential debates Mitt Romney will be debating himself
    since in the last 48 hours he has changed his position on Obamacare…medical
    marijuana…and at least 3 other major issues….should be interesting since
    willard is a flip flopping dude…

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    … all the TV and radio stations in states where the race for the White House is considered too close to call. $$$ and more $$$ into the coffers of the corporate-owned media chains. And here I will note that the newspapers generally don’t get in on any of this action. No, it’s all about the 30-second sound bites. George W. Bush? Last seen picking out the furniture for his presidential library in Dallas. Sarah Palin? Last seen picking on the moose and antelope up in Alaska. Need to know anything else?

    • Jim says:

      Anybody catch the Million dollar “bounty” Larry Flint (Hustler fame) took out a full page ad for in USA Today for info on Mitt’s tax returns?

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Jim, I love that. No one puts a million dollar bounty on Harleys BOY, Obama, for his transcript. We wouldnt have the heart to see he went to Harvard as a foriegn student. No, thats not broke angry, white talk… thats just fact. You don’t go to an Indonesian madrasa unless you are a Muslim. Its their rules, not mine… and thats where he went to elementary school. No black helicopters here, just black, American educated impersonators, who for some reason, sealed the transcripts. We all got to SEE George Bush’s failing grades, why not Obamas????

    Love Obamas speach yesterday; “I have THREE WORDS for you…… made in the USA!”. This from the same guy who visited 57 States. No wonder Harley likes him so much, they are equally skilled, soul mates. Makes me wonder if Barrack knows about the joys of duct tape.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    You did it NOW, Mike. Harley will unleash his wrath upon you and explain how Barrack Hooooosain Obama is the best thing since FDR, just not as many programs to keep the underclass on the proverbial hand-out-teet!! He will tell you Obama single handedly saved the economy for sure and sudden ruin.

    This is the President who said…. “If I can’t turn this around in THREE years, it’ll be a one term deal”. This is also the same man who in his acceptance speech said..”this is the day the oceans calm, peace settles on the earth, the tides receed…..” That sounds to me as very messiah like. Given the high opinion he has of himself, why on earth hasn’t he been able to turn it around no matter what they wan’t to blame on the loser Bush? This is the man, who with his very acceptance, oceans CALMED damnit!! This is a black Jesus figure here. And now he wants to say it was harder than he thought? What kind of Jesus is this, anyway? A part time Jesus? Or, like his friend Harley, just another blow hard sociopath?

    Thats just from reading words on a page and listening to news of all kind, not from a white, old, bald, fat, hater……

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    I’m not a fan of our President, or Romney, but how can you followers of the Messiah Obama fall in line with our FIRST response to the most recent attacks being one of showing sympathy to the Islamic killers? The FIRST thing we did was to condemn speech critical of Muslims! We have a dead Ambassador, staff, families involved in grief and our Presidents first statement is one of support to the killers? What’s this country come to?

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Perhaps if you would have looked when the response was posted, you would have noticed it was before the attacks began.

      It was a response to the Coptic’s video.

      And before the Repbulican Taliban gets their panties in a wad, they should remember what President Bush said in 2006 about disrespecting any religion.

      Obama’s statements preceeded the storming of the embassies. Maybe Romney’s team missed that fact (we don’t need any facts).

      The pit bulls in the Republican Taliban have said nary a word about the President’s message in their comments this morning.

      I swear Romney & Ryan will lie even when the truth sounds better.

      Obama has enough real baggage to carry, why is the oppositon so intent to focus on the fantasies?

    • chuck c.e.o. says:

      epic fail again pauly….your man willard screwd up again…everyday its
      another fail…just like the commentators on kcc…failure after failure
      after failure by the old white angry retreads on kcc.
      here’s what your fellow mittster fan says:

      @BuzzFeedBen I’ve been inundated with emails and calls from elected GOP leaders who think Romney’s response was a mistake. Not today.
      — @JoeNBC via Twitterrific

      from joe scarborugh…another major dufus move by mittster.
      He’s becoming like many of the commentators on kcc..out of touch..
      not in real life mode…old…angry…pushy…and more importantly
      wrong again..again and again.
      just 2 months ledft…thanks to god mittster and an can go back
      to their house with the car elevators.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Another epic fail by YOU, chuck ceo/Harley/Asshat! God you’re stupid. Read my first line:

        I’m not a fan of our President, or Romney

        Thats the FIRST LINE Asshat.

        Then you respond with, “..your man willard…”? How more clear can someone be? Im NOT a FAN. But, I know, your meds havent kicked in, you’re still hearing the voices…. and Im lauging my ass off because you can’t provide a


        Pathological Liar…. nothing to say till we see your


        to your uber important national level blogging… and your 300 LIKES. Just tell us, that just like YOUR man willard, youre an epic FAIL. You and MITT will go down, in the classic sense, the same way.

        You’re just a douche, just send the LINK and STFU!

    • mike says:

      On top of that, he said he was too busy to have a meeting with Netanyahu! He does, however, have time to be interviewed by a disc jockey in Florida and talk about rap artists and will be on Letterman next week! Romney may not be who I would have picked to run against Obama but he will get my vote. I don’t really have any other choice.

      • harley says:

        mike…sorry but youre wrong again.
        net wants to control american policy. He wants to attack
        iran. He has no information that makes that seem realitic.
        America has 38 bases surrouding iran…isreal has
        250 nuclearmissles surrounding iran.
        He’s trying to force america to fight another war for him.
        we’d invested enough young people and treasure fighting
        wars for the israelis. time to stop.
        Obama has said that he’s not going to jump into an attack
        against iran unless he has definite proof that they actually
        have the capabilities to actually produce a nuclear weapon.
        We saw what bush cheney did in iraq…we saw what a
        misstep and what lies they told to get us into another
        war there.
        The american public does not want to attack iran. the neocons
        who destroyed america and got us into a war are the only
        oones wanting an attack. 70% of america is against it.
        It’s just not prudent right now. The right wing zealots are all
        for it….
        net is not very popular…even in israel….his only goal is
        to have america fight another war for him.
        Izsrael needs to understand the dynamics of the middle east..
        and he continues to disregard the demographic and political
        changes that are occuring.
        You as a right winger want another war because you don’t
        have to fight it. Just like bush cheney and their
        We just saw how romney is na idiot. Thats not just from
        a democrat but the reaction from leading republicans
        across the nation who were disgusted with willards reaction
        to embassy attacks. Romney is a complete idiot who would
        be very dangerous as president…thats not just my opinoin
        but that f many others.
        He is a terrible candidate. Horrible..even republicans say
        he is way off in this campaign.
        Vote for him. It own’t matter. The guy has no stance that
        sticks on any issue…changed his stance on obamacare
        (which he now supports) three times in 12 hours…
        support him…it won’t matter…hes on his way to a huge
        huge loss in november….
        the middle east has and will always be apowder keg…
        we must understand the dynamics of the region and the
        change its undertaking. Democracy is taking hold in countries
        like egypt/libya and soon syria and with it comes ups and
        america will do whats right this time for america…and will always be there for israel….but this time net wants to drag us
        into another war….won’t happen…we’ve lost enough great
        people…and sacrificed enough forr isreal that now we are
        going to make sure the circumstance are real before we
        committ any more of our people to another war.
        I hope you read whats happening. Its much diffeent than
        what you and chuckles hear on fox tv.
        We’re not going to allow net to get us stuck in another war..
        we’ve been lied to and tricked before and it led to a
        as the who said “we won’t get fooled again”.
        we will protect israel…but we will not be forced to fight
        a battle that america has no place being in….

  6. Orphan of the Road says:

    If it takes over six-hours to moderate a post, you should just delete it Hearne.

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