Starbeams: Eastwood to Replace Bodine on KCUR & Who’s Your Fry Daddy?

We spoke with officials at KCUR FM and there is no truth to the rumor they’re considering replacing the Walt Bodine show with the Clint Eastwood show.


A lot of Democrats who’ve traveled to the DNC convention in Charlotte are disappointed the president’s speech has been moved from a 74,000 seat stadium to an 18,000 seat arena because of the weather, because so many more people wanted to participate.  Sounds almost exactly like Social Security.


Kansas City officials have expressed interest in hosting a National Convention in 2016, but we don’t have enough accommodations for sleeping.  That’s assuming Bill Clinton will still be alive in 2016.

Who’s Your Fry Daddy?

A Kennett, Missouri man has been accused of attacking his wife with hot grease from a Fry Daddy.  If you missed it, just keep an eye on Michael Strahan working with Kelly Ripa.


New research shows organic food offers no health benefits over conventional food.  However, organic food has been known to cause poverty in laboratory mice.


Scientists have discovered a plant called the Mimosa Pudica that plays dead when touched by human hands….or as I’m calling it, The Wife Plant.


Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM.

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