Glazer: Cleaver Strikes Out @ DNC & Beyond

I’d like to tell that you our guy – Congressman Emanuel Cleaver – hit it out of the park tonight…

Unfortunately, instead he gave his “Church Speech.”


Meaning, color me black. That’s what Cleaver really meant.

It was a hollow speech about nothing…like most political speeches.

Mitt Romney wants to lower taxes so he won’t have to pay any.”

Really? I don’t think so.

I looked out over the crowd of Democrats in the house. Who taught these people how to dress? Is there one nice looking person in the group? Can we get some more black faces in the building on camera! Jesus. It’s a staged reality show.

Not that the Republicans had anything better.

By the way when blacks were on stage the crowd for the Demo’s was 10 times louder than for any white, save Bill Clinton.

Yes, it’s racist – it is people. Always was, always will be.

Look, I’m a guy who leans Democrat for the most part. However six months ago I would have told you Obama can’t lose. Not now. It’s the middle class that’s broke, unemployed or have new crap paying jobs with little to no credit.

Obama didn’t solve the big problems of today’s working class – credit and jobs – so he’s now in a battle. I think many black and white voters may just not vote, and that’s a vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

When I met Cleaver I was impressed. He’d just won the Kansas City Mayor’s job. We became fast friends, did a couple TV shows, including a two-parter when, for no money, I let CHAMPIONS FOREVER starring Muhammad Ali premiere on Kansas City TV. It had just recently left movie houses and we got great press, Cleaver hosted the show with me, he loved Ali. He also did all my Red Fridays, gave the big speeches and later asked me to have Sly Stallone call a young dying white person in the hospital. Cleaver had no way to reach Sly.

My best pal Sonny Landham had just worked with Stallone in a film called LOCK UP and I got to know Sly as well. I called Sonny and he got in touch with Sly, who was in Italy. And Sly sent the young man a truck load of DVD’s, autographed photos, the works. The dude was thrilled. I had him and his family to Stanford’s for a comp dinner, put him on stage with Cleaver and Len Dawson, Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith.

It was front page news, photos with Cleaver and the ill young man in the wheel chair thanking the Mayor for the night of his life that Stanford’s and myself had provided – not Cleaver.

Yet not a word of thanks from the Mayor, just a letter.

“Craig, if ever you need my help, just ask and I will be there.”

I was indicted, unfairly in 2001 and called Cleaver for support. NOTHING.

Conversely I asked Buck O’Neil for a letter of support to the federal judge and in two hours I got this:

“If you put this man in prison, you put me next to him. He’s done nothing as of late that I haven’t done. We both bleed Kansas City Blue.”

You bet that helped. Buck was a true friend and great man – a real leader.

Cleaver was asked to help with the 3,000 to 5,000 blacks in Westport one summer. They were there from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. fighting the police with weapons and anger.

But Cleaver was nowhere to be found.

So Cleaver ended up being a fake, just like most pastor politicians – Jesse Jackson and the rest – all mouth.

Guess Buck O’Neil should have been mayor back then, maybe he would have helped clean up Kansas City, tackle the school problems, slow black crime and fixed up other areas in Kansas City besides Troost and Emanuel Cleaver Drive.

Under Cleaver our city hit bottom. We had high crime, even the casinos were placed in the wrong areas. Totally dumb. No business leadership at all. Oh yeah, Cleaver got us the Harley-Davidson plant. Gee sorry, I forgot that one.

I don’t hate Cleaver, I just lost all respect for him because he ended up being for one guy…himself.

Most politicians are.

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8 Responses to Glazer: Cleaver Strikes Out @ DNC & Beyond

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    I think it would be very difficult for someone to successfully be a preacher and a politician at the same time. You either work for God or you work for the state. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. harley says:

    glaze you should of rann againsst cleaver. you could of beat him. you no you would off. the cty would of bben way beeter of!! maybe you can run nextt time!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I know this isn’t Harley…but I did try and run in the first election of the 2000’s against Barnes…I got an indictment for my efforts…my Dad replaced me and got nominated, close race with her, he almost pulled it out…he ran again four years later and did not do as well…interesting…..

      To be fair to Cleaver, fixing KCMO was uphill for anyone…just like fixing all the big problems we have today in America…the economy will be fixed with ‘time’ that is the main thing it will take….years…so sad and too bad…

  3. the dude says:

    Cleaver is just another minority espouser of free rides and free money- as long as it is someone elses dime.

    We are marching to entitlements, entitlements…. 🙁

    • hardly says:

      entiltemnets are goo d………..peeple use th e monney two by lotery tickuts…..taht monney goe s two skools…….skools edcuate kidds…….thay grow up two bee smnart liek mee…..own cumpunies withuot evver wurking four anyo ne inn mi lief………nott stoopid wgae slaevs…..or haters liek sum of you…….four nt allw ays agreing wiht mee…………LUSERs……..i no moore than awl of you……….HARdLY Is AlLWaYS WRITgE

  4. Anti glaze says:

    Glazer, you keep lying about your role in Champions Forever! You didn’t “let” it be shown in KC or anywhere else, because you were a gopher. Perhaps you begged your betters to play it in KC first? I suspect that since you keep telling such a blatant lie about your bigshot staus that the rest of what you write about your involvement with people with publically known names contains many more blatant lies.

    Hearnee, I understand you must let this buffoon write because he draws readers with his audaciousness, but could you at least edit out the obvious lies?

  5. Anti glaze says:

    Check out the link below for an interview with the guy glazer refers to as his “best pal”.

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