Whinery: What (Little) to Expect From The Democrat Convention

What can we expect from the Democrats? 

Check out demconvention.com and peruse the list of “winners” they’ve lined up. What a bunch of rejects and retreads!

Obama must be the egomaniac he’s accused of being with this motley crew. There’s no one on this list that’s gonna be half the “Master-Orator” the President is.

Take “Georgetown Law Graduate” Sandra Fluke– who’s only real claim to fame is Rush Limbaugh calling her a “slut” on his radio show for complaining she has to choose between “food or birth control.”

Or something like that.

Then there’s “Fauxcahontas” Senate Candidate, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts- who lied to Harvard about her Cherokee heritage. She’s currently down by six points to Senator Scott Brown in a fiercely contested seat in one of the “deepest blue” of all States, Teddy Kennedy’s old seat.

And for a party trying to disavow its Socialist leanings… should they have as one of their keynote speakers a man with the last name Castro?

I’m sure the Mayor of San Antonio is a fine gentleman, but his last name is synonymous with one of the last socialist regimes left on the planet… Oh well.

Naturally I’m looking forward to Newark, New Jersey Mayor, Cory Booker.

He’s a man who not too long ago was on Obama’s enemies list for defending Bain Capital from the President’s attack machine. He’s doing a great job in Newark and seems to understand how the Free Market operates. The only question is whether he’ll be allowed to speak his mind or get stuck following a script.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver will be speaking- he was a GREAT mayor for Kansas City – and had the fifth fastest growing economies amongst major cities during his tenure. I love the guy, but his voting record in Congress leaves a lot to be desired.

Then there’s former President William Jefferson Clinton– or “Daddy Bill” as the ladies call him. Its rumored he hasn’t tendered his speech yet to the Obama Campaign for “revisions” which kind of goes with the conspiracy theories that Clinton will continue to sabotage Obama’s campaign for his wife Hillary.

When you look at some of the stunts Clinton’s pulled so far – plus his enmity with Obama for labeling him a “racist” during the 2008 campaign- let’s hope Dick Morris is right and
Clinton will “gaffe away” and hurt the President’s re-election campaign.

The bottom line: If you had trouble staying awake or even bothered watching the Republican Convention (ratings were down 17 million from 2008), I don’t see where the Democrat lineup of speakers will do much to stimulate or enthrall you.

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  1. rkcal says:

    Your last paragraph is the most telling; political conventions as game changers, or even modest theatre, are obsolete. Romney got a negligible bump from the convention. I expect the same results for Obama. More so than any election I can remember, people seem to have their minds made up, and there is very little in play in terms of “undecideds” . It really is in the hands of a very small group of voters in a very few states, and who is more effective at getting out their base. I would love for any of this to matter, but they are both empty suits beholden to big money interests.

    • harley says:

      whiney…this whole piece you wrote has now been torn down. You wrote
      about the speakers but even the fox news dogs said the speeches
      were brilliant.
      whiney….you’re wrong…sorry but the fact is that last nights speakers..
      including the incredible speech by Michelle topped anything the rape publicans
      had at their convention.
      David Gergen…one of the smartest political analysts (makes your foot
      fetish friend dick morrois look foolish) said ” if the dems have another
      night like this they can break this race wide open”……..
      please stop making afool of yourself to the millions of unique visitors
      at kcc.
      thanks…hopefully by friday morning you will see the light!!!!!!

    • harley says:


      your friend chuckie claims a jesuit education…but where was he and
      the rest of you when they talked about life??????? read this:

      “Our problem with Representative Ryan is that he claims his budget is based on Catholic social teaching,” said Jesuit Father Thomas J. Reese, one of the organizers of the letter. “This is nonsense. As scholars, we want to join the Catholic bishops in pointing out that his budget has a devastating impact on programs for the poor.” […]
      “I am afraid that Chairman Ryan’s budget reflects the values of his favorite philosopher Ayn Rand rather than the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Father Reese. “Survival of the fittest may be okay for Social Darwinists but not for followers of the gospel of compassion and love.”

      jesuits? believers in the bible or the talmud for that fact…I THINK NOT!

      • mike says:

        The Bible does not talk about taking taxes away from others as charity. It talks about giving of your own money out of the goodness of your heart. It also talks about helping the blind, crippled, sick, elderly, etc. Not about taking money from others to give to people who are too lazy to work to buy their favor and get their vote. The whole concept of charity has been perverted by the left.

  2. chuck says:

    With the exception of the Clintons who still wield substantial weight on the national stage, this list portends some serious gunfire residue directly above Obama’s shoe.

    To say that it is a Fluke that Sandra is in the spotlight would be an understatement.

    Ms. Fluke is accompanied whereever she goes with the concomitant political gravitas of a Kardashian sans the zoomers and questionable male companians.

    Should be a hoot.

  3. harley says:

    again mr. whiney…another off base article by someone who knows little if anything
    about politics.
    What you will see in Charlotte is the “Big Dog”…one of the most popular political
    people right now (along with his wife) at 68% apprvoal rating coming out with
    the truth about mr. romney/lyin ryan.
    Obviously you didn’t see the republican convention. Let’s put it mildly..a major
    flop. Not only was the timing horrid (the week before labor day)…not only
    was it the worst ensemble of lies…not only was it lacking any energy (when you have
    all those angry old white men and women its hard to get any excitement)…and yes
    if you want to talk about the list of horrible absolutely terrible lineup of speakers
    you only need mention 2 words…clint eastwood…who singlehandedly destroyed
    anything of value for mitt and hisconvention. If mitt had to spend 3 days to try
    and get people to believe he was “human” you know they have problems.
    In your article you qoute on of the worst prognosticators in politics…dick morris..
    the guy with the toe fetish who if you were to check his list of predicton you would
    see that his ability to analyze and make astute comments is the worst in the
    What to look for…Clinton comes out and speaks for one hour to set the record
    straight. Seriously…if you’ve seen his speeches and comments lately you know
    the guy has an incredible ability to connect on tv…maybe even better than
    sure we saw some up and comers at the republican convention including
    christie who looked terrible up there checking in at over 350 pounds…a perfect
    candidate for choking and a heart attack.
    Oh…yeah…Mr. Rubio…a dead man walking politically. Great speech? Those
    blue haired teaparty losers would never nominate him for president…a
    brown man as republican nominee…although the guy fits right in because he’s
    told more lies than lyin ryan…check the record!!!!
    I’m not predicting a huge bounce for obama…but the dems convention timing
    is much better…and they’ll have some big lead ins to the 9pm hour when
    clinton and obama give their speeches.
    Mr. whiney…your candidate willard had one of the worst nominating convention
    speeches in the last 40 years. According to focus groups and polling willards
    speech came in worst that BobDoles in 1996…and we all know how bad that
    speech was.
    Watch the dems. Ax and David know how to run a convention. There will be
    no angry senile worn out guys talking to chairs.
    and if you want to really know what’s happening in politics i suggest you
    go to nate silvers website for com plete details…the guy hit every state
    right in 2008 except for one….
    I do hope the quality of your writings improves as part of Hearnes attempt
    to upgrade this site. thanks.

    • chuck says:

      Harley’s incessant crid de coeur, metronomically parroted by socialists and Islamists all over the world, is, as usual, the hatred of white people.

      The elevation of revisionist history at the expense of veracity and probity.

      The short term affective social engineering solutions enacted by politicians with the IQ’s of hanging chads that have, are and will continue to bankrupt our nation and destroy the future for the children of working Americans.

      The unctuous nation wide acceptance in the American zeitgeist of decreasing standards in our lives reflected in society on every level.

      The apotheosis of multiculturalism in the face of the unambiguated evidence of the failure of same in terms of the criminality and “Balkinization” that is part and parcel of these misguided intitiatives.

      The sanctimonious, self righteous claims of those folks who would spend your money for causes they deem worthy by way of emotion vis a vis financial reality and and the expected acceptance of the 4th Estate in every such endeavor.

      The unrightable wrongs which we now inflict on our children and children’s children in an effort to roll with the “Big Dog” and by proxy all those Hollywood apparatchiks whose kids, pecuniarily insouciant by way of birth and blood, will never understand sweat and effort.

      No matter who wins this election, this era, will be remembered as the penultimute last gasp of empire and exceptionalism before the coda of inevitable mediocrity and disintigration of our nation.

      Big Dog indeed.

      • harley says:

        sorry…chuckie….your big words confound me….
        islamists are following the same path as america…are you
        stop!!!!!! you can’t change it chuckie. Unless you go out
        and father 20 white anglo saxon babies…..
        and you qoute “working americans”….who’s that?
        working americans…the ones that willard and bain and
        the repubs want to give oneof the biggest tax increases
        in 60 years…chuckie…fed taxes are lower now than they
        were in 1950……comeon dude…get facts straight…and the
        working americans? you think romney and lyin ryan
        want to help working americans? pleasevread up on the
        way of the world…and please4 use some more common
        languauge…you may write nice big words but they
        are as we say trying to ” baffle us with bullsh*t”

      • harley says:

        i love white people chuckie…just believe as the bible
        and talmud say on a regular basis..
        we’re all equal…we are greater as a community than as
        an individual…feed the hungry…heal the sick…take care
        of the elderly…
        now chuckie…are you an atheist? just asking?

        • chuck says:

          The sane amongst us, believe in equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

        • mike says:

          I think the Holy books you mentioned talk about giving of your own money to help the needy, not forcing others to give their money instead.
          Also, charity was given to widows, the sick, the blind, the crippled, etc. It was not given to the lazy to buy their favor.

    • harley says:

      again mamr. whinery you do no i am a ttrue shhmuk.

    • harley says:

      whiney…even before the first night of the convention i said that
      the ratings for democrats would be up versus rape publicans….
      and guess what whiney…harley was right again…heres the facts
      which i predicted…

      The Nielsen Co. said about 26.2 million people watched the opening night of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C., where the first lady was the featured speaker.
      Last week, Nielsen said 22.3 million watched the first night of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., where potential first lady Ann Romney talked about her husband, Mitt. The same number of viewers watched the Democrats’ first night in 2008, when Michelle Obama was also the featured speaker.
      so whiney…if you or any others need great information or details…feel
      free to contact me…thanks

  4. Rick Nichols says:

    I didn’t expect much from the Republican convention to begin with and certainly wasn’t disappointed by them in the end, and I’m not expecting a whole lot from the Democrats either. And now that we’ve finally had some rain and the grass may actually start growing again, I anticipate that I will be sufficiently entertained by my slightly-rejuvenated yard over the next few days. Please wake me up when the Revolution’s about to get under way.

  5. fbasehor says:

    Harley – What universe are you from?

    • harley says:

      from the fact based world. appreciate the shout out…but basehor i expect
      that with hearnes new and improved site that i would get factual
      and intelleigent responses to my comments. I would love to hear from
      you on why you disagree…makes for nterestiering conversations and
      makes this site more intirguing.
      Please offer your opinions and facts to prove me wrong. I look forward
      to it…thanks..harley.

  6. mike says:

    What is telling is how Obama has focused his campaign efforts on trying to destroy Romney’s reputation. An incumbent should be able to run on his record. Axelrod was on Fox News Sunday and was asked by Chris Wallace if the country was better off than it was 4 years ago. He couldn’t say that it was and danced his way around answering the question. That shows me that this convention will probably have a largely negative tone.
    I also agree about Sandra Fluke not being that good of a choice for a speaker. They will also have representatives from NARAL and Planned Parenthood which are both controversial choices and to top it off, Pelosi and Reed!
    The Republican convention, with the exception of Eastwood, avoided having as controversial of figures as these. Even Eastwood was more comic releif than anything else.
    This could be a train wreck and will be interesting to watch.

    • harley says:

      okay mikey…lets look at history….richard nixon…destroyed mcgovern
      with personal attacks….geogre h w bush (he used willie horton)…
      lets not forget bush the bungler in 2004 and his swiftboating attacks
      and almost run on his record (except his war mongering)…
      mikey as far as are we better off today than 4 years ago…THE ANSWER
      REEMMBER 4 YEARS AGO MIKEY…SEPT. 15? stock market tanked
      at what 6500…today its up 90%….the social and financial fabric of the
      nation was at risk of total collapse…today…more job openings than in
      2007 and 2008…..don’t know how you map it mikey but theres no
      doubt we’re much much better today than the mess your buddy
      and hero geore bush left us with….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
      mikey…read about the gender gap..obama up by 12 points with women..
      your hero lush rimjbaugh called sandra a whore…seen her speak..
      excellent speaker and briliant student……
      who would you rather have…800 pound poster child for obesity/
      hear attack/huge med bills christie or this girl.
      held in tampa…..even the polls showed it as one of the worst run
      conventions…and lyin ryan came out looking terrible…even to fox
      news and taht’s bad!
      yes expect a negative tone…but expect to hear what they plan to
      do in next 4 years….something willard and lyin ryan never ever
      talked about…no proposals by rape publicans….
      sorry mikey….you’re off again…please please check facts..
      and incude some analysis from outside sources on your comments.
      thanks…appreciate the shout out…
      you are now officially one of my fans…only next time i expect
      some really intelligent writing and statements…no more gneralizations
      that are not based in fact…
      harley (one and only!)

      • mike says:

        We have added 5 trillion dollars to the debt.
        Unemployment is over 8 1/2 %.
        The Affordable Health Care Act is going to cost 700 billion more than we were originally told.
        Gas prices are up.
        Food prices are up.
        Obama’s budgets were so bad, even his own party didn’t vote for them; no budget passed in 3 years.
        The national security leaks from his inner circle.
        Eric Holder refusing to prosecute the New Black Panthers that were intimidating voters to keep them from voting.
        Eric Holder being held in contempt of Congress for refusing to submit information about Fast and Furious.
        These are just a few of the things I don’t like about the Obama presidency so far.

        • harley says:

          comeon mikey….next thing you blame obama for
          is hearne shrinking visitor counts.
          mikey..i wish i had an entire day to go over your
          points…but i can’t…
          the debt..well mikey look at the debt….75% of that
          debt are 2 unfounded wars…andthe bush tax cuts…
          so figure that one up…to stave off a depression obama
          made some daring moves….
          your facts are fox news approved…
          food prices…we had something like a drought…
          that’s the reason mr mikey…
          the plan is to continue with the policies that kept us
          out of depression…
          sure there are things obama did i don’t agree with..
          they’re not taht important..
          with aca…we’re going broke..and your buddy willard
          is the granddaddy of the health care program…blame
          willard your hero.
          unemplyment : in the first 8 months of obamas
          term we were losing 800,000 jobs per month..now
          added 250k per month…job growth 28 straight months…
          heres the deal mikey…i appreciate your concern…but
          you know who’s going to win the election…admit
          it and move on with your friends chuckie and
          get ready for obama landslide…sorry inow it hurts.

        • harley says:

          mikey and whiney….watch the dog tonight….the
          fact is that the republicans BUILT THE DEBT…
          and tonight amerca gets to hear about it.
          Two unfunded wars…tax cuts…billions in
          in giveaways by republicans….intereston the
          debt….thats what the rape publicans built into
          a huge pile of debt…
          michelle…speech of theconvention….even fox news
          said it was brilliant.

          • mike says:

            The debt has increaed almost 6 trillion dollars since Obama has been in office, even with the military cutbacks.
            The 2 unfunded wars were also approved by the Democrats. Remember 911. That was why we went to Afghanistan. We went to Iraq because all of the intelligence that both parties and multiple nations had acess to thought Iraq was holding and developing wmds again. He wouldn’t let the U.N. inspectors in which violated the agreement from the first Iraq war. It is convenient how the Democrats get selective amnesia when it comes to this.
            Another thing they forget is their policies put in place to help the low income people own homes contributed to the financial crisis. Remember Dodd and Frank?
            Michelle Obama’s speech was well delivered. I just don’t buy much of what she actually said.
            Have a nice day Harley and thank you for being one of my disciples/followers!

      • I am a man who KNOWS Bulls++t when he sees it.

        Elizabeth Warren has about as much “Indian” blood in her as Kevin Costner.

        No, I am going to go take a Harley.

        • Tatanka Iyotanka, you have a lot of Gall.

          You misspelled Now. It’s “Now I am going to go take a Harley.”

          It rhymes with “How”.

          Harley, “Oh-wah’-zhee-ahn’-kah. “

        • chuck says:

          Anyone who thinks Elizabeth Warren is a Cherokee has spent way too much time on the “Trail of Beers”.

          • mike says:

            They are the same people who beleive Al Gore invented the internet.

            HC: Which FYI, Al Gore never claimed that he did. That’s a Republicanism.

          • mike says:

            In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on March 9, 1999, Gore said he “took initiative in creating the internet” during the interview. Many inferred from that statement that he was claiming he invented the internet.

      • BS Meter says:

        And now for a little truth injection courtesy of ABC News…

        Barack Obama approaches his nomination for a second term with the lowest pre-convention personal popularity of an incumbent president in ABC News/Washington Post polls since the 1980s. He’s also at his lowest of the year among registered voters, with trouble among women.

        Just 47 percent of registered voters in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll see Obama favorably overall, down 7 percentage points from his recent peak in April, while 49 percent rate him unfavorably. He’s numerically underwater in this group for the first time since February.

        The decline has occurred entirely among women registered voters – from 57-39 percent favorable-unfavorable in April to a numerically negative 46-50 percent now. That’s Obama’s lowest score among women voters – a focus of recent political positioning – in ABC/Post polls since he took office. Unusually, his rating among men, 50-47 percent favorable-unfavorable, is numerically better than it is among women, albeit not by a significant margin.


        Thank God Obama’s on-the-job training will soon come to a close. Maybe he can apply for one of those 1000’s of job postings you mention.

        • harley says:

          polls and focus groups continue to point out what
          you said…
          however…people in those groups do not like romney.
          forget those numbers.
          Romneys favoriability numbers are much lower than
          obamas….the last reading was that romeny
          unfavorable numbers were at or above 50%…
          after night #1 of dem convention i’m seeing a 4-5
          point bounce for the dems coming out of this
          The rape publicans have a bad product…so bad that
          they arte having serious doubts about willard.
          I assume you’re not a businessman or own a business
          so I will give you a lesson in business…
          ETC. POINT THIS OUT.
          If you’re talking about an inferiour product…you can
          only sell it till people catch on the product is flawed
          or a piece of trash.
          Romeny is a p.o.s. product on the market that
          the old angry white old men with money are trying
          to sell to people who don’t like him.
          They just came off the rape publican convention
          when this polling was done (9.12)…so lets
          give it a week and see how quickly the recall p.o.s.
          product the rape publicans nominated get slammed
          Oh and by the way…you’re probably new on here.
          Most of us commenters here have told of what we do..we have
          some idea where most of the people come from..
          background…education…business experience…
          etc…would be interested to see exactly what you do
          and what you’ve done in your life.
          i appreciate you being added as a reader/follower/
          disciple and fan of the great harley

  7. the dude says:

    This pep rally is a bigger waste of money than the RNC convention, at least at the RNC there was a slight whiff of uncertainty. Remember when things actually used to happen at conventions? I miss those days.

  8. Orphan of the Road says:

    Well we will hear a different set of lies this week. See an ex-President speak, although Christopher Walken doing his Eastwood-thing would be rad.

    I’ll give the Guaranteers Of Platitudes the nod for not allowing BO to go Bush II on us. Take away the surrounding wackos and you’ve got the same guy.

    The Nation was at this point before, when the rich and powerful ceded some of their wealth to maintain a middle-class through jobs by giving up a fraction of their wealth. Either that or the middle-class would be pushed further in to the have-nots and all they had would be taken from them.

    I’ll hold my nose and vote for BO & Claire. True Conservatives can’t tolerate the oligarchy much longer.


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