Whinery: Republican Convention Recap & Future President Alert

Having taken a few days to digest the results of the Republican Convention, I’ve come away with a somewhat jaded opinion of the whole thing…

For starters, I only saw one President take the stage and it wasn’t Mitt Romney. It’s not that I’m not going to vote for Mr. Romney or don’t think he will be a MILLION times better President than Mr. Obama, he’s just not very exciting. He’d be a brilliant turnaround artist, should he win- which is precisely what the “failed corporation” called the United States of America needs at this time in our history.

All due respect to Mr. Romney, Marco Rubio was the ONLY future President I saw at the convention.

He’s young, charismatic, has a compelling life story, photogenic family- Mr. Rubio has it all! His zinger about people coming to the USA from other countries to escape policies like those of Mr. Obama was priceless.

As for Mr. Eastwood‘s comments- they were genius! In a convention that was so scripted and choreographed, it was refreshing to see someone get up there and be a little dangerous. Only thing I would have changed was instead of an empty chair- an empty suit would have been a more accurate portrayal of Mr. Obama.

Back to Romney’s Speech- it was very “nuts & bolts” about what is wrong with the country and what he can do to fix things. The best thing Romney did was to set people’s mind at ease. He came off as competent and honest- even if he wasn’t very inspiring. And after all, the “inspiration” Obama gave us in 2008 were just “empty words and promises.”

It may be a great tactic by the Romney campaign to just come off as being ready for the job, sans all the Obama platitudes. If there’s one thing the American people are sick of at this point- it’s slick political rhetoric.

So overall the Republican Convention was solid. Great speakers from diverse backgrounds from all over the country, solid economic messages.

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5 Responses to Whinery: Republican Convention Recap & Future President Alert

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    Young. Charismatic. Has a compelling life story. Photogenic family. Yeah, those are always my top four criteria in evaluating a possible presidential candidate. Sounds just like what we’re looking for as we try to find a new minister for our church. Maybe we should ask Rubio, see if he’d be interested in working for God as opposed to the American people.

  2. harley says:

    rubio…has more lies on record than your boy lyiin ryan according to fox news.Those
    angry old white guys will never nominate a “brownie” for president. Are you kidding.
    They’d ask the guy for papers!

    • Chet Gristler says:

      Didn’t take you for a racist, Hardley, but clearly I was wrong. Did you conveniently forget that the first ever female Hispanic governor is a republican, not a democrat. No surprise there. Save your racial slurs for your family picnics at 12th and Locust.

      • BlackJack says:

        “Did you conveniently forget that the first ever female Hispanic governor is a republican, not a democrat.”

        You are not fooling anyone. Those old bigots need to have a few token minorities in high places. That way, they can slap themselves on the back and wag their finger at you and say “See! We’re really tolerant people”.

  3. the dude says:

    I hope you were kidding about Eastwood, that was a bad joke. He really is just a cranky old fart now. I guess he wasn’t acting in Gran Torino, he was just being himself.

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