Glazer: KC Export Nikki Glasser Gets MTV Show, In Town This Week

Think of it as an early Homecoming Game for KU…

Former Lawrence resident Nikki Glaser is getting her own TV show! That’s right, the 28 year-old Jayhawk has hit it out of the park.

It seems like only yesterday I was bugging Johnny Dare to put her on his show. Johnny was not overly excited, “What, a young chick with no credits, are you serious?” he asked. I told him she was a tall blonde, well-endowed, very funny and smart as hell.

At the time Nikki was barely past being an emcee at Stanford’s where she started her comedy career in the early 2000’s when she was just a kid, maybe 20. Johnny did put her on and she was great. A few weeks later she was picked to go on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and she made the semi-finals.

Glaser’s style is very strong, consisting of left turns about being a young lady with a nice bod and a sharp brain in today’s world. She talks about what it’s like being her and she strikes a strong cord in both men and women of all ages. We feel her pain and share her victories.

“I was told not to go out with frat boys but I met this really cute guy in a frat, he was so sweet. I mean, what they said about college boys. Not true. It was on. And like he waited for our third date before he leaned over….and tried to rape me.”

That was Nikki in 2003.

Today she does political humor, lifestyles, stories about being hot and being not. After she did the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2009, Nikki moved to New York. She and partner-in-crime Sara Schaefer will have their own talk show going up against others like, well, Jay Leno.

Their show is slated to debut in January on MTV at 10 PM in KC.

It was born out of their hit podcast, “You Had To Be There.”  Nikki and her pal interviewed tons of guests including big name comics like Lewis Black, Dave Attell, Patton Oswald and Jim Florentine. The new show will have guests from all types of media, film, stage, TV and of course comedy.

“We are planning on some big names like Justin Timberlake, Lady Ga Ga and Sway,” Nikki says.

Glaser’s appeared in several films including I AM COMIC, which featured her as the next big thing in female comedy. I was so impressed that I called my agent Matt Blake at CAA and asked him to take her on in the mid 2000’s. He said she wasn’t big enough yet but he liked her sets that I sent him. So he helped get her started, she moved to LA and went on the road opening for Pauly Shore.

And yes, I was jealous.

I have always liked Nikki. She’s loyal and kind. I’ll never forget that she brought the NBC crew to shoot her final show for Last Comic Standing to our club so we could get some credit. They wanted to shoot it in LA where it was cheaper. But she came though.

We’ve stayed in touch ever since. She works Stanford’s yearly, visits her family and friends, and of course visits Kansas University her alma mater. Nikki was born in St. Louis, but KC is her comedy home.

So if you want to see one of the top 10 female comics in the nation, and one of the hottest…come to the Nikki Glaser show at Stanford’s this week.

She’s here Wednesday through Saturday.

P.S. only the hottest comics get the stage in Montreal, at the worldwide comedy fest…Chelsea, Lewis Black, Jim Jefferies, Howie Mandel and yes, Nikki Glaser!

I was there, ran into her, she looked smashing and is a brilliant standup comic.

You’ll be glad you came to see this budding comedy superstar.
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8 Responses to Glazer: KC Export Nikki Glasser Gets MTV Show, In Town This Week

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    Glazer … Glaser – wow, it’s a little scary.
    Like trying to compete with Eric Berry.

  2. harley says:

    wow! I saw her at stanfords (i think opening for slayton) and she
    was great.
    How cool that she gets a national network at the 10pm slot…huge..
    there’s lots of talent in kc. Someone needs to help them get exposure.
    I’ve seen some bands that are outstanding and could go national.
    What’s cool is that they get big and never lose their roots.
    Paul rudd and his poker buddies are prime examples. Kc is really
    a hotbed for some good talent…just that if they stick here they
    go nowhere.
    I saw Samantha fish several months ago. Local girl that should hit
    it big!!!!! Saw she had new cd…this girl is headed to big time.
    Puddle of mudd…local group made it big but i heard they had problems
    at their most recent show in kc..too bad…tremendous talent!!!!
    and glaze…you’ve helped some small acts on their way up…i guess some
    remember you helped them…some didn’t.
    saw ralphie mays was going to midland…good for him.
    still kc is under the radar….and i watched amercias got tale4nt and there
    were like 4 or 5 acts from branson in the semifinals.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Yes the midwest has a ton of talent, always has…but the way the industry has always worked is that you have to take it to LA…or in Nikki’s case New York, though she did stop in LA first…today its nearly impossible to get ‘discovered’ anywhere else, even for a reality series…not the website shows get attention, but the ones that usually get picked up for something more, including pod casts are based in LA or New York…they think they are the world…we just live in it…

  3. JC says:

    Craig, I think she played your club on New Years Eve and I have to say she was terrible. A few sex jokes are funny but she had dozens of them and it was lame after a while. She is not THAT good looking either but she thinks she is hot. It did not help that you had a 2 for 1 special that night and brought in some spectacular sleezy people from the Dotte. A guy knocked his wife on her ass in your lobby (did not even draw the attention of your crack crew) and another guy puked on the floor during Nikki’s show and the waitress kept serving him. Therefore, I am not sure if it was that Nikki sucked that bad or if it was just an off night for your club. This is my first visit to your club since it moved to the Legends and I have to say I much prefer your clientele and comics when it was located on Metcalf.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Well I’ll let MTV and all the shows she has done know how terrible she is…guess they don’t realize she sucks…those clowns think she is one of the best female comics today, top five…what do they know right….

      The theater at Legends is a 3 million dollar place, OP was 250 g’s…there is no comparison…Legends is one of the nicest clubs in the world…as far as comics like always Stanfords brings in the their is out there, always have…no need to list them for the one millionth time…

      IN my opinion matched by everyone else that matters…Nikki is brilliant, she was even going to be a staff writer for Jimmy Fallon for 350 g’s a year, but this was what she wanted her own show…so she did this…25 and on the Tonight Show, two time finals of Last Comic Standing at 23…I think she just might a bit more than six sex jokes.

      As far as the crowd quality, hey maybe it was New Years Eve and people thought they should get plastered, who knows…that night always brings out odd crowds…I don’t see a big difference in crowds between the clubs…we have nice people, blue collar and a few weird people same as all entertainment venues…in our six years at Legends, not one real fight, only had to throw maybe a handful of people out for bad behavior out of thousands and thousands…

  4. BS says:

    It’s Oswalt.

  5. the dude says:

    So she is packing pecker?

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