Glazer: Scribe Picks Chiefs to Finish Last in Division

Well, so most Chiefs fans are worried…

Worried a little, but not too much, right? I listen to sports radio sports shows like on 610 Sports and callers think we’ll likely be 10 and 6, that it’s just the preseason.

Did this one and three preseason really matter?

Where the Chiefs playing possum? Do they have secret weapons? Is Romeo saving his best for Game One with Atlanta? I guess next Sunday we’ll all find out.

What do I think? I don’t want to repeat myself ad nauseam but…

Green Bay‘s backups just waxed our asses. We didn’t lose three games in a row, we got run over. We were never in any of those games with the first string let alone the third.

I say preseason games do matter.

They matter when a team has no history of winning. This is not New England with a set team looking for just a few good men. We are a  very bad team that hasn’t been a contender since 1997. So yeah, it matters.

Game One is at home with a very good Atlanta team and our boy Tony G. As of now they went from being a 3 point underdog a couple weeks back to being a 2 or 3 point favorite.

Funny, Atlanta went one and three in preseason, why didn’t they get jumped on?

They are a real football team, that’s why. They are a contender for post season and beyond. We aren’t.

I think with all the injuries and Matt Cassel proving he’s one of the NFL’s weakest quarterbacks as well as injury prone, the Chiefs are in big trouble.

I look for the Chiefs to finish last in our division.

The only saving grace is our running game and slot receivers. If we can really learn ball control, then maybe we surprise a team or two, otherwise 6-10 or 7-9 sounds good.

Could be worse.

Next week I start picking the winning bets. College and Pro. Stand by.
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22 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Picks Chiefs to Finish Last in Division

  1. hardly says:

    you dont no what you are takling abo ut…………….the cheifs wil go 9-5 an make the playofs………….donuld washengton and amen garden wil be in the pro boal…………castle wil hav a qb rating of 151 butt jus mis the pro boal…………………dontarrie po wil convurt too corner bak an be rookee of the yeer…………..the cheefs wil win won playof gaem………..
    remebmer………….I AM ALLWAYS WRITE

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Sorry not that funny….look Harley for all his faults is not only funny at times, but he even has a grasp of football to a large extent…he has battled me on picks, but the guy is no chump…like most of you readers that follow the game, we all have our opinions nobody is right all the time…so give the guy a break…

      • harley says:

        thanks glaze…i appreciate the comments.
        But the old angry white guys on here know that i have written
        some pretty good articles on sports. Not my best subject but
        I look at it from a different angle.
        the chiefs lack an attitude. It’s just like walking into a presentation with doubts about your program. It’s like walking
        into a room to sell a group of people and you have no confidence
        in what you say or what you do.
        so what happens is you’re afraid to go out and do it up big.
        The chiefs/the royals lack that confidence and it’s holding
        them back. If i was glass/hunt i’d bring in tony robbins for
        two day seminar. forget talent…forget ability….it’s 90% mental.
        The chiefs haven’t got it. They’ve got talent…but they hesitate..
        they think too much. Watch the offensive lineman…they are
        afraid to make mistakes. Watch them and they hesitate on their
        blockingpatterns which costs them half a second. In pro football
        thats enough time for a defensive end to get around you.
        Watch the receivers…they cant do routes off the sheet. If they’re covered they don’t have a sec ondary plan to get open.
        Cassel gets extra time…and he’s looking for someone and there
        doesnt appear to be a set plan for that situation where the
        receivers need to go.
        Running backs…they hesitate too much…it’s from the lack of
        confidence on their part and the lack of confidence that the’lineman will create an opening. Another half second…and theyre tackled.
        Defense…the lineman don’t get it. And if the linebackers don’t
        feel confident that the linemen aren’t doing it riht…the linebackers hesitate and vthey’re missing a tackle.
        The cheifs have fear…fear of losing. Watch them in their
        games and there’s always something that screws them up.
        They think too much…they try to analyze and then the play’;s
        past them.
        I ask you all to watch the great athletes..I use to watch
        jerry rice. Max preparation for every game. He once said
        “if you think…you lose”. You think too much…you get
        passed by. it’s such a fast sport that it’s gotta be insticnt.
        Watch ray lewis…he knows he will make every tackle.
        He wants to make every tackle. he’s so quick to the ball
        that he’s in on almost every tackle.
        Charles gets it…ball in hand and boom..hit the line.
        Cassell doesn’t. he’s thinking too much. He’s too worried about
        making amistake and getting booed instead of going out there
        and playing like a mad dog.
        And romeo may be a great guy…but he doesn’t understand this
        concept. Yost. A month ago he said the royals had a losing
        attitude…they got used to winning. Well yost…that’s your
        job. Your managing will only account for 7 orv8 wins or
        losses a year…your motivation and strategy for he players
        will account for many more.
        why do teams like pittsburg baseball and other teams will
        little payrooll and talent win? Its in the head and glass/hunt
        don’t get it.
        sure you need talent…but how many talented guys have left
        the cheifs and done well. I just saw tank mcbride on tv starting
        somewhere (he was playing) after flunking out in kc.
        You c an talk all you want…it doesn’t matter…till the chiefs
        and royals get the right guy at the manager/coach you;re
        all just whistling dixie.
        If you analyze the greatest business minds (and not donald
        trump)…they believe they can walk thru walls…they can do
        anything they want…theres nothing they can’t do.
        You don’t see that on the royals/chiefs..and until you do you
        can all sit and bitch…nothing’s going to change.

        • mike says:

          I actually agree with you somewhat but think the hesitation has more to do with preparation than confidence. It takes a great deal of studying and practice to learn all the plays. That is the reason that rookies often hesitate and look tentative is that they have to think about what they are doing. More practice and experience is what it takes for their job to become instinctive, then confidence in the ability to perform the job increases.

        • harley says:

          I like Glaze very much!! in fact it is more than that. I want to be gglaze becausaw i want him. yummy dog. ryf rruff. he canb doi no rong.

    • hardley says:

      that is very very funny. harley is a klutzsmutz!

      • hardly says:

        thank you……anotherr won of my folowers…i cant gett over how populur i amm…eet you’re hart out smarmyman…i have al my folower s an al you hav are you,re discussting hot tubbs

  2. Kerouac says:

    “Green Bay‘s backups just waxed our asses.”

    – great if the Chiefs wanted to look good say, in Brazil; not so much the NFL, gridiron…

    “We didn’t lose three games in a row, we got run over. We were never in any of those games with the first string let alone the third.”

    – agreed: game vs GB, an ostrich-inclined Chiefs fandom wants to see not with their eyes buried in sand in lieu a studious head, but rather (based upon a need theirs) to embrace hope like a man clinging to shipwreck & imagining rescue. Football being a marathon and not sprint, an quarter is differentiated from four; otherwise, a matter sudden-death all the time, first team to score a game declared the winner, rationale being “see, our first string was better than GB’s on both offense & defense.”

    Desperation tends to create mirage: the 2011 Chiefs scored more points their game vs GB (analogy, think ’80 US Olympic hockey team, ’69 Mets & ’68 Jets) – **** happens, upsets occur, just not generally.

    KC won/was ‘better’ than GB, their game 2011. ‘Better’ is the operative, its relevance any lasted till the next week when they lost at home to a weak Oakland Raiders team; that KC finished the season last place behind those same Raiders serves as precursor to the 2012 season; already has, if we embrace the aforementioned ‘appearances’ that many Chiefs fans are want to do, if it be to their advantage.

    Claiming superiority in a game as such is no different than claiming the reverse, i.e, that their abject inferiority other games was pointless due the venue (preseason as compared regular, vanilla as compared game-planning, more points 1st quarter the game GB vs KC 2012 ‘telling’ in the same way a lead first period a hockey game/3rd inning of a baseball game is, team with the lead equaling victor, their convolution.

    “Game One is at home with a very good Atlanta team and our boy Tony G. As of now they went from being a 3 point underdog a couple weeks back to being a 2 or 3 point favorite.”

    – no Flowers (likely), no Lewis (ditto), no Hali (a lead-pipe cinch), and no D. Johnson (perhaps) – “no problem” according Chiefs fandom (same story/same broken record, different year.)

    “Funny, Atlanta went one and three in preseason, why didn’t they get jumped on?”

    – gee, where to begin and how much time & internet paper do we have? Read on…

    “They are a real football team, that’s why. They are a contender for post season and beyond. We aren’t.”

    – exactly. They also have a QB… KC doesn’t. They also have three wide receivers of note… KC has one. ATL also has a better TE at age 36 than anyone KC’s roster, any age. ATL’s defense is no worse than KC’s- this the lone equality the Chiefs can hang their hats/hopes on. The clincher perhaps, the Falcons also have playoff experience recent vintage, earlier this year… KC was slaughtered in their last two seasons ago.

    “I look for the Chiefs to finish last in our division.”

    – the (4th place/cellar) end…

    • mike says:

      I’m with you about Flowers, Lewis, and Hali being out really hurting them early. Letting Carr go is really looking bad now.
      I think our offense might not be as bad as you might think. Our offensive line is better with the addition of Winston. Our running game will be better with Hillis and with Charles returning. Our short passing game will be alright with Moeaki coming back and with Boss and Maneri. Our deep passing game will be weak other than an occasional play action when the other team puts their safeties in the box to stop our run.
      What will be interesting is seeing how the other teams in our division are. Denver could be tough if Manning stays healthy but that is a big if. Oakland will be Oakland and beat themselves with turnovers and penalties. San Diego has Rivers but their defense and running game is not what it once was and they are poorly coached.
      I am hoping that the rest of the AFC west will be bad enough to keep the Chiefs competitive but they will probably be in 3rd or last unless they catch a few breaks.

      • Kerouac says:

        All due respect for your purview, but your operatives “I think”, “will be” and “could be” augmented with “if”, “I am hoping” and “will probably” be no different Chief management’s, likely. I am not a cynic, just a Chiefs fan since 1963; I’ve see and heard it all.

        Yes, Carr was a bad move/poor non-retention ‘then’, and it only looks moreso now having seen Routt ’66’ be his usual caliber self at CB. Flowers is overhype, always has been; stats telling only a part the story, Carr was just as good as Flowers 2011 and was in fact ‘better’, my opinion.

        Offensive line? ‘Potential’ – that hasn’t been realized to date, preseason, my opine. IF either OT goes down, this team just went from ICU to DOA, guarded to terminal.

        Running game better? That be more prayer based on the ‘past’ Charles & Hillis same, my opine. ‘Could be’, however, the odds suggest to me Charles will not last the season, certainly not the same impact he provided 2010. Hillis is an up one year & down the next type, based on his resume… if one believes such, 2012 ‘might be’ his ascension, again.

        Agree re: the ‘deep’ passing game, not so much about Moeaki – ‘Depends’ he is not at TE (more so ‘Pampers’ as in he is a high maintenance type.) Boss is adequate, Maneri preseason myth.

        Am I being too tuff? Not a ‘real’ Chiefs fan? No. Just realistic.

        “Denver/Manning” (even a lesser Peyton) is more than KC can handle, based on history. He may be DEN’s ’93 Montana, ours.

        “Oakland” may be Oakland but annually beat the Chiefs in KC, flop otherwise. They gave us ‘Routt 66’ however, so their most ‘decorated’ offender has been excised, KC now refers to him as “our starting CB” – YIKES.

        “San Diego has Rivers but their defense and running game is not what it once was and they are poorly coached.”

        – yes, no, yes & yes. My impression is their defense will surprise and be much better, pass rush especially – ‘potentially’ (aren’t all these takes mine, yours, whomever’s based on said, some extent : )

        I see them 5-11 in 2012… ‘could be’ better, could be worse, so I’ll stick with my guess subject to injuries/other being incalculable.

        Will say this: the preseason can fool, folks.

        Back in 1967 the OAK Raiders flopped, an 48-0 shutout at the hands KC, the defending 1966 AFL Champions, seemingly the indicator trouble ahead.

        1967 final result? OAK finished 13-1 and went to the Superbowl and beat KC twice by a combined score of 67-43. Alas, this is the 2012 Chiefs and not the ’67 Raiders of trade acquisitions lore QB Lamonica, CB Brown, PK Blanda, free agent pickup from KC WR Warren Wells, #1 draft choice OG Gene Upshaw the rookie who stymied Buck Buchanan ongoing, and the 11 Angry Men defense theirs, etc. etc. etc. Point: you don’t win on paper, just because of resume (be it Manning or Charles, etc.) nor on what fandom can scream & shout loudest.

        No, we are the 2012 Chiefs… God (alone can) help us, appears.

        • Kerouac says:

          Haven’t even addressed the Chiefs QB situation: Olive-Oyl armed Cassel & a not so mighty Quinn his backup, the case for/against Poe/Powe NT, K Succop’s seeming descent as a kicker (slight, but discernible), 2011 bust Baldwin & ’09 bust same Jackson and Berry’s halt/lame look afoot 2012, etc (SD’s Gates & Rivers are salivating, probably Manning & Palmer too.)

          Six of one half a dozen the other, McCluster looks better while Arenas looks worse. Draft pick Wylie looks in over his head/lost, Allen looks to have ‘potential’ (there’s that word again), Stephenson looks an Okie from Muskogee.

          OK, I’m done a pickin’ & a grinnin’… Hee Haw : )

          • criag glazer says:


            HC: Obviously, this is Criag NOT Craig Glazer. Funny guy.

          • mike says:

            Excellent analysis. I can’t really argue with anything you said. You are right. I am hoping t
            they can do well but it isn’t all that likely.
            Maybe if they do suck this year, they will have a chance to draft a real franchise quarterback, but based on their track record, would probably over reach on a defensive lineman again.

  3. Rick Nichols says:

    The preseason Chiefs never got it in gear,
    Could be a l-o-n-g season, many fear;
    Scribe’s with the cheerleaders pictured here –
    He looks for the Chiefs to bring up the rear.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    If you are interested in wins-and-losses in practice games, then your team generally blows. You hope you see a glimmer of what is to come, often you get the glare of reality.

    Chiefs win AFC West after the third tie-breaker. Todd Haley turns Big Ben into a scoring machine while Bruce Ariens turns Luck into the Rookie of the Year in the NFL.

    Big Red is on the hot seat after Vick goes down and Edwards is ineffective. Nick Fowles comes off the bench and Eagles get into the playoffs.

    Someone in Kansas City learns how to make a hard roll for cheesesteaks and hamburger joints close by the thousands.

    Anything you want to add chuck?

  5. chuck says:

    Why yes Orphan, there is.

    Atlanta probably kills us without some Arrowhead magic and I hope some blown calls by the rookie refs. The noise factor, if we are in it, in combination with the nervous Refs is more likely to break our way, than Atlanta’s way. No Hali, No Flowers, No Johnson. Pretty iffy.

    The season though, is not lost based on an ugly pre season.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want the money back I am probably gonna lose to smartman, but lets get on with it.

    If Flowers is out all year, wow. Berry last year, Flowers this year and yes, I agree with Kerouac, Carr was better. Big step back in pass defense until Brown gets up to speed. 6 to 8 games. Ouch.

    The offense looks better with Jamal and Peyton.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mark Sanchez, Tannehill, Weeden, Gabbet, Locker, Ponder,Freeman, Skelton, Bradford. That is a list of QB starting in the League who are worse or close to worse than Matt Cassel. I like Locker and Ponder, but not this year. So, Cassel isn’t the worst. Sanchez is terrible and the Jets went to the AFC Championship 2 years with a guy less accurate than Rooster Cogburn.

    Injuries are what stops promising teams every year in the NFL.

    If Johnson, Hali and Flowers come back, then we still have a very reasonable chance to go 9 and 7, maybe 10 and 6.

    The AFC west is WAY up for grabs.

    San Diego is weaker than they have been in 10 years. I still think bettin 96 million bucks on a 36 year old QB that hasn’t played in 2 years with 4 neck surgeries, in which the definition of those neck surgeries includes the word ‘Fused”, is a long shot. I am in no way as enamoured with the Oakland Raiders as Kerouac. The entire season for the Raiders, the ENTIRE season, is a bet on the health of Darren McFadden. That guy gets hurt more often than Taylor Swift during an evening of speed dating.

    Here is the deal.

    The Chiefs really do have a far more talented roster than they did last year. The AFC West is weaker than I thought 30 days ago.

    Even if the Chiefs get pounded by Atlanta, it will be in NO WAY indicative of what the team will do the rest of the year.

    I think Glaze said the over under was 8.

    I take the over.

  6. chuck says:

    One thing I forgot to mention, and, is mentioned only briefly by the “experts”, are the Tight Ends for the Chiefs. The addition of Boss, with Eric Winston at right tackle will give Cassel an outlet he can hit, and that, AFTER another second in the pocket. One second in the pocket is time standing still for even an average QB like Cassell.

    This year, Matt will dump off to the tight ends in a Patriot lite effort to score like those same Patriots. It won’t be like the Patriots at all, but, it will work often enough with the running game to spread the linebackers.

    Eric Winston, Boss and Hillis, in addition to what we hope are the return of some injured players, should get us at least 2 more games than last year in a weak division.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Could be the year Dame Karma lets the Chargers win the Super Bowl. Imagine millions of fans naming their kid Norvil then.

      Temple destroys VanillaNova in the opener. My year is already good.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck you made some interesting and studied good judgement here, but if we go with your Cassel numbers he is still a bottom ten qb…I don’t think he is better than Sanchez, or some of the others you named, Matt can’ t throw deep at all, some of those guys can..again he missed a ton of games the last two years…almost all of last year, so that’s also an issue…

    • mike says:

      Many including me have mentioned that we should have kept Carr. We also should have kept Orton. He has a stronger arm and quicker release than Cassel and looked better than him while he was in there. We may not have been a contender with him either but at least we had a deep ball threat with him which would have forced the safeties to stay in coverage and open up our run game.

      • chuck says:

        Glaze, you and Mike make good points.

        Sanchez is REALLY bad.

        Kyle Boller could toss it 75 yards on his knees.

        The Jets went to the AFC title game with a really below average QB imo.

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