Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Celeste and Jesse’ Shine In Genre

It’s not often that that I review a made to order chick flick…

However CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER in a strange sort of way seems to go the extra mile.

No, it doesn’t have a Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Garner—or for that matter any Jennifer in its lead. Instead we get Rashida (‘Parks & Recreation’) Jones, who incidentally co-wrote the screenplay.

Now one has to wonder what they’re in for when the story actually begins right in the midst of Jones’ character’s divorce. She plays marketing pro Celeste splitting with free spirit, no ambition and unemployed artist Jesse played by Andy Samberg.
Yet the two remain best friends.

On the outside everything seems and feels right. That is until Jesse starts dating while Celeste is heading down the road of self doubt. But nothing quite hits home for her like when she finds out that her about-to-be-ex’s latest squeeze—is carrying his baby.

Talk about a heavy dose of personal angst.

It all sounds very saccharine, doesn’t it? Probably. But thanks to its clever writing, directing and acting, the movie successfully exceeds what I now refer to as The Jennifer Factor.

On top of that, we get to see another side of Andy Samberg. Not the goofy guy from SNL, but a real mensch in this film.

Add a fine supporting cast including Emma Roberts, Rebecca Dayan and Elijah Wood as Celeste’s gay friend who’s always trying to steer her in the right direction, and you get a bittersweet look at life’s best intentions – a likable breakup with no charades.

CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER—Actually 90 minutes of it—is new this holiday weekend in limited runs and raises 3 out of 5 amicable fingers.

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4 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Celeste and Jesse’ Shine In Genre

  1. chuck says:

    Is there a scene with a “Dick in a Box?”

  2. smartman says:

    New porn release this week. Michelle and Romney’s High School Reunion. The current first lady and the presidential contender rekindle their HOT secret interracial love affair only to be discovered by their social studies teacher, (Ona Zee), who wants in on the action. Both discover that Romney has become more-man than they can handle.

  3. gene says:

    Chuck and smartman are the perfect examples why comment sections on blogs like kcconfidential should be more tightly edited. Their bullshit give perfectly good stories and posted reviews negative connotations. If you can’t contribute itelligent thoughts or comments to movie reviews, sports or other posted stories then stay off the computer and deal with your mental masturbation by playing pocket pool instead.

  4. Kerouac says:

    No Michelle & Romney nor dick (and no s**t too) – Rashida Jones mother Peggy Lipton looks better at 66 (Julie Barnes / ‘Mod Squad’ girl’s birthday was yesterday) than does her daughter at 30-something (she’s a better actress too, Lipton; then again, neither is a Laurence Olivier but both be better looking than the deceased, that the tradeoff.)

    [PS ] No, I don’t need glasses – I (have) need(ed) Peggy (since the 1960’s); my yoke isn’t especially easy but it’s my ‘burden’ that really be hard (still); give me the skinny girls an Lipton, Susan Dey, Michelle Phillips et al the late 1960’s… the movies thence too.

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