Hearne: Entercom’s Point Lands Popular Jack FM Host Nycki Pace

There’ve been damn few free agent radio deals go down since the era of people-metered ratings dawned a few years back…

For the most part music radio deejays are lucky to hang on to their paychecks period. Shut up and just play the songs being the current mantra.

And as of late it’s been open season on female air personalities, as evidenced by the recent firings of Alice 102’s Shorty and The Point’s Tanna Guthrie.

Which is funny because women listeners are one of the most sought after demos.

With that in mind, it’s good to hear that a female of the radio species has actually moved up the ladder to the higher ($$$) ground.

Popular Jack FM personality Nycki Pace has been spirited away by Entercom Kansas City to take over middays on fast rising station The Point 99.7 FM starting Tuesday September 4th.


“How the hell’d they manage that?” asks one local radio observer. “I can’t imagine that Cumulus didn’t have a non compete on her. If that’s the case somebody really dropped the ball.”

Yes and no.

Turns out when Pace was hired at Jack her primary role was in promotions and her on air duties were secondary, so there was no apparent need for a non-compete.

Over time as Pace’s job morphed into mostly on air work, but she was never asked to sign a non compete contract and chances are when new management joined Cumulus this past year it was assumed that Pace was under contract.

That she was not opened the door for Pace to effectively replace Guthrie, albeit it in a different time slot, as Point program director Tony Lorino will now switch from middays to Guthrie’s afternoon drive time slot.

The bottom line being that snaring Pace -who’s younger and a better fit with women listeners than Guthrie (whose strong suit has always been men) – is a coup for the year-old Point.

Pace will also serve as The Point’s Social Media Coordinator.

Pace by the way is married to Q104 FM  “New Country” program director and morning show main man Mike Kennedy.


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25 Responses to Hearne: Entercom’s Point Lands Popular Jack FM Host Nycki Pace

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    Good luck to Nycki, she is a great girl. Enjoyed working with her on Jack FM, hope to see her at Entercom. Mike Kennedy, her husband and morning host of Q104.3 is one of the best in the biz.

  2. Caroline says:

    Nycki was the only reason I ever listened to Jack in the morning. I really hope they don’t bring in that loudmouth from Westport Trivia as her replacement since he fills in for her sometimes. God, he has the worst timing in radio.

  3. harley says:

    Kennedy is #1 radio guy in kc. Surprised he never left wilks for bigger spotlight
    and money.
    Davey is running his cluster into the ground. Besides low income rockers and old
    angry white listeners davey is over his head in this market.
    GUY. I actually felt sorry for him because after a great movie career he should
    have sat this convention out…..worst mistake he’s ever made. the media is making
    him to be a clown. too bad…good actor but one bad shctick and you lose it all.
    I still like the guy….but last night he “MADE MY DAY”!

    • The Answer says:


      Remind me again of your background and why you believe you know so much about the media industry?

      • Big john says:

        And remind me of your background please? Most of your posts regarding media are extremely ignorant. Clearly, you were terminated and now spend your days posting blabber.

        • The Answer says:

          Which posts are that Big John?

          I currently work in the media, so I think I have a pretty good grasp of things.

          Not really sure why you wanted to pick a fight. I thought Harley’s answer was great. Didn’t claim to have all the answers, just a guy with opinions. Nothing wrong with that

      • harley says:

        just ask me anything about it and i will have an answer…
        i know about it all big john and would love to discuss
        any issues about media/politics/business etc in an
        intelligent manner ….i’m open to intellectual discussions as
        you will find from my fans/disciples and readers.
        thanks for thinking of me.

      • hardly says:

        juts ask me abou t anytheng an i wil make up an answer…i can fabrucate ansers about anything an wuld luv to disgust anny isues about media/bizness/polutics that i can fake knowi ng sumthing about in a psuedointeligunt manner….i am open two intelecttual digustions frum mi fans/disiples/reeders or anny won else who wil l beeleev my crap
        thanks for not thinking at all an beleeving mee

  4. harley says:

    Well done, Mr. President. Well done. Once again, you out foxed all your opponents. Don Barzini is dead, so is Phillip Tattaglia — Moe Greene — Hyman Roth — the RNC Convention; today you settled all family business. You truly are a ninja master.
    Thank you/thank you Clint Eastwood. You killed romney/ryan team!

    • mike says:

      The mafia comparison is appropriate for Obama and his underlings. By the way, thanks to him, our economy is also dead.

      • cliinttt eastwuud says:

        economy isn’t dead mikey…maybe your economy is dead
        and you don’t have a job.
        people on kcc seem to be doing okay. Maybe hang with your
        buddy smarmyman and have him teach you how toclean
        feces infected household items. Smarmy man has the
        hot tub market locked up…maybe if you’d get off your
        arse you can corner the used toilet market.

        • mike says:

          There might be a market for used toilets. People like you have to have something to eat out of!

    • The Truth says:

      Harley is a angry douchbag.

  5. cliinttt eastwuud says:

    what did romney expect from a guy who played straight man in a movie to
    a freaking monkey/chimp?

  6. the dude says:

    Right turn Clyde.

  7. Rick Nichols says:

    She’s got style, she’s got grace,
    A better-than-average “radio face”;
    Entercom scores a Point with Pace –
    Are Alice and Jack still in the race?

  8. Pat McGroin says:

    I’ve known Nycki for years. Her dad was one of my best customers when I was in the PBE business. I’m glad shes doing well in these tought imes.

    Aside from all that, commercial radio STILL sucks. The same 6 shitty songs, in between 20 minute bouts of viagra commercials.

    Thank goodness for internet radio.

  9. the dude says:

    Monkeys pushing buttons for peanuts.

  10. Glazed Radio says:

    Well since she’s taking over middays she won’t have to choke down the bile that comes with sharing a studio with Glazer self promoting his King of Sting book!!

  11. Super Dave says:

    Nice to see you’re on the ball here Hearne, those of us in the know knew all about this 3 days ago and some before that.

    But what is of interest is the morning show DJ Kelly Urich is the one getting the ratings for the station. The Points new midday DJ who will be Nycki also has to cover two positions same as Tony is so the station is still not healthy enough to pay any large salary’s or Nycki wouldn’t have to wear two hats and the PD wouldn’t have to DJ as well. I think over all it is a good move for Nycki but still midday is not the time slot where it happens, hence why Tony wanted to jump into Tannas old slot. But not sure it will happen for him like he thinks it will.

    Traci Wild was and had the last hot midday show in Kansas City and be a while before if ever we see that again.

    HC: Those of you in the know, huh? Well, congratulations, sorry to inconvenience you having to trudge through it again.

  12. balbonis moleskine says:

    ahh…nothing has changed even since I was toasty in front of a hot mike back on college FM radio. The female jocks are all doin’ the ‘traffic on the nines’ (since I cant say fudgin’) with the station managers and P.Ds….

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