Whinery: Republican Convention 2012, Night Two

Finally, some electricity from the convention floor last night…

Not surprisingly it was led by none other than vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan. I take back everything bad I ever said about him!  He’s managed to do the impossible, make Medicare a positive issue for Republicans.

His zinger, “We know the difference between saving a program and raiding one,”
portraying ObamaCare as looting Medicare was brilliant.

Ryan also made serious inroads with the CENGA’s (College Educated Not Going Anywhere) demographic. Laying out a vision for a prosperous future where success is encouraged, not punished. Where there are jobs again in a growing economy and pointing out that they should not be living at home “with a faded Obama poster on their bedroom wall.”

What a great speech outlining what must be done to restore fiscal sanity and put the country back on the path to prosperity.

Condoleezza Rice kept the NeoCon vision of “peace through strength” alive during her speech and gave it without the aid of a teleprompter!

She made points on how America must lead and our allies must be able to depend on us.

I believe that the days of America being the “world’s policeman” should be over- but understand that demographic is alive and well in the Republican Party- and who better to convey that vision than the former Secretary of State.

The biggest surprise of the night has to be how compelling Governor Susan Martinez story was to the Nation.

As the first Hispanic Female Governor, she’s lived the immigrant “rags to riches” American Dream. Growing up in a border town with very modest means, parents who built a successful business through hard work and determination, becoming a lawyer, taking on the political establishment and standing on principles to win elections.

She called out Obama- “He promised to bring us all together, to cut unemployment, to pass immigration reform and even cut the deficit in half, all in his first year. Do you remember that? But he hasn’t even come close. He hasn’t even passed a budget in three years.”

That pretty much summed up Obama’s broken promises.

How come the members from the “Lamestream Media” is that the Republicans are the party of the “Old White Guy?” They are showing the Nation that we are a party of ideas and inclusiveness…where your skin color doesn’t matter. Where people can be a success in this Country through hard work, determination and with a little luck- If the Government just gets out of the way and rewards success and doesn’t punish it.

All Mitt Romney has to do tonight is not say anything stupid and this convention will be a smash success.

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17 Responses to Whinery: Republican Convention 2012, Night Two

  1. smartman says:

    If only someone would have talked about the alleged Republican “war on women” and rolled out Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Cathleen Willey, Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton.

    • hardly says:

      how is taht a war on wommen…………it was cuntsensual in all thoze cases accept hilary…….thoze wommen injoyed it………..how did it hram them

      smamyman youre brain is geting affected bye the fumes fr om thoze feesees infecte d hot tubs……….youre wife turns her hed………..away from you wtih youre dirtey hands………..LUSER

      • smartman says:

        Harley, it will help if you wipe the jizz off of your hands and keyboard before you post.

        • hardly says:

          I cant hel p it………..i keap thinking abuot obama………..geting a tignly fealing upp mi leggs………mabee you culd restour mi keebord………..liek thoze hot tubbs…..it is even durtier thoguh…………yull do anythign four munny……LUSER

          • the dude says:

            Uh oh, you been drinking the Matthews kool-aid lately Harlinator?

          • hardly says:

            no……….mathews is won of my manny folowres………….he hurd me say it wen we wer in the hot tubb twogather……hee copi es mee liek manny of my folowers

  2. the dude says:

    This does not help the fact that the magical undergarment wearing MORE MAN is still unelectable. Most GOPers I have talked to could give two shits less about this guy, felt like he was being forced on them.

  3. Lash LaRue says:

    c’mon dude.

    even fox news called the Ryan speech out as being a big pack of lies.


    The only relevant question is this: is the country better off now than when Mr Obama took office? We were then in a depression created by Mr Bush and his wars and tax cuts. The answer is, undeniably for the fact based community (seemingly,about 20 % of Americans),yes

    • mike says:

      Based on what facts? We are 5 trillion deeper in debt, unemployment is about 8 1/2 percent, gas prices are higher, food prices are higher, more people are on food stamps than ever, and our country is more divided than it has ever been.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Lash says, “The only relevant question is this: is the country better off now than when Mr Obama took office? … The answer is, undeniably for the fact based community … ,yes.”

      I consider myself part of your “fact-based community” so, pray tell, lay out the facts for us as to why we are undeniably better off now than when Obama took office?

      • smartman says:


        • JC says:

          Hey Lash,

          That fox news story you referenced was written by Sally Kohn, a liberal opinion writer who usually appears on the MSNBC Ed Shulz show. It appears that Fox News recently hired her to actually provide balance to their stable of conservatives.


          Anyway, the Ryan did a great job. Remember, we you stands on an issue depends on where you sit. You obviously will vote for Obama so Ryan was never going to make you happy.

          Answer the question, did other than health care, what promise did Obama keep with us?

          • the dude says:

            He did pull a few troops put of Iraq and he did give tons of money to the car companies as promised. The health care stuff he got passed is mostly worthless to most uhmericans so yeah, not much was accomplished really. The puppetmasters will make sure it happens just like Bushy 2 in 2000 and ’04.

            Don’t worry folks, he (Barry) ain’t going anywhere any time soon, 4 more years.

  4. the dude says:

    Mr. Ryan, how does it feel to be beat out in the ratings by Honey Boo Boo?

  5. Orphan of the Road says:


    I remember when the Republicans sat home because they were not enthralled with their choice.

    Could be one of those elections.

    • mike says:

      Most people I know are voting against who they don’t like more than for who they like this year. That is why the campaigns have been so negative because neither of the candidates is popular enough to win because of their own appeal. Show that the other guy is worse.

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