Glazer: Scribe Disses Sports Illustrated, Charts Disaster Ahead for Chiefs

Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King has spoken…

The Kansas City Chiefs will go 10-6, win the West and win one playoff game against the Buffalo Bills. Yes sir, you can count on Sports Illustrated to get it right. King has the Chiefs winning the West, with Denver and Peyton Manning also going 10-6, being a wild card and ending up in the Super Bowl.

Then Denver loses to Green Bay for the championship.

What do I think now that the preseason is done after tonight’s Packers game?

The Chiefs will struggle and if all goes well and everyone gets healthy, maybe they can compete at some point, but not now. Why? Quarterback Matt Cassel, a poor defense with way too many injuries, lack of leadership and no wide receiver play to speak of.

The list of opponents is also pretty stiff.

The Chiefs play Atlanta here (likely a loss) to open the season. We go to the Bills, I think a loss, but let’s give the Chiefs a win to be open minded. Then we go to New Orleans, another loss. We play the Chargers at KC, likely another loss. Then Baltimore, a loss, and at Tampa – I’ll give them a win there.

So we start out 2-4….not good.

Let’s continue…

We play Oakland here – they own us – but let’s give KC a win. At the Chargers, another loss. At Pittsburgh, a loss. Then we come home to play the Bengals, a likely loss, but let’s give the Chiefs a win there (not likely). We follow with the Broncos, a loss if Manning is healthy. We then face Cam Newton and the Panthers…a loss. Chiefs at Cleveland, OK, a win there. At Oakland, tough but a win. Then we face Andrew Luck and the Colts…maybe a win… and we close at Denver with Manning, a loss.

And this is being generous from what I’ve seen so far.

So we finish 7-9.

I can see that.

Matt the Franchise, is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL, bottom five. Scott Pioli knows this now, but he’s done nothing about it for four years. That alone should call for Pioli’s firing. This team has talent but nobody to help guide the players

Now let’s look at what we all thought would be the Chiefs strengths.

Defense. We know we have no backfield, both starting corners on one side are down and we gave away one to Dallas. We have the Oakland guy trying on the other side. Both safeties are hurt and Eric Berry does not look good yet. Kendrick Lewis may be out for who knows how long with a shoulder injury and Brandon Flowers has that dreaded heel injury that may take him out for the season (and even if he plays it will slow him down).

Now starting middle nose tackle Anthony Toribio is out, so we start the rookie Dontari Poe. He looks lost (you can count on a few long runs right over his butt in game one). This is not to mention NO DEFENSIVE LINE. Tyson Jackson is a HUGE BUST and so is Glen Dorsey -they give up 6 yards a run so far, not good. And Tamba Hali, our best defender, is out game one and might have some off the field issues that are in his head Рwho knows?

I think with all this mess we’ll be lucky to be 7-9.

Our strength is the running game, play fakes and well, that’s it so far.

The linebackers could be good when the smoke clears at some point. Matt can’t throw deep so the wide outs will be used only here and there.

Maybe the biggest issue of all…..MATT GETS HURT OFTEN….he is injury prone, folks. If he goes down, bad as he is…now you got BRODY CROYLE…good night….sorry I mean’t BRADY QUINN…same difference. Good night.

If the Franchise goes down we lose almost every game after that event.

The bottom line:  the Chiefs tie Oakland for last place.

WE WILL BUILD FOR THE FUTURE with no quarterback.


Thanks, Peter King.

P.S. King wrote that prediction three weeks ago, before the Chiefs looked horrible. I’m sure today he wouldn’t pick KC to win the West or much of anything else.

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15 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Disses Sports Illustrated, Charts Disaster Ahead for Chiefs

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    At this point Cheerleader No. 87 is just about the only reason I can get even halfway excited about this year’s version of the Chiefs.

  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    I am outraged they made Romeo Crennel too fat in Madden 13. He looks like a rotund battletoad or a keg of beer but he’s Mangino fat in the game

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I forgot to mention this good one…Peter King picks Romeo to be COACH OF THE YEAR….oh boy…that likely will go to John Fox with his AFC contending Bronco’s or S.F. head coach, Jimmy…but Romeo…wow.

  3. the dude says:

    When is spring training? Pitchers and catchers? Anybody? Bueller?

  4. chuck says:

    Just settle down.

    See what hapens tonight.

    The real test, will be a worthy opponent at home, the first game.

  5. Ryno says:

    Glazer, nice work on finally getting Kendrick Lewis’s name right. In fact you listed a bunch of names, some tough ones like Toribio and Dontari, and you nailed all of them….nice work. Proud of you.

  6. Facts says:

    Just checking in and saddly that that idiot boy galzer is still ruining this site with his stupid drivel…. too bad he has not died yet…. oh well….

    I will check back in after football season, so someone else will have to be in charge of fact checking his fucking lies about his bets. He will claim to pick em 80-90% correct while really going 25-30%… telling lies to himself is the only way he can live with his pathetic self.

    Galzer you are so full of it… you ruin this site. Your stink, your smell permeates every other wise quality post. Please do the world a favor and kill yourself.

    Hearne why dont you fire this jerk?

    Will check back in January…. hopefully idiot boy will be gone by then.

    • mike says:

      Harley! At least learn to spell and punctuate when using a fake name if you think you are going to fool anybody. Who is Galzer, you moron? Whoever he is, he probably is smarter than you just like Glazer is!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      The only one who will be gone is you FACTS shmo….I will leave this up…big deal, so I lied about my % really, I posted every week it was outstanding, almost went perfect for four weeks with College and Pros to start, then came back to earth, did break 70%, fantastic…hope I can do it again, who knows….why don’t you try it? You ask me ‘kill myself’ why would I? I have a great life, unlike you down in the basement, no girls, fat, creepy, buy a dog!

  7. Facts says:

    Oh… And you are moderating comments (censoring) now too… oh well. no wonder this site does not show up on any “must see” lists.


    • Craig Glazer says:

      We do, top ten in KC and maybe midwest, ask Hearne….we love you chunky!

    • mike says:

      I didn’t know there was a must see list for local websites. I hope they don’t lose your participation, Harley. This website will fail without it since you are the one “go to” expert on everything there is.

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