Whinery: The Republican Convention 2012 – Day One

Suffering through the Republican Convention – so you don’t have to – here are a few observations on the first nights speeches…

Ann Romney: The nominee’s wife gave a decent speech… She made some strides in “humanizing” Mr. Romney. Explaining his generosity towards others, how he built Bain Capital, how he dealt with her battles with MS and breast cancer. Those are all solid points to make. I just don’t know why she focused so much on how they started out in life with “nothing.”

Does anybody really believe that the son of a wealthy Michigan governor subsisted on “pasta and tuna fish” while in college?

Even if it is true?

Her greatest contribution to Mr. Romney’s candidacy was her message to women. A lot of women probably saw her – particularly married women and mothers – as credible and likeable portraying her husband as a caring and compassionate man. A man who has never failed his family and will not fail the country if he becomes President.

She did what she could to have women take a look at her husband as a man who will make life easier on families struggling under the President’s policies.

Governor Chris Christie: Very disappointing speech in my humble opinion. How does the GOPs best attack dog not even mention the President by name, while barely criticizing his many failed policies?

Christie only mentioned “jobs” once- which is the central issue in this election.

And he never went after the President’s lack of leadership on the economy.

The Guv did make some valid points on the need to confront public sector unions, particularly teachers. He pointed out that the American People were ready to hear the truth about the Country’s problems. That they are demanding politicians that “lead” and not those that “pander.”

Christie’s best zinger of the night;  “You see Mr. President, real leaders don’t follow polls. Real leaders change polls.”

He stressed that Democrats ideas have failed and that Republican ideas are working.

I hope he’s right that Americans want politicians that will lead, tell the truth and tackle the big problems- even the politically unpopular ones. Because unless we start dealing with the many challenges facing our great nation- particularly debt and entitlements- we’re going to become a third world Banana Republic- if we’re not there already…

Mia Love: The Tea Party darling, Mayor of Sarasota Springs, Utah and Republican candidate for Congress, hit the ball out of the park last night. The 37 year old daughter of Haitian immigrants told a compelling story of self reliance and the American dream. Where people don’t look to Washington for help but look within and work hard.

So what did Love get from the “Keep it classy” crowd amongst the Democratic Party for daring to be a self-made black woman? Her Wikipedia page was vandalized as follows:

“She is a total sellout to the Right Wing Hate Machine and the greedy bigots who control the GOP and love to see people like Mia Love be exploited like the house Nigger she truly is”


And Republicans are the closed minded ones and the racists?

If that’s true, why is it almost every time a person of color runs as a Republican- they’re accused of abandoning “their people” and being a “sellout?”

Artur Davis: A black man who spoke for Obama in 2008 and is now for Romney didn’t fair much better. Facing most of the same criticisms as Mia Love. Mr. Davis doesn’t believe that his race is a weakness and that blacks need help from the Government. He believes that we are all equals and that blacks can compete on a level playing field and don’t need affirmative action.

Those are “radical” beliefs Mr. Davis- at least amongst the group think in the Democratic Party…

I’ll be back tomorrow with a briefing on Night Two.

I hope the Republicans start going after the President by name ans criticizing his failed policies more… The race between Obama and Romney is only tied, in my opinion, because people don’t fully know how awful the President has been. And the “lamestream” media isn’t going to stop cheerleading long enough to focus on Obama’s failures- the Republicans need to spell them out.

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13 Responses to Whinery: The Republican Convention 2012 – Day One

  1. chuck says:

    Here, here…

  2. smartman says:

    The GOP has no balls. It can’t be a Mormon thing. I’ve watched enough episodes of Big Love to know they can play some serious hard ball with the approval of Heavenly Father.

    The only help that some blacks need from the government is a ticket back to the homeland where their skill sets can be better plied among their third world brethren. All this hip hop, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Obama money, Obama phones, we’re too stupid, lazy and undisciplined to properly assimilate in this culture belongs on the Serengeti.

    It’s terribly unfortunate that any people of color that pursue and realize the American Dream are immediately cast as sellouts when they join the GOP. It’s the commie lib dems that wanna keep chains on y’all.

    Nice to see Juan Williams wearing his true colors last night with his coloring of Ann Romney as a “corporate wife”. I wonder what Mrs. Williams does with her day? I’m sure she picks the obligatory field of cotton in the morning before she goes and cleans houses and brings home some wash and fold so she can keep those 21 piece buckets coming.

    Anyway, black people are drowning in the Gulf Coast. I’m gonna go party. Not my fault they didn’t learn to swim.

  3. chuck says:

    I wonder if this could be a problem?


    Unbelievable. Well, maybe it’s not unbelievable.

    No, it’s unbelievable.

    • smartman says:

      No it’s not. This is indicative of behavior in the democrat voting black community. Do you hear any black leaders talking about this. Hell no! 76% out of wedlock births among blacks. Fucking animals are more responsible. Until shame, ridicule, scorn, sterilization or incarceration are brought to bare on this type of behavior it will continue and only get worse. Talk about gang banging. It’s not socioeconomically driven either as witnessed by let’s say, um oh Sean Kemp and who’s that other guy? Number 58…..Derrick Thomas. This is an institutional failure that you can split between LBJ’s Great Society and Arthur Benson’s Great School District. To paraphrase Dennis Miller, I’ve got lots of compassion for the truly helpless. The truly clueless, fuck em!

  4. smartman says:

    Just a preemptive strike against those who will be arriving soon to call me a blowhard, racist, homophobe. Does the same shoe fit Ellen Barkin and Samuel L. Jackson?

  5. the dude says:

    Well, somebody has to make these cold blooded reptilian robots seem human, I guess that’s when they drag out the wife to drone on about what wonderful people they are. I like how they basically squashed the Paul delegates and changed the rules on the fly- keepin’ it reeeeel classy GOP. 😉

    Did she pull out any “You people” comments?

  6. Mysterious J says:

    Racists like “smartman” (sic) are the main constituency of the GOP at this point…and even HE is apparently not thrilled. Get ready for 4 more years of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

    • the dude says:

      Yes, the Bildebergers shall not be switching horses midstream as Bushy 2 so daftly put it. 4 more Barry years it is.

    • mike says:

      Racists are not the main constituency of the republican party. It cosists mostly of fiscal and social conservatives. Not agreeing with Obama’s policies doesn’t mean you hate black people anymore than disagreeing with Romney means you hate white people. I am not going to agree with Obama just because he is black as some on the left try to bully people into doing by using the race card every time you offer legitimate criticism of his presidency!

  7. PB says:

    The typical defense of all racists like smartman, rationalizing their viewpoint with like-minded comments from the “other side”. If they can be assholes, then dammit, so can I…the classic Good For The Gander defense. Nice work.

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