Glazer: Mitt’s Kinda Cool but Barack’s Better

Mitt Romney is one of the better looking men at age 65 you’re ever going to lay eyes on folks…

Now he’s the official Republican Candidate for President of the United States.

But can he win?

“This man will not fail. This man will not let us down,” said Ann Romney his wife of more than 40 years. Hey, that’s a landmark right there. A handsome mega millionaire staying married that long, that’s rare today.

I give him credit.

Even with her kind words and dedication all the polls show President Obama ahead of Mitt especially with young women. In some polls the difference is down to 1 or 2 percent however.

You had to admire Ann Romney though.

She spoke of their marriage, about it not being so storybook. She made it clear that vast millions of dollars don’t seal the deal at home. In fact she spoke of being a regular family with five kids yelling at each other at home on cold rainy days not being so storybook.

She’s a plus for the party.

However the overall view I’ve seen watching the convention was kinda stiff. There really did seem to be a lack of confidence to win this thing. The party is forced to simply say we’ll fix the economy, just trust us.

Other issues are slim.

With very little talk of what was once the big thing, the dreaded TERRORISTS.

Sure Republicans want to put back some of the money cut from defense budgets and maybe that’s a good thing. The abortion question once again is a warm topic. And Mitt stands with the Republican Party line, no abortions unless it’s rape, incest or life threatening.

However you don’t hear much of anything new or exciting, just that Barack failed. More about cutting taxes here and there, but nothing earthshaking. From what I see it’s a bit weak. Mitt and company are simply counting on, “We’ve had enough of this guy Obama.”

The biggest news is the new boy…PAUL RYAN…the face of the party. It seems like he’ll run for president next time after Obama is out. He’s young, sharp, and likable. He could be THE MAN, and soon. I enjoyed him on the mornings he did the stock report during morning shows…very smart. I thought he would make a good running mate.

So the 42 year old Paul Ryan is the man of the hour.

The Wisconsin Congressman makes his speech tonight. It might be the highlight of this Tampa, Florida Convention. If everything goes the way it’s looking, Paul Ryan will run against Hillary Clinton four years from now if she chooses to run.

In fact, of all the commercials I’ve seen thus far, the one that sticks out is Bill Clinton‘s endorsement of Obama. While Bush Jr. was absent from much of the last election’s eyes, the Clintons are very much front stage.

Like him or not Billy is still the most popular president since John F. Kennedy.

That doesn’t mean he was the best, but he’s got that something. Bill is like a movie star, when he comes on camera all eyes go his way. I think if he could run again, he’d likely beat everyone, yes even with the scandal.

And on his watch all was well.

Hey, my Uncle Mort is sure Mitt wins.  My pal Steve Kramer is convinced Romney will bring our economy back and fast. Me? There’s not much to dislike about Mitt Romney, I just don’t think he’s right for the job at this time.

I feel we’re headed back to normal with the economy, military, and life itself.

Barack Obama is far from perfect and he’s effected by being the President. He’s made some mistakes. But overall he is committed to leaving a strong legacy, more than most for the obvious reason.

Let’s hope part two for him is better for all of us.
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60 Responses to Glazer: Mitt’s Kinda Cool but Barack’s Better

  1. smartman says:

    On August 6, 2011, 30 US service members were killed when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter they were being transported in crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. It was the deadliest single loss for U.S. forces in the decade-long war in Afghanistan. 17 members of the elite Navy SEALs were killed in the crash.

    Yesterday, Karen and Billy Vaughn, parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn, spoke at the Defending the Defenders forum sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots outside the RNC Convention in Tampa. Karen brought a copy of the form letter they were sent following their son’s death.

    It’s a form letter.

    It was signed by an electric pen.

    That’s not all. Karen Vaughn reached out to the parents of the other SEALs killed in that crash.
    Their letters were all the same.
    Form letters – signed by an electric pen
    After the deadliest single loss of US forces in Afghanistan, Barack Obama sent out form letters to the parents.


    • Jess says:

      What do you expect? He is way to busy trying to blame everything bad that has happened on Bush.

      I cannot wait until this election is over. I turned 35 this year, I don’t know if it is because I am older but I do not remember elections sucking this much. It seems that the information out there is so slanted one way or the other that it is impossible to make head or tails of it. I just know that I am tired of the non informational bashing of one side or the other. I am also tired of the fact that nothing good can happen in this country anymore without putting it down. Example, I thought Anne Romney’s speech was good, and up lifting, something that made me feel good. Then I get on facebook to see one of my facebook friends say ” Did anyone believe anything that corporate wife bitch was saying”. That was the turning point for me, that moment I knew this country needs a change, I am not talking about congress/president/etc. I am talking about a change in the way we treat each other, and get back to being more respectful towards everyone.
      By the way, I have no idea what glazer wrote, I mainly just read the comments in his stuff. So, I apologize about the ramblings about something that has nothing to do with it.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Well put my friend, its very sad isn’t it….and as you have now seen almost nothing either side promises happens…they just say crap, get attention or applause and move on…its meaningless, thats both sides…BOTH….I just don’t think the office carries the stick it once did and the presidents hands are tied for the most part..the nation is lead by other groups who he has to go through, it makes it hard to get much done…

    • harley says:

      smarmyman….you’re wrong again…
      President Obama has penned more personal letters to dead and wounded
      soldiers than any other president. Those form letters are sent thru
      the department of defense.
      that is standard procedure for all deaths in military action.
      Between obama and biden and their wives this adminstration has done
      more for the military and veterans than any other adminstration in the
      last 20 years. From michelle and jill’s extensive work for veterans and their
      families…for obamas consisten refusal to scale back veterans benefits..
      for new bills on continuing the eduction for veterans..
      to more visits to army hospitals than any other president….and let me
      reiterate…your buddy george bush and cheney made very few visits
      to the walter reed hopsitals during their 8 years.
      The obama adminstration has been one of the greatst advocates
      for veterans…you only need ask Jon Stolz (sp)…the head of the
      iraq and afghnistan veterans organization with the most members who
      has been one of the presdients most ardent supporters.
      But let mego further mr smarmyman….your friend romney and ryan
      have specific cuts of 11 billion dollars to the veterans adminstration.
      In attempts to cut back the va took seerious cutbacks which affected
      the services that were being offered for vets. Obama refused to
      continue those cuts with 50,000 veterans returning home with
      serious injuries.
      Ryans plan does call for cuts of 11 billion dollars at a time that
      the va can’t afford to cut back. If elected those cuts that romney
      ryan want to insititute..and which obama is adamently opposed
      to would devastate the services to the va.
      You can spread those lies…and those people brought up were against
      the president…its been noted in stories….but there has and will never
      been an adminstration more dedicated to the va andto fight the
      cuts ofv romney ryan than obama.
      Again smarmyman…your ingnorance is showing…

      • Craig Glazer says:

        So Harley who will win? And why?

        • harley says:

          I’ve said it for months now. Forget the popular vote.
          My sources have said today that republicans are giving
          up on Pennsylvania and Ohio. That means the available
          ways for romney and lyin ryan to win gets down to
          having to win every toss up state. I’m predicting a
          slight bounce for the repubs during this convention
          but with ryan lying and the entire convention hall
          being lack of any energy that this one falls short.
          Its probably because the anticipation of a bigt report
          about the vice presidential pick that normally comes
          with conventions is gone and theres not much interest.
          Plus you only need look at the rnc floor. Few if any
          blacks/hispanic or minorities. Even pat buchanon says
          that the republican party is dying. Ed Rollins says the
          repubs can win witohout 38-40% of the hispanice vote
          and right now they’re buried at about 27%. So essentially romney and lyin ryan will need 61-62% ofk the white vote to win…never done in recent history..
          You can watch all the polls but they don’t mean squat.
          Go to Nate Silver 538 who is the most accurate
          guy in presdiential elections now give 70% chance of
          obama winning.
          The noose around rmoney and lyin ryan is getting tight.
          They need to win so many states that obama won in
          2008 that their way to 270 is almost nill.
          The democrats have their convention next week. It should have huge ratings since it falls after labour
          day. and watch for the big speech…not obamas…but
          bill clintons on tuesday night. He’s now running about
          70% approval rate in america…people (republcians even)
          love bill. Why? they remember that he left america
          on sound financial footing with budget surpluses.
          But his speech will take apart what romny and lyin
          ryan have as policy. If you read the romney ryan
          program it is beyond anything we’ve ever seen.
          57% cuts to everything besides medicare/ss/medciad.
          11 million kids get kicked off food stamps…1 million pell
          grants elikminated at a time when the job opeing (and there are many) required specialized skills….an additional 20 million americans losing insurance including
          4 million kids under theage of 26….the end of obamacare (which romney developed and signed into
          law in mass)…which would mean huge increases in costs
          of medical care for seniors out of their pocket.
          Most importantly…the end of the mortgage deduction
          which for many americans is really the major deduction thats allowed .
          But forget the polls and the numbers…americans do not
          like romney. He is focus groups comes across as a robot..
          and i want everyone to wwatch for an ad that is getting
          incredible negative vresponse for romney and bain..
          the commerical is called “stage” and it will cut thru
          all the b.s. and make people aware of what rmoney
          is all about…money.
          But polls show people do not like romney. The romney
          and lyin ryan campaign has played only to the
          hate obama theme….but that will not win them votes.
          If a voter doesn’t like a candidate…they will not vote
          for him no matter what their policy is…watch the
          candidates negatives (right now romney is at 50%!
          So in the end…watch the state polls…michigan and’ohio and wisconsin will go obama…florida will be a toss
          up which romney must win. But the road to 270 is
          closing tighter against romney and probably vy
          september 30 that map will shpae up toward romney.
          Also…i predict some huge suprises. taxes
          will come out soon and we’ll see he took the amnesty
          to avoid felony charges…and i am seeing israel and
          u.s. attack irans nuclear facilities…
          stay tuneed…its still going to be fun….

      • Markus Aurelius says:

        “President Obama has penned more personal letters to dead and wounded soldiers than any other president.”

        Source please. You can’t make an assertion like this without providing the basis for it. To be frank, this kind of hyperbole is why our political system is in the shi$%#r. This is typical Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann/Rush Limbaugh crap. — two sides just yelling at each other with no since of objectivity.

        • harley says:

          The Obama administration has reversed a longstanding U.S. policy to deny presidential condolence letters to families of soldiers who have committed suicide, saying it hopes to reduce the stigma associated with the mental health costs of war. Service member suicides have increased as some troops serve repeated tours of duty and suffer post-traumatic stress. The new condolence letter policy went into effect this month but will not apply retroactively. Mental health and troop advocacy groups welcomed the change, but said those who die outside war zones also should be recognized, and that more should be done to prevent suicide among service members. We speak to Gregg and Jannett Keesling, parents of Chancellor Keesling, a U.S. soldier who took his own life during his second tour of duty in Iraq, and Kevin Lucey, whose son, Jeff Lucey, took his own life after returning home from military duty in Iraq. [includes rush transcript]

          • harley says:

            Mrs. Patricia Sherman of Fayetteville, North Carolina was kind enough to share with us the letter that she received — dated January 22, 2010.

            The letter from President Obama begins,

            “Dear Patricia,

            I am deeply saddened by the loss of your husband, Sergeant Benjamin W. Sherman, USA. No words can ever ease your sorrow, but please take comfort in knowing that he has honored us all beyond measure.”

            The White House tells us he signs each letter personally.

          • Markus Aurelius says:

            You said, “President Obama has penned more personal letters to dead and wounded soldiers than any other president.”

            And I said, “Source please.”

            Referring to a change in policy regarding the sending of condolence letters to service men and women who commit suicide does not mean that Obama has penned ANY letters, let alone more letters. The original post was sharing the insensitivity of using a form letter and a computer-generated signature. Nothing in any article I’ve found about Obama’s change in policy for military suicides has indicated that he will not use a form letter, nor has anything indicated that he will actually sign the letter.

            However, logic tells you that if he’s sending computer-signed, form letters to those killed in combat, that he’s also likely to send the same thing to those who commit suicide.

            It’s attempts like this, to subtly shift the truth to fit your position, that are causing everyone to lose faith in our reps at all levels and, more importantly, the system as a whole. Please don’t contribute further to the problem. If enough people become disenfranchised with the system then there is no longer respect for the rule of law. When that happens, we’re talking “might makes right” and the notion of a second civil war is not far off.

      • smartman says:

        I guess that’s why in polls among members of the active duty and retired military and their families that Romney has a 25 point lead over Obama.

        • harley says:

          you’re right…but military has ALWAYS VOTED REPUBLICAN…they like other americans vote against their best interests…especially since romney/ryan
          plan want’s to cut VA by 11 billion dollars…bascially
          gutting the agency when its needed!

          • the dude says:

            Gutting the agency that is all out of guts to cut. Take off the limbs then is what they said.

    • smartman says:

      Scroll LeftScroll Right
      WORLDU.S. commander: F-22 planes “100 percent” safe1 of 9WORLDPoland hopes to identify remains of Auschwitz hero2 of 9POLITICSFact-checking 6 claims in Ryan’s convention speech3 of 9U.S.Water released from Miss. dam over failure threat4 of 9POLITICSThe biggest speech of Mitt Romney’s life5 of 9U.S.Fort Hood suspect explains controversial beard6 of 9GALLERYHurricane Isaac7 of 9VIDEOGas saving tips that will save you money8 of 9CRIMESIDERNew judge named in Fla. Zimmerman-Martin case9 of 9
      November 18, 2011 2:57 PM
      Letter from Obama read at Heavy D’s funeral

      (CBS/AP) Many celebrities came out to remember rapper Heavy D at his funeral on Friday, and even President Barack Obama had a presence there. Rev. Al Sharpton delivered a message for Heavy D’s young daughter, which he said was directly from the president himself.

      Sharpton read briefly from the note for the 11-year-old Xea Myers. “Please know that you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers,” Sharpton read from the Obama note.

      • harley says:

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      • hardly says:

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  2. the dude says:

    I think it is the magical underdrawers that keeps his youth locked in.

  3. Brian says:

    Glazer, you are a fool.

    Obama wants to leave a legacy – you got that right. A legacy of leftist thinking that he won’t care to hide if God forbid he won a second term.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Brian why am I a fool, I agree….as mentioned above I don’t know really how much a president can get done, its the leadership of so many others today that matters…its a group effort…maybe thats the problem…or the solution…we see what dictatorships do, huh…so in the end its this two party system that still works best, maybe we need more real parties.

  4. PB says:

    Mitt would be a great Presidential candidate if casting an apocalyptic disaster movie on the SyFy channel and Bruce Boxleitner wasn’t available.

  5. Jim says:

    Let’s face it…Americans are stupid, uninformed and allow themselves to be brain-washed by the media, politicians and special interest groups. I’m talking about BOTH sides. There isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between a republican or a democrat. They all lie, they all mislead and they all legislate from the point of view to get REELECTED. That is the beginning and the end of it.

    Everytime you step into a voting booth and pull the lever for ANY incumbent, you just became part of the problem. Shut your freaking mouth and stop bitching about the government!!! You just got the government YOU deserved.

    Being a congressman or senator should be like jury duty. You get a letter in the mail that states you are to report to Washington DC in 90 days. You serve your term. You make good money for doing it. You go back to your other job and you LIVE with the laws that YOU passed. In that senario, the government IS us. It’s not some out of touch, power-hungry millionaires deciding what’s best for those “working” folks.

    Special interest groups would have little power over someone that doesn’t need to get elected again. “People” politicians could spend their entire term working. They wouldn’t be constantly campaigning to be re-elected. No ridiculous attack ads or misleading propoganda about the “other” guy.

    You might think I’m crazy. That’s fine. But, the political system we have now does NOT work. Keep doing the same thing over and over and over again and expect a different result. That doesn’t make you politically saavy. It’s the textbook definition of insanity.

    • smartman says:


    • Craig Glazer says:

      Agreed, same old speeches..”for your children, your children’s children…people who know your children’ children…”

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      I like this idea a lot. Of course, the stated argument against this (which is what they use to say term limits are bad) is that the lobbyists would take control because the all the newbie members of Congress would need someone to teach them the ropes. I’m not sure that it would be the lobbyists so much as the bureaucrats/administrators would have excessive power/control without the accountability of an election to kick them to the curb. That being said, there is no question that our current system needs to change. It’s unfortunate that the media is in bed with the 2 parties to the extent that it’s willing to perpetuate the (doomed) status quo out of self-preservation for the short term.

      I think the vast majority of Americans would agree with a platform that demanded: (1) fiscal responsibility for the govt, corporations and individuals – no handouts/bailouts/wasted govt $$/deficit spending, (2) left social issues to the states and local govts, and (3) called us to only engage US forces, and the lives of US men and women, when absolutely necessary – thus, pulling back from engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      Apart from many of our founding fathers, who had this platform, you ask? Well, Ron Paul did and the media found it both worthwhile and humorous to portray his as a kook and the voting public, who are too often too tired and too worn out to parse through biased media reports, bought it.

      I don’t love Mitt Romney – I’m not sure anyone, other than his family, LOVES Mitt (in the same way that no one says they love toast in the morning – you might like it, it’s fine, but it’s not like a nice steak or an ice cold beer — it’s just toast) – however, unless I know we’ll have a Republican Senate and House, there is no way I’d vote for Obama. I’m ok with gridlock – I’m not OK with the Dems controlling both the Exec. branch and Leg. branch.

      • Jim says:

        Marcus, if you were notified under my senario that you had to report to Washington DC for your term as Missouri Senator, what lobbyist, bureaucrat or administrator would you allow to “take control” of your appointment to the Senate?

        If your answer is none, I suspect there are millions more just like you. A “one and done” term makes it FAR easier to the RIGHT thing and not just the politically correct thing.

        • chuck says:

          Good point Jim, and I am ok with a guy named Markus Aurelius running the show for while.

          “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. ”


        • Markus Aurelius says:

          I’m not disagreeing with you. As I mentioned before, I like the idea a lot. I’ve also been in favor of term limits for as long as I can remember for this same reason. But that IS the argument people make against this idea and I do think there is at least some validity to it, even if it’s only with respect to a portion of the general populace.

          I don’t know where the percentages would ultimately fall, but today’s politicians have proven that while there may be many citizens willing to serve in the best interest of the country there will always be some that put self before others and self before country. That’s not necessarily a reason not to make the change, but it means we have to be ready and able to counter the argument when it comes.

          Also, I think it’s more complicated than simply saying I, or someone else, would or would not let a lobbyist or bureaucrat “take control”. There are any number of forms this kind of manipulation could take. For uneducated citizen Senators, it might be as simple as a bureaucrat misrepresenting what the proposed legislation says or does because he knows John Doe Senator can’t understand it. For unscrupulous citizen Senators, it might be a lobbyist for a large government contractor promising the Senator’s son a high-paying construction job on the project if the bill is passed. For unassuming citizen Senators, it might be a staffer abusing his or her trust by misleading the Senator in order to obtain favor from a party interested in the legislation. We could go on and on but I think you get the point. I think the BEST argument against it is the simplest one — namely, that all of this ALREADY OCCURS. The only response to that argument is that it would get worse. Maybe so, maybe not but I’m willing to take a shot with the American people before we pass the point of no return.

          • Jim says:

            Good rebuttal, MA. I understand that argument. I just don’t believe we could be any worse off.

            As a side note, do you have any idea how many bills are passed NOW that the majority of congressmen have no idea what is really in them? So, the issue of not understanding what we would be voting on exists now. Sad, but true.

    • Amen says:

      AMEN !!!!

  6. fbasehor says:

    Anyone who would support a man responsible for four years of failure is out of touch or not paying too much attention. Mitt has the qualifications to fix what ails us.

    • the dude says:

      And what qualifications are that exactly?

      • Jim says:

        fbasehor, you are under the same DELUSION as everyone else in this country. ONE man cannot fix anything. It’s the 535 elected officials in Congress that MUST be changed. You want to talk about what the POTUS has or hasn’t done because you believe he ACTUALLY has the power to do anything. Keep changing out Presidents every 4 years and electing the SAME people to Congress and let me know what changes. You’ve seen this same movie for the past 20 years. Do you NOT know the ending by now?! Sheeez…

        • the dude says:

          Yes, the ending where my pants are pulled down to my ankles and I am bent over a railing while politicians repeatedly legitimately butt rape me and tell me it is for the “good of Uhmerica”. Yes, I have seen this ending many times. 🙁

        • fbasehor says:

          POTUS provides leadership. If the leadership is good and the direction is logical, congress will follow. I guess I’m not a pessimistic as you are.

      • fbasehor says:

        Leadership. Executive decision-making. Problem solving. Exactly what Barry doesn’t have.

        • the dude says:

          Well, I have to concede to you he has the corporate “wolves in the hen house” mentality down pretty well but there is absolutely no way in fucking hell I would cast a vote for this MORE MAN, magical underwearing clown.

  7. mark smith says:

    I think Glazer unknowingly sums up what is wrong with our choosing of leaders. Glazer always prefaces his writing of Obama with ” good looking” “cool” etc. He isnt alone in that thinking.
    People want to vote for a rock star. The media or what passes for the media have drooled over Obama from the get go. He was ,in their eyes ,the anti-Bush. He rubbed elbows with militants, home grown terrorists, racist preachers, radicals and shit heels.
    He not only smoked weed he ripped a rail or three of coke. He sang a few bars of motown. All the while the media and lib groupies swooned like teenage girls. He was the least vetted President ever. He pushed through Obama care instead of focusing on the economy. He has been a failure at turning the economy around.
    Romney may be as dull as a butter knife, but he is better equipped to keep us from turning into Greece. He is the lesser of two evils. That has always been and always will be our choice. The lesser of 2 evils. JMO

  8. hardly says:

    Obama ist he bes t persidnet wee hav eever hadd………………he vissits moore milutaree basis then anyy persdinet evver…………I halve a piktur of him o n my bedrooom ceeling……………..i think abowt him wen im all alown in bedd………………..HEE WIL BE ON MT RUSHMOR…………………….U STOOPID LUSER WAGE SLAVES WIL SEA…………..GO BAK TWO URE FILTHEY HOT TUBBS SMARMYMAN……………….LUSER

  9. Rick Nichols says:

    First off, one has to be totally naive to think that the election of a certain individual from either party to the highest office in the land is going to “move the needle” like they’re fond of saying on the business channel. The resistance to change one way or the other is always there, and the nation’s problems have simply become so huge and complex that no one person – man or woman – can effectively deal with them, even with the best and the brightest at his or her side to work with. I find the core philosophical differences between the two parties to be most worthy of a spirited debate (e.g., “Hopes of a Welfare State” vs. “Fears of a Welfare State” in Richberg and Britt’s 1958 book “Only The Brave Are Free”), but America doesn’t exist in a vacuum somewhere, completely immune from the all-too-real effects of a rapidly growing population that must make do with a finite amount of natural resources. It should be abundantly clear to all that significant changes are in order in terms of the way in which the business of government is being conducted in Washington, D.C. (“den of crime” as my grandmother used to say), Jefferson City, Topeka, etc., etc. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision certainly didn’t help matters any, but that aside, the citizenry remains very much obligated to fulfill their duties as voters and, it is to be hoped, well informed ones at that! Of course, the media must be held at least partially accountable for the continued “dummying down” of America, given their general tendency to go with style over substance, so easily distracted as they are. Anymore, all the two parties give us is “suits” and “players”. Where are the giants of yesteryear? Where are the statesmen?

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      I understand the point and don’t necessarily disagree with anything you said. However there is one area in which the POTUS, even as the head of the executive branch, can (and does) affect the economy and that is predictability/stability/consistency with regard to regulatory policy.

      Obama has not provided this during his tenure. In fact, some would argue that he has intentionally done the opposite, trying to keep market players guessing – almost as if our economy was a game and he was trying to prove that he owns the ball and court.

      I’m pretty confident that Romney gets this. However, he’s so concerned about a stigma being attached to his wealth, that he’ll probably never talk about it for fear that doing so will further alienate him from all but the investment crowd.

  10. George Wilson says:

    At least where the economy is concerned, I think most Americans believe our legislature and executive branch has far more real impact than they actually do. You know, the economy is in the dumper world wide with few exceptions. All those great minds in all those countries haven’t figured out how to get out of this, either. No matter what the economic structure, no matter what the government efforts, no matter what the political and economic ideology, almost every one of the developed economies is failing the same way Obama has. Frankly, I think a lot of elections have been won and lost based on who happened to be in charge when the business cycle swung the other way – without any real impact from the government.

    I think the real issue that governments can control is how the money gets distributed. Whether through tax rates or health care or whatever else, Obama wants a bigger chunk going to poorer people, Romney the opposite. In the end it’s just a tug of war over what percentage everybody gets. To me that is the issue that I think governments can control – at least more than they can control the economy. So it’s the economic issue I pay most attention to when they talk.

  11. Hardly says:

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    • the dude says:

      I knew it.

      • harley says:

        see stupid fucks….i give details…info…stats and not one
        of your a holes can argue in a intelligetn manner with stats
        or information.
        typical white old male angry grouchy seniors who are
        hanging on waiting for the big check

  12. hardly says:

    u stoopid idiuts………..i make up detales………..make up stats…………..not won of you a holes can mak e upp the factks i cann…………ar ass inteligunt ass me…………can fabrucate th e infurmatio n i can
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  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Well this issue seems to be the ‘hot’ button these days…who will be the next prez and why? Course throw in a 19 year old hottie here and there and whalla…..thanks for the interest…good comments

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