Sounds Good: Merle Haggard@Knuckleheads, Mid X Midwest@Barnyard Beer, Leon Russell@Knuckleheads

Have I ever got some grizzled picks for you this week…

But they’re not just for the old-timers.  Nope, we’ve also got a whole bunch of new, unsigned bands that are trying to make a name for themselves by playing the inaugural MidXMidwest Festival that’s happening at a variety of venues in KC and Lawrence.

Here’s the deal…


Thursday, August 30th

Merle Haggard at Knuckleheads in KC

This show has been sold out for several months now, so if you already have a ticket good for you.  You’re going to get a close up look at a musical legend.  Those of you without tickets, well, I guess you can always go and stand outside the fence and still get a pretty decent view.  Bring a flask.  Maybe a lawn chair.  Until they boot you out.

That might actually be worth it, really.  Because by all accounts the consummate tramp is still bringing a pretty solid live show, even at 75 years old.  With a little help from a seven piece backing band, of course.  Hey, he’s earned it.

Friday, August 31st

Mid X Midwest at Barnyard Beer in Lawrence

The brainchild of Lawrence grit-master Outlaw Jake, this two day fest features a strong lineup of all sorts of bands.  Jake’s idea is to get a whole mess of unsigned bands out and playing in venues that they might not otherwise have a chance to perform at.  The cost is super low at $5, and the list of bands is really long.  I would just send you a link to their website, but I’m not sure they have one.  And anyway, I like the way they listed the shows – you really gotta want it.

R Bar Friday August 31st: Lonnie Fisher 5pm Jonathan Woods 6pm Master Brass 7pm Rhonis 8pm Atomic Pajama Party 9pm The Monarchs 10pm Moon Runner 11pm Counterpoint 12pm

R Bar Saturday September 1st: 500Bc 3pm The Waterdog Nation 4pm Rachel Black 8pm Blue tick hounds 9pm The Alright 10pm Gravity Defied 11pm Scrappy’s Attic 12pm

Gaslight Gardens Friday 31st: Jonathan Woods 3pm Rockin Robbin Sings 4pm Dave Kemper 5pm Frank Prophet 6pm Ryan Tenholder 7pm Shoefly 8pm The Bus Company 9pm The Clementines 10pm

Gaslight Gardens Saturday 1st: Jonathan Woods 2pm Outlaw jt 3pm Michael Dieker 4pm Blue Baby 5pm Outlaw Jake 8pm Jimmy Earle 9pm Jesse Lee 10pm Jacob Whallon 11pm Lonnie Fisher 12pm

BarnYard Brew Friday August 31st: TBA 4pm 5pm The Clementines 6pm Stacy Stringer and the Dead Ringers 7pm Rythem Busters 8pm Randy Burk 10pm Outlaw Jake and the Chain Gang 11:30pm Old#5’s 12:30am

BarnYard Brew Saturday September 1st: Dillon Cowing 3pm Rachel Black 4pm Open Jam 5pm-7:30PM The Walltalkers 8pm The Bus Company 9pm Rotgut Ramblers 10pm The Magnificent Bang Bangs 11pm Famous Seamus and the Travelbongs 12pm

Bottle of Bluse Friday August 31st: Moon Runner 2pm Ryan Harvey 3pm Willy D. Stroy and 90 proof 4pm Mojo National 5pm TONY & FRIENDS 6pm The Great Lonnie Ray 7pm Urban Boundary 8pm Bloom 9pm Without Warning 10pm Shark Bait 11pm

Bottle of Bluse Saturday September 1st: Metal For Breakfast – Distric-9, Ask an Adult and others TBA (This is a hard core rock show that is serving bacon eggs toast hash browns and exc.. good way to start the morning.) 8am-10:30am Books of Bokonon 12pm Scott Morel 1pm TBA2pm David Burchfield 3pm John Weick 4pm Michael Murphree 5pm SEASONS OF PAIN 8pm Strat Gazer 9pm Johnnie Booth 10pm Cherokee rock rifle 11pm Slow Ride Friday 31st: Urban Boundary 4pm Chad Gorrell and the Southbound Outlaws 6pm Kink Alfred 7pm The Gypsy Bone 8pm TBA 9pm Slow Ride Saturday 1st: Blue Tick Hounds 12pm Swift Kick 1pm Doulos 2pm Willy D. Stroy and 90 proof 3pm Happy shirts

Friday August 31st: TBA 6pm Blue Tick Hounds 7pm Shark Bait 8pm Frank Prophet 9pm Liberty Mae Hollis 10pm Happy Shirts Saturday September 1st: TBA 2pm Ms. Clever/New Kold Krew 3pm Books of Bokonon 4pm Rotgut Ramblers 5pm Rumble Seat Riot 8pm Grenadina 9pm

Saturday, September 1st

Leon Russell and the Rick Bacus Trio play Clapton at Knuckleheads in KC

Didn’t Leon Russell just play Knuckleheads a few months ago?  He must’ve had a blast because he’s back.  Of that April gig, The Star’s Bill Brownlee wrote:

“A reinvigorated Russell entertained an audience of almost 700 Friday with an energetic 90-minute performance. The first indication of Russell’s return to form was his maniacal hollering that accompanied the set opener “Mystery Train.” His enthusiasm never waned as he displayed the formidable talent that allowed him to build an eye-popping resume.”

And local guitar master Rick Bacus is bringing along buddies Ron Still and John Anderson as openers to belt out a set of Eric Clapton tunes.

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2 Responses to Sounds Good: Merle Haggard@Knuckleheads, Mid X Midwest@Barnyard Beer, Leon Russell@Knuckleheads

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Got Leon tixs, I’m sure the street will be blocked off for Merle. Probably Leon too.

  2. PB says:

    Yeah, Orphan’s right, that’s what they usually do for the mega-shows at Knuckleheads so really no chance of seeing/hearing Hag w/o a ticket.

    Got the KU game on Saturday, so pretty much a low key music weekend for me unless I do the Irish Fest on Sunday where they’re presenting a pretty strong run of acts w/ the Young Dubliners, Gaelic Storm and The Elders in succession from 4-10pm. Pretty good value for just $10.

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